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    ULMF Discord Server!!!

    It finally occurred to us that since the Shoutbox died with the downgrade from Vbulletin 3 to Vbulletin 5 last October, that the link to the ULMF Discord server is no longer there. So I'm placing it here to rectify that.
    Check out My Twitch Channel! I stream a variety of games on it on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, with the occasional stream on Wednesdays, but I try and keep it Wednesdays for a mid week rest day so on those days it's an, I'll stream if I feel like it kind of deal. I try to be as entertaining as possible, and I get salty at games often enough to be funny, at least I think so anyway.

    Also check out my erotica novelette, Angel's Sin. There is an image link of my book cover to the Amazon Kindle Store page for it, so check it out.

    It's also on Excitica, which is an erotic book site.

    Also check out my brother's sci-fi/drama novel. It's on the Amazon Kindle Store the same as mine, but obviously in a different genre of course. And also check out my Brother's Patreon page to check out all of his books, as he has quite a few on there now that he's written.