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    Castle Town Rumor Mill

    Continued From

    Yes, it has been a while... Almost thought this had died didn't you?

    No, like the Master Sword itself... It merely slept, hidden away... Mostly untouched except for those dang blasted pidgeons...

    As a great blacksmith once said "FUCK!!!"

    Now onto bussiness...

    Admitted above, a shamefully low amount of work has actually been done on this particular project given the time passed... What changed now?

    NOTHING! Ohohoh~!

    But Seriously... If I'm not defeated by my own lack of organizational skills again we can all thank Egorapter and Jontron for giving me a foot in the bowels (Wait... Whuh?)

    Explaination Time... Egoraptor and Jontron have joined forces on Youtube and have opend there own channel separate from there normal individual ones, called "Game Grumps". They do the usuall Lets Play things, but... With the twist that the hosts are... You know... Entertaining?
    They also have only done games that are "Retro" which is why I'm even bringing this up... Somehow... In that twisted mush I call a Brain I got the genius Idea to play Emerald Via emulator along side watching them screw it up in there Lets play... (I'm doing better even with a Nuzzlocke Challenge going and matching there breakneck pace /PokeProf) But as I boot the Emu up each time I load each new clip a Zelda: Links Awakening is staring at me, begging for my already limited attention... A few conversations about Zelda throughout the series added to this till finally opened up all six notepad documents and started re-reading

    And HOLY FUCKING SHIT was it a mess... (Still is)

    But after looking things over yesterday and today I found a rare wellspring of inspiration, and thought up sixty-six new things to add to it

    Some things will require some tweaks to the system, Some parts might get overhauled

    But just so you know, the sort of things I'm looking at right now are:

    Xp/Lvl System Lvl 1-60 in....?
    New Stats Power, Courage, Wisdom
    Passive Abilities Squirmy~!
    More Weapons- Like a GIANT FUCKIN HAMMER!!!
    More Spells- Weapon Enchants anyone?
    Items to create Dungeon Puzzles with- Mossy Goop anyone?
    And things to generally make the game more enjoyable from Consumables that regenerate you small amounts for long periods of time to equips that make the game harder... The most usefull of these probably would be the Toolbelt

    Next on my Agenda:
    1)Try to organize these messy ass notes into something more readable
    2)Try to work a level system in that won't break anything...
    3)Test Test and Retest

    Welcome to Game Grumps

    Re: Castle Town Rumor Mill

    Just like all games in development stages, changes are made, things get scrapped or modified and take on other appearances...

    The old format:

    MP 6
    Heart 3


    Weapon -
    Sheild -
    Clothing -
    Boots -
    Armour -
    Mobility -
    Bow -


    Arrows 00
    Bombs 00
    Empty Bottle
    Rupees 00

    Spoils Satchel


    Sex Drive: :
    Sexual Allure :
    Nipple Length :
    Nipple Witdh :
    Hip width :
    Height :
    Virgin :
    Breast size:
    Lactaion flow:
    Beauty Level:
    Current Race:






    The new one will look something like this:

    Life - 12/12
    Magic - 0/0
    Stamina - 8/8


    Brawn -
    Wits -
    Guts -


    Power -
    Wisdom -
    Courage -



    Main Hand-
    Off Hand -
    Torso -
    Armor -
    Head -
    Hands -
    Boots -
    Acc -


    Arrows 00/00
    Bombs 00/00
    No Bottle
    Rupees 00/99





    As you can probably tell, there's alot of would be useless fluff missing, with a few new things added... It's a bit more stats heavy than previous

    Instead of the old 8 attribute points with buy/sell in for extra points
    You will instead be given 6 Attribute points, and 1 Virtue points to start off with... The old method had math in it...

    Updated listing of available races and genders:
    Hylian ♀♂
    Zora ♀♂
    Deku ♀♂
    Gerudo ♀
    Twili ♀♂
    Kokiri ♀♂
    Watarara ♀♂
    Goriya ♀♂
    Blin ♀♂
    Fairy ♀♂
    'Lfos ♀♂
    Minnish ♀♂
    Oocca ♀♂
    Subrosian ♀♂
    Tokay ♀♂
    Yeti ♀♂
    Zuna ♀♂
    Sheikah ♀♂
    Wizrobe ♀♂
    Skullkid ♀♂

    Some races are obviously more developed than others... But if there's one not present here your seriously thinking about... I could probably add it... But who wants to play as a Korok or a Kikwi if you can play as a Kokiri? And Zoras are way cooler than Rito or Parella

    And as always... Open to suggestion