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    Kalevi's uncertainty came to a head as Nala finally parted from Violet to fully confront her; it was written across her outward expression as much as it was upon her very soul, the reflexive hesitance to an even more dramatic shift not only in her lifestyle, but in her mannerisms a thing that any mortal creature would naturally fear. While change might be the true natural state of all life, creatures often grew more averse to change as they aged. Kelevi was certainly no exception, and yet here she was... Putting herself in a position to give up the rigid order under which she had lived for nearly three centuries now, a position that required that she abandon many of her long held mannerisms and beliefs in the process.

    She took Nala's message about the ultimate cycle of life - to live and ultimately to die - without comment, for it was something that she had already believed in. Kalevi had long ago accepted her won mortality and that of those she cared about. Even if accepting the end of her stewardship over the tomb of Janis at Ch'Hiesol had been difficult, now it seemed that she had largely accepted that too.

    The second portion of her doctrine was absorbed, perhaps surprising, with no apparent hesitance on her mother's part. The notion that she would have to join Nala in what she had long discounted as mindless debauchery was taken with a nod, a tightening around the corners of her eyes, and little more. Nala could detect the emotional turmoil that tried to rise at that point, but watched as well as her mother quashed it down with forceful discipline.

    Kalevi let her hand rise at Nala's guidance, allowed her finger to be pricked by that conjured thorn without hinting visibly at any reaction, and mentally quashed even the momentary spark of curiosity that naturally arose. She watched the drop of blood eventually hover in front of her as Nala worked her magic upon it with an impassive expression, allowing the proto-goddess to concentrate wholly upon her task. The magics she worked then were far beyond anything that Nala could have accomplished in life; the undoing of the work of time was impossible. Even the bending of it - the slowing of it to one's own perceptions - was an incredibly difficult task, but to rejuvenate decades of life was a power that had long been dreamed of but never before accomplished... By those who would seek to take advantage of it.

    Now an immortal herself, Nala had no need of such rejuvenation for herself; she could sculpt the shell for her essence however she wished now. That did not mean, however, that it was impossible; secrets left from the fragments of Janis mind and a newly instilled fundamental understanding of all the way of things aided Nala in her workings, and so her mother's blood drop was soon regenerated to a point further back in her life. When it was finished, she pressed it into Kalevi's head and let it do its work, allowing a transformation to take place to the amazement of all present.

    The work of time was unmade, as if it had never been, at least in a purely physical sense for the vessel she had set to reshape. The stresses of mortal life, the wear upon the muscle and bone, cartilage and organ, blood and neuron; all were repaired in a sweeping wave that started at the top but went all across her mother's body. Some of the changes were immediate; wrinkles, lines and blemishes vanished from her skin, which lost the slight fading and became as vibrant as Nala's. Other effects took a few moments as they altered the very structure of her body; skin tightened and bones sagged with age and stress shifted. Kalevi was left nearly as a mirror of Nala before her ascension to immortality, with a flawless hourglass figure and full curves to accompany it. Her breasts were still a bit bigger, her hips a bit wider, but other than that and some differences in the shape of her face she could have now passed for Nala's long lost twin.

    "W-wha?! Kalevi... What has happened to you?"

    "What... No! No, that's... Not possible!"

    Esmerala gave a playful whistle of appreciation, and in response Violet gave the demoness a look suggesting she'd just barely beaten the assassin to making such a gesture.

    "I'm... Fine," Kalevi's first words in her reborn state were spoken in a soft whisper, as if she wasn't quite sure what her voice might be like now, and it had indeed lightened slightly in timbre. Her transformation might not have been quite as dramatic as that of her daughter, but Kalevi's rebirth had no doubt been a shocking experience for her, and watching it had clearly shocked most of the people present in the chamber. Even Esmerala was taken aback by the sudden shift in Kalevi's appearance, though she was the least shocked of the group given Nala's next move - to step forward and embrace her mother in a fairly carnal manner.

    Kalevi took a moment to return Nala's embrace, the barest of hesitance signalling the remaining barriers of her previous state of mind, but already both she and Nala had done much to bring her away from her prudishness. She returned Nala's embrace in short order with only a bit of hesitance - Nala could once more see the neurons firing, the competing urges and ideas going off in her mother's head as she fought to decide her destiny despite all her life that had led up to this point - and ultimately leaned into the kiss, returned the caress of breast and thigh. She didn't return the light brushing against her sex quite as quickly, but that was due in no small part to the shock of pleasure she experienced courtesy of her heightened sensitivity. Kalevi squirmed under her daughter-turned-deity's lightest touch, giving soft moans and gasps, but this display at least served to remind them that others were in the room.

    Kalevi.... Kalevi! This... This is wrong! This is too far!"

    It was Obryd who spoke, albeit in very uncertain tones. Violet looked at him in surprise, Esmerala with the sort of curious amusement that one might use to observe some sort of small creature stumbling about with inept cuteness, and Demetrius with a look of dumbfounded anger as if Obryd had just announced the the festival of gift giving ought to be canceled so that they could do more paperwork. Kalevi, however, turned to look at him over her shoulder.

    "Really, Obryd? Wrong?" She said lightly, as if amused by his outburst. "So, would it be so wrong..." Her hands drifted further onto Nala, and the elven proto-goddess found her dress being pulled apart, exposing her bounteous chest. Kalevi half turned, making to bring Nala with her as part of the motion so that he could see them both in side profile, and with a few artful tugs she undid her own dress and let it simply drift down, leaving her clad only in a pair of side tied panties, while Nala could let her whole outfit slip down to join it or leave it hanging such that only her breasts were exposed, glancing as they were against Kalevi's remarkably similar ones. "If we brought you between us..." She pressed, letting the hardened peaks of her breasts slide against Nala's in a plainly artful display. Obryd, by that point, was gaping in an apparent daze, which Demetrius had fallen back into as well, even more quickly.

    "Or maybe... We caught you like this," she added, and then pressed Nala into another kiss, one that she engaged in far more enthusiastically than the first. All eyes were on them, at that point, but Kalevi broke the kiss after a few moments in order to confront the guardian of their fallen home directly. "This is how things are now, Obryd... We must change, as the world changes. Even if what we once were even a day ago would disapprove. The heavens demand it!" Obryd evidently had no response for that, and so simply gaped at her for a moment before closing his mouth and simply nodding, his dour expression crumbling to one of concern.

    With their one dissenter silenced, it was time for Nala to deliver her gifts to the rest of those present. Violet, of course, accepted without question, though it hardly did anything. Having been already warped by magics that Nala had guided in her less experienced mortal state, and unlike those of elven heritage the human woman would gain in her lifespan from that magical influence, the fit assassin showed no outwards signs of change. Nala had only to correct a few minor things that her less experienced efforts had wrought, ensuring that the ills caused by rapid corruption - delirium, loss of the mind, and the risk of cancerous growths of concentrated magic - were fully undone never to rise again. Esmerala, already an immortal demon of some age, would accept if Nala invited it but require no alterations. Ageless and perpetually healthy, Nala would find the demon's form remarkably resistant to any sort of tampering even given the power difference that now existed between them. Obryd, already cowed, would submit as Kalevi had, and having been the oldest of the mortals in the room would show the greatest change; suddenly he was made a young warrior again, with the full energy and drive of a man in his pride, and looked upon Nala and Kalevi with a new tinge to his gaze. Demetrius alone was hesitant; the man was of Badarian upbringing, and even being a trained sorcerer was raised to distrust what he did not immediately understand. The power that Nala had unveiled was clearly beyond his understanding, and that made him uncomfortable... But, ultimately, the man was under her thumb despite any efforts to make it look otherwise, and so submitted and became... Younger. Still balding, albeit less so, and with much darker hair atop his head... And somehow just as much on the rest of him.

    With her magical work done, it was time for a different sort of invitation. Obryd needed very little invitation to come forth and embrace Kalevi, both now in younger bodies. He followed her commands and took his own initiative, but once she was passed to him completely it was Kalevi who took the lead. She led him back to the chairs, on the other side of the table, and knelt before him. Her mouth moved upon him with as much enthusiasm as Nala's might have in her own younger, less experienced days, but with a practiced look to it that left Obryd grunting with pleasure. Demetrius approached, gazing dumbly at her with youthful lusts newly emblazoned in turn, sporting a mutant rod crafted by Nala's earlier control. Before, Kalevi might have rebuked him, her notion of race mixing one of general disapproval, but despite Obryd's look of consternation when she turned she embraced him with her lips as well. The pair were under her full control in less than a minute, allowing her to switch her lips from one to the other with ease, and she worshipped both shafts with boundless enthusiasm.

    Eventually, she would make to mount Obryd, moving Demetrius with subtle guidance to continue pleasing him with her mouth while she rode him. Obryd, in turn, grasped her by the hips and began to move with savagery that Nala had never before seen from him, leaving Kalevi moaning like a bitch in heat. Once, and then again he came inside of her, but then as he rested Kalevi moved to mount Demetrius in turn, who had spilled his seed once into her mouth but hadn't even seemed to possess any sort of refractory period. Her mother lowered herself shamelessly upon long, thick human cock, sinking upon it with an earnest moan and beginning to bounce rapidly. She would take his seed within herself as well, demanding as such in voice and in act, something she would surely never have done before even if Obryd's child already growing within her would naturally prevent her from conceiving a half elven child with him... Though Nala's presence would make that protection less certain given how recent the conception had taken place, should she neglect to contain the aura that she now emanated.

    Esmerala and her attending knights were not idle, of course. They slipped from their clothes - the knights had not been armored - and only briefly remained among themselves. Esmerala took a moment to drift by Nala, embracing both she and Violet in turn in a playful manner while the male and female demon knights prepared themselves, their unnatural beauty entwining in a well practiced manner. As Obryd began to look surly, however, Esmerala and the female knight drifted upon him, and the giggling pair soon had his full attention. They lathered him with attention of lips and tongue, artful control of his body leaving him tied in knots, his essence supped upon even as the need to cum rose only to be denied again and again. They worked in perfect concert, Esmerala and her servant, leaving Obryd practically paralyzed with ecstasy until finally they gave him release... And once every last drop of his physical and genetic essence had been devoured they started again, leaving him groaning in agonized pleasure. The male knight, briefly entertaining himself by watching Nala and Violet, eventually made to join Kalevi and Demetrius, moving behind the newly en-youthened priestess and taking her other hole, sliding in behind her and entering her with ease and her apparent welcome.

    Violet, however, had eyes only for Nala at that point. She embraced her returned lover-turned-goddess with reckless passion, as if every moment might be their last. She stripped down, and ensured that Nala was the same, and made to start their embrace with a kiss and series of caresses much like Nala had just shared with Kalevi. The assassin could easily be putty in her hands, reduced to a mindless slave to pleasure by Nala's slightest touch, but even with Nala's newly improved skills the human tried to give as good as she got. She seemed to wish to taste every portion of Nala, nipping at her breasts and collar and buttocks, trailing licks and kisses down her back and stomach and inner thighs, even giving Nala a sample of her ever-deft tongue work. Now no competition, Violet was nonetheless as responsive a lover as ever, proving an excellent experimental partner on whom she could practice finding the limits of mortal endurance... And how she could briefly surpass them without knocking her subject unconscious outright.

    Eventually, however, the limits of stamina were reached by the mortals in the chamber. Kalevi laid atop Obryd, both totally exhausted, Demetrius sat in the chair he'd spent much of the day in, left in a drowsy, dumbfounded stupor that soon became sleep. Violet's limits were reached and exceeded, leaving her passed out but still embraced against Nala as much as she could.

    And so, she was left in the company of demons. Far from the simple lusts of goblins like Grabbik, Esmerala and her ilk turned upon Nala with appraising care once the mortals were dealt with. There was no hostility in them, and only a minor trace of healthy fear, but with a subtle turn of her head Esmerala sent the two warriors that served her to the back of the room, to rest among the mortals while she strode towards the proto-goddess on whom she had seemingly gambled her continued existence against her king. Then she slid forward with a sultry gait, ultimately pressing lightly against Nala, placing her hands upon the elf's hips and smiling as she gazed into Nala's eyes. "So.... I hope you don't mind me saying that, while I didn't think you were really gone... I am glad the odds played out how I thought they might for you!"

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      To hear the gasps of the mortals in response to her first public miracle was - Nala had to admit - quite gratifying. She knew that as a proto-goddess, she should not preen in front of those who would be her worshipers, but the desire to was still there, in her fledgling god-soul. What she had done, she would argue if ever the opportunity arose, was a miracle of matter, not of time. It stood to reason that if nature could create strong sinew and beautiful visage from the physical combination of a white tadpole and spongy spheroid, then a goddess should be able to reverse engineer a few multi-billion cells into a more pleasant configuration. And so she had. Though the mundanity, she understood, lay in such details. Better to let Obryd and Demetrius ogle Kalevi's blessed rejuvenation in the awe that only incomprehension could deliver.

      Far more gratifying than their reactions to the blessings of youth and beauty, was Kalevi's response to Obryd. It was like sweet nectar to Nala, to see the former priestess of Ch'hiesol take on Obryd's token display of decorum with such seductive zeal. She allowed her mother this moment, letting her guide the conversation and direct the titillating displays that would send everyone in the room swiftly over the edge and into the realm of sensual polyamorism. One by one the room was rejuvenated by her touch - all save for the demons - for whom Nala smiled knowingly and left hints that such gifts for her to bestow to them would come later, and in a different form. Kalevi's mental rebirth, her conversion into the worship of what Nala would come to embody, ensued and began the orgiastic display, with her mother taking Obryd into her mouth, and later inside of her flower, the two young lovers binding together in a way that would give answer to the many years' long ponderance - the great what if that had gnawed at their souls and embittered them to place more solace in the notions of duty - for without duty to bind them, the full folly of their sacrifice would have been laid bare to them. Nala had circumvented that. She had pulled down the trappings of their own faith, had revealed to them the plan that the Heavens had, and their new place in it. And as she had ever done, even as a mortal troublemaker, Nala was playing the part of matchmaker. Kalevi would bear Obryd children - Nala's little half sisters and half brothers. Her control over the product of her womb would gaurantee that her offspring were his alone, even though she would certainly be sharing the temple of her body with her future flock. Nala forsaw a fanatical kind of joy in Kalevi's future. The wonderful obsession that Nala had embarked upon was now given to Kalevi to explore. She would be good at it. Nala could tell. After all, they were quite alike, her mother and she. And Kalevi was a beauty, with a body that was meant to be fucked.

      The goddess bit her lower lip in a grin.

      Violet. Sweet, loyal, deadly Violet. The assassin rushed to her then and demanded attention, which she was given in full. Ah, how the Goddess of Lust and Nature did adore this woman, her favored and her Chosen. Nala had no intention of denying the Amazonian her free will in this reunion, nor was she too eager to turn her to a quivering, multi-orgasming mess; not without first taking a lovely amount of time to embrace her and kiss her and lie down with her amid the sprawl of moaning mortal and demonic bodies, stroking the future mother to her mortal child. Their nude forms pressed against and clung to one another, and Nala took delicate care to treat Violet as a passionate sculptor would treat their art. The proto-goddess would bring Violet's lust up steadily, aware of her thoughts and momentary desires and responding to them with pinpoint precision. For her own part, she reduced the barriers of her own resistance, allowing herself to hang just at the edge of her own orgasm and allow Violet's efforts to tip her over. In that way, she would cum naturally in response to the assassin's efforts, which for a human were substantial.

      Nala's tongue and hands would be busy, and she would alternate between dominance and faux submission, satisfied to play with her human and simply enjoy this time together. She engineered it so that they would experience a number of mutual orgasms, before she whispered a sweet goodnight into her lover's ear and slipped her fingers inside Violet's slit, unleashing a pleasant, yet overwhelming stream of sexual energy that ended with Violet falling peacefully into an erotic sleep.

      Looking around her, the others in the room had met similar levels of exhaustion, and the two demon knights were dismissed towards the back of the room by their commander, the beautiful and seductive Esmerala. The effects of the power dynamic between them could be felt. The cautious, appraising looks from the knights, and even the subtle trace of relief in the demon's eyes as she sashayed up to her and placed her hands upon the goddess' hips.

      Nala smirked back at the demon lord and caressed her hand against the woman's cheek.

      "That would make two of us," she replied.

      "I won't say that it was a pleasant experience. Pain was involved. True pain." She eyed the demon meaningfully. "But nonetheless, I am here. So what then would you ask of me, Esmerala? You have had a not insignificant role to play in my ascendance. Speak your desire."

      Nala intertwined her hand with the demon's and held her body close. She was content to speak to Esmerala now, and to hear her out. In her own mind, Nala was thinking that if her own designs were to come to fruition, she would need a demon lord to bring other demons into the fold of Nala's new faith and vision.

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        "Probably more than two," Esmerala replied, glancing aside towards the prone forms of Violet Kalevi and Obryd, and the still seated Demetrius, before directing her glowing gaze back to Nala. Still that grin colored the crimson aura emanating from her eyes, an expression of simple pleasure masking more complex emotions that Nala, even in her deific state, couldn't so easily read as those of her mortal allies.

        "Pain always goes hand in hand with change... Tis the way of things," she replied thoughtfully, "so easy it is, to forget that true pain is the source of strength... The flames of the forge are what force steel to strengthen, no?"

        "Speak my desire, you say..." Esmerala trailed off again, having paused briefly after her musing. "As if it were so easy... But, if I must put things simply, I want... To be free. Free of the endless cycle of violence and petty politicking and backstabbing and madness that has been the way of my people since our very earliest beginnings! It was what created me, yes. Gave me my drive, forced me to develop my skills and increase my power, but the older I get... The more tired of it I become. The more tired I become of watching it keep playing out. We've spent centuries trying to come to this place, after all... Under the promises of our old god's acolytes that we would be free of our hardships if we just took what YOU had. It would be such a shame to stick to the familiar when it is dead but we are here anyway, finally free to do as we like with more than dirt and worms and stolen magic to work with."

        Sighing, she momentarily tightened the grip of her fingers upon Nala's. "Ahhh, but I ramble... Really, it's simple; I don't want to die, I don't want to go back to Hell, and I don't want to remake Hell here on Donevrion. You offered me an opportunity to do away with a rival who wanted to enact the last option, who has variably tormented and annoyed me for some time now. I helped you protect your home after some... Unpleasant manipulations, and now you have the power to deal with New Abaddon's king for me."

        The demoness smiled playfully, but after a moment her expression shifted to a coquettish grin. She chewed her lip softly, and after a handful of seconds added; "Oh... And I would very much like to fuck you at some point..."

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          "Yes. Others were pleased." Nala's understatement drew her gaze to the peacefully sleeping Violet, covered in a sheen of sweat, her hair a pleasant disarray that testified to her ravishment. Nala enjoyed her in that state. It was a state of completion.

          She listened to Esmerala's desires. They were plainly spoken and had an undeniable merit.

          "Your people have suffered enough. They must be taught how to enjoy a lack of suffering. And change, as you say, will be painful." Nala spoke softly and as she did re-adorned herself in a shimmering, transluscent emerald-colored dress.

          "Unfortunately the end you seek cannot be achieved with direct force. The kingdom that your rival has built must fall from its own instability. Word of an alternative future for your people must reach the demons of New Abaddon. It must reach them from the shadows, in whispers. Let the desire to change come from a personal choice. Those who seek cooperation with mortals, and a mutual lust that will produce great magic and a greater society, can flock to my temples. I will be the patron goddess for those demons who turn from the path of wickedness. I will grant you my protection, in return for your dedication to my domain. A domain that will not stifle your natural desires, and will entice mortals to seek symbiotic pleasures in your embrace."

          The proto-goddess slid her fingers across the demon lord's palm and returned the grin.

          "Then I shall forbid you from dying, and you shall stay under my protection, and help me build a garden of paradise for demons to play with mortals in. Just as I will need mortal priests and priestesses to convert their own kind to my cause, I will need demonic acolytes to do the same, teaching responsible handling of mortal lovers, extolling the benefits of empowering mortals to wield magics, and living side by side with them, sharing the same overarching goals."

          The goddess' hand slipped around the demon's waist and cupped each of her butt cheeks, lifting them up as her body pressed against Esmerala's.

          "In my faith, demons shall be the bringers of joy and ecstasy. Mortals and demons shall not look upon one another in fear, but rather in nervous anticipation, a rush of adrenaline and desire. Attraction, not repulsion, for a better union. Esmerala, you will be responsible for making a mortal's life worth living, and for this holy and blessed dedication, you shall be rewarded with energies, pleasures, and freedom from the torment of your past."

          Nala squeezed the demon lord's ass, then kissed her lightly upon the lips. "That desire you feel for me now, it is the way I looked upon you when I was a mortal. Despite what happened, that joy I had in tasting you, in feeling your power... it was a good thing, Esmerala. It was the joy and completion that I would wish for all who experience life. It is how I know that my faith will work, if you are there to teach my philosophy to your kind -- or should I say my kind?"

          The goddess stepped back and with a relatively simple manipulation of her physical form, shifted to look like a proper demon herself, with wings and a spade tail, and horns that curled backward. She would still resemble the basic features of her elven-self, but have the qualities that made her look like a proper kindred of Esmerala's people.

          "I am to be goddess to demons, so my avatar shall look the part," she grinned. "And for you, Esmerala, as soon as you worship me as your very own sex goddess, I will fuck you at whichever point you wish.~"



            "Indeed... But I worry at how many will be able to withstand the pain we have planned for them," Esmerala mused, before flicking her eyes over Nala and smirking as the elven goddess re-clothed herself in her new preferred garb. Her spade-tipped tail began to flick behind her, making figure eights behind the nude demon lord as she squared up with Nala to discuss their future plans.

            "See? You would have made an excellent demon!" She remarked brightly after Nala spelled out her intent to use subtlety and coercion over brute force in turning demons from the way of New Abaddon. "A better deal will ALWAYS work on my kind better than attempting to strong-arm us into service. Maybe that's why we're always looking for them for ourselves. But, sometimes you do need to get properly dirty... And while we might tempt some away - and we should before we make any more overt moves - so long as the present king lives, the demons of New Abaddon will hear his voice over ours. Especially when his voice offers the all-too-simple take whatever you want policy."

            Her lips curled wryly. "You have no temples yet, my dear... Though when you gain some - which I think won't take long - I would be happy to head one! A nice cushy upper position in the hierarchy would be appreciated, as reward for all of my hard work. Second to your mother, of course... I wouldn't want to get in the way of nepotism!" There was no hint of malice in Esmerala's voice as she ceded the top spot to Kalevi, only mirth, and Nala's next bout of promises brought a light giggle burbling up from her throat.

            "Already with the honey? Lovely. Mmmm.... Not having to worry about being murdered at any moment could go a long way to convincing a few of my former peers... If they could be convinced of it."

            The next noise from Esmerala's throat was a soft moan, her lips pursing as she glanced aside, letting Nala observe the subtle interplay of muscles in her jaw and forehead as the groping of her soft, meaty backside inspired a pleasurable reaction from her.

            "Our kind?" She suggested mirthfully, only for Nala's sudden transformation to leave her momentarily gaping in shock. She was quick to recover from the sight of Nala sporting traditionally demonic features, however, and grinned from ear to ear in the manner of a child with excess money let loose into a candy shop. "You WOULD make a good demon!" Esmerala exclaimed delightedly as she clapped her hands together. "Yes... Yessss I think we can work with this! Mmm... Worship, or at least my worship, will come soon enough... So, my sex goddess, how would you like to begin our little conversion process, hm? With stealth? Or a grand gesture?"

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              "I always thought I might make a good demon, but I never imagined the manner in which I could make true on that daydream."

              The proto-goddess enjoyed taking in the naked figure of the demon lord, swishing her tail in figure eights. Was that excitation? Some mannerism put on for effect? The emotional reflexes of a demon were a new curiosity to be explored. Handy, perhaps, in her stated endeavor to claim the hearts and minds of the more enlightened of their numbers in New Abbadon.

              "The take-what-you-want policy is a temptation, but I think it really boils down to tradition versus progressive thinking. At one point, every culture needs to leave behind hunting and gathering methods and lay down agrarian roots. In overly simplistic terms, farming a renewable resource, such as mortal lusts and energies, should have been sorted out ages ago by demonkind. That it hasn't been is only a testament to the Demon King's desire to stoke conflict and direct resources away from challenging his power. The more enlightened of his subjects should see the wisdom of my way of thinking. And frankly, there are some demons who I would just as much prefer to obliterate. Corruption, sadly, can be a road from which there is no return. Any creature who acts like that one fellow I had to kill in the village that first time I returned to you would have to go. This secret war of subversion will weed out who I want in my faith and who I do not. And that suits me just fine."

              She tilted her head and gave Esmerala a playful, wry expression.

              "A temple is more than some stones placed prettily in the earth. I have a temple, right here in this room. And with you willing to take on a priestess role for your own kind, I'd say that I now have two temples. The structure can come later, what I require more is the heart of my faith."

              Nala pressed a hand on Esmerala's chest, feeling the beating of the demon's heart.

              "As if nepotism hasn't put you where you are? No, my dear Esmerala, I would consider your task equal to that of what Kalevi shall do. You are to be my voice to demonkind. That is no small order. Yours is the duty of seeking out and teaching demons a better way. A way of cooperation and seduction and patronage. Demonkind must strive to adore mortals, to empower them and reap the benefits of their strengthened spirits. I'm certain you could have done well for yourself had you kept me as your devoted pupil at one point. Teaching me, watching me eagerly grow in strength, fucking me every night and taking just enough of my energy to sate you? I'd have thanked you for it, and have defended you with my life against those who would threaten you. You will have such mortals in your life, I am certain. You only need convince other demons that this is a far more rewarding way than brutality, savagery and strife."

              Nala's transformation into a demon visage helped to solidify her intentions in Esmerala's mind, and the goddess was pleased that Esmerala didn't miss a beat. She smiled a toothy grin as the demon lord grew more motivated and plunged into a scheming mentality, which Nala found quite attractive.

              "Work with this? Yes, I figured you could. In any case, stealth - my dear priestess. Stealth and coversion to let our seed grow. You must already know the plethora of personalities within the demon king's court. You may even have ways of contacting these figures or having ways to arrange for them to be separate from the rest of the demonic forces. I can appear with you, when it is safe and prudent, to help convert other demons to our cause. And I shall be a goddess who openly represents demonic interests on this world - so long as they are complicit with my message."

              The demonic Nala smirked and wrapped her own spade tail around Esmerala's waist and entertwined it with the demon's own tail. The goddess was enjoying being close to her eager demon lord, and curious as to what sort of demons she would suggest meeting with first. And of course, Nala still being Nala, she was considering what fun it would be to have sex with the demon lord too, and to sense what the upper limits of this woman actually were.



                Esmerala's tail rose to meet Nala's, the two deft appendages coiling together around the demon's finely sculpted backside. Her spade-shaped tip began to flick playfully against the similarly shaped end capping Nala's tail, a gesture that would have seemed more obviously affectionate in an entity that was less entirely unnatural. Even with the barrier of how impossible the boneless band of impossibly agile muscle was, however, the demon's delight at the simple physical contact was plain enough for Nala to detect through the mix of body language and how perceptible the other woman's - or indeed anyone's - emotions were. While harder to read than any of her mortal accomplices, Esmerala was familiar enough and being forward enough for Nala to glean hints from which she could start a basis for better understanding demonkind.

                "My pupil.... Mmmmm... What a fantasy to indulge in~" She murmured slowly, momentarily tilting her head back and evidently doing just that. "Ahhh, to have been the one to teach you so many things! To try anything and everything with you, finding new heights of pleasure every time our business was complete... Eventually settling into our old favorites... It's too bad my dear liege would never have let me keep a catch like you to myself!"

                The demoness quickly returned to the present moment, looking Nala in the eyes once more as her hands drifted from Nala's hips to replicate Nala's own light groping and knead of the elven demigod's buttocks. "Not this his opinion matters much now, so obviously this is better! Hm.... Hm hm hmmmm.... Well, I have ideas, certainly... Options we might explore... A few in positions of power who are more open minded than the power that reigns, a few who could be manipulated, a few who have sought the king's end quite directly in the past... Hmmmm..."

                Esmerala tilted her head slightly as she pondered what she had just hinted at, but Nala could plainly feel her own instincts answered in kind by the demoness. Even as a demon, Esmerala's physicality was more direct and uncontrolled than Nala's now perfectly guided superhuman frame. Light shifts of her posture left the peaks of the demon's breasts gliding over Nala's through the thin barrier of her freshly conjured dress, sending light sparks of stimulation and excitement emanating from the sensitive nubs. Her kneading grew more intimate, more intense, and she lightly shifted her head just a little bit forward as if to place herself in optimal range for Nala to join her in a kiss. The all too familiar scents and feelings of a partner approaching fully aroused readiness were playing out before her, mixing in with the aura of the room in which the orgy celebrating Nala's return had just taken place.

                "Mmmmm, we could just... Get down to business... Right now. What do you think, Nala dearest? I hope you aren't too tired, there is ever so much to do." Her hands began to slow in their pleasurable kneading, and the light gyrations of her entire frame became the lightest of motions to the point that they might have been imperceptible to a normal person... One that wasn't pressed so closely against her. Whether Nala wanted to indulge in her desire to see just how well the two of them stacked up in the bedroom now, or let them part to begin plotting the downfall of New Abaddon who was ultimately up to her, however. Esmerala lacked the desperate hopefulness that might lead to discouragement if she didn't get some right away, but she had made no efforts to hide her interest either.

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                  "Quite. We'll find different avenues to indulge ourselves now. And besides, there will be plenty capable mortals to admire and flirt with in that manner." The goddess comisserated with the demon lord over lost opportunities and what-might-have-beens. They were pleasant thoughts, but Nala knew she must face certain realities. As a daemon, she was now obligated to take the lead in her sexual forays. This did not displease her, for it was her usual state of mind. She welcomed the new challenge, and let it stir her own desire.

                  "Open-minded and powerful - with an ear for opportunity to rise to further prominence. Those are whom I would like to approach. The easily manipulated are those likely to not be as significant. We must alert enough movers and shakers that a new power is rising, and to have them be willing to join our coalition and undermine your former liege's efforts. Ideally, we would like those whom we cannot control or would not want to be within our new order to sense his weakness and lash out at him. Take the brunt of his power and his wroth. It will likely be a long game, but a worthwhile one, which you and I shall see to the end."

                  Nala caresses and soothed the demon's needful body, even as she spoke seriously of her intentions. She could tell that Esmerala was positioning herself to be taken in a kissing embrace, and Nala was not opposed to the idea. The question of her own preparedness was a triviality, for she could will the biology of her form into such a state on command, and her biological mind would follow, and her spirit - the spirit of a Sex Daemon Goddess - was always ready.

                  "It takes a lot to get me tired now," she understated, pulling the demon's hips closer, so that they were firmly pressed against her own.

                  "We should get down to business," Nala concurred. "Perhaps someplace a little more private. This place is pleasant and full of arousing memories for us both, but I think a change of scenery will suit."

                  As she said this, Nala decided to reach out more deliberately with her mind. She wanted to be subtle enough so as to not spoil the surprise, but she worked her perception down the sensory paths of Esmerala's considerable intellect, and pulled from them memories associated with heightened arousal and lust. Conquests and challenges - and among them a powerful memory appeared. A time when the demon lord was only a succubus, although a talented and ambitious one. Yes, this would do.

                  "Sarra and Mikaeus, we will not be gone long. Your mistress is safe with me."

                  Returning her emerald gaze to the demon, she let her off hand rise up and drape over the woman's sight, so that when her palm had passed completely and she could once again see, she would be surrounded in the pocket dimension that Nala had created for them both. It was an impermanent replication of a lady's chambers of a Crolian castle. Telltale architecture and heraldic banners would place the scene as being from Esmerala's memory, and the luxurious bed with light blue sheets of velvet paired nicely with Nala's new dress and adornments, taken from the Crolian noblewoman that had shared this memory within Esmerala's mind. The dress was thin, revealing, with a plunging neckline, a bare back that invited the eye down to the posterior, and was complemented with long silk gloves and an ermiine fur boa around the neck, as an acknowledgement of the wintry weather "outside."

                  "I trust this environment is to your liking?" Nala said, sitting down upon the edge of the bed and then lounging onto her side, admiring Esmerala still. Nala was still sporting her tail and wings, which both spilled out of the back of her dress.

                  "Let us make a start to our plans, and if other notions should suddenly take us, let us not deny them either."



                    "Of course~" Esmerala replied in a soft and playful manner, "ambition is not a rare quality in my kin, fortunately. And, as you might imagine, starting a few steps below the top is where we might find those most open to... Changing their perspective. So unlike the eldest. Turning the court against the king is a necessity if we wish him to go away without having to kill him ourselves, and a bit of paranoia may go a long way. Those near the height of power are always so afraid of losing it, after all!"

                    Nala's boast about her stamina drew a wry smile from the demoness, "business... Yes~"

                    Diving into the other woman's mind was a more difficult effort than it would have been for anyone else Nala had yet plied such an untested talent upon. Even her unpracticed, simple understanding of mind reading was sufficient given Nala's newfound immense power and intrinsic comprehension of how a mind worked. The mechanics were not so different when comparing a mortal and an immortal, and like Violet and Demetrius, Esmerala was open to her presence in the first place. What she found when she made to explore the demon's thoughts, however, was a maze of mirrors and twisting corridors. Conflicting emotions and desires, memories false masking real ones, and shocking stray ideas created to distract and divert only to be revealed as a meaningless smokescreen abounded in the woman's mind. Were it not for the immensity of her own mind, Nala could have found herself lost within it all too quickly. Exploring the nooks and crannies of the centuries old demoness could take days, months, perhaps even years, but Nala didn't need to look so long for what she sought.

                    In an old corner of the demon's thoughts was a pleasant memory, clearly from before she had learned to guard her thoughts quite so securely. Simpler paths led to it, a memory once often visited, and in it Nala found a juicy tale; a former lover in more than just the purely physical sense. A woman, a mortal... Full bodied, strong of will and form like no mortal Esmerala had met before, a noblewoman from a kingdom to the far North across the mountains. Sent to enthrall her on behalf of a summoner, Esmerala was not caught but outmatched, outdone in the bedroom and left as the one enthralled not by demonic magic but by aspects more intrinsic to the enthraller, and memories of those aspects that could not be shaken so easily. Physically and mentally, the woman had outdone her, but rather than simply banish her back to Hell the woman plied into her, indulging and denying. The noblewoman's handmaiden joined the festivities at her behest shamelessly, obediently, and most poignantly in Esmerala's mind without need for coercion. Even if Esmerala was lesser then than she was now, the connections were akin to those that Nala could sense towards herself in the demon's thoughts.

                    "Wait, wha-" The female knight's question was cut off as Nala whisked them away, one moment in the familiar planning hall and the next, in a careful recreation of that Crolian noblewoman's chambers. A high stone tower with a stained glass window, a roaring fire beneath an intricate mantlepiece, the grand painting dominating the wall over it depicting knights overcoming impossible odds and epic monsters, the four poster bed that could have fit a half dozen people comfortably...

                    Esmerala flicked her gaze around a moment in surprised wonder, but when Nala spoke it was to return to her with a much more earnest smile. "Oooh, you've been peeking have you? How risque~" She declared playfully before issuing a soft chuckle of open delight. "Oh I love it, Nala dearest! I've not imagined this place in years, much less seen it." She strode around, eyes darting from surroundings to Nala, nakedly admiring the night elf's body but also taking in the nostalgic sights. "Mmmm... That works for you... Your usual robes are maybe more suiting for you, but it definitely works... Mhm, mhm, as should we!"

                    With a clap she stalked around the bed, towards the table, and began to mutter. The area in which they existed was fully under Nala's control, practically an extension of her own metaphysical existence in every way, so she could alter the image if she so wished, but Esmerala tossed aside a few spare scrolls only to spread one out. "It's not often we keep lists you understand... Our hierarchy tends to be rather fluid. People tend to die when you least expect it, people below them get promoted... Even as stable as some of them have been, there might be new people in their positions, or they might have been promoted... They might be stronger than I remember. They might be weaker. But, these are some of the ones that I knew from a couple of weeks ago.

                    "Firstly, one of my, ahhh, old standbys when I need something done... Vegur. He's a problem solver, albeit one that's very unhappy about being stuck in what amounts to middle management. If there is a such thing as a work-a-day sort among the upper echelons, he's it. Cruelty isn't so much second nature as it is just sort of... Part of the job. Something that might be easier would interest him, and while I wouldn't call him nice, I wouldn't call him totally remorseless either. Likes to keep like minded types around him too, so he'll come with followers if he can be turned.

                    "Then there's Arklia, you'll like her. She's absolutely insane, but in a fun way. Got some faerie in her from what I understand, and maybe it's why she's so social and so nice to... Most people. Weird schemes are her thing, and people have mostly sort of started letting her be background noise... Which is impossibly stupid of them since she's the most persuasive woman I've ever met other than you and the queen. No one puts ideas in someone's head like she does, and that she's got a reputation for strange notions so anything outlandish will just be discarded off hand by anyone who would never listen to your new gospel anyway.

                    "There's also Pol, she's.... Well, she's pretty light as demons go. Been around a long time, kind of lazy to some, kind of lax to others... But of everyone I think she's both the least ambitious and the least likely to reject the notion of trying something new out of hand. She's bored, and she likes people. I don't know about mortals, but... Well, no one is going to turn without some warming up, right? And if you can convince her, she can convince a LOT of her peers.

                    "Besides them, there are a few lower rung types I think might work... Trazeil, one of the royal slavekeepers. She tries to keep the mortals in decent health and spirits, unlike most of her coworkers. The king used to keep her around because she kept people cooperative, so hopefully she's still about. Curtstag, recently demoted captain of the guard. She REALLY didn't like the idiot you killed, so she's probably a fan now. And she's ambitious. And she's not a sadist. And then there's Barabal... He's a bit more iffy, but still an option. He's a snake, a real social climber sort, but when I last saw him he was still woefully naive. He also happens to be the best sorcerer I've ever met. If the king was going to bind someone as powerful as you, he'd be involved in the workings of that binding, so getting him on our side in case the worst should happen is probably a good idea."

                    With her list at least temporarily finished, Esmerala turned back to Nala with a questioning smile, waiting to see what the night elven protogoddess thought of her initial options for starting the undermining of the demon king's regime.

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                      "That is an impressive list. Each of them is an important possibility. Ideally, we will try to get them all on our side."

                      Nala ran through the personality profiles, considering the pros and cons of each. Vegur seemed like a capable agent, and possibly a good one to have onside to carry messages to and from from the inner workings of the Demon King's echelons. Arklia seemed like an X factore - a fun one, but perhaps too unpredictable. Could demon lords be convinced of the ideals of Nala's cause if they didn't take the messenger seriously? Perhaps better to wait on her and try Pol. Someone who likes others had the fundamental traits that Nala was keen on. The lower rungs were also a good consideration too.

                      "Your instinct was to mention Vegur first, in spite of his lower position. That is telling. Having him turned and on the inside before I approach someone like Arklia would be beneficial. Someone whose voice can work in tandem with Arklia's 'wild' ideas. Curtstag should also be approached early, while the 'iron is still hot' as it were. As a mortal I killed her rival, and now I'm suddenly a goddess who singles her out. It would be a decent icebreaker if nothing else."

                      She pursed her lips and shifted her legs slightly, letting her dress slide away and the slit open to reveal most of her leg.

                      "Barabal you mention last, because you fear I might be caught and you want me to have an escape option. But if this demon is truly such a snake, then my only leverage is the naivete you mention. What is the nature of his lack of understanding? Much as a capable sorcerer would benefit me, if he's not a right fit for my cause, then courting him might only poison the ideals of those who are on my side."



                        Esmerala murmured and nodded in agreement following Nala's initial response to her listing of potential allies, but only smiled lightly in the face of her logic. Whether that meant that her placement of her suggestions had had the intent that Nala pointed out or not, she did not bother to say. Her gaze drifted, taking in the offered portion of night elven leg, but lingered only a moment, a moment that let a hint of hunger enter her eyes, but it was quick to pass and her eyes quick to return to Nala's face.

                        "Ahhh, Barabel is shall we say... Straightforward. He lacks a certain understanding of subtlety, at least in his dealings with others. At times it makes him easy to manipulate, at others it makes him fairly difficult to talk to... And in general it makes him easier to trust than most of my kind, which... Could perhaps be a double edged sword. He is a bad liar, and though ambitious tends to take promises at face value until proven otherwise," she explained with an air of amusement and exasperation to her voice. She settled back onto the desk, planting her hands to her side so that she could lean back while her legs crossed. Naked as she still was following Nala's welcoming orgy, it only partially concealed the parts of the demon's body that might more appropriately be concealed, allowing Nala's eyes to make their own feast of the hellborn noblewoman's impressive rack.

                        "I would call him risky before poisonous to any efforts at change, to be honest. Big promises are a thing that he is not used to. Those that deal with him do so by leverage, by simple up front payment, or by keeping their promises small and manageable; he deals in good faith, but breaking faith will turn him against you rather irrevocably. Offering big promises could quite well win him over, or it could make him very cautious... Or it could be a trap entirely if the king has caught wind of our conspiracy somehow. The other reason behind his mention is that, if we don't seek to recruit him at all, it might be wise to kill him outright before he can become an issue. I know it's a little bit off message, but it's not like we're expecting this to be entirely bloodless."

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                          "Then we find out what his personal desire is, and if it is possible to provide it to him, then we do so." Nala stated, letting her eyes scan over the demoness' body. She could sense her mortal desire welling up. She could control it easily, but were she to act upon her old emotions, there would be very little resistance.

                          "I remember well that level of naivete. It is both a blessing and a curse - perhaps if we simply reward it, we will win ourselves a talented sorcerer. But I would prefer to start with one of the others, even so. And of course, it is wise to remove a potential threat, if it cannot be turned to our good use. I have no doubt that there will be casualties - but I would prefer to sow dissent, and let the chaos lead to more chaos, rather than start an all out war - at least at the beginning."

                          "Let's discuss which of these will be easiest to approach. Where do you think we can best find them? I do not wish to go too close to the Demon King, for he may sense my presence and have ways to confront me. Better to send emissaries who can blend in, like you, and get the targets to come farther afield, where I can speak to them more plainly. Do you have any suggestions for getting close?"

                          She crooked her finger and beckoned to Esmerala, inviting her to the bed. The demon lord was very pleasant to look at, and touching her while they talked was suddenly appealing. Perhaps the mortal desire was more potent than she had thought.



                            "Naturally~" Esmerala replied in mirthful agreement. "It's nice when things are simple, isn't it?" The demon shifted as she spoke, moving to splay herself onto her side on the table, one leg crossing over the other as she rested her head on her hand.

                            "Barabal can wait, I agree... The easiest to isolate outside of the king's notice would likely be Curstag or Vegur. Both spend some time outside of Abaddon, solving... Problems. Trazeil would be the hardest, she rarely leaves the palace. Arklia and Pol, too, don't often depart from their scavenged mansions save to appear in court or visit friends... Or make an appearance at a party. That option miiight be our best opportunity really, even if it would be a bit risky."

                            Nala's beckoning offer, naturally, wasn't something that the infatuated demoness would be willing to pass up. She shifted gracefully off of the desk, tail swaying slowly as she stalked silently towards the bed. She would lower herself languidly and with almost unnatural grace, straddling Nala and allowing her appealing softness to press down against the elven proto-goddess. With their breasts pancaking together and faces within inches of one another once more, Nala was free to touch Esmerala as she wished, and the demoness for her part let her hands idly plant themselves by Nala's sides only for the tip of her tail to begin slowly drawing across her thigh. The motion started along the top and slowly but surely began to draw ever inwards.

                            "My knights and I can handle the initial infiltration I think... Perhaps secure a meeting or two with some of our potential options, discover any available opportunities, perhaps drudge up some schedules. We will need a bit of time, but I am sure that even exiled, there are a few contacts that I can call upon. Still... I will have to keep details sparse, at first. The further our web expands, the greater the risk of its discovery... We will have to be very... Very... Careful~"

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                              Nala regarded her demonic counterpart, trying to parse out distracting observations that detracted from the simplistic appeals of Esmerala's smooth skin, her bountiful curves, the sultry nature of her voice, and her scent, which was a pleasant aura of titillation, one which the proto-goddess could, and did improve upon. Nala wanted the very air that was breathed in around her to be laced with beautiful associations that built suggestion, anticipation and titillation.

                              "It's settled then. A careful and delicate approach, building slowly.~"

                              Nala settled her hand gently on Esmerala's hip, while parting her legs to allow the demoness' tail to advance. Her fingers traced little whorls across the woman's skin as she grinned up at her. The feel of Esmerala's breasts pressing into hers through the sheer silken fabric of the dress she had constructed for herself was a simple delight that the former night elf allowed to dominate her senses, and to add to the effect she drew in a pleasured breath of air. Her left leg rose to rub against the soft flesh of Esmerala's rear.

                              "So with that out of the way, there only remains the two of us to discuss, my sweet demoness. Pleasure I will give you, that much is certain, but I think we both know that there are pleasures that exceed that of the flesh. I perceive them now."

                              Nala's hand moved to caress Esmerala's lips, tracing a circle along their outer edge, tantalizing them, but at the same time changing their qualities. The demon's lips would sense more, the nerve endings alighting in a response that went beyond the purely tactile and delved into far more advanced brain chemistry. A kiss now would be an emotional revelation, a balm over old turmoil. A kiss now would be forgiveness. A kiss now would be self-actualization.

                              Nala kissed Esmerala full on the lips, tenderly, pouring her godlike ability into sending energy across to the arch succubus, feeding her as a mother might a child, yet at the same time, her grip on the demon drew their bodies close, meaningfully.

                              "And I can make you perceive them as well. Imagine it, Esmerala. Sex as an act of perfect balance, even for a demon. The raw energies of the universe make it possible, it only remains for the secrets to be worked out and taught to those prepared and willing to serve a greater cause, a vision. My vision. Even as a demon feeds upon raw energy, you can give back. And in giving back, you can free yourself from the chains of your past, not just those that bind you to others, but those that bind you to yourself. Chains of guilt, of self-loathing, of burdens of the heart. The raw power of this act of connection can free you.~ You and your many lovers~"

                              Nala laughed lightly, and then reached her hand down to between Esmerala's legs, her magic fingers again prepared to work their magic. With the support of invisible force magic, Nala propped herself up, tipping Esmerala gently backwards, until the demoness was now resting her shoulder blades on the mattress, with the goddess sitting up, their crotches close together as Nala willed her own clothing to tear itself away and unravel.

                              "But there has been something that has dwelt on my mind ever since our last session of lovemaking. Something beyond merely returning the favor of fucking you into a state of silliness.~ I've thought about what our child might be like. Even as a goddess, I honestly couldn't say, and so I am curious indeed."

                              As she said this, Nala would shapeshift, conjuring forth out of the top of her slit a phallus that rivaled the one previously sported by Esmerala on that day long ago in the river. The intent of what she would be doing with it in the near future was easily read in Nala's eyes as she stared hungrily down at her horned playmate.



                                With casual ease, Nala could shift the atmosphere of room, altering the energies of a place and allowing it to seem as if it was a natural reaction created by the room's occupants. It was as easy as thinking here in the little pocket dimension she had created, but it was yet another skill that she had discovered which might prove useful in her later misadventures.

                                Esmerala offered no overt reaction to the aura that Nala filled the room with, but with her Nala could sense that it had been unnecessary. The demoness was in her element, plotting and scheming to overthrow a rival for power, and doing it alongside someone that she could trust completely. Their goals were mutual, their ambitions aligned - in no small part by her own choice on the matter - and Nala finally held the power to rival their greatest dangers.

                                "Mmmm.... Pleasures.... Yes, it's about time I think~ I want to find out how you taste now!" she murmured when Nala finally changed the subject from their scheming to something more immediately satiating. Her tail began to trail a little further up Nala's leg and deeper around her thigh as the once-elf's legs parted, the spaded tip soft and tickling as much as it pleased. The demon's brow rose following Nala's proclamation of going beyond the flesh took form, however.

                                Demon or no, Esmerala was still a being of flesh and blood. Her body functioned just as any other living creatures did, despite her ability to shift portions of her biology around. As such, Nala could reach into the flesh to manipulate, her will slipping past skin and muscle and bone to read the ganglia in her demonic paramour's brain as easily as her own... And, in this case, to manipulate them. Her fingers did so first over the demon's lips, sensitizing the nerves there, but those changes traveled up the nerves to alter more advanced chemistry in relation to their contact.

                                It was obvious that Esmerala was cognizant of what Nala had just done, at least to some extent, but that wouldn't prevent her from allowing the elven goddess to close the distance between them, and when their lips pressed together she gave a pleased moan. Her eyes widened in shock, before even Nala thrust a wave of energy into her, for the emotional cascade that suddenly washed over her. It left her unable to properly respond to the kiss as she might have before, leaving her tongue only flicking on pure instinct to match Nala's and thus allowing Nala to take the lead in the dance between their lingual muscles. Likewise, for a moment the magical essence being poured into her was left momentarily untouched, floating in the nether between them.

                                Esmerala's shock could only last so long, however, and when she recovered she leaned in further even than Nala had drawn her. She lashed out with her tongue, squirming it against Nala's as her chest pressed and her back arched and relaxed, rubbing chest to chest to glance their sensitive peaks together. And she fed, gorging herself on the offered energies, devouring and claiming the power emanated by Nala for herself. Those energies changed form as she drew upon them, melding fluidly into the "meat" of Esmerala's soul to refill the portions left dark by her use of magic.

                                When the kiss broke, she reared back just a little bit further than needed and eyed Nala oddly, her thoughts masked even to Nala as she retreated behind a wall. Even her trust was limited, it seemed, when confronted with such overt manipulation. She let the protogoddess say her piece, however, and when Nala explained her ambitions she gave a light laugh and seemed more impressed than offended.

                                "My my... Already thinking like a god! I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, you're nothing if not adaptable. Yes, I think that is bold effort... And one that might help bring in many demonic followers. Especially among the younger generation, those that knew Hell only for a time but still suffered for it." She paused, letting that settle, but Nala wouldn't need to wait or ask for further elaboration; "Not all of us would want their traumas removed so easily, even if it is convenient. What we've been through... Most of it is horrible, yes, but it is that horror that formed us. It is our source of ambition, our motivation... The foundation on which our lives are built. Do you make a palace stronger by removing the foundation, or by repairing it?" She paused again, but not for long, and finally added; "Some of us might go too far and become lost in our chains, of course, and those something like this might help... But it might easily be against their will. For better or worse. "

                                Ultimately, however, the physical pleasures were to follow, and Esmerala gave a surprised cry as she was turned and pushed backwards until she was lying on her back on the bed, with Nala siting up before her and their legs entangled. "Oh, but I wanted to do that!" the demoness declared mirthfully as Nala's clothing was rent apart, the strands of it vanishing like mist caught in the wind, though the look in her eyes as she swept a gaze over Nala's body was anything but upset. Esmerala's eyes ultimately fell upon Nala's chest with a hungry look, her eyes detailing every curve, and a look into her mind revealed that her demonic ally was going through all manner of fantasies involving things she'd like to do with her breasts and how she could leave Nala howling in pleasure from them alone.

                                Her focus drifted downwards as Nala plainly alluded to her intentions and summoned the very organ that would make them a reality, and the demoness cheweed her lip and moaned excitedly. "Mmmmm~ So you're looking to knock me up, huh? Mhm...." The demon's tail curled around the violet shaft that Nala had conjured, a mirror of the impressive tool that Esmerala had used to enjoy her so many days prior when they had first met, squeezing it gently while the spaded tip folded over her domed helmet. That sinuous tail began to jerk, smoothly tugging on the elf's rod while the tip of her tail rolled over the head, and pleasure naturally poured into her from the demon's expert stimulation. "Ufufufu, well... I'm not usually the one to be the mommy, but... I think making an exception wouldn't hurt~ Especially for my goddess!"

                                There was a bit of mirthful derision in her voice as she pronounced Nala's title, but it was clear enough that Esmerala was anything but against the notion. Her gaze drifted from Nala's cock up to her face, her again lightly chewing her lip while her tail continued its smooth motions, though gradually those strokes would aim Nala's shaft downwards, towards where she inevitably intended to use it. "So... Does my goddess wish to start the siring right away? Or.... Shall I work to prepare her for it?" Her teasing tone didn't do much to disguise her hunger; it seemed that turning the demoness on didn't take much at this point. Even so, her gaze flicked up to Nala expectantly, awaiting an answer that the proto goddess could sense she had no immediate preference for.

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