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    Alex was in a bit of a haze when she started following her Love's orders, and with every stroke of her tongue against a cum-coated finger that haze only grew stronger. Her body was thrumming in pleasure while Ariendra kept worshiping the dragon's sex, and with Aes adding her only little flare to the proceedings Alex actually jumped a bit as her sensitivity spiked when the thief's moan left that stud vibrating against her g-spot. It took a moment for her body to adequately adjust, but in the next she was happily cleaning her fingers as they cleaned her face and moaning in delight at the delight blooming from both the woman beneath her and the aphrodisiacs rushing through her system.

    It was only once she was satisfactory that Aes issued her next command, and though Alex groaned at leaving the tongue doing so many wonderful things to her body she acquiesced and rose to stand before her mistress. The angel completed a pair of circuits around her pet, light touches keeping the dragoness on edge as her body shivered at both the fleeting caress and the excitement that had built in her core. That excitement was answered when Aes thrust herself against Alex's back and between her thighs, and with that chimeric member glancing then nestling against her sex Alex let out another groan that was filled with want and need as Aes's rod started to saw back and forth across and between the pair of lips that would have gladly accepted far more. This was quickly joined by a rather vigorous palming of the dragon's coated chest, the kneading of those fingers designed to excite the flesh they held as well as collect the sticky mess that was soon brought to Alexandra's lips.

    "Clean me."

    Once again the dragoness happily took to her new task, and with lips and tongue she treated each coated finger as if it were the cock sawing against her sex before she shifted from one to the next until each was lathered solely by her saliva. Those fingers returned to massage and knead the warrior's chest, when presented to the woman Alex cleaned them just as thoroughly every time. This left the warmth blooming within Alex's core growing by the second, and to quench some of the rising heat she let her hips curl within the angel's grip in every effort to make those thrusts all the more powerful against everything they teased.

    But every good things must come to an end. "Up against the wall!" The tone in those words promised something glorious, but before Alex could even act Aes was guiding her with surprising strength. The dragon was swung and artfully manhandled, and though she wasn't simply thrown as one might expect she was still left bent and presented with her feet spread and her tail raised and her sex practically steaming for the pounding it was about to receive even while Aes kept rubbing her prick against her. When she was in the proper position Aes claimed her prize by gripping both her pet's ass and bust with a hand each, and as they joined in the ever important task of keeping the beast aroused the constant motion between Alex's legs only grew more intense. The sensual whisper promising that another dose planted deep within her would certainly take root simply left the woman groaning as her anticipation grew, and when it all came to a stop Alex could only whine as that cock slid slowly between her lips and pulled back just enough to have its head resting perfectly at her entrance.

    While the grinding and teasing earlier had been torturous this sudden stillness was outright cruelty. It left Alex shuddering and gasping in anticipation, her body practically primed to come the moment anything entered her, and with every little shift she tried to make to impale herself on her angel's length the slap that followed had her yelping then moaning as both the sharp slap of pain and the more insidious pulse of pleasure threatened to take her over the edge. Eventually Alex simply couldn't take anymore, not without collapsing into a writhing mass of ecstasy, and all she could do was sit and wait and silently plead for Aes to stop her damn teasing.

    But Aes's cruelty knew no bounds. All the angel did was gently retreat, the loving kiss actually confusing the dragoness before some new instructions were given, and as Alex started coming down from her over-excited state she finally realized that Aes wasn't going to give her what she needed. That little fact forced her to whine as her body was left to settle completely unfulfilled, but the lack of attention that followed allowed her mind to start cobbling itself back together even as her tail nearly thrashed in an unconscious ploy to get Aes to focus her attention on the drooling sex sitting right there waiting for her to plunder it.

    With her body buzzing with disappointment Alex was soon able to think for herself once again, and though the rest of her didn't care about it by that point some intellectual part of her mind was desperate to reach one of the potions buried in her pack to prevent any unwanted surprises. That act seemed to settle some of her arousal, and by the time the pair had finally left the tower Alex was feeling a lot more like herself. Unfortunately that left her realizing she was walking around completely naked, the only thing preventing the world from seeing her nudity the illusion of her own clothing covering her form and the promise that only the truly lucky would be able to overcome it.

    But that did nothing to settle her nerves. As they made their way around the Crow's camp Alex lowered her head slightly to try and conceal the blush that was blooming across her cheeks, and that embarrassment only grew stonger as they made their way through the town to the siege camp. That only grew worse as she was left bumping and brushing against the militiaman and the blonde clerk, and with the way their stares lingered on her as she passed the only thought crossing her mind was that those two had somehow slipped past Aes's illusion and were now ogling the draconic woman in all her nude glory.

    But Aes simply powered on, and eventually the made their way to Roko and the recruits he was drilling to get them ready. Progress looked slow, and though that seemed to disappoint him as he called for a break there was a brightness and a liveliness that she hadn't seen in him since they were forcefully parted by the Crows' raid all those years ago. His congratulations were taken with a gentle nod from Alex, and the dragon let her Mate respond while she tried to settle the sudden flight of butterflies trying to burst out of her stomach. She was largely unsuccessful as Aes asked for an hour or two of Roko's time, and when he asked what for the grin that followed was the sign that Alex would be taking over at that point.

    "I... I mean we..." She was scrambling to find a way to actually say that they wanted to screw him until he couldn't walk, but even with the aphrodisiacs still keeping her body on alert the sheer absurdity of the situation had her stumbling for words. "We... We need your help with a matter... a, uh, personal matter... that may actually be rather important..." As she was stammering through her explanation she realized where it was leading and how it might make their offer look, and though it was true it wasn't why she had come to him specifically. So as she paused for a bit she decided to try a different tact. "I... find myself in need of a certain skill set... one which you proved quite capable of back when we met at your quarters back in the Legion." Hopefully he would pick up on her vaguery. "I've mentioned those skills to my Mate here, and she's expressed an interest in a demonstration." Even if she was finding her voice she was still turning more and more red by the second, so she carefully stole a glance all around them to make sure anyone wasn't paying the three of them any undue attention. "A-and it would give me the opportunity to show you how my own skills have grown since we parted..." Another look, another awkward pause. "So... would you be willing to join us?"



      Alex could practically feel Aescila bouncing with joy at her side as the dragoness stumbled over explaining what they intended her former lover to do with them without simply stating that they planned to fuck his brains out aloud. Roko turned his attention to her and calmly looked her in the face as she started speaking, giving her his full attention and thus allowing her to see the full range of emotions as she delivered her explanation. The first pause led him to prompt her with an affirming grunt, but while he might be a man like any other Roko wasn't so blockheaded that her vague suggestion would escape his understanding. Shock accompanied a brief flicker of a smile, but then came a lack of sureness... One that lasted until the color started creeping into Alex's cheeks and Aescila started quietly giggling beside her. Those glances aside would reveal that no one was close enough to listen in, but each time she looked back at Roko he would seem just a little bit more perplexed at the whole situation.

      He glanced from Alex to Aes once the dragoness had delivered her request that he join them in bed for a while, "Uhhh.... Well, are you... Sure about this?" Aes nodded as she rocked back and forth on the balls of her feet, "Mmmmhmmmm~" He paused, then glanced back towards Alex and cleared his throat. "Well, I can't say that I'm not... Interested... But I have to admit that my, ahh, skills probably aren't what they used to be." Roko's fell into melancholy as he spoke, and shifted slightly only to wince as more of his weight than he liked settled onto his maimed leg.

      "Excellent, that's a yes then!" Aes declared as she clapped her hands together, though when Roko looked up at her she added; "Don't worry about that... I'm sure we have the flexibility to accommodate you without ANY discomfort~ So, your place?"

      "Uhhh.... S-sure... Yeah, my place is fine," he answered, before straightening his shoulders and looked back at the crew he'd been training. "Alright lads, it looks like I've got to go take care of something! That doesn't mean you get a long break though! When I get back you'd better be able to load and wind her in under thirty seconds!" The reaction of the bunch he'd been training was mixed; exasperation, annoyance, acceptance... And one who looked like he might have an idea of what Roko was about to go take care of given the conspiratorial grin that briefly played over his face as he gave Roko a silent salute.

      Roko led the way to his house with a noticeable spring to his gait, and Aes practically bounced at Alex's side. They luckily didn't have to pass through any more crowds or narrow areas - Roko deliberately avoided them - and soon were upon the man's little cottage... And then were stepping into it. "Uhhh, just give me a minute... These boots take a little bit to get off," he said, to which Aescila simply nodded as she kicked off her own slippers. Alex had a minute to do the same while Roko awkwardly worked his footwear off, and once he'd finished he stood once more. "So, uhhh.... How shall we-" He began, only for Aes to cut him off as she simply strode forward and practically slammed her mouth into his. The dark angel momentarily melted against him, raising a leg and gasping hungrily as she deepened the open mouthed kiss yet further, and the shocked man could only respond as Alex knew he could; his hand drifted to grasp her Mate's rear while he did his best to keep up.

      Aes didn't keep his attention for long, and when she parted Roko's shirt had been handily undone. If she wanted Alex could replicate the dark angel's display, but Roko was gaping at her in surprise as a telltale bulge in his trousers only expanded further practically the moment Aes broke off from him. A glance down would reveal that the illusion of her clothing had been dispelled; Alex was fully naked for Roko's viewing pleasure... And he quite evidently took great pleasure in seeing her naked again. If she made to embrace him he wouldn't be hesitant about returning the attention with endless enthusiasm. His body wasn't the solid slab of lean muscle it had been when last she'd embraced it like this, but he hadn't yet gone fully to seed, and his remaining hand closed upon her ample rear and gave her a good bit of exploratory kneading.

      Whether she went to him or not, however, Aes would eventually take a bit of her attention at well, prying her from Roko but keeping close to press into Alex with an aggressive kiss of her own. The lust that the succubine angel naturally generated was borne fully into the air, and she took her turn groping Alex's rear while their tongues danced. When she broke apart, she guided Alex and Roko alike into the man's bedroom and gently pushed him down onto it while holding Alex to her side. She turned again, pulling off her top and tossing it onto the floor, and gently pressed herself against Alex once more. "Mmmm, he feels ready... Want to taste him together? Or... Do you want to get right to the main course?"

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        That could have been less awkward... but he understood, he accepted, and they were off. Thankfully Roko kept the three of them from running through any more crowds, and after a short jaunt Alex found herself outside his home. And just as before her nerves were on alert. But now they tingled. Excitement and lingering arousal pulsed through her the moment she made sure the door was fully closed. Roko needed to take a moment to remove his boots, and as he did Aes simply shrugged off her slippers and waited. Once the man was done she pounced, and Alex actually blushed at the pure enthusiasm Aes was showing.

        The dragoness simply watched the pair make out, her head getting a little dazed by the intensity of it, but when they parted and Roko turned her way Alex could tell by the shocked and impressed expression her wore that the illusion was finally gone. Surprisingly enough it actually made here a little shy, and she actually shifted a bit as if to hide herself before straightening out for being so damned foolish. "Aes made me walk around like this." The fact that he was no longer engaged with the angel allowed Alex to glide closer, and once the gap was closed she gently pressed herself against him until he could feel the full brunt of the warmth washing off of her. "Ever since we left the tower." Her lips soon followed, and though that initial touch was a little hesitant the moment the moment they came together Alex simply let loose. For a moment it looked like the woman was trying to pour all of her affection into the man, and it was only once they began to part that she would realize her tail had already risen to curl around his waist and hold him close.

        With the two no longer plastered against each other Aes dove in to reclaim her Mate, and Alex offered no resistance as she was peeled from Roko's arms. But her tail lingered and tugged him closer, and though the angel and dragon simply wound around each other Roko was given the show of his life as the two women engaged in a practiced duel that left the both of them gasping for breath and practically bursting with hunger. The pheromones pouring out of Aes only made their kiss that much more intense, and it was only by her whim that they parted so she could lead all three of them into the man's bedroom and straight to his bed.

        A moment later he was gently thrown into it, and with that Aes pulled her top away and asked Alex whether they wanted to indulge or jump straight to the main event. Alex answered by pulling them down to kneel right before him, and without any further prompting she started pulling his trousers down to reveal him in all his glory. His body may have changed, and not for the better, but his length did not. It stood tall and proud just as she remembered, and though back then she'd been far too embarrassed to try anything of the sort she now wasted no time in letting her lips fall against his helm and give it a welcoming kiss before pulling back to let Aes do as she wished. "Let us know if you start feeling too uncomfortable." With that she started removing his trousers in full, her breath rushing over his before she descended, and as she started rising back to meet her Mate she veered just enough to bring herself to his sac. Her mouth fell to embrace the nearest orb, and as she lingered she let her tongue roll over its surface before she opened a little wider to take it in. There he was given a thorough sample of what she had learned by rolling the ball back and forth, her tongue practically dancing across its surface before she let it pop free. From there she rose to take command of his member, even going so far as to whine at Aes if she was selfishly hogging him all to herself, and once his length was free the tip would disappear into his mouth. Her tongue would curl and roll, the muscle wrapping around him until it created another sheath, once he was secure he would find himself being sucked deeper and deeper he was practically consumed. A hum would follow from Alex, her enjoyment quite apparent as she let herself writhe against his rod, but soon enough she would pull back just enough to let her descend once more.

        For a bit Alex was more than willing to be selfish, but after a few passes where her mouth just barely kept hold of his cap she would finally let him loose to give Aes a turn to show her own skill. Alex would content herself by returning to her worship of his testes, but eventually she would rise again to reclaim him. It would become a back and forth for the two of them, one lavishing attention to his length before the other stepped in, and for Alex she would always descend to tease his scrotum. That would help him stay in control and ward off his climax, and that would give them more time to enjoy his taste to the fullest before either he broke or demanded more.



          Opening and tugging down Roko's trousers left his member soon standing tall and strong, just as Alex had remembered seeing it so many times before. It was just as she'd remembered it, every contour and curve, every vein that pulsed with his life's blood. While he might not be any sort of superhuman titan, Roko had never needed shapeshifting or magic in the bedroom to leave Alex tying herself up in knots, vigor and natural size alone serving to give her pleasures unlike any she'd ever imagined before him. The phantom memories of what his impressive length felt like against her inner walls as he plunged into her with all his might played out for her visual appreciation, but such wouldn't stop Alex from quickly leaning forward to offer the domed cap of his rod a greeting kiss. She might never have tasted him like this before he disappeared, but it wasn't so different from what she had tasted of him before save for the potency of masculine pheromones emanating from where her mouth settled. Even in that brief embrace she could taste the virility that she'd felt swell within her so many times before, and as she pulled away Alex felt her Mate drifting forward to replicate her kiss with an appreciative hum.

          That left Alex able to fully remove Roko's pants, and while what made him a man hadn't been maimed by his captivity, the rest of him had not been so lucky. The missing forearm was too obvious to miss, but she hadn't seen what had become of his bad leg... Until now. Twisted scars dug into the atrophied muscle, twisting what remained into a gnarled mass that ran from his ankle to his knee. It had been a brutal and deliberate crippling, and the signs of long healed burns among the numerous portions of scar tissue suggested that it had been intended to leave him permanently unable to walk comfortably without much risk of killing him. The contrast with his still intact leg was sharp reminder of the trauma he'd been through, but even with that on display now wasn't the time to contemplate his misery or her plans for recompense from Turoc.

          "Nnnn... Don't think uncomfortable... Is a word I'll be using!" He grunted, before letting his head tilt back into his pillows as a low groan follow his wry statement. Rising back up to join Aes revealed that the dark angel was alternating between slowly running her tongue over the lower half of his rod and sucking upon the tip, each time she left the mushroom tip releasing it with a light pop to resume her slow laps. Already Alex could feel the once-demon leveraging the pleasure that she provided him to drink of his essence, tasting his very soul even as she used his energies to restore her own, but even with the sensation of her lover feeding nearby to distract her, the dragoness had her own target to taste from. Roko's testes were swollen, filled to near bursting with life-making warmth that she could sense beneath her tongue as she rolled across the captive orb, tasting it from every angle and drawing another pleasured groan from the man to which they were attached.

          Once his orb was released and she ascended, Aescila drifted aside to give her free reign of Roko's hardened shaft, and the advantage she took of her unrestrained access left Roko groaning heavily in pure pleasure. She could feel him pulsating against the tight sheath of her tongue, and he looked down with widened eyes and let out a strangled groan as she swallowed him in his entirety. Practiced ease on even larger shafts allowed Alex to contain him without gagging even slightly, and as such she could fully concentrate on giving her first lover the best head of his life. That hum made him swell within her, providing a sample of his virile flavor against her tongue where it coiled around his head, and as her tongue began to writhe like a serpent he twitched and shuddered beneath her. The retreat of her lips offered him just enough time to let out a relieved sigh before the dragon's descent had him groaning and twitching anew.

          Naturally, her performance gave Aes quite the thing to top, and once her tongue had retracted and she shifted his rod in offering to her Mate the dark angel made good on the challenge. Alex felt his balls twitching towards his core even as she worshiped them while Aes was at work, growing closer and closer each time, though the pair maintained their control with practiced skill. Each time it was her go, Aes adopted a new tactic; first she tilted her head and ran her tongue along one side and then tilted it the other and replicated her tongue's path upwards along the other side. After a few moments she slid down to take a turn lapping at Roko's sack, giving Alex a second turn on her shaft. On her second turn, she leisurely began to suckle on the first few inches while she ran the pad of one finger along the underside of his shaft, her cheeks dimpling and then relaxing as she drew upon her target. On her third she held him tightly by the base and settled her lips over the tip, hovering there as her tongue swirled over his helmet and the upmost portion of his shaft. the next time she did the same, only after a few moments she descended, swallowing him in one gulp and prompting his hips to rise up into her descent as a groan of ecstasy was drawn from his lips. Aes sucked for a moment with the whole of his length buried in her throat, but then began to bob steadily, creating the same reactions that Alex had prompted when she had been working with similar passion upon his rod.

          Alex felt the orb on which she sucked drawn inwards with greater force with every passing moment that her Mate worked upon his shaft, which pulsated with his lust more intensely with every stroke. "Aaaahhh.... Nnnn.... Ahn... Gnnn!!" With his most intense grunts Aes paused in her bobbing with half of his rod still buried in her mouth, giving a pleased murmur as she looked up to meet his eyes. Then she just resumed her rapid bobbing, expertly deepthroating the former mercenary's rod and quickly bringing him right up to the precipice of his orgasm, seemingly threatening to bring him over that final precipice... Only to stop at the last possible moment, releasing his rod with a pop and tilting it towards Alex with a lust filled purr. "Mmmm.... Do it... Make him cum!"

          Roko was throbbing uncontrollably, and practiced skill and her familiarity with him warned that even running her tongue up his underside might be enough to make him pop. A glob of his release hung on the tip, growing with every passing second, leaving Alex to choose she might like to acquire the full dose. When she did elect to finish him, whether it was quickly or some tactic with which she could take her time, Roko provided only a few desperate groans of vocal warning before his first eruption went off. Perhaps unsurprisingly, his first few globs were simply massive, more even than she remembered him being able to produce; evidently he was a bit pent up. The first half dozen ropes of his virile seed went off with exceptional force, flooding the half-dragon's mouth if she'd opted to take him there, and any sampling of his flavor would give her the intoxicating flavor of pure masculine potency. Their first few times mating had involved a certain level of risk on their part, but when it became clear that Alex would be a regular visitor - and that she liked few things better than the pure pleasure of being filled with cum - he had taken measures to inhibit his potency. He had apparently ceased taking the herbal chews since receiving his injuries, however, as Alex could taste the same potency from him as she had from Aes all too recently, though his flavor was the more traditional bitter and salty than the honeyed sweetness that Aes could produce.

          After a half dozen heft globs Roko's release began to taper off, but it didn't end. Another half dozen healthy ropes followed, and the dregs of his seed oozed from his tip for several long moments. Aes hung by just to the side - unless Alex had included her directly in bringing Roko to his peak - and if given half a chance would lean in to press her lips to the dragon's in order to share some of the massive bounty she had extracted. She seemed to enjoy the savory, potent flavor of his thick semen, swirling her tongue through whatever remained in Alex's mouth and stealing some if the knight's tongue didn't work to stop her. Even if she did, teasing flicks of her Mate's tongue roiled Roko's seed in the space between their mouths, ensuring that when they parted, panting, a string of mixed saliva and cum momentarily connected their lips.

          However the latest embrace of their mouths went, Roko would watch with a mystified expression as he panted through his afterglow. Even watching the two kiss and play with his fresh release, his rod began to soften slightly, but Aes evidently wasn't having that. Once she parted from Alex the dark angel leaned in and gave it a light kiss around the base, producing a tiny burst of demonic magic that rushed into Roko's body and had his member straightening right back up to full hardness mere seconds later. "Uhhhn... What did you.... Nnn..." Roko's voice was thick with lust, the sort of animalistic need that the normally controlled man had seldom used, and his concern left Aescila chuckling lightly. "Don't worry... I just can't have you going soft on us now~ You've got quite the ride ahead of you!"

          Her Mate had mostly directed her attention towards Roko while they were giving him his double header, but when Alex had been the one controlling the shaft she had offered darting, light caresses of her thighs, stomach and rear. Now, however, she gave the dragon's rump a light smack that left her fingers sinking into Alex's soft flesh. Her glowing crimson gaze flitted from Roko to Alex, and she offered an expectant look before crawling slowly up onto the bed, not onto Roko but next to him, and not all the way. Her Mate had taken a portion of her meal, restoring yet more of her spent essence, but the major share of Roko's soul remained, and given the hungry look on her face as she glanced back towards Alex it was likely that her Mate would feast upon both of them once the main event began. Roko, in turn, stared down at Alex with a great deal of lust but also a bit of trepidation, his still stone hard shaft standing proud and tall while he waited for her to mount him, his good leg propping itself up slightly while the damaged one seemed to be trying to sink itself into the blankets on which he lay to keep itself out of her way.

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            Alex never thought she'd find herself doing so, but as she released Roko to give Aes a turn she was soon comparing her technique against her Mate's. Aescila varied herself, no two sessions completely the same, and though Alex could have done something similar she decided to simply give Roko her best. Give the man something to look forward to as he found his former lover descending to give his cock the attention it so craved. Of course that didn't mean she let herself go stale. While she kept her mouth tight and her tongue looped around him she let that tongue slide in differed directions as his encase his length. Sometimes it would glide around his head before taking its grip and letting him feel as if he was sinking himself into twin sheathes. Others it would squirm and flick at his slit, the taste leaking from his tip drawing an appreciative hum from the dragoness before her tongue coiled around him to resume its work. Once she even captured him only to suck hard and pull back, her tongue dragging itself over every inch of his length before it was released only to find her lips doing the same until he eventually came free with a light pop.

            This all came to a head once Aes gave her next order. Alex needed no further encouragement, and as she descended her tongue led the way. It ran down the underside of his entire length, and just like that Roko simply couldn't take anymore. He exploded, and Alex finally had her first true taste of him. His seed was potent, the masculine flavor practically brimming with life, and with the especially large bursts he was making it was quite clear that he hadn't had the chance to unwind in quite some time. It soon left Alex feeling flooded, and though she swallowed what she could he still wasn't quite done. For a moment it looked like she may even pull back to give herself the chance to breathe, but instead the dragoness turned toward the angel and silently asked her if she wished to take over for a moment. If so then Alex would time her exit in that fleeting moment between bursts before any of Roko could be wasted, and if not then Alex would simply continue as she had, her throat swallowing more and more of his load until Roko had finally spend himself and came to his rest.

            That just proved to be the opening Aes was looking for. Once it clear that Roko was finished Alex soon found her mouth occupied with her lover's tongue, and after a short squeak of surprise the two women simply melted against each other and shared whatever respective bounties they held. It left seed swapping mouths and frothing as tongues darted back and forth and wrestled with each other, and as they parted and that slimy string hung between them Alex darted forward once more to catch that string wipe it from her Mate's cheek and neck before their attention turned back toward the man they'd been sharing. He was utterly enthralled with the ladies before him, but as soon as Aes noticed him flagging she struck. A burst of magic had him surging to life once more, and though Roko questioned it he was far too caught in his own lust to worry about the answer she gave him. Not when she let her hand slap and palm Alex's exposed ass, and not when she climbed higher and came to a rest well within his arm's reach. Most people would have been thoroughly distracted by the sight of that hellishly divine beauty rising to greet them, but with Aes moving to the side instead of atop him that left his prick standing proud and tall right before the dragoness. It was a call to get to something even more exciting, and as Aes gave Alex that look the woman understood that Aes was giving her the time to have Roko all to herself.

            Alex dove right in. Her mouth descended once more to consume his member, but after just the one pass to make him thoroughly clean the started to rise. She let her body drag against every inch of him, her breasts pillowing around his rod and dragging ever higher, and with every inch she climbed she would leave an occasional kiss designed to excite him before she ended with her body plastered against his and her mound resting against the underside of his length. From there the two would engage in an actual kiss, her mouth welcoming his with a low moan as her hips started slowly grinding back and forth. Her moaning started to grow more insistent with every pass, and her hips started to glide with more of a flair, but even then she consciously took the time to make sure his injured leg was left untouched save for only the lightest of brushes. It simply wouldn't do to have him flinching in pain, not when they were so close.

            And not when Alex pulled herself back to straddle his waist. Her entire body rose with the motion, her hips soon lining themselves with his cock as it was allowed to climb to its full height, and with a well-practiced flourish the dragon took him into her depths and slowly let herself descend. Her body groaned in pleasure as inch after inch filled her, and once she finally came to a rest she moaned as she found herself perfectly filled as if his cock was made especially for her. It struck her deepest depths and nestled against her core, and though she never truly appreciated it in the past the way his veins pulsed against her flesh left her feeling like he was striking every inch of her at once. It felt even better as she rose, his prick pulling at her flesh even as she slid over him, and just before he pulled free she let herself sink once more until he was lightly throbbing against her core once again.

            Once she felt comfortable that she could do so without hurting him Alex fell into a relaxed tempo, and with every descent she let out a light gasp that said she was enjoying herself at least as much as he was. Her hips would rise and fall, her groans growing louder by the second, and as she fell she added a small flourish that would have them grinding against each other until Alex simply couldn't hold back any longer. Her pace grew a little more frantic, her hips starting to gently slap against his, but even then she made sure his leg was tucked safely away to prevent her from striking it. She needed to because soon enough not even that would bother her anymore. She was starting to reach that point where she wanted to feel him driving into her, to feel his prick pound into her sex, and in only a matter of moments she was soon bouncing herself on top of his cock while her entire body rocked with her efforts. It would be a sight to behold for him, to find her furiously bucking atop him while her breasts bounced and begged for attention. If his hands weren't occupied with those they would find her ass rippling with each thrust, the flesh practically pulsating under his grip as she nearly writhed atop him, and in nearly no time at all he would find her shuddering to a near stop as her breath caught and left here heaving as a small climax struck.

            But that wouldn't be enough. Alex felt him explode into her mouth, and now she wanted to feel that at her core. Roko would recognize that need in her eyes as she looked down at him, and whether she continued to simply ride him to completion or collapse forward and fully embrace him far more intimately then she just had she wouldn't stop. Not until she felt his length throbbing for release, and not before she felt his warmth flooding her depths and leaving her satisfied.
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              Every new trick of Alex's serpentine tongue left Roko groaning and shuddering in pleasure, and prompted the surrender of copious amounts of his thick, potent pre. While her Mate might be more teasing than aggressive, Alex herself delivered pure pleasure that left him all but paralyzed with it, in sharp contrast to their first time together. Every time her turn came around Alex left him throbbing, ready to pop at the slightest provocation, and eventually even Aescila's teasing and the worship of his swollen testes couldn't keep that oncoming peak at bay.

              Her Mate merrily accepted the invitation once that climactic release finally came and its volume proved too much for Alex to take all of, and with a bit of lucky timing on their shifting of places the demonic angel received only a light burst of Roko's seed onto her cheek before his pulsating rod vanished past her lips, engulfed such that the remaining deluge would land where she could taste it. For the remainder of Roko's release Aescila bobbed steadily over the first couple inches of his rod, prolonging his peak until every glob of virile seed that he was to give had finally been drawn from him. Her resulting mouthful wasn't quite as grand as Alex's, however, and that only led her to demand a more even share all the more enthusiastically when her lips came to meet Alex's. The duel of their tongues in the resulting pool of Roko's cum left much of it dribbling down their lips and ensured that the potent flavor dominated Alex's perceptions, and Aes was as enthusiastic in lapping up the remnants of their release from Alex's face as Alex was in claiming the remainder of the string that had once connected them.

              Eventually, however, their sloppy mixture of cleaning and make-out session was to come to an end, and with that the two could return their attention to the man who had provided such a feast and then watched them enjoy it with such pleasured awe. With Aescila clambering up onto the bed only to lie beside him, Alex was left to follow but in a more direct route that took her over her former lover's prone form. One last quick bob left her swallowing his length once more, cleansing Roko of the dregs of the release to which he had already been drawn and leaving the shaft that she was about to mount glistening only with Alex's saliva. Aescila purred happily as she watched the half-dragon climb up onto Roko's lap, while the man subject to her glorious ascent groaned and settled back into his bedding to watch and feel her as she crawled into place. His member stood long and hard, sliding smoothly between her cleavage and occasionally glancing across her belly, and then finally her thighs as she finally oriented herself into position to ride him.

              Roko's remaining hand came up, glancing across her side as Alex finally came to rest atop him. Her care to avoid his bad leg ensured that he never flinched in pain as she began to grind against him, allowing him to groan hungrily into their kiss as his tongue fearlessly made to resume exploring Alex's mouth despite how recently his member had occupied that space. He was as passionate as ever, and a bit less overwhelmed compared to how he'd been after Aes had first peeled away from him, and his tongue passionately intertwined itself with hers and rolled within the space between their mouths. Alex had gained a lot since last they'd been together, both in terms of practiced skill and in her body's natural talents, and that would allow her to claim dominance of their embrace if she so wished... But regardless, it was ultimately not the focus of her attentions for long.

              She felt him against her with every motion, moving in perfect sync with her. His hips rose against her grinding, pressing his burning hardness against her soft mound all the more intensely, but when finally her hips rose he let himself sink and shuddered slightly in readiness. The body once firm with muscle was now soft if not yet flabby, but the heat was undiminished and a measure of the strength that the half-dragon's body once knew was still there. Another little shift once her hips were raised high oriented her sex over his tip, the rod she had come to know long ago hard and ready, and then another easy motion left it burying deep into her. Still, even after taking members belonging to superhumans and shapeshifters that were far larger and thicker and possessed of inhuman shape that hit sweet spots she'd never realized existed, Roko just fit her perfectly. Inch after inch drove into her depths with her slow descent, his raised rim sliding across her sweet spots and sending fresh pleasure coursing up her spine, pleasure that reignited the need that Aes had inspired and then left unfulfilled until his tip finally pressed into her cervix with a kiss that felt as if it was meant to be.

              Feeling her sex descending upon his member left Roko groaning into Alex's mouth, the fingers gracing her side lightly squeezing as her warm tightness closed around him, and when she ascended in the first of many bucks he let out a second impassioned groan and leaned up, kissing her collar and neck. His hand drifted as Alex began to ride him, slowly palming down her side towards the portion of her that he - any many of her other partners - had always endeavored to physically appreciate; her rear. Roko cupped one of her ample cheeks as she ascended, letting his fingers sink lightly into the half-dragon's flesh, and as she slowly began to build her pace over the next few moments he kneaded and squeezed and palmed that perfect ass. As her pace built up to the point that her flesh began to shudder and shake, however, his hand drifted up again. The sight of her bosom shaking in front of him was too tempting a sight to pass up and offered a possible distraction that might keep her from riding him to a premature ejaculation, but his hand didn't make it there before her pace became too much for him to handle. Once there her pace built and built and built, until the flawless rear he had been toying with was rippling wildly every time her body came down to meet him, their joining producing the familiar applause of rapid, passionate mating.

              With the dragoness bouncing upon his lap, her soft folds stroking his shaft with vicelike tightness and velvet softness all at once, Roko could only grip her hip and hold on for dear life. Eventually he reared up enough to catch one of her breasts with his lips, shifting slightly to keep it contained as he sucked upon the tip and lashed against it with his tongue, his eyes closing and then opening again as the concentration of pleasure nearly made him burst. Alex in all her glory and might was a bit too much, it seemed, but he kept up gamely as Alex gave him the ride of his life. Aes was able to appreciate the sight more than Roko at that point, watching the dragon bounce and grind atop the cripple and offering a series of appreciative sighs and murmurs, though for once she kept her hands to herself. Alex could feel her lover feeding again, not only on Roko but on Alex herself, drawing portions of draconic and human essence alike into herself as the two progressed towards their inevitable completion.

              It all came to a head when Alex hit her minor peak, the first height of bliss only a brief resting point before the real pleasure but nonetheless prompting Roko to pull his mouth from her breast and let out a heavy groan. If she didn't start that brief orgasm by ensuring that he was buried to the hilt, Roko would see that she spent most of it utterly filled with a tightening of his hold on her hip and a single firm upward thrust, and that thrust was followed by a slow, grinding circular motion that left his shaft stirring her up inside from her outer lips to her deepest reaches, each motion ensuring that fresh nerves sang in absolute bliss as his shaft swirled and throbbed within her. The incessant milking of her inner walls during that lesser peak left his rob pulsing with the rapidity of their mutual need, a rechanneling of the pure pleasure that she was experiencing in reciprocative appreciation, and while he shifted below her Roko made sure that he remained fully hilted throughout her peak. As such, Alex felt it when his testes began to ascend toward his body, and when the heat of his oncoming release gathered at the base of his shaft.

              Roko was going to cum, soon, and given the need burning within her it was likely that he was going to release himself deep into the dragon's quivering sex. He knew all too well how much she'd enjoyed the feeling of being filled, such had been the reason behind starting to take husband's bane back when they had been doing this regularly, and even without that protection or knowledge of the concoction that Alex had taken earlier, instinct had taken over by this point. He wasn't going to pull out.

              But he also wasn't quite there yet. As her peak ended, Roko drew back only to slam back up into her, pressing a his tip against her inner gateway that provided it a firmer kiss and a sample of the liquid heat he was about to unleash into her. That thrust sent her rump jiggling anew, and it wasn't the last. His pace was slow, withdrawing at a snail's pace such that each felt the other dragging across every last portion of their sensitive flesh, but every stroke inwards was hard and fast and left her absolutely claimed. Unfortunately, while he might have liked to slam his way to completion, the spirit was willing but the body was weak. One useful leg and a lack of activity left his stamina flagging, and after a dozen strokes he collapsed below her after one last groaning thrust. That left him withdrawing until only the tip remained inside of her, his rod throbbing powerfully and his release primed to go off at any moment. Alex had only to claim it now, and thought it wouldn't be so easy to make him explode this time, it wouldn't take long at the pace at which she'd rode him earlier.

              Eventually, inevitably, he would issue only a single warning groan; "Ahh...A-aalex!" Whether that made her go harder or slower, all too soon the final pulses would come, and she would feel the familiar heat trailing into her. It rushed quickly, his balls emptying everything they could into a surge of liquid fire destined to flood Alex' deepest depths, and when finally his seed reached his tip it didn't stop; Roko exploded into her pussy, burst after burst of hot, thick, potent cream rushing into her depths, and as always he fitted to her so perfectly that when he came it burst directly into her womb. The half-dragon's core was flooded with his liquid heat, glob after glob of semen rife with sperm that surged into every corner of innermost sanctum and flooded her with pure satisfaction even as the countless cells contained within it went seeking relentlessly for one of the dragon's eggs in their bid to create life... Which, this time, they would succeed at. To an extent. The horde of fresh swimmers roiled within her with each ave of reinforcements, and soon came upon the draconic ovum that lay undiscovered and thus unclaimed by her Mate's earlier release. Within moments it was fully surrounded, and with mindless enthusiasm they dug at the cell wall of her egg like a legion of soldiers trying to pierce a dragon's scales, seeking to find or create the one weak point that would allow one of their number to slip inside and add his genes to her own. Whether in minutes or hours, one would ultimately succeed, but the potion that Alex had quaffed after Aescila's earlier threat had ensured that while she might be fertilized, no successful conception would properly take.

              That he couldn't impregnate her was of no concern to Roko, of course, and oblivious of what was occurring within a microscopic scale inside of her the man was left to pour as much of his baby batter into her inner sanctum as he could release. His release now was the equal of what Alex had tasted earlier, more than enough to flood her with pure blissful satisfaction and ensure that she hit her own proper release, ensuring in turn that Roko was milked for every last drop. He came with her for what felt like years, most of his release contained deep inside but strands of it starting to leak out around his pulsating shaft towards the final moments of their titanitc mutual peak. When finally they drifted down from their orgasms Alex was left with a bubble of fresh warmth resting inside of her, not quite fully filling her womb but coming close. Every motion left that sticky mass sloshing lightly inside of her, creating fresh bursts of the blissful knowledge that she'd just been filled, and Roko's eyes were shut tight while an expression of almost painful ecstasy twisted his face.

              Their audience had enjoyed the experience as well, albeit not as much as they likely had. Aes murmured and purred beside him, squirming in a mix of lust and appreciation and hunger. Alex's fire had dimmed anew, and Roko's essence was all but spent after she had drank upon their sexual energy, but she was a succubus; relentlessly hungry and only driven to further heights of lust every time she fed. The once-demon shifted closer, leaning in to brush her fingers down Alex's spine and kiss lightly upon the side of her neck. "Mmmm.... Thank you love~ You two together is a rare treat!" She purred softly before delivering another light kiss, her intrusion seamless and as harmless as such could be in the moments of intimate afterglow.

              "My turn?" The question was delivered in another purr, albeit one with just the barest note of command. What precisely she meant was open to Alex's interpretation, however; With two potential morsels before her, Aes could easily have meant either of them. And she knew it, leaving Alex to decide which option she might have preferred. Even so, her lover wasn't to leave her without a third option, as even before Alex could muster a retort she felt her Mate's magic rise again. The dark power swirled and descended upon Roko, who grunted in surprise as it struck again, but this time as it surged into his body Alex felt something change. His rod stiffened anew, just as it had before, but now there was something different about it as it rested inside of her. She felt something change in the flow of essence between them, a channel being created not between him and Aes, but between him and Alex. "Or would you... Like to try a taste?" The question was playful, and this time the taste of the succubine was not simply pushed upon her in a moment of mindless lust, but offered openly with the possibility that the dragoness might understand and appreciate it.

              The first tastes of another's essence, besides the familiar merging of her own soul with Aescila's, was very unlike anything she'd felt before. A portion of Roko's very being was drawn into her as his rod pulsed with fresh life inside of her, his soul flooding her spirit with fresh strength that inspired a hunger for more. It wasn't as intense as the hunger that Aes had inflicted upon her back when they had enjoyed the faerie gang, but it was also ultimately more fulfilling in a purely existential manner; the portions of her that Aes had consumed could be restored, her fire made to surge, if only she drank of his essence. She could feel the "meat" of his spirit disintegrating, becoming pure energies on which she could feed freely to stoke her inner flame, but more importantly every portion of it that she drew upon left the very core of his soul more exposed. The vulnerability of that impossibly dense sphere of energy and emotion and things that could not be understood by a mortal mind brought a sharpness to the hunger, but it was still a desire that Alex could possibly resist if she so chose.... But would she?

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