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Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

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    Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

    Ruby's grip upon her winged foe grew harder and harder to maintain as it began to struggle more wildly. She felt it losing altitude gradually, but there would still be enough time--probably--to make it back to the ship. Willing her flames to spur the gargoyle towards the sinking Bane, she felt herself move in that direction a little more urgently, though the monster still wrenched its limbs in various ways to try and shake her off. By the time she had made it within a stone's throw of the vessel, she felt herself drop suddenly, as the creature suddenly looked to have lost some strength.

    Then, she spotted a familiar face in Verde, who had just finished using an oar to expertly bat a pair of mermen off of the edge. He turned to see Ruby in flight, and moved quickly, clambering up the rear mast and grabbing hold of a rope there. But the kunoichi felt her ride starting to falter, and thus she had to swing and leap for the edge. She felt herself snatched up just in time by the green-haired monk, who had managed to catch her while swinging from one of the boarding ropes. He swung around back to the deck, where the two landed on a rather lopsided surface. The ship was caving in at the center now, and the storm had only grown more violent. A flash of lightning and a low rumble shook her surroundings.

    At the same time, Noir's sentiments about the situation could be felt. These portals were hardly predictable as to what opened and closed them, and at what rates--and even then, the main one was likely underwater, far from any feasible reach of the group. Their only hope was to escape somehow, but that looked less and less likely with each passing moment. The mermen and gargoyles dwindled in number somewhat thanks in part to the pirates' efforts, but escape would be impossible while the immense, tentacled horror still lived.

    Ruby could see Noir in the distance, upon another broken part of the ship, which just separated from hers with a creak. The pale woman stopped for a moment, turned to look at her, and then looked down towards the surface of the water. The Fire Lotus suddenly felt a warm embrace from her Mistress, as if she were right next to her, even though it was Verde holding onto her as they both began sliding down the sinking deck. The vampire quickly dodged a strike from one of the huge tendrils, then began to run down along its side before disappearing into the water in a black blur and a small splash.

    At that point, Ruby felt what her domme was feeling. Suddenly, it was as if her five senses had expanded to include several extras. The vibration of things living, to various degrees, could be felt in her bones. One sound proved to be the loudest. A pulse... no, a heartbeat, echoed from deeper within the sea, closer to the source of all the tentacles. It had to be stopped if there was any chance of escaping this disaster. She felt Noir sinking her claws into the tentacle she was on, drawing herself down deeper, closer to the source. There, she would have to find a way to make it stop. The connection they shared grew weaker for some reason. Was Noir's own consciousness somehow fading? It was hard to tell. All Ruby knew was that her domme had hardened her resolve, and was sinking deeper into the ocean for her sake.

    By the time their connection had faded, the Fire Lotus heard the words; "Find me."

    It was then that Verde grabbed her and swam furiously towards one of the remaining boats, upon which three Talean sailors could be seen trying to fend off a foursome of mermen.
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      Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

      Ruby threw herself from the gargoyle at the last possible moment, outstretching her hand as far as she could. Verde caught her and swung her onto the mast. Her heart was racing now, as snippets of Noir's emotions and understanding were funneling through to her.

      She sensed Noir's motivation, and though she was pained by it, she couldn't argue with Noir's solution. The vampire was going down into the heart of the beast, to where the Fire Lotus could not follow. Ruby felt herself choking up. Worried now that Noir was doing something suicidal - for her.

      Verde pulled her away, diving into the cold water with her, and the kunoichi's tears were lost in the salty sea. Everything was happening so quickly, but survival instinct kicked in, and Ruby swam as fast as she could toward the boat with the Talean sailors on it.

      As she swam, she felt Noir's connection fading. Ruby's emotions became erratic - anger at possibly losing the vampiress, fear of never seeing her again, sadness at being without that warmth of the connection between them.

      "Mistress! Noir! Noirrrr!!" She screamed as she broke the surface, just as the connection went blank for the first time since Noir had instilled it within her. What had seemed a lifetime ago.

      She pulled herself up onto the boat, taking out her sword and hacking at the poisonous fishmen that tried to bar her way or to capsize it. She could only hope Noir had succeeded at whatever had been her goal. Otherwise she imagined she would be joining the vampire again in death.


        Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

        The chaos and confusion of the conflict proved uncaring, callous, numb even, to Ruby's emotions about the situation. She was left with only a lingering warmth from Noir's last message, one whose intensity she may never feel in full again. The assassin had no time to indulge in this, however, as she was immediately pulled onto a tiny boat that rocked upon the increasingly animated waves generated by the ever growing squall.

        One of those next to her was the cabin boy, more a man now in several ways, but trying his hardest to fend off the fishmen. He had hacked through the side of one, only to find another simply shoving him off the side. Ruby succeeded in stabbing one of the hideous creatures through the eye, and another through the midsection, but in her less-than-serene mental state, also incurred a gash along her ribs. Her and Verde, along with the remaining two seamen, managed to fight off their aquatic attackers, but it was hard to know how much longer the dinghy would stay afloat. Frantically, they took up oars and began to row away from the scene.

        It wouldn't last. Suddenly, a massive bump could be felt underneath the boat, and Ruby soon sensed her--and everyone else around her--gaining altitude. One of the tentacles had lifted it, perhaps unintentionally as the various tendrils in the distance began to flail more wildly. It quickly capsized the dinghy, throwing Verde, Ruby and the Taleans headlong into the ocean. The Fire Lotus felt herself immersed in the chilly waters, and if she bothered to open her eyes and look below, she would see a terrifying sight--that of an unfathomably massive core from which the tentacles sprouted, obscured somewhat by its own plethora of limbs. This was what Noir was looking to somehow defeat?

        Ruby felt something grab her ankle. She would look down to find one of the fish men, staring at her with its blank, perhaps unchangeable expression, before turning away with her in tow and looking to drag her further into the depths. Now, this monster was in its element, with an undeniable advantage. It would take no small effort on her part to try to pull herself closer to it so that she could stab it repeatedly in the gills and eyes, and she would find it to only let go once she had delivered nearly a dozen good thrusts. When she looked up, the Fire Lotus would find an incredibly long distance upwards, the background still flitting with the shadows of these mermen. She would start regardless, pushing her body to its limit, but some odd weakness from her side began to take hold, giving her a crippling cramp. The poison was starting to take effect.

        She felt the blackness claim her peripheral vision, closing around her in a tunnel as she made her way back to the surface. Ruby never got to feel the relief of taking a deep breath of air before losing her sight and her consciousness. The only thing she did feel was something else grabbing her wrist and pulling her somewhere...


        The woman slowly came to, feeling a gentle breeze upon her cheek. The sounds of the ocean could be heard all about, but they were a tame, rhythmic rush now, as opposed to the furious noises that accompanied storms. Opening her eyes, she woke up in a bed of white sand, a blanket of water still licking at her feet. It was oddly peaceful, with only the water, the soft wind, and the occasional singing of birds keeping her company. Furthermore... she didn't know why she was here. Or who she was, exactly. Gone was the perpetually warm feeling from her back. She only remembered the words, "Find me," a mantra seemingly burned into her mind. The rest probably wasn't important. If it was, then she had surely failed to recall.

        She looked down at herself, slightly rolled in glistening sand. Pert breasts, with pierced nipples, and similar adornments upon her navel and her more sensitive parts down below. Moving her tongue around in her mouth would inform her of a piercing there as well. She was wearing a fishnet bodysuit, which advertised the features of her body to herself and to others. A slight bulge could be felt within her belly, and her stomach growled at her as if to tell her something. Hunger.

        The woman saw a colorful blue, orange and red bird pecking at a round, hard object near the top of a nearby tree, whose green strands waved in the wind. These creatures, she could at least recognize for the most part. A blue-shelled creature, with eight armored legs, two claws, and beady black eyes scuttled sideways, not far from where she was.

        Only a stone's throw away, she would see a collection of plants densely packed together, but there appeared to be a path of sorts carved directly through the middle. Peering through there, she could spot a glimpse of a field of blue and purple...
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          Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

          The girl woke up on the beach. Her eyes were blurry, but she felt the warm sand on her skin, and the salt of seawater on her parched lips. She had washed up on the shore, but the sun had dried her. Why she was here, or who she was, were mysteries to her.

          She sat up, first regarding her surroundings, and then herself. Her strange and alluring outfit, and the shameless piercings - what could these clues tell her about herself? Either she was something of an exhibitionist, or someone had made her into one against her will. She thought about her natural response to the outfit and the piercings... but she was just numb to them. They did not offend her, but neither could she be certain that she really liked them. There was something missing. Something she felt would make all of this worthwhile, but now that it was absent, she did not so much care for the seductive gear.

          "Find me," she said aloud. That was the only clear message in her mind. The only thing she was certain of.

          "Someone wants me to find them."

          She took a deep breath and then crawled along the sand, then pushed herself up to her feet. She would need to wash herself off, so she strolled through the shoreline and splashed her body to remove the sand. Then she approached the small path through the bushes, her stomach growling and leading her to the field of blue and purple. Perhaps there was something to eat there. And maybe others. Someone who could tell her who she was or where she was.


            Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

            While bathing in the ocean, she would feel an aching pain along the side of her ribs. There was a gash there, and though it had largely healed by now, the ache remained, such that she couldn't move too dramatically on that side. In addition, there were some traces of purple around it for some reason.

            A distant roar, somewhere amongst the waves, reminded the woman of something before she reached the trail, triggering a small clip in her mind--that of a violent, stormy night at sea, with the vaguely familiar rumble of thunder, along with the flash of lightning, forming a steady backdrop. The sound of cracking wood and the yells of men could be heard, but that was all that the woman saw before her vision snapped back to the present. The current surroundings proved quite serene and peaceful in contrast.

            Padding her way through the trail, she eventually came upon a closer look at the field of purple and blue. It was a lagoon, a relatively shallow one at that given that some of the tan-skinned individuals wading waist-deep through it, even closer to the center. Scattered upon the surface of the water were various flowers, of different shades of purple, each flanked by round green leaf pads. This flower, she knew the name of. ‘Lotus’.

            A few people seemed to be lounging about here. One, two, three, four… seven in total. Five she could identify as men, two were women--that much she also recognized by their physical differences. Two of the men, who were dressed in tattered clothing, looked up at her, and she felt their eyes upon her body. Perhaps the alluring nature of her outfit had done enough to gain their attention? However, she would see one of them return to pursuing something further down in the lagoon, one of the lotuses. After grabbing hold of it, he took a savage bite into the flower itself, chewing and swallowing with an observable, ravenous hunger. Only moments later, a vacant smile grew upon his face. He seemed quite satisfied by this odd meal.

            Closer to her, she would find one of the women, who had just plucked two of her own from the surface of the water, roots, leaves and all. This native was far less covered than the others, and yet astonishingly beautiful, hair jet-black like her own but with darker skin and a more full, curvy figure. She extended her hand, offering one of the flowers to the newcomer, perhaps so that she might eat like the rest of them. The woman spoke a few words, ones that the scantily-clad stranger could not quite comprehend at this point.
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              Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

              The girl in the mesh body suit walked further towards the lagoon, her memory failing her beyond the scenes of storm and cracking wood and men shouting. She must have been in a terrible storm. And she was washed up on a beach, so it stood to reason that it might have been a shipwreck. Well. That was something, she supposed.

              She was happy to see other people wading in the shallows. Great! Maybe these are fellow survivors? They could tell her who she is and what had happened and maybe do something about this nasty looking wound on her side. It didn't look good... probably infected. A practical side of her figured that after food, doing something about that was next highest on her priority list.

              She moved as steadily as she could to the edge of the water, and took the strange lotus in her hands with an appreciative nod to the pretty, dark skinned young woman.

              "Thank you." she said, smelling the flower first and then taking a nibble of its leaves. She was so hungry that she didn't mind the thought of eating flowers. Anything was good right now. She took one bite, and if it wasn't bad tasting, she would eat it quickly.

              "Mmh... it's good. I... I don't understand you. Do you speak my language?" she asked, uncertain really what to even call the language that she spoke.


                Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                A sweet, floral scent filled the survivor’s nose, and the taste that followed told her that it was every bit as delicious as it smelled. Her hunger urged her to continue, as it felt quite filling to the more obvious void within her. The woman would then try some words, ones that only succeeded in bringing a look of mild puzzlement to the native. The tanned one only responded with some gestures, ones that were easy enough to understand. Her hand repeatedly made a plucking motion from the flower held in her other palm, which then moved to her mouth, encouraging the newcomer to consume more of the mysterious plant. She soon followed suit. The paler of the two witnessed her newest friend take more pronounced bites of the lotus, and then a look of slight vacancy overtook the tan-skinned beauty afterwards.

                However, it wasn’t long before a similar effect would wash over her own senses. The woman felt her consciousness flickering. She also sensed the nagging ache in her side quickly fading… but, more notably, a strange, pleasurable feeling was spreading through her body, soon settling comfortably in her erogenous zones. She felt a wetness building from between her thighs, and the urge to touch herself there soon grew overpowering. But before she could, the sounds and sights around her began to shift. No longer was she standing about next to a blue lagoon, outside, on some sunny desert island. Rather, she found herself indoors in a dim room, lit only by the faint moonlight shining in through a nearby window. It was nighttime now.

                The woman could already hear the pleasured grunts and groans of another, mixed in with some of her own. She could feel herself rocking back and forth, up and down, and the warm body of another was felt beneath her. The wetness between her legs remained, and something hard could be felt sliding up into her at a rhythm, which matched the way that she herself was moving. She was straddling and riding this man, whose features were unfamiliar to her. Still a relative stranger, based on what her mind had told her. He was a stern, balding sort, with a hint of facial hair and features that she wouldn’t find immediately attractive, and yet here she was, engaged in no small degree of intimacy with him anyway. What was she doing here?

                As he bucked beneath her, thrusting what she knew to be his cock deeper into her, the man slid his hands up her sides, bringing them to rest on her pert breasts, which now lacked the piercings she previously seemed to have. Still, it didn’t take away from the apparent sensitivity of her hardened nipples, which tingled with pleasure as he began to roll them between his fingers.

                Ohhh… you’re so beautiful, Akako!” cried the stranger happily, a notable grin upon his face. It must’ve been her name--or at least, it was what she was going by in the here and now. It was certainly a pleasurable experience, physically, for her. She knew that if she kept riding him at such a pace, that she would soon reach a point that would make her feel even better. And yet something about it felt… off. Gone was her mesh suit, and the feel of soft silk could be felt sliding down her shoulders as her gown, what she knew to be a kimono, fell off her body completely in the act. Her hair, done up ornately, was held in place by a metal hairpin. She didn’t know exactly why, but inside the ornament was a poisoned needle--one that, if thrust into this man’s neck at one specific spot, would kill him. The woman only understood that she had to do this at some point tonight, because it was her task… her mission. Someone important had given her this task. Obviously, he was not the one she was to ‘find’.

                But just as she continued riding him, realizing this information, the man moved his grip back to her waist and began thrusting into her even harder and faster, making it more difficult to focus and concentrate. Akako wouldn’t be able to keep her own moans from escaping for long. She could feel her partner’s tool starting to throb and twitch deep inside of her.

                Ohhh… Akako! Aahh… hnngh! I-I’m getting close! Uwwoohhh… is it safe for you tonight? I-I’m cumming inside!

                She had only moments to scour her memory, as hard as it was, to make sense of these words. Then, she knew.
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                  Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                  The girl ate the lotus flower and felt relief flood her senses. That first tentative bite swiftly gave way to another and another until the lotus was gone. She looked at the tanned girl, and nodded at her instruction. The paler, pierced girl picked up another lotus and ate it hungrily as well, feeling the wave of pleasure washing over her and warming her body.

                  With a slight moan, she moved over to the shore and lay on her side, her hands straying to her sensitive areas. The piercings there served to set them alight with subtle charges of pleasure. Quickly, her senses began to shift, and before she could consciously begin to touch herself and seek sexual gratification, she fell into a fugue dream - a memory it soon appeared to be.

                  She was having sex with a man. She was different. Younger. Unpierced. And... her name! Akako. So that was her name...

                  The man she was sleeping with did not seem like a lover she would have chosen for herself, but his cock felt good inside of her, and she was quite certain that he was not forcing himself upon her. She was riding him, and allowing him to grab her and thrust up into her. She was soon going to cum, if this pace continued.

                  She then perceived the memory of the sharp hairpin. And the knowledge of how to use it. Was she...? Could it be possible? Yes, it seemed right. She was going to murder this man. She didn't know why, but she knew suddenly how this would end, and it did not appall her like she felt it would do to others. To normal people.

                  She remembered her hand going to the metal implement of death and pull it free as the man started to ride her hard. His hands clenching her waist and his question as to the safety of her moon cycle - he was going to cum inside her, perhaps threatening to impregnate her. That couldn't be allowed. She sensed that.

                  In the next instant she loosened the metal hairpin, letting her longer hair spill down in the pale moonlight. Then with a quick motion she stabbed him in the side of the neck, while her other hand clamped down over his mouth and nose. His eyes went wide and his strength sapped quickly away. His thrusts stopped, as she unseated herself from him. Her breathing was still heavy, her body yearning for release, but she had to master herself, she remembered.

                  She withdrew the hairpin and let the man's lifeblood spill out. His eyes went glassy and then stopped moving. Akako cleaned her hairpin and stowed it. Then she adjusted her kimono. She turned away from her victim and muttered to herself, feeling a sense of longing for relief. A relief that had to be denied.

                  So... I am Akako. And I am an assassin. Or at least... I was, she thought to herself.


                    Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                    With each passing moment Akako could feel the man's pulse quickening and his breath growing shallow. He gazed upon her with adoring eyes, and though she couldn't quite return the sentiment, she could tell that her services were bringing him great pleasure... happiness, even; something that she had been trained to recognize in others, even if she couldn't yet remember a feeling of her own that might have fit the description.

                    And happy he would die. The man clutched her by the hips, picking up his pace and causing the assassin's own levels of sexual bliss to spike rapidly. However, she had kept her mind in focus despite the ever distracting feelings welling up inside her, triggered ever further by the continuous pounding of her pleasure buttons deep within by this man's tool. She couldn't afford to lose herself to this--she had a job to do, a mission to execute.

                    And so she did, jabbing her poisoned needle into his neck, where she knew his carotid artery to be, and doing her best to keep him silent by placing her other hand over his lower face. The man's eyes widened, and at that point the assassin slipped herself off of him, allowing him to struggle, albeit weakly. As he breathed his last, Akako saw her victim's member twitch and expel a single rope of thick, white liquid... what he had intended on planting inside of her. It would serve as a reminder of the peak she could experience, but had no choice but to refrain from. She could feel the burning need still lingering within her body as she collected her weapon and wiped it clean. Times like these, she knew, was when a man was most vulnerable.

                    She left the man a lifeless corpse in the center of the room, looking about. The two of them had done their coupling upon a soft futon, while the floors all about were otherwise made from straw tatami mats. It was otherwise a pristine and well-kept chamber, with a series of tiny windows along one side, through which she could see the night sky. One sliding door, made from a wood frame and rice paper, led out to what she might guess to be a patio on one end, while another similarly constructed entrance was spotted to her right, just a dozen feet away.

                    It was that door that suddenly opened. A man, one younger and far more capable looking than Akako's victim, barged in with an alarmed look upon his face. He was dressed in robes that she recognized to be the standard fashion for those not only in the household, or the town, but the kingdom. "An assassin... I should have known!" he yelled, drawing his sword, a slightly curved blade that gleamed in the moonlight. "Guards!"

                    She could hear a series of footsteps thundering from various directions, though she couldn't see them quite yet. Akako had never alarmed others like this before with her swift and silent work. Were they expecting as much? Either way, being naked and largely unarmed, with only her hairpin needle as weapon, she had to think and move quickly.
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                      Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                      Akako observed herself in the dream state, half within herself and half above, simply watching. Armed with only a poisoned hairpin against heavily armed guards, she had done the only sensible thing. She had started running.

                      The paper walls proved no obstacle as she burst through them, looking to find an egress to the outside, out onto the rooftops. In her hand she had grabbed her kimono, so that she might be able to slip it on again at some point, or use it to perhaps disarm or choke a guard in a tight spot.

                      Adrenaline was surging through the young assassin's body. Why had the guards known to investigate mere moments after her target's death? He had not been able to scream out. Had the guards been already watching? Akako felt her dream self coming to the conclusion that there had been a set up. Was it a test or a complete betrayal? She hadn't known for sure at that point. The only thing that mattered was escape. There'd be no mercy for her if she were caught now.

                      The girl ran for her life, trying to escape the jaws of the trap lain for her.


                        Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                        Akako bolted towards the patio door and crashed through it, finding herself upon a long, wide patio. This lead to a courtyard, surrounded on all sides by the building itself, with some thoughtfully placed small trees, rocks, and a reflecting pond in the center. As the series of footsteps hinted, there were already multiple footmen, about eight of them, spilling out from nearby entrances. But that was the least of her concerns.

                        Immediately she heard one set of the footsteps pounding rapidly from her left, and she saw a rather large man already upon her, charging her with a polearm of sorts.

                        The assassin instinctively shifted to the side, but found herself caught upon the waist anyway--upon taking a closer look, he wielded not a spear, but a sasumata--a long Y-shaped weapon topped with a steel 'catcher' claw, which in itself wasn't bladed, but thick, wide and difficult to escape from. Part of its length, closer to the head, was covered in metal spikes, which she knew was meant to keep people from grabbing it. These weapons were meant to be non-lethal, mainly for apprehension rather than for killing, but this one in particular was quite heavy, enough to cause some damage, and also proved to be a suitable weapon for this unbelievably quick giant of a man.

                        As her lithe frame wasn't the heaviest of objects, she suddenly felt herself sliding to the right, along the length of the wooden patio floor. An enraged face was plastered upon her newest assailant, his neck veins bulging as he grit his teeth and drove her along. "Grrrraaaahhh!" She would have to act quickly to move the sasumata's head from around her waist, or to stop this man's charge somehow, as he was pushing her towards one of the walls, likely to pin her there. And while such a wall was likely more sturdy than the rice paper latticed doors, it could even fail to hold her in with the degree of momentum on the hulking bodyguard's side.
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                          Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                          In the dream vision, Akako grimaced as she was caught and driven backwards in the grip of the sasumata. Her feet slid against the wooden panels, and the incredibly muscular guard was going to easily out muscle her. She had to stop him from pushing her to the wall, or she'd be pinned without any hope of escape. Her hand went to the hairpin once more and with desperation and a combination of luck and skill flung the pin down to the floor with all of her strength, puncturing the guard's foot and pinning it to the floor. The guard didn't feel the effect at first, but as his hulking momentum carried him forward, the pin twisted and tore away at the tendons and bones in his foot. With a howl he tumbled forward and sprawled across the wooden floor, leaving Akako with enough time to slow her backwards momentum.

                          Hiking up her silk kimono back into her hands, she ran across the courtyard, under the rays of the moon, and padded across the rock and miniature tree garden. She ran to the entrance at the opposite side of the compound and slid the door open. If the way forward wasn't cut off by guards, she'd run through it, trying to recall the layout of the building from when she had originally entered it.
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                            Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                            In a desperate attempt to slow the fate of being pinned against the wall, Akako flung the needle portion of her hairpin directly onto the floor, aiming at the man’s foot. It went into him so cleanly that it was initially hard to tell if she had really succeeded at all, but the telltale ‘thuk’ of the sharp end told the assassin that she had at least managed to stick it to the floor.

                            That was enough to cause him to grunt, trip and stumble, falling forward and crashing into the wooden beamed patio chin-first. The steel decorations on the other end kept the weapon from sliding through his foot completely, but the man’s sheer size eventually pulled the sharp, hollow tip from the wood. It had been bent and was now stuck in his foot--that would certainly keep him from chasing her.

                            The way that his giant weapon hit the deck, leaving a visible dent, told her of how heavy it really was. It must have been nearly half her total body weight, and wouldn’t be usable by someone of her size. It didn’t matter--she had to keep on moving. The man had given her less than a meter of space between herself and the wall, and Akako would keep herself away from that by hurrying into the courtyard itself and making a straight line for the most obvious exit. She soon remembered that this was the long way through the compound, but seeing as the other doors were blocked, she’d have to go straight regardless. There was no time for hesitation.

                            Already she could hear the angry yells of guards closing in from her flanks and behind her. She was already outnumbered--this was bad. When she slid open the door, she’d find a single individual waiting for her. It was a man, perhaps only a few years ahead of her in age, dressed in a loose yukata and apparently unarmed. His pale skin was unusual for someone in this region, she knew, but something about him proved utterly familiar, even if she didn't know his face. Upon looking at them, Akako knew that it was his eyes, an outstanding red color that almost seemed to glow in the relative darkness. It was hard not to be captivated by the mere sight of them…

                            So you’ve found me. Or should I say, I’ve found you?
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                              Re: Harmony and the Void (BlueSlime) GMed by Takimaru

                              "Oh?" Akako said, squaring her shoulders and swiveling her eyes side to side to see what other exits, if any, screamed out to her as possibilities for escape.

                              "And who exactly has found me? I'm not here on a social call," she said, fixing her eyes on him and glaring at the man defiantly. She strode towards him, watching for his reaction. She had to keep moving, she thought to herself. Perhaps if she ducked aside from him, slipped under his arms and rolled to the other side, she could bypass the man and continue to flee straight past him.

                              She got the feeling from his bearing and his eyes that he was a powerful warrior. She didn't want to confront him like this, but nor did she want to show fear. She shouldn't fear death. She was death. Hadn't she been taught that? If only she could remember where.