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The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

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    The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

    Rhea took a good look around at her immediate surroundings. Stone brick walls stretched out into the distance in several directions, making for a rather impressive collection of corridors, with lanterns placed every few paces to give the hallways a constant yet dim source of light. Such structures certainly weren't cheap to build nor maintain. But here they were, in working order, and even rather well-kept--for a dungeon, anyway.

    It was the woman's first time visiting the Labyrinth, an underground network run by Elynsor's most notorious and influential criminal organization, the Redclaw Syndicate. Here, captives were said to be interrogated and broken down, and of those that survived, slaves were made of them. They were then to be peddled and sold to the highest bidder, or sometimes put up for temporary use to anyone with coin to pay. Experiments of various sorts were sometimes run on the less fortunate subjects. But Rhea hadn't entered the perilous dungeon as a prisoner. Here, she came in as a member of the Syndicate itself.

    The exact nature of the everyday activities held within the Labyrinth depended on the division, of which there were five primary sections each claiming a piece of territory; the Priesthood, Military, Inquisition, Arcane, and Rogues Divisions. Rhea, a former street child, belonged to the last of the five. But it wasn't such a luxurious position, despite her new place in the Syndicate and her lack of shackles or a collar. The Rogues' Division was considered the lowest of those within the Redclaws, assigned to common thug work such as thievery, kidnapping, murder, trafficking and intimidation.

    The vast majority of its members were like Rhea, unsavory street folk who served as the Syndicate's eyes and ears in the realm of commoners and especially within the slums of Elynsor. If there was word on the street to be heard of, illegal drugs to be sold, or people to rough up, those in the Rogues' Division were called on first.

    But even within the division there were countless recruits joining daily, and the gang Rhea belonged in, the Thorns, was the newest addition to the ever-growing fold. Some divisions were said to homogenize their members in rank and even mind upon entry, but organization in the Rogues' Division was much looser. Gangs who entered as a group were allowed to keep their names and identities, so long as they answered and reported to the primary leader of the division, a rogue known as Xanrud, when summoned by him. Even then, his leadership style was at times said to be rather loose.

    Rhea and her cohorts had arrived to the Labyrinth to do just that. She trailed just behind the leader of her crew, a large and intimidating man by the name of Valtes. While perhaps not the prettiest one in the group, he had solid features and a sturdier build. Towering over Rhea at well over six feet, with no space for muscle wasted upon his large bones, the hulk of a man helped in making the girl thief feel safe, if anything. On occasion, she had been the target of a lustful gaze or two from many a thug, even her own gang members not long after her initial induction to the fold, but Valtes' companionship and apparent favoritism towards her ensured that such looks would soon be pointed elsewhere, as his authority was largely unchallenged within the group. Naturally, that had its own price, but it was one Rhea would be glad to pay given the crude nature of many street folk.

    But now they were amongst all too many of the type in the Rogues' Division. The Thorns walked into a large, wide-open room at the end of the hall. Like an infirmary of sorts, it was lined with numerous beds... and there was little room for any sort of privacy. In addition, the furnishings provided were small and filthy. To make matters worse, half of them were already occupied, the mattresses sat upon by familiar faces. The Scarmarked, a rival gang whose previous encounters with the Thorns all too often ended in violence, were there, lounging about without a care in the world. The expressions upon their ritualistically scarred faces were not as sour or angry as those in the Thorns, but rather gleeful and mocking, as if they had just gotten the upper hand on something.

    And perhaps they had. A dark-skinned man with long, unruly reddish hair and a black patch concealing one of his eyes stood to the far end of the room. He wore a long coat, sporting a sword at his side. Not that he needed it, as he was flanked by two muscular bodyguards; one was a thug with blue hair, the other, with red locks, mostly shaved off save for a fashionable strip down the middle of his head. Even Rhea knew this man to be Xanrud, whose name was feared throughout the underworld. He was mingling with one of the Thorns' worst enemies, the Scarmarked, out in the open, and could only grin as he turned an eye to the newcomers.

    "I've been told we have quarters here," declared Valtes in a booming voice. Despite the presence of his apparent superior, he was not to be cowed. A massive man such as himself wasn't used to bowing his head to others... even one such as Xanrud.

    "Hah, yeah. You're lookin' at em," pronounced the one named Xanrud. "I saved the last spot just for you guys. Play well with your new roomies, won't ya? Bedspace around here don't come easy..." He turned his good eye to Rhea. "I'm sure a few guys 'round here won't mind sharing."

    Some of the Scarmarked began to hoot and holler after the statement.

    "Ooh, our old friends. And they brought that girly pet of theirs, too! Hah! So glad you brought us a gift!"

    "Yeah baby, come cozy up with me. I even made room for you on the bottom."

    Lewd comments made by random fools on the street were one thing, but it was another when the possibility of sharing a room to sleep with them was all too high. But Rhea's safety wasn't the only concern; most of the Thorns looked all too irritated to even be in the same room with their hated rivals.

    "We won't be sharing a room with the likes of them," said Valtes with a low growl. "Get us another quarters, or we'll flush them out."

    "Yeah, no. Can't have that," responded Xanrud. "Ya know that good ol' Red here is one of 'em, right?" He motioned to his bodyguard on the left, who bore one of the facial tattoos typical of a Scarmarked member. "Needless to say, you're the newbies, while these guys have been around for a little while. Actually, yer kinda lucky to even get a spot here. But if ya plan on having any real place here in the Labyrinth, I guess you'll just have to learn to get along, then... heh," replied Xanrud with a chuckle. "Don't tell me it's the broad you're worried about? We got plenty more where she came from if you want a nice warm hole to put it in."

    "It's far more than that," pronounced Valtes, his frown growing more defined. "The Scarmarked have spilt our blood, and we theirs. This isn't a feud that will go away overnight. It is bad enough to think that we would work alongside them in any matter."

    "Heh, please... like I don't know a thing about gang wars. Let me tell ya somethin', brawny. Maybe you got it easy in your district of the slums, but here in the Syndicate, you'd better be ready to make friends with some enemies... and make some enemies out of friends. Otherwise, I don't see ya lastin' too long. Even if you are the feared leader of the Thorns," explained the leader of the Rogues' Division with a shrug. "As for the beds... take 'em or leave 'em. I just thought I'd do somethin' nice for ya guys fer once. But if ya don't want 'em, I'll just give 'em to someone else."

    "Do that," said Valtes. "We'll find another place."

    "Good luck with that," replied Xanrud, snickering. "Damn, I always knew this division was the most fun to lead... heh."

    At Valtes' direction, the Thorns would take their leave, right past Xanrud and the Scarmarked thugs, continuing down an unoccupied hallway.

    "Can't believe we're even in the same organization as those pricks now," uttered Sammon, a shorter and thinner member of the Thorns. Like Rhea, he was originally a pickpocket of sorts, having joined the gang by sheer circumstance.

    "Maybe we can find a way to fuck them over," suggested Penadin, former second-in-command of the Thorns--that is, until Rhea informally took his place. It was one of the rare cases where being a woman might have worked out in her favor, as the thief's feminine charm hadn't gone unnoticed by Valtes himself.

    Though, depending on her mood, it might not be all a plus. Valtes' frustration over recent events slowly grew more and more visible upon his visage as they walked along. Grabbing Rhea by the wrist, he whispered in her ear through gritted teeth. "I need you to help me relieve some stress," urged the leader before pulling her away from the chattering group and towards a nearby room. He was... direct, as always, but rarely had he been this sudden about it.
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    Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

    Rhea's fists clenched at her side, nearly hard enough to draw blood where her nails dug into her palms, while they were introduced to their new "roommates". As if this place wasn't bad enough already, the Scarmarked? She couldn't help but wonder if this Xanrud was screwing with them intentionally. She wasn't in any position to complain, though, not with the leader of their entire division right in front of them. She'd endured worse jeers before, and though this situation was another thing altogether considering the proposed sleeping arrangements, and even Xanrud's remark at her expense, she could endure this too.

    Perhaps the others didn't feel quite as intimated as she did—Valtes certainly didn't show it if he did—but Rhea felt a lot like she'd walked right into a wolves' den. She'd known what kind of organization the Redclaw Syndicate was, but that knowledge hadn't prepared her for actually seeing it herself. It hadn't even come close, and she was feeling far more vulnerable than she ever had since first joining the Thorns. She wasn't some helpless damsel, but she also knew full well when she was outmatched, and that without the protection offered by the rest of her gang, she'd end up just like the girls she'd seen on the way down here. She hadn't missed how few of them weren't shackled or collared.

    Valtes had rescued her from such a fate once before, but now she was worried she'd followed him into something far worse. The rest of them didn't have nearly as much to fear, it seemed, and this was a great opportunity for them to become something big. An opportunity they'd never have had otherwise. Sure, they did well enough for themselves, but they were nothing compared to these people. Those girls though... they weren't too different from her, they just didn't have the same sort of protection. She thought she'd even recognized one of them, but it was hard to say. Truthfully, she preferred not to think too hard about it. To her, survival had always been most important, everything else was secondary. If she had to look the other way, even help them do the same to others, then that's what she'd do. She didn't like it, she didn't like anything about this situation, but this was what was in the Thorns' best interests, and she wasn't about to leave them. She wasn't about to let herself be alone again, not after she'd finally found somewhere she could feel safe As safe as she could, anyway, considering where they were now. Still, she felt infinitely safer here, at Valtes' side, even in this place, than she would have alone again outside.

    "I'm not saying we don't get back at them," Rhea finally spoke up, once they'd left the room and a few of the guys started talking what to do about the Scarmarked. She was glad Valtes had said what he did, she was far from comfortable sleeping anywhere near those freaks. Hell, she'd sleep in the hallway over the room with them. It wasn't as if she hadn't slept in worse conditions, and plenty of times at that. At least she wan't in danger of getting rained on here, underground. She finally let herself relax as they walked, unconsciously drifting closer to Valtes and finally allowing her hands to unclench, revealing the red marks left on the flesh of her palms by her nails, "But we shouldn't be hasty. They deserve it, but they've obviously got friends here, we don't."

    Maybe she was being overly cautious. Caution had saved her life before, but she felt like she was speaking more out of fear than anything else. This place was getting to her. When Valtes grabbed her wrist and whispered to her, she didn't care that his grip was perhaps a little too rough, or how sudden he was being about it.

    "Are you sure this is a good time?" She asked, though her tone made it obvious that it was a half-hearted protest. She had never had any sort of feelings for Valtes, she merely went along with his wishes because it was in her best interests not to fight it... but in this case, it was just the sort of diversion she needed. Something to take her mind off of this place, and just how precariously balanced she felt here, "Not much in the way of privacy around here, but it'll have to do."


      Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

      "I'm sure," Valtes shot back firmly, practically interrupting her as he yanked her into the room and forcefully slammed the door shut behind them. The two wound up in a storage room of sorts, with numerous barrels and crates sitting to one side of the room. Perhaps not the ideal place to fuck, given that the softest thing there was a pile of sacks used to store grain, but it would have to do. The leader of the Thorns' libido was not something that could really be made to wait, Rhea had discovered, and it certainly wouldn't put itself on hold for her now, especially in light of rather frustrating events. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he pushed her up against a bare wall rather violently, causing a nearby shelf to rattle, as if to remind her of the strength discrepancy between them.

      While the initial shock might have been jarring to most other partners, it could also be quite arousing if the woman had even a single submissive bone in her body that she thought to give into... and perhaps it would be in her best interests, as well. After all, Valtes could do anything to Rhea if he wanted to, take from her what pleased him most, and there would be little she could do to stop him. But it was better him than practically anyone else in the Labyrinth, at least right now. She was already familiar with his touch upon her body, and she would soon be reminded of what such sensations felt like as he did just that, tactlessly pushing a large hand onto her chest and employing it to fondle her breasts eagerly. His other hand slid down her abdomen to find her crotch, then rubbed at the more sensitive areas beneath until the desired damp spot formed and soaked through her panties. Finesse was not a large part of Valtes' skillset, Rhea learned, and his prowess when it came to foreplay was mediocre at best. Still, the circumstances were enough to make this rather spontaneous encounter at least mildly pleasurable...

      And if there was anything that Valtes excelled at, it was what would soon follow after the initial bout of teasing. Rhea wouldn't need much more than a few clumsy rubs from her dom's large fingers to get her ready, and the stimulation upon her breasts was a motion mainly made for his satisfaction rather than hers; a way to toy with her body however he pleased. But while her pussy ached for a deeper, more primal degree of satisfaction, for something to fill it completely in the way that perhaps only Valtes could, Rhea wasn't to be taken. As much as she might have wanted it at the time, she wouldn't get it, not just yet. She had a task in front of her, and she would be notified of as much when the towering brute placed a heavy palm upon her right shoulder and pushed down, causing her knees to buckle and ultimately forcing her onto them. The noticeable bulge at Valtes' crotch would tell Rhea exactly what she had to do. When she freed his member from its fabric confines, she was reminded of just how large he was--even when only half-erect.

      His massive cock twitched, beckoning her to restore it to its full glory so that it could please her in turn. Rhea had never claimed a lover with the sheer size of Valtes before, in both girth and length, and while it was an intimidating prospect at first, she had grown both familiar with and accustomed to its shape and length. The gang leader allowed his favorite underling to work her magic on him as she pleased, and Rhea was given a moment of freedom to use her oral faculties to the best of her abilities. Getting him to full hardness while earning a groan or two out of the man wasn't the most difficult of matters. What was challenging, however, was putting up with his tendency to 'grab the reins', so to speak... and soon enough, he did just that, clutching the back of Rhea's head with both hands and forcing his manhood in between her soft lips if she hadn't chosen to engulf him already. But the female rogue knew that her mouth wasn't enough to contain her man's entire length. She'd need to relax her throat to take him in completely.

      But when she did, she would be rewarded with a deep, audible sigh of approval from her hulking protector. With her having given in to him like this, he would take the initiative once more and began to thrust his hips at her face, fucking her throat deeply, forcefully, with a very instinctive, primal force driving his actions. Occasionally, Valtes' brisk, powerful thrusts would cause Rhea to gag. But the escalating grunts and sighs from her partner would remind her that the reflexive action only helped in making the experience a most pleasurable one for him--and this was a good thing, of course.

      "Uuhhh... ohhhh... uuurrrggghh!" Valtes groaned, tilting his head upwards as his large balls slapped rhythmically against Rhea's dribbling chin. She was being overpowered, dominated, used as a tool for this man's pleasure... but if she cared to admit as much, it wasn't so bad, certainly not when laid next to the alternatives in a place like this. As this wasn't the first time he had used her in such a rough manner, it was a feeling that she had come to expect.

      However, Valtes' pace didn't slow in the slightest. Rhea could already taste the slightly salty flavor of her dom's precum upon her tongue, and yet he hadn't stopped humping her face with an alarming sense of urgency. No doubt, he intended to finish using her mouth, and all the woman could do was brace herself for the leader's inevitable climax. The choking and gagging noises that she emitted more frequently by that point wouldn't be enough to stop him. This was for Valtes, not for her, and she would simply have to endure it...

      "Hahh... hahh... HNNNNN! HNNNNNN! UUUUHHHHHH!"

      Finally, the tightened, vice-like grip upon her head notified her that he had reached his peak. Hot, thick bursts of his seed spewed directly down Rhea's throat, giving her little choice but to swallow her superior's gift, but her recurring gag reflex finally forced the slick, rounded head of his cock out into her mouth proper. That wouldn't stop Valtes from cumming, however, and he spilled the rest of his load onto the girl's tongue and then some, filling her mouth with his massive donation. Excess semen dribbled from the corners of Rhea's lips, and she could spit or swallow the salty pool in her mouth as she chose under her dom's lustful gaze.

      As he pulled out rather unceremoniously, the last few ropes of his first expelled load of the day laid themselves onto Rhea's cheek and lips, giving her a bit of a mess. But it wasn't her that needed cleaning. Valtes' half-erect member lingered in front of her face, waiting to be serviced even after the fact.

      "Clean me," he ordered. It wasn't hard to figure out why he was the leader of the Thorns. In addition to being the biggest and strongest of the bunch, he was also the most resolute, the most insistent upon his way. That in itself made his commands somewhat difficult to ignore, unless the subject in question had a strong will of their own with which to rival his.

      Whether Rhea chose to do so half-heartedly or with all sincerity, her efforts would do well to get Valtes' member to stand at attention once more. Apparently, the issue with the Scarmarked had produced more than just a little frustration on his end, and satisfaction didn't seem likely until he had gone all the way with her. It was just as well for the much smaller rogue, as she was still dripping wet, with her body still nagging at her for a fuller, deeper sense of pleasure. It looked as though she would get what she wanted soon enough.

      "Hahh... rrghh. Still pissed. Time for you to get yours," said the man, his eyes locked on Rhea's own. He would probably take her however he wanted, but she could subtly influence the first position by situating herself however she preferred. Plus, she knew that being verbally submissive towards her dom was encouraging in terms of getting him to go real wild on her, and so she could say a few words during the momentary pause in order to spur him on...
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        Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

        "Ah! You don't need to be so rough!" Rhea gave only a token protest as Valtes grabbed her by the shoulders, barely managing to shift her arms to cushion the impact slightly as he forced her up against the wall with enough force to cause the shelves to rattle. They'd ended up in some sort of storage room by the looks of it, not the most comfortable of environments, but at least it was more private than she was expecting. She'd long since quashed most of her sense of modesty, living amongst a group of so many men as she did, and the idea of simply having her body seen didn't bother her as much as it might have in the past, but she was still quite embarrassed by the idea of being seen doing something like this.

        She had gotten used to Valtes' rough treatment by now, though it had been painful at first, and still was at times. She'd never quite gotten used to the feeling of being manhandled like this, or the feeling of having her freedom stripped away as he held her. There was simply too much of a difference in size and strength between them, it was easy to feel completely powerless in his hands. That was simply how he was, though, and she couldn't expect him to change it for her sake. Truthfully, she might even admit that she was starting to enjoy the feeling, at least a little. Sometimes it was good to simply surrender everything, and she knew that Valtes was someone she could trust, at least, despite his occasionally brutish behaviour.

        Rhea winced slightly, biting her lip as he squeezed her breast hard enough to send a brief jolt of pain through her chest, but she endured his rough ministrations without protest. He'd never been the most skilled at this, and perhaps simply didn't care to learn, but it had the desired effect regardless. I was in part simply the anticipation, but her arousal quickly showed as he somewhat clumsily stroked her through her panties. Her own arms remained at her sides, bracing herself against the wall and simply letting him do what he pleased to her. This would be over soon enough, she knew, he'd never been much for foreplay.

        Anticipating what was to come next, Rhea gave a slight yelp of surprise as one of his large hands again settled on her shoulder, before pushing her down with enough strength to force her knees to buckle before she realized his intent, and allowed herself to be pushed down to her knees in front of him. The large bulge now mere inches from her face only hinted at the size of his member, though she already knew it full well. Her hands instinctively rose as he freed it, already a considerable size despite only being half-erect, beginning to stroke him near the base as she shifted her posture in preparation. He didn't have to say anything, she knew full well what it was he wanted.

        Her tongue joined her hands in their work a few moments later, head bobbing slightly as it ran up and down his length, lightly flicking the tip as she passed over it, and quickly working him up to a full erection. She paused a moment, simply taking in the sight of the massive manhood in front of her, before her lips settled on the tip, slowly working to take the impressive girth further inside her mouth. She'd been quite intimidated the first time she'd seen it. She'd only been with a few men before Valtes, but never for long, and none had even come close to his sheer size. Fortunately, she'd had time to learn since then, and while taking him like this was never easy, she had enough experience to do it.

        It seemed that his frustration had made him a little more impatient than usual, though, and no sooner had she got the rounded tip past her lips, his hands gripped the back of her head, forcing himself all the way to her throat in one quick thrust. She had to fight against her gag reflex, not having been prepared for so quick or rough an entrance, but it didn't seem he was going to give her the chance to compose herself again, his next thrust forcing her to try to relax her throat as he pushed his entire length inside of her mouth, balls slapping against her chin.

        It was all she could do to try not to gag as he continued pistoning himself in and out of her mouth, though she was only somewhat successful at it. She found herself struggling to catch her breath around his rapid thrusts, her entire body seeming to rock with the force of each one, her hands having moved to his legs to better brace herself. She did what she could to continue pleasuring him, her tongue moving along the underside of his cock in what limited fashion it could with her mouth filled so much as it was, but there was little she could do now besides serve as an object for his pleasure, however he wished to take it.

        The salty taste of his precum continued to spread across her tongue each time he pulled back, before burying himself in her throat again, balls rhythmically slapping against her chin. She could only let out a muffled cry as he finally hilted himself again, even more forcefully than he had previously. This time he remained there, and Rhea felt him unload his hot seed directly into her throat, until she began to gag, unable to breathe with him buried so deep, and he finally pulled back, emptying the rest of his load inside her mouth.

        The sheer volume surprised her, considering how much he'd already released, and some began to dribble from the corners of her mouth. Finally pulling out entirely, a final few ropes painted her lips and cheeks white, and Rhea collapsed on the ground, gulping down what she could, though more of his seed dribbled from the sides her her mouth and splattered on the floor beneath her as she panted, desperately trying to catch her breath. That was something she'd still never gotten used to, keeping something so thick in her throat for so long. It wasn't even entirely uncomfortable, but the sensation of her body fighting back against her to try to force it out was jarring.

        At Valtes' command though, she forced herself back up to her knees, quickly putting her tongue to work despite her shortness of breath. She began by simply working her tongue along his length, lapping up the cum still clinging to it, before taking it into her mouth once more to suck what remained from the head. Truthfully, she didn't really mind this part. She didn't dislike the taste, as she knew some did, and it was one of the few times that she was the one to take the initiative, even if it was at Valtes' command. She had no illusions about her place in their relationship, and who was in control, but she took the small victories where she could, degrading as the act itself could be.

        When she had finished, and Valtes voiced his intent to continue, Rhea simply gave a slight nod, almost imperceptible considering their relative positions, but remained on her knees. She could attempt to take charge, but she was still recovering from his rather brutal ravaging of her throat, and all of this was to allow him to vent his frustrations to begin with. She would simply wait for his command—or for him to simply physically position her how he wished, as he was wont to do—and allow him to take what he wanted from her. This was a defence mechanism in its own way, as this wasn't the first time she'd dealt with him like this. Best to simply let him have his way with her, as he'd know best what he needed to work out his frustrations.

        "Y-yes... Where do you want me?" She asked simply, looking up to meet his eyes, her voice still a little shaky. She'd mostly recovered now, and that was likely as much as she was going to get. She didn't expect Valtes to wait much longer before he got started, and she'd quickly have much... bigger things to be concerned about.
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          Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

          Rhea's obedience and relative eagerness to please made the experience that much smoother not only for Valtes himself, but for her as well. It hadn't always been this easy; her initial encounters with the ruffian were decidedly more awkward, with her not nearly having been as accustomed to his specific preferences up until now. If anything, it was a sign that she was getting used to him in this way, even if there weren't necessarily any romantic feelings from her end. Besides, such sentiments were hardly a prerequisite for passable sexual chemistry... something the two of them apparently shared to some degree.

          And while Valtes had expected his subordinate to clean him up properly after the fact, making her compliance hardly a surprise, it was still quite pleasing for the man to actually see her do it. But as satisfying as it was to bear witness to Rhea's display of submissiveness, impressive as it was, the spectacle in itself wasn't nearly enough to curb the ruffian's lust. He was going to have his way with her, whether she liked it or not.

          "Up. Against the wall," came his simple command, and if she couldn't gather the strength to lift herself up in time, Valtes would grab her under the arms and force her to stand. Luckily, the female rogue wouldn't need to do so for long, as her master shoved her back against the wall, giving her something to brace herself upon. Then, the tan-skinned rogue hastily grabbed her panties at the waistband before tugging them off forcefully. He followed suit with her bottoms, her jacket, and whatever else was in the way for the most part, recklessly pulling any which way to remove them, so that he might have access to the majority of the places on her body that he enjoyed touching most.

          Perhaps it was by sheer coincidence that he didn't tear the garments right off of her, as Valtes' actions were noticeably hastier by this point, his immediate need to be inside of her growing more evident with each passing moment. His heavy, audible breaths added to the proof of his desire. When Rhea finally felt the cool air of the storage room against her exposed nethers, she would soon feel her dom's meaty hand clutching her inner thigh and raising her leg... then the other, lifting her up off of the ground completely. Pressing Rhea's naked back firmly against the cool stone wall of the chamber, Valtes gazed into her eyes with a look full of need. A need that he would sate soon enough, and she knew it. Already she could feel the massive, rounded tip of her partner's cock sliding about upon her slick petals as the man tried to work himself into the best angle for penetration.

          Rhea's small stature meant that she was naturally a rather tight fit for Valtes' girth and length, a difference that in spite of the initial difficulty it tended to make, also produced a most pleasurable point for the both of them. As he eased his hips up into hers, he let loose an honest groan of bliss, feeling the petite thief's cunny wrap tightly around his tool. On Rhea's end, she would feel every bit of her leader's length move upwards into her, inch by inch, his impressive girth filling her wonderfully and touching down upon every sensitive spot along the way. What once had hurt during their first encounters was now an undeniable source of sexual pleasure for her, and when the very tip of Valtes' rod kissed the entrance to Rhea's womb, she knew that the fun was just about to begin.

          This was what her dom was good at. Not at words, not at finesse, but at raw physicality, at directness. If there was ever a need for Rhea to have a strong, virile male dominate her and claim her as the vessel for his seed, then Valtes was perfect for the role. Unable to resist the temptation to start thrusting away at the helpless rogue, he proceeded to do just that, sending ripples of pleasure up and down Rhea's spine as he took her over and over again. The hulking brute pressed her legs all the way back against her shoulders so that he could hit her as deeply as possible with each stroke. Not that he really needed to, given his impressive length, but the position did well to keep her right where he wanted. The lewd slap of his hips against hers echoed throughout the room, and it was most likely audible even by those waiting in the hallway.

          But Valtes was practically immune to embarrassment or sensitivity over such matters, and whether or not the others could hear the passionate session taking place had no bearing on his performance. He continued to pound Rhea's tight little pussy like a wild animal, panting in her ear all the while. The sheer force of his thrusts caused her breasts to bounce up and down with the rhythm that he had set. The Thorns' informal second-in-command had little choice but to take the fucking as best she could, finding her movement largely restricted by Valtes' large frame pinning hers against the side of the room. But the position had also lent itself to a bit of friction between Rhea's bare back and the wall. It was difficult to tell whether Valtes had noticed her eventual grimaces from such an arrangement or done this on a whim, but he soon eased off just slightly, cupping her shapely rump so as to keep her properly impaled on his cock, and kept her suspended up and off of the ground completely, standing all the while. While this might have been an impressive feat for a smaller man, it really wasn't surprising given the existing size difference between the two. Here, her legs were lowered and allowed to wrap around the man's waist if she so chose.

          It would be in Rhea's best interests to wrap her arms around his neck at that point, and no small amount of effort was required for her to hang on tightly, as Valtes wasted no time in continuing on, threatening to overwhelm her with a barrage of blissful sensations thanks to the rapid upward thrusting of his hips. An even more difficult task would be for her to stay quiet throughout the duration of the position, as Valtes' rod pressed more firmly against the very end of Rhea's tunnel each time he hilted himself. Not that she needed to, as the girl knew full well that her cries were effective enough in motivating her massive lover to give it to her with renewed zeal. And if she allowed for more than just an occasional whimper or word to escape, he would do exactly that. It was hard to say how long the two of them were joined in such an embrace, but it wasn't the kind of feeling that needed to end too soon, anyway.

          Yet for as energetic as the gang leader proved to be in the stand and carry position, he wasn't to finish there. Eventually, he slowed to a stop, making for a lull that was almost agonizingly long given the constant waves of bliss that Rhea had grown accustomed to receiving over the past half hour or so.

          Luckily, he wasn't one to stand around, and directed the girl to face the door and bend over. She would no doubt have to mentally prepare herself, as Valtes was known to prove his prodigious strength when thrusting from behind. But if there was ever a part of her that enjoyed being taken in the roughest way possible, this would no doubt be her favorite part. The muscular thug placed his hands on Rhea's shoulders before sliding them down along her arms and ultimately grabbing her wrists, pulling them back towards him as he slid his member into her sopping cunny once more. Only the girl's feet touched the floor at this point. Her master went straight back to relieving his stress, now slamming her as if he truly sought to breed her.

          While this was a favorite position of some men Rhea had known in the sexual sense, nobody could make it feel quite as amazing as Valtes could. His steel-like grip upon her wrists was inescapable, guaranteeing that he could finish inside of her if she so chose despite the girl's best efforts. Power was his forte, and perhaps it always would be. Now it was simply impossible to stay quiet, as the pace of his forceful strokes hit a consistent top speed of sorts, which was just what Rhea needed to orgasm. If she begged him not to stop, he wouldn't... but he wasn't about to anyway, simply because it was one of his favorite positions by which to exert authority upon someone. Rhea's breasts swung back and forth from the brisk pounding, woefully unattended for the time being, but the building pleasure deep in her core made up for it.

          She could feel him throbbing, twitching inside her, threatening to erupt deep inside at any moment...

          Suddenly, the door in front of her clicked and swung open, revealing the unassuming face of Sammon, her fellow gang member. A wonderful time to interrupt, no doubt.

          "Hey, I was just going to ask if--... U-Uh, right, I f-forgot! I'll just..." He couldn't help but to gawk a little at the sight, pausing to stare a little longer than he should.
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            Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

            Rhea struggled to her feet at Valtes' command, though apparently not quickly enough for him, as she found herself lifted and shoved back against the wall for the second time. She merely shifted her body and limbs slightly as needed to make it easier for him to remove her clothes, as he seemed to want to do it himself—if he wanted her to take her clothes off herself, he'd have just told her to do it—and she didn't want anything getting torn. This place was bad enough as it was, she didn't need to be walking around half-naked because her clothes got torn up.

            He evidently wasn't going to wait long before getting started, as he lifted her legs up from under her, pushing her back against the wall for support and wasting no time in lining himself up. It wasn't just him that needed this, though her own desires were perhaps less pronounced. She winced slightly as he began to push into her, his impressive girth spreading her almost painfully, but she'd become accustomed to it by now. It had been difficult at first, and she'd been nearly convinced he was going to split her in half with it, but once she'd gotten past that initial hurdle, it had begun to feel much more pleasurable than she'd expected it to.

            The difference in size between the two of them was considerable, with Rhea's small frame and lithe build compared to Valtes' massive, muscular bulk. The two of them walking or standing together normally could be almost a comical sight, and in this situation, being held off the ground by nothing but his hands on her legs and the wall behind her, his impressively muscled chest pushing ever closer to her as he eased himself into her, threatening to crush her against the wall, she couldn't help but feel even smaller.

            An involuntary moan slipped past her lips as he finally pushed all the way inside of her, his tip pressing against the entrance to her womb, a sense of complete fullness she had begun to savour over their time together. She braced herself as best she could against the wall, knowing full well what was coming next. Valtes didn't disappoint, proving once again that while he lacked the finesse of a skilled lover, he could make up for it in sheer physical prowess. Her entire body rocked as he began to thrust, pressing into the wall even harder as he pushed her legs up until they rested against her shoulders, trapping her in a position where she could barely make even the smallest of voluntary movements, trapped between the vice-like grip of his hands, the solid wall, and his pistoning cock. Each motion sent waves of pleasure outwards from her core, his girth rubbing against every sensitive spot inside of her with each thrust.

            She tried to hold in her voice, even though Valtes himself had never seemed to care how loud he was. The wooden door was the only thing separating them from the hallway, which was bound to at least get occasional traffic, and the sounds were bound to carry. While she'd gotten over most of her embarrassment over sex as a matter of necessity, she still didn't like being seen by anyone but Valtes in the act. Her efforts ultimately proved unsuccessful though, moans beginning to slip out even as she tried to muffle them, clenching her teeth and pressing her lips together.

            Thankfully, Valtes seemed to notice the discomfort that constantly rubbing against the wall had begun to cause, even though she hadn't dared to voice a complaint. She nearly lost her balance as he suddenly pulled her away from the wall, her only warning when he shifted his grip from her legs to her rear, taking two handfuls of her round cheeks and seemingly supporting her entire weight in that position without even straining slightly. She quickly threw herself forward, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself closer, until her breasts were pressed firmly against his own chest. A few moments later, her legs followed, wrapping themselves around him for leverage as she began to move her hips back against his, now in a better position to do so.

            That was the final straw, and the dam holding back her voice broke. She gave a choked cry from one particularly strong thrust, and from there devolved into panting and moaning in rhythm with his thrusts. This only seemed to spur him on further though, and she found herself nearly bouncing with the force of each thrust. She quickly lost track of just how long they'd been going at it like this, pushing her so close to the edge, but not quite over it. It only ended when Valtes decided to switch positions once again, lowering her to her feet again, and turning her so she was facing away, ass raised high in the air in front of him. Her knees wobbled slightly, threatening to give out having to support her weight again, until she managed to brace herself with her hands again.

            Part of her craved what she knew was coming next, knowing she'd finally find her release, even as she prepared herself for what she knew was going to be the most rough and brutal yet. She was even denied the support of her arms before long, and Valtes' strong hands settled first on her shoulders, then shifted to her wrists as he pulled her arms back, using them to pull her back against himself as he thrust into her once more, nearly sending her over the edge with just his entry. There was something about this position, both in the physical sense and the feeling of being so completely at his mercy, with her arms held in a grip like iron, which led to the feeling of pleasure becoming nearly overwhelming. Rhea quickly found herself building up to a climax. She began to rock her hips against him even more forcefully, finally sending herself over the edge, though Valtes didn't stop, or even slow as she clenched around him, her own movements slowing nearly to a stop as she lost herself in the throes of ecstasy. She hung almost limply in his grip as he continued to thrust into her mercilessly, not giving her even a moment to recover and pushing her ever closer to a second orgasm.

            She could feel him getting close too, twitching inside of her. Unfortunately, an interruption chose that moment to present itself, her head shooting up as the door to the room opened. A dozen scenarios ran through her head at once, mostly involving random thugs wandering in, thinking someone was fucking one of the slaves and wanting a turn... Fortunately, if even more embarrassing for Rhea, it turned out to just be Sammon, one of her fellow Thorns, who somehow managed to look even more flustered than she felt.

            Rhea averted her eyes, turning her head to the side and biting her lip to stifle her cries, but otherwise made no move to even acknowledge the unwitting voyeur, hoping Valtes wouldn't stop. She was so close again, even her embarrassment over being seen like this wasn't enough to discourage her. At this point she wasn't even sure she'd care if they had an entire audience, she just didn't want him to stop.
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              Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

              Wisely, Rhea averted her gaze to the side upon seeing her cohort, if only to have something to look at other than Sammon's dumbfounded expression while she sped towards yet another orgasm thanks to the consistent, powerful hammering of her backside. Not that imagery mattered all that much right now, as the sensations bombarding other parts of her body were far too strong to ignore. The wet slapping sound of her somewhat spontaneous union with Valtes reached a telltale rhythm of the intense climax that was to come. Her more active attempts to push back against the one penetrating her made it that much better, but it was difficult to tell with how fiercely he pistoned in and out of her dripping cunny.

              Luckily for her, the momentary interruption provided by her fellow gang member ultimately did little to deter her overpowering dom from continuing to give her the pounding of a lifetime, as Valtes simply wasn't going to ignore the ever-growing urge to release his potent load deep inside of the moaning thief. If anything, it seemed to encourage him, and he began to fuck her as hard as the position would allow him to... normally an uncomfortable moment for anyone else, but just what the girl needed at this time. Rhea only required a tiny push at that point to send her over the edge once again into a most blissful orgasm, and this was more of a powerful shove that sent her right over into a state that would make her world spin and shudder.

              Before she knew it, Rhea was cumming yet again, the gush of her feminine juices only helping to facilitate the process by adding an overflow of lubrication. The rhythmic contractions of her pussy around Valtes' cock made the man release an escalating groan, and she knew right then that he was going to seed her in response to her body's involuntary attempts to coax the contents of his swinging balls right out of him. Rhea could feel his grip upon her limbs tighten just a tiny notch, and that combined with his cries of pleasure was enough to let her know that he had no intentions of pulling out of her to finish. She belonged to him, after all, and was subject to his whims... including this one.

              "Uuuuhhh.... ohhhhh! OHHHHHH! HNNNNNN! HNNNNNGGHHH!"

              It was hard to tell if the hot slap of Valtes' semen against her inner walls had triggered yet another orgasm from Rhea or merely extended the one she was experiencing the whole time... but all she knew was this: it felt good. Real good. Unbelievably good. To retain control over her own arms and legs would have been quite a feat at this point, as they were effectively bound by Valtes as he bred her like the survival of the Thorns depended on it.

              The overwhelming pleasure from being filled with the brute's thick spunk made it easy to forget that Sammon was even there, until his face reminded Rhea of the slight distraction he represented. He had seen everything now; her naked body, covered in sweat and being claimed in the lewdest of ways...

              "I-I'll just ask l-later," he stuttered, the youth's face going red before he shut the door, triggering a wave of muffled chuckles from behind it.

              But it was easy enough for Rhea to forget the awkward moment, as Valtes was far from done, it seemed. He grunted, shifting himself just slightly before pressing into her yet again. Another spurt came, and still another after that, causing the pool of warmth in her womb to spread and a spasm or two within her to follow. A quick withdrawal halfway out and another thrust deep inside would cause Valtes' massive girth to throb once more before loosing three more shots, filling the girl's pussy to capacity and leaving her feeling warm and full deep inside. Yet another few pumps from her dom would cause the excess from her creampie to dribble from the point of their union and pitter-patter audibly onto the floor, forming a small puddle between where only the thief's tiptoes now touched the ground.

              While the result would undoubtedly lead to the mother of all cleanup jobs, Rhea had little choice but to take every drop of the essence that Valtes spilled inside of her. It was as if he was reminding her of what it meant to be the only woman in the Thorns, showing her the blissful assets she provided that the others couldn't quite match in the same way.

              And even after he had no more to give, Valtes made another bout of thrusts for good measure. It was an impressive amount to release, considering he had cum just minutes before, but on the other hand he was quite frustrated and they hadn't done it in a while...

              Then, with a final sigh of ecstasy, he was finished. The muscular thug first pulled out, prompting a few large globs of his gift to slide out from between the lady thief's swollen petals. He wrapped his arms around Rhea afterwards, as if claiming her to be his prized possession (and perhaps she was, in many ways). Valtes then turned her around, even going so far to steal a kiss. It was the first time he had done so, but the boss' stoic demeanor made it difficult to decipher what such an action might mean, considering their couplings were all too often more primal than romantic in nature. But his embrace lingered only for a second or two before fading, as he took a moment to catch his breath and regain his bearings from the mind-numbing orgasm.

              Cleanup was the primary concern after the fact. Rhea didn't even need to look down to know that she was dripping, as the warm, thick trickle of Valtes' seed dribbled down both of her inner thighs. Most likely she would continue to drip at least a little throughout the rest of the day, given that Valtes' length made it very easy for him to get loads directly into the girl's womb. Still, wiping the globs of cum out of her was a good start to prevent a degree of avoidable mess in the future. Valtes was not one to clean her up despite being the one who made the messes, although she was often expected to do as much for him, naturally.

              And after she did, he would simply pull his pants back up, while Rhea had to fish about for her garments that were thrown off in the heat of the moment. Luckily, none of them were damaged.

              When the two finally emerged from the storage room, which was now heavy with the smell of sex, it looked as though the female rogue's cries of pleasure left a few of the men at least partially affected.

              "I guess some of the guys want to hit up the Chambers," said Hoven, one of the Thorns whose natural good looks allowed him to be a most shameless womanizer. He wouldn't dare mention what the others were probably thinking; that Valtes got to have all the fun while the others were left to their own devices in order to relieve their carnal desires.
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                Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                Fortunately, it seemed that their audience had done nothing deter Valtes, his pace not slowing in the slightest. He continued to pound into her relentlessly, pushing her ever closer to her limit. He was close too, she could feel it in his movements, in the way he twitched inside of her each time their hips met, the tip of his cock pressing against the entrance to her womb with each thrust, as if trying to force its way even further. She was mostly successful in managing to block out Sammon's presence entirely, as the boy was still just standing there gaping like an idiot, eliminating everything but herself and Valtes from her awareness.

                Her voice finally slipped out again, the first time she'd made more than a muffled whimper since Sammon had opened the door, as Valtes pushed her over the edge yet again. If she had the clarity of mind to worry about it, her embarrassment at the lewd moan she let out would have been even worse than being seen this way in the first place, but she was long past the point of caring. Her own climax seemed to send him over the edge as well, her body's attempts at milking him of his seed succeeding soon after. His grip on her wrists tightened, not enough to be truly painful, but serving to emphasize just how powerless she was here, her freedom limited to what Valtes allowed her. There was no way for her to pull away even if she wanted to, Valtes wanted to seed her, and that was exactly what he was going to do. She was his to do with as he wished, after all, his iron grip on her only reinforcing this fact.

                Still in throes of her most recent orgasm as Valtes thrust into her deepest points again, another wave of pleasure washed over her as she received his first shot, feeling like he unloaded it directly into her womb. She shuddered as he continued, going limp in his arms yet again as the sensation of being filled so completely by his hot seed mixed with the residual effects of her own orgasm, though his grip ensured she barely shifted, held upright almost solely by his grip on her arms. Sammon finally took this as his cue to leave, stammering something Rhea wasn't quite able to process, accompanied by voices outside suggesting he hadn't come alone. Luckily he seemed to have been the only one to see her like this, but the rest could probably make a good guess at her current state based on the noises that surely carried to them.

                Valtes wasn't done either, continuing to thrust into her even after he was spent, and the sheer amount he had let out surprised her, considering just how much she'd already swallowed not long before. Finally he pulled out, his seed almost immediately beginning to dribble out of her and down her thighs, as he pulled her up against him, wrapping his arms around her. It was an odd sort of embrace, not like a hug between lovers, but perhaps more like one holding a valued possession. An apt description of their relationship, perhaps. Surprisingly, he turned her to face him before leaning in to kiss her, something she couldn't remember him ever doing before. Their relationship had always been more... primal, than that, never wasting time on the gentler aspects of lovemaking.

                Valtes remained as frustratingly stoic as ever even then though, leaving Rhea with no clue as to the intent behind the action. She rocked backwards when he finally released her, struggling to balance on legs that felt like jelly. Her entire body ached, hitting her all at once now that she had come down from her orgasm, but it was a familiar ache. She'd be a bit stiff for a while, but it would pass. For now, she needed to get herself cleaned up and dressed, not as simply a task as it sounded, considering the sheer volume he'd released inside of her.

                Retrieving the cleanest-looking cloth she could see along the shelves, she first cleaned the remnants of the initial blowjob from her face, though it had already begun to dry. She was pretty sure he'd gotten a bit in her hair too, and while she did what she could, that wasn't going to come out fully until she could bathe properly. Hopefully it wasn't too noticeable. That done, she moved on to wiping down her thighs, then cleaning herself out as well as she good in a short time. Considering how deep Valtes always hit, and how much had been unloaded directly into her womb, she expected it would be a while before she would stop dripping... and she might have to look into finding some sort of contraceptive too. She was pretty sure today was safe, but recent events had thrown her off enough that she wasn't entirely sure any more, and it wouldn't hurt to be safe.

                She looked over the shelves as she gathered her clothes from where they'd been haphazardly thrown across the room, planning to grab one if she saw any, but not otherwise spending much time looking. Once she was dressed and mostly presentable, she followed Valtes out of the room, making it a point to keep her eyes focused straight forward—incidentally, low enough to avoid eye contact with most of the Thorns gathered outside. She didn't want to see how they were looking at her after what they'd doubtless heard. Hoven's comment didn't go unnoticed by her, but she held her tongue on the scathing remark she was sorely tempted to make.

                "And you had to interrupt us for that?" Rhea muttered bitterly, still refusing to meet anyone's eyes. She didn't like the very idea of that place, finding it all too easy to identify with the unfortunate women there. It was a grim reminder of what she could have become if not for Valtes' intervention, and what she was still at risk of becoming if she let her guard down. What was the alternative, though? She wouldn't be able to talk them out of it short of offering herself instead, which she certainly wasn't going to do. She was barely in control of her own life, after all, she didn't have the means or the motivation to try to save anyone else.


                  Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                  While Rhea didn't go out of her way to make direct eye contact with her fellow Thorns after the very audible session with Valtes, she could easily feel their gazes upon her. A few of the more polite men had the better idea to avoid doing so. But in the end it was a band of ruffians, and so most couldn't help but to look--and perhaps to wonder. What would the beautiful thief look like in the act, her visage twisted in pleasure, her frame jarred with each thrust? The visual aid to her erotic soundtrack was only known by Valtes himself... and now Sammon. But the latter didn't seem keen on sharing with everyone, for he was off at one end of the group and not fraternizing outwardly like some of the others were.

                  "Since you two had your fun, we figured maybe we'd get ours... for once," commented Penadin, proving to be the first ballsy enough to snark about the matter.

                  "And who's to say that you lot would deserve it?" boomed the alpha of the pack, causing the former second to keep clam and shrink away from the accusation of unworthiness. Penadin probably had a good rebuttal swimming around somewhere in that head of his--as he always did--but he would keep it from escaping into verbal form. He was an Academy dropout, after all, and while considered a failure amongst the mages, the crafty rogue may as well have been considered a genius amongst thugs. He had been the brains behind many of their successful heists as a group, but he still wasn't the one to best Valtes in any kind of direct confrontation.

                  The answer from Valtes seemed to drain the hope from the group's morale. The others had been looking forward to the visit to the Labyrinth, which would further solidify their status as bonafide Redclaws. And now, their beds had been taken by the Scarmarked, and their visit to the Chambers... vetoed by the leader himself? The frustration began to form on their faces.

                  But while Valtes was strict at times, he wasn't completely dense to the needs of his own men. He knew first-hand how much a good fuck could do to help one's stressed mind... as made evident by the romp with Rhea just moments ago. "Don't go deciding things for yourselves so fast," he reminded them. "But I've never seen these Chambers for myself, so I expect you to be coming with this time."

                  The Thorns' expressions lit up at this, as they recognize it to be Valtes' own way of approving the visit. And they were right. Without further fanfare, the group's strongest motioned with his chin for Rhea to follow him, and they made their way in the direction of the Chambers--one of the Syndicate's infamous dungeons known for the exchange of slaves... and the 'use' of them by interested customers. It was a crude, unsophisticated way of breaking many poor women in, or so the stories amongst the ranks went. Yet most commoners had no clue that such bogeyman stories were a reality. Somehow, it was perfect for the approach of the Rogues' Division; halfway in the shadows, and halfway out of them.

                  When they arrived, the group would find themselves in a long hallway, lined with several doors that were nearly all shut. Behind the few open ones were rooms that had clearly seen some use, either having beds with rumpled sheets or even some more obvious furnishings, like bondage tables or pillories. Muffled moans and grunts could be heard from beyond the barriers. Down the hall, at a junction some other Redclaw thugs were passing through. However, there were no women in immediate sight, much to the disappointment of Rhea's fellow thugs... that is, until they turned the corner.

                  A line of four men could be seen waiting outside of one passage, and a brief glimpse past the queue would show Rhea the Chambers' most talked about attraction. Within several 'stalls' were women, chained to the wall by wrist or ankle shackles to be held in place for repeated violation by eager customers. There was little screams or crying from this large room; merely muffled moans or whimpers from the attractions as their men released days and perhaps weeks worth of sexual frustration upon them. Perhaps the women were gagged... or they had already been broken in, having given in to the road of despair that awaited them as a living receptacle.

                  "There's the Stalls. Heard it's free for guys like us!"
                  One of the 'perks' of joining the organization, no doubt. Already some of the Thorns had split off from the group and looked to join the quickly growing line.

                  "This's what I've been waiting for! Sorry, Rhea, I'm sure there's something for you too 'round here somewhere. Heard they got boys or somesuch. Anyway, I'll be just a minute or two..."

                  The hulking leader nodded rather dismissively as a chunk of the gang boldly went to join those in the queue, despite Rhea's presence. It seemed as though many of them weren't against public use, especially when it was apparently the norm in a place like this... then again, weeks of pent-up frustration and having to hear two of their members go at it could do as much to a man. Valtes wasn't one to deny them such pleasures, however, and continued along with Rhea and a few others to look upon the other attractions. While an otherwise miserable place for those made to serve in it, it was fairly well-furnished for its patrons.

                  Not far from where they saw the Stalls and its unmistakable line, Rhea and Valtes came upon a couple of sorts, a master and his slave, with the latter upon a collar and chain leash, moving about on all fours. Though she was human, the movements of her shoulders and hips had been trained, conditioned over countless sessions no doubt, to work like that of an animal who had walked on four legs its entire life. But as skilled as her imitation was, Rhea couldn't help but notice the dirt upon her palms and knees. A look up would show the handsome yet cruel face of her owner, a richly dressed gentleman with jet-black hair and pale skin. With a brief tug of the collar, he proceeded on towards the other rooms. His pet swayed her rear end from side to side as she sauntered along, waving her 'tail' like a loyal dog might.

                  Further down, in a wider open area, stood a group of men in uniform and familiar armor--the garb of the Elynsorian military's footmen. Guards, perhaps? Though it was easy enough for all of the Thorns to make their way past them, one of the members couldn't help but to look towards Valtes and Rhea.

                  "Hey," uttered the man. "New arrival? How much for that one?" It was almost difficult to blame him, as Rhea was one of the only females she had seen in this section of the Labyrinth thus far who still had their own freedom. She could guess that the Chambers was not a particularly popular place for female Syndicate members, who still retained some semblance of autonomy.

                  "She's not a slave to be bought or sold," clarified Valtes, his eyes narrowing slightly.

                  "Haha, ooh... yeah. I don't think I made myself clear," replied the soldier, producing a bag of coins from behind his cloak. "How much?"

                  The soldier's reply made it obvious as to what he thought of Valtes. Despite the size difference between the two, he apparently had some degree of status over the man, some sort of intangible that bolstered his apparent confidence. While Rhea herself wasn't terribly familiar with the ranking system of Elynsorian military personnel, she could tell that the stranger was likely an officer of sorts, as there were slight differences in his outfit compared to the others. No doubt a member of the Military Division along with the rest. Perhaps he had gotten used to having his way...

                  But as far as Valtes was concerned, this was not a negotiation. It became an insult the moment the man rejected his explanation. The leader of the Thorns' large fist blurred from his side and came crashing directly into the officer's face. The sheer force of his strike easily shattered his target's nose and sent him flying back about a dozen feet. The action prompted the other three members of the Military Division to turn, alarmed. Unfortunately for the first man to draw his sword, the hulking brute was already upon him, grabbing him by the hand to jam his initial attack and greeting him with a headbutt. The man was wearing a helmet, but Valtes had properly aimed his forehead at his victim's chin, rendering the protection useless--and the soldier unconscious in turn.

                  The second guardsman did his best to attack Valtes from behind after having drawn his sword, but unfortunately for him it was a slow and telegraphed attack, and Rhea was in his immediate vicinity. It wouldn't take much for the thief to intercept him, if she chose...
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                    Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                    Rhea kept her gaze settled firmly on the wall as the exchange continued between Valtes and the rest of the Thorns, not wanting to see the looks she knew she was receiving. She wasn't blind, she knew plenty of them would have loved nothing more than to have been in Vlates' place a few minutes prior. They'd certainly heard enough to aid in imagining it. If anyone had to see her though, at least it was Sammon. Had it been someone like Hoven, she'd likely never hear the end of it. At least the younger thief wasn't as likely to go spreading stories.

                    At first it seemed that Valtes didn't intended to allow their planned trip, but in the end he relented to it. Or perhaps he'd intended to all along, and this was just another way of reinforcing his authority, she never could really tell with him, always so frustratingly stoic. Rhea followed as Valtes motioned for her to, but unlike the rest of the gang, she wasn't looking forward to it in the slightest. She'd heard about the Chambers, and she wasn't too proud to admit that what she'd heard scared her. She simply walked in silence as others chatted, her mood visible even at a glance as she unconsciously drifted closer to Valtes, as if to use him as a shield against their surroundings.

                    The thief had to bite back a sarcastic retort at the comments a few of her fellow Thorns made upon their arrival at their first stop. She didn't trust herself to keep her composure if she chose to speak, the sounds all around feeling oppressive. She wasn't sure if the women here sounded so subdued because they were gagged or simply exhausted, or if they'd already been broken, but she refused to look more closely to find out. Everything about this place made her want to run away, to find a dark corner somewhere to curl up in and just forget about all of this. She was stronger than that, though. Even with the ever present threat looming over her head, she still had her freedom. She wouldn't become like this, and she couldn't let herself show such weakness.

                    Fortunately they moved on quickly, or at least those who had opted not to make use of the "Stalls", but the rest of the place was little better. Truthfully, the place would be considered quite nicely furnished and comfortable for those who came to visit and make use of its faculties, but Rhea found it difficult to identify with the group she was supposed to be a part of here, and far too easy to identify with the many slaves. Even as she was worrying over this, they passed one such slave and her master. A girl who had obviously been trained an broken, crawling on all fours like a dog on a leash. The sight sent an involuntary shiver down her spine, this place really was too cruel...

                    She soon had her own problems to worry about, however, as they were stopped by what looked like a group of soldiers. It had bothered her just how many members of the Elynsorian military seemed to be a part of the Syndicate since she'd arrived here. She hadn't realised just how deep into every part of society they reached. It seemed they had mistaken her for a slave, or perhaps they simply didn't care. Both seemed equally likely to her, few of the men she'd met here seemed to look at her as anything more than one. Her fists clenched at her sides as the man made his offer to Valtes, an officer of some sort by the looks of his outfit, though she wasn't very good with recognizing the ranks. She wanted to say something, to shout at him that she wasn't a slave to be bought, but she continued to hold her tongue. He'd already showed just how much he thought of her, and she'd only be making things worse for herself if she caused a scene.

                    Let Valtes handle it... he wouldn't sell her out like this, would he? She didn't delude herself into thinking she was someone truly important to him, but she had to be worth more than this to him, at least. Fortunately, it seemed her doubts were unfounded, as he seemed to have no intention of of negotiating. The soldier didn't back down though, seeming to expect them to do as her wished without question. Rhea realised a moment too late just what Valtes' reaction to that perceived insult would be.

                    "Wait–" she began, reaching one hand toward Valtes' arm, but by that point it had already begun. In an instant, the Thorns' leader had floored the man with a single punch, and chaos broke out. If this was just a brawl, Rhea wouldn't have been worried, she was certain Valtes could take all of them on his own. They had gone for their swords, though, and even he couldn't just shrug off being stabbed. Rhea's hand went for her own weapon, a short blade sheathed across the back of her belt, but hesitated for a moment. Starting a fight was bad enough, what would happen if they started killing their supposed allies on their first day here?

                    It was risky, but so was just about every option here, so Rhea opted to go for a disable instead. While she lacked the strength of most of the Thorns, much less Valtes himself, she was no slouch in a fight. One didn't make a living as she did if they were weak. One of the soldiers was circling to strike Valtes from behind, but seemed to be ignoring her. Apparently they'd already written her off as a threat, evidently too used to every woman around here being helpless to fight back. Too bad for them, she wasn't just some helpless damsel to be protected.

                    Her left hand shot forward as she moved in on him from the side, grabbing for his wrist to arrest his swing before he could begin, while she swept a leg around at the back of his own, seeking to topple him onto his back. His armour would make it difficult for him to keep his footing if she knocked him off balance, she hoped, and its weight would bring him down hard when he fell. If things went as planned, she'd make a grab for the dagger sheathed at her ankle with her free hand, dropping on top of him to straddle his chest. Using one hand and her full body weight from her position on top of him to pin his sword arm, she'd bring the blade to bear with the other, holding it threateningly over his throat.

                    "You made a mistake if you expected me to just cower in the back," she hissed, her words dripping with malice, "I'm not one of your helpless slaves."


                      Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                      When Rhea moved to grab the offender's wrist, she would find his arm and grip sturdy, which was perhaps to be expected of a trained soldier. But her timing ensured that she had caught him on the backswing, and so she needed to do little more than give a pull in the direction his arm was already moving, encouraging his upper half to move back further than he might have liked. The tensing of his muscles only worked against him as she caught him unaware, and a swift leg made by Rhea to topple the guard's base brought him crashing down. It was a rather loud impact, one no doubt made less pleasant by the armor he was wearing.

                      The lady rogue was upon her quarry in an instant, showing that while she had a certain position in the Thorns, it wasn't completely without reason. She would find little struggle from the man, instead gazing into an expression that was frozen, stunned in shock. His mind had only just then registered what had occurred, and even then it appeared to be a difficult thing for him to process.

                      Meanwhile, the third would finally move, turning his attention on Rhea, as she had made it quite clear that she was a participant in the scuffle. He attempted to grab her from behind so as to pull her off of his cohort, but his plans were thwarted thanks to Penadin, who grabbed him by the back of his collar and sent the unsuspecting sentry crashing down. However, he was still conscious after the fact, and struggled to get to his feet, cursing furiously in his slight disorientation.

                      "Ughh, shit... you guys really wanna do this, huh?! Do you even know who we are?!"

                      But the fight wouldn't continue... not there, at least.

                      "That's enough," came a loud voice. A look up would show the arrival of another individual, flanked by two others. The unfamiliar face was undoubtedly a handsome one, topped with a neatly kept blonde head of hair, the rest of his body clad in armor even more impressive than the guards the Thorns had just defeated. The knightly newcomer seemed more at home in some tale of heroism rather than a Syndicate slaver's dungeon... but there he was, as if to show how little appearances sometimes meant. The Redclaws had far-reaching influence it seemed, even into the minds of the wealthy and those blessed by birth.

                      "You'll have to forgive them," he continued.

                      "Forgive us?! He's the one that started it... filthy Rogues' Division cur!" protested the third guard, looking to appeal to his superior. "Sergis was just offering to buy what he thought was a slave--"

                      "Debatable... but we're also in their territory," corrected the blonde one. "The Military Division has always been known for being the most disciplined and courteous. Unfortunately, you're making it look as though we're anything but."

                      "Yeah, and to think they drew first... hah. Good of you to try and save face, but we know what kinds of fucks the lot of you are," scoffed Penadin.

                      Valtes frowned. "Just get them out of my face, before I do so myself."

                      The knight hardly seemed to acknowledge the hulking brute in spite of the size difference. Instead, his eyes locked onto those of Rhea's, and he put forth a solemn offer in a kind voice. "If you'd be so kind as to spare him. I'd like to believe that there's honor amongst your kind, since there is clearly dishonor amongst ours."
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                        Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                        "I never planned to kill him as long as he stayed down," Rhea finally relented after staring down the knight for a few moments, smoothly slipping her dagger back into its sheath as she slid off of the downed soldier's armoured chest. This newcomer unnerved her, looking all too much like some sort of fairy tale hero for her to easily associate him with a place like this.

                        She'd never been particularly enamoured with such stories, though. She hadn't been the sort of child with the luxury of dreaming she was a princess, that some handsome knight would come and sweep her off her feet. Her life hadn't been that kind, and she'd quickly learned that storybook heroes didn't exist. Even if they did, they wouldn't look twice at someone like her. This man was a perfect example, even as he seemed to act the part as much as he looked it. He wouldn't be here, be a part of all this, if he was that sort of honourable knight.

                        Rhea didn't have a choice but to be here, not unless she'd wanted to go back to trying to survive alone on the street. She'd been able to get away with it as a child, but she'd quickly learned that it wasn't an option anymore as she got older. There were just too many people who would seek to take advantage of someone like her, she was too much of a target. This man though... she couldn't imagine him not having options. He was clearly privileged, possibly even a noble of some sort... what could possibly possess such people, who already had so much, to stoop to joining people like this? She'd never been able to understand that sort of greed, despite being a victim of it so many times in the past.

                        "If he wants to avoid getting a knife in the gut though, he'd be better off if he learned to keep his blade sheathed." Even as she stood, she refused to avert her eyes, keeping them locked on the knight. It was petty, but she needed to prove that she wouldn't back down, as much to herself as these soldiers and her own gang. This felt like the first time she'd had even a modicum of control over her situation since arriving here, and she wasn't about to let it slip away by meekly stepping aside.


                          Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                          However defiant a glare Rhea chose to give the stranger, he would appear to keep his cool. While her usual company was often quick to take offense to a given slight, here was an individual who seemed largely unfazed by things that would set others off. Was he truly a calm person by nature, or was he merely masking his ill intent? His kindness appeared sincere enough, but the members of the Thorns weren't buying it. Collectively, they gazed upon him with distrust, but he was wise enough not to give them any reason for another fight.

                          "Oh? How kind of you. It's hard to say that I expected as much from a rogue... but I appreciate you surprising me in such a manner," replied the knight. "And yes, you're right. Blades ought to stay in their scabbards around here, don't you think?" He then turned an eye to his fellow Military Division member mid-sentence, before moving to help the man back up onto his feet, offering a strong hand despite his initial scolding. The guard could do little else but to quietly accept such assistance. He sheepishly gave a nod of thanks--after all, it wasn't the time nor the place to disagree with a superior in such a manner. Instead, the defeated sentry saved his vitriol for Rhea with a two-second stare that passed before Valtes could notice as much. Surely, he wouldn't forget such an offense from the woman he thought to be a slave.

                          Similarly, the knight's squires would help the other guards get back to their feet so that they might move out of the way. "Good day," said the knight with a rather charming if subdued smile, before taking his leave, to the visible relief of some in the Thorns. And just like that, he had come and gone, without introducing himself. However, his was a face that was easy enough for Rhea to remember, just as her own would no doubt remain burned into the mind of the guard she had just humiliated.

                          Penadin gave a shrug and chuckled. "Well... now that THAT'S out of the way, I'm going to hit up those Stalls and get some actual benefits out of joining this damn club. Think I saw an Academy girl in there."

                          "Me too," another member chimed in. He and three others moved to follow the Thorns' former second-in-command. "You comin', boss? Line's gettin' shorter by the minute."

                          "No," was all that Valtes said in a response made nearly quick enough to cut the thug off mid-sentence. His libido was often impressive, as Rhea could attest to herself, but even he wouldn't be so eager to satisfy it so soon after such a vigorous romp with the lady thief, who certainly wasn't without charms of her own.

                          But before long the other Thorns also thought to join the queue. Valtes and Rhea were left with only a bare minimum of other Thorns, Sammon included, to accompany them. The leader moved on at only a leisurely pace. He was in no hurry to leave his own men alone in light of the most recent confrontation, and so stayed within the immediate vicinity for the most part. Not that there wasn't anything to see. There were many more rooms that one could take a peek into, and others that were harder to do so with due to closed doors and the like. Some even had harnesses that hung from the ceiling, while others contained pillories and various contraptions presumably designed for restraint. One would be hard-pressed to find such a place, even in the seediest of Elynsor's slums. If Rhea thought she knew the capital's dark underworld, she apparently didn't... until now.

                          "You two shoulda had your fun in this place," commented Diggs, who let out a low whistle upon seeing all of the different types of 'furniture' within the Chambers. "It's like a playground or something."

                          Valtes seemed content to ignore the remark, as his attention had turned onto something new. A girl about Rhea's size was being escorted in from one of the nearby entrances by three big ruffians. Unlike the other compliant, broken slaves, there was still a sense of life and fire in the eyes of the fresh captive. She occasionally jerked and struggled as they kept their firm collective hold upon her, urging her forward. Her garb, which was typical of a soldier or mercenary, made her look as out of place in this area as the handsome knight that the group encountered only moments ago. However, in her case, it was clear that she wasn't to enjoy the same level of privilege.

                          "Let go, assholes! You can beat me all you want, you're not getting anything out of--..." She stopped mid-sentence upon realizing what kind of place this was. The wet slapping noises in the backgrounds, the defeated, muffled moans of women and grunts of men... it became all too clear what such an area was used for. And the powerful realization caused the woman to swallow as her heart sunk into her stomach. Perhaps her denial of it had ended right then and there. She paused, ceasing her struggling momentarily enough to make it easier for her captors to drag her along for a few seconds. Then, suddenly, she wrenched and twisted with double the force as before, making it clear that she wouldn't go quietly.

                          "Damnit, stupid bitch," muttered one of the bandits, turning over to Rhea and Valtes. "Give us a hand here, willya? We found her just in one of the halls nearby. Ever since that damn decree, we've been getting more crazy-ass mercs trying to pull some heroics for that royal bounty. You should keep an eye out, too. Think you'll even get a little bonus if they're important enough--ugh!"

                          He was interrupted mid-sentence by a short elbow to the face, courtesy of the flailing captive. But it wasn't enough to render him unconscious, much to her dismay, and he returned the favor with a loud, resounding slap that left a bright red mark upon the girl's cheek.

                          "Not you though. You go to a little place we call the Stalls," he growled, turning to face her and taking a stand in front of the defiant woman.

                          "Fuck you," she spat, before sending a swift kick to his groin. The sudden blow caused the thug to crumple to the floor, and this window of surprise allowed the mercenary to twist free before making a dash for the exit. If Rhea was so inclined, she could catch her before she escaped...
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                            Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                            Rhea watched warily as the knight and his men left, refraining from saying anything more and only giving a slight nod in acknowledgement of his words to her. She avoided meeting the eyes of the man she'd had pinned only moments ago, but she didn't miss his glare. That worried her, she was well aware of what people would do for the sake of pride, and she'd hoped to avoid standing out much, avoid making enemies... she'd have to be more careful in the future. Part of her screamed that she should have just killed him, but she knew that would have been a mistake.

                            Much of the rest of the gang had broken off to make use of the facilities, though to Rhea's relief Valtes had so far ignored them. It wasn't surprising, as despite his fierce libido, he wasn't that insatiable, but she was relieved nonetheless when he continued to just look around the place. What they saw, though... were a lot of things Rhea wished she hadn't seen. The place was full of various forms of restraints and many more unusual devices.

                            She'd seen some of them before, and a few of the rooms reminded her of the time just before she'd met Valtes and the Thorns, when she'd slipped up and been caught breaking into the offices of a particularly shady brothel. She'd ended up tied up in the basement, the owner talking about "training" her. She shuddered at the memory, she was very lucky the Thorns had happened to pick the same day to trash the place over some dispute with the owner. She could only wonder whether she could have escaped on her own before she ended up like all the girls down here. There were some she could figure out by looking at, several of which made her cringe imagining them, and even more she could only guess at the purpose of, which only made her more nervous. She gave Diggs a scathing look for his comments about the place, but otherwise kept her mouth shut. She just wanted out of there as soon as possible.

                            Rhea was just about to suggest exactly that, fidgeting nervously at Valtes' side as she tried to find somewhere she could look that didn't leave her imagining just how they trained their slaves down here, when her attention was drawn by a new set of arrivals. The sight of the still-struggling girl being dragged along by a trio men somehow managed to leave Rhea with an even stronger sense of dread than seeing the already broken slaves had. It was just far too easy to related, she could imagine she'd have looked exactly the same to an onlooker when she'd got herself caught back at that brothel. For this girl, though, there wasn't any hope of rescue.

                            She wished she could do something, but she'd already resigned herself to being an accomplice in this. It still hurt to see it happening right before her eyes, but she knew that this was what these people did. She knew that she'd have to be a part of it, sooner or later, and her only choices were to be on the side of the captors or the captives. When it came down the her or them... she'd always pick herself, as guilty as it might make her feel. She was no hero, and she knew it. This was what happened to people who tried to be heroes. Her fists clenched at her sides as she watched, unable to avert her eyes.

                            The girl had obviously just been captured, still defiant and full of fire... Rhea could only wonder how long that would last. She was doing an admirable job of struggling against them too, futile as it was. Against her better judgement, Rhea found herself analyzing the men dragging her along, looking for all the ways she could take advantage of their distraction to free the girl. It was something she might have done had she seen this happening on the city streets, or even in the wilderness... anywhere she knew she could run and disappear afterwards. That wasn't an option here, though. Even if she helped the girl, where would she go? These halls were full of men who'd be happy to finish the job these three had started, and Rhea herself had nowhere to run.

                            Rhea could only shake her head sadly as she watched. The girl was a fool for coming here at all. Even only knowing what little she had before seeing it for herself, Rhea would never have willingly come anywhere close to the place alone. The girl surprised her, though, managing to kick the one holding her in the groin and make a break for it. It was futile, Rhea knew, she had nowhere to go, but... could she really just stand by an watch?

                            As much as she hated the thought of it, she could probably catch the girl before she got away. It wouldn't change anything in the end, the girl's chances of actually getting away were all but zero, but Rhea could do it herself, and maybe gain some favor in the process. The very idea made her feel horrible, but it made too much sense to dismiss out of hand. She wished she could help, desperately wished there was something she could do, but she'd only be putting herself in danger for nothing. Valtes couldn't, and wouldn't, protect her from everything.

                            Rhea tensed, ready to dash after her, whether to help or hinder the girl she wasn't even certain, but was too frozen with indecision. She could only give a sad look as she watched the girl run, entire body shaking but unable to even decide what she should do here, much less do it.

                            "I'm sorry..." She muttered under her breath, though she doubted anyone except Valtes would hear her. Her fists clenched hard enough that her palms began to hurt where her nails dug into them, but she couldn't bring herself to move, finally averting her eyes from the scene, not wanting to see the girl caught again.


                              Re: The Razor's Edge (Knephi) GMed by Takimaru

                              As Rhea hesitated, finding her body still unable to carry out the unwholesome tasks of a more hardened and experienced Redclaw slaver, she felt Valtes' gaze upon her out of her peripheral vision. The lady thief wouldn't have the chance to really discern whether the gaze set upon her by her leader was one of disapproval or worry, however--when the adventurer scampered unhindered towards the door, Valtes would give chase only after a moment of hesitation. Though he was possessed of an undeniably large frame, the leader of the Thorns could move deceptively fast, at least over short distances.

                              Unfortunately for the mercenary, she failed to put enough distance between her and the newly inducted Redclaw to escape. Grabbing her by the wrist, he yanked her away from the exit just as she reached it. The woman could be seen putting up a valiant attempt at a struggle, having sent a swift kick towards Valtes' groin. The hulking thug wasn't one to fall for such an obvious go-to move, however; as a rather large man, it was the trick of choice for many an opponent, and certainly not one he would fall for again after the first few times. Not to mention, she had shown herself more than willing to execute such a maneuver only seconds earlier. Shifting his hips to deflect the blow, Valtes grabbed her in a clinch and rammed her up against the hard stone wall of the hallway, which was clearly enough to knock the wind out of the poor woman given her body language.

                              Rhea's boss typically wasn't one for restraint, not even against a woman, and so he would follow up by forcing her to the ground and pinning her wrists. Apparently never one to surrender, the girl squirmed weakly and spat at his eyes, but he turned his face in time, allowing the wad of saliva to strike his cheek. Valtes grunted and retaliated with a hard, resounding slap across the mercenary's face. Though it was an uncharacteristically merciful blow given that it was delivered with an open hand, the sheer force of the strike still proved enough to daze her, giving her original captors time to catch up and provide assistance to Valtes. The way he manhandled the other woman so easily could be taken as an ominous reminder of what were to happen to Rhea if she ever crossed him. Though he treated her with far more respect and care than the rest of the Thorns, he was ever capable of doing just that.

                              "K-Kuhh, hahh... damnit, I just... kyah!" The wheezing sellsword trained to regain her breath as the other thugs grabbed her by the hair and sought to force her into a kneeling position. When she tried her best to refuse, one of the men sent a swift punch to her stomach, causing her knees to buckle. Whether she wanted to or not, she was forced to lift her gaze up at Valtes and the primary captor.

                              "Fuckin'..." After shaking off his punching hand, the man who looked to be the one of charge of the small group turned to look at Valtes. "Thanks for that," said the man with a surprising degree of deference in his tone. "I swear, some of these girls. Anyway, don't think I've seen you around here, but you're one of us, yeah? What's your name?"

                              "Valtes," replied the gang leader with a solemn tone.

                              "Hoh. Name's Wandersin. Well, this is where she belongs anyway. You want first dibs on her? Maybe give a little payback for the shit she tried to pull on you."

                              "Tempting... but I'll pass," said Valtes, almost dismissively as he wiped the wad of her spit from his face with the back of his hand. "Just don't make me have to do that again," he commanded.

                              "I-I hear ya!" replied Wandersin, forcing a polite yet nervous grin before turning his expression back to one of scorn, directed towards the captive. While it was hard to say that the will to fight had left the woman completely, her body certainly wouldn't listen to any commands she would give it, and so she had little choice but to be pulled along by her arms to one of the nearby rooms, no doubt to face a most harrowing experience.

                              After the men had taken their leave, Valtes looked to Rhea.
                              "...Why didn't you chase her?"
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