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    Re: Werewolves of the Void (Hidden Identity Game)

    Erika's appearance in such a form made for quite the sight to behold. The slight, dainty village girl retained her lithe human form, but it had become unmistakably sinister in the pale moonlight, her hands and lips stained with crimson, her eyes having become a glowing yellow hue. This was her 'mania' stage, as some called it, where her strength and speed wasn't quite that of her full wolf form, but certainly higher than that of her human equivalent's. For new werewolves, who had not yet become aware of their condition or learned to control it, it was the intermediate stage that took place before a full transformation. For Erika, however, it was to reveal herself to the villagers that had forced her into a most uncomfortable fasting.

    The other townsfolk looked upon her, their expressions a mix of terror and disbelief. The sweet, kind girl that they knew was merely a disguise that had now been shed, and they were faced with a predator, a wolf in more ways than one.

    Once she gave the verbal approval for her brethren to assault Lana, no less than three of the werewolves were already upon her; Bardulf, Klaus, and Lothur.

    It left Erika to focus on the target of her ire, the one who she had primarily blamed for the mess, Alwina. She was not to be alone in this exacting of vengeance, as her twin brother Markus responded to her call. The huge, bipedal wolf, whose fur was all black--much like her own when she was in wolf form--turned to heed her command. While many werewolves in a pack were at least vaguely related, Markus was her biological twin, often closer to her than the others. With a clawed hand, he grabbed the town baker Siegmund by the collar before dragging him easily, as if he were a sack of flour, towards the spot where Erika and Alwina waited. "This one?" he asked, his voice deep and slightly warped. Like most Awakened, he could understand and speak human language, even in his more monstrous form.

    "Alwina!" cried Siegmund, reaching out for her, but Markus yanked him back by the scruff, as if he were a dog on a leash. "You... you leave her alone," he dared to say, although there was no power for him to back it up. When Erika approached the baker, her werewolf twin knew that she would have the man under control while in her mania form, and thus he casually unhanded him, smoothly transitioning and walking over to Alwina, grabbing her if she dared run.

    With that, each of the werewolf pair traded possession of one half of the happily married couple, handing them off with minimal effort. Erika was the first to have her way while Alwina watched. Siegmund, undoubtedly fearful of his wife's fate, kept his gaze glued to her at first... but it was soon pulled away with subtle force on the she-wolf's part. He proved understandably resistant at first, struggling to squirm out of her mount but accomplishing little as she moved a hand to the man's crotch, which, while soft at first, would harden in no time thanks to her skilled ministrations. Only then would his eyes shift to lock onto hers.

    His body trembled, though whether it was with fear or lust was difficult to tell. After all, Erika was a fearsome sight with the glowing yellow irises and the blood of her previous victims upon her. Yet, in addition, she was still a beautiful young woman in that form, one that clearly sought to fulfill many a fantasy that the men of the town might have shared. But was Siegmund among those who might have even entertained such lewd thoughts? When Erika asked this in a more direct manner, the baker stared at her incredulously, pausing. While his gaze wasn't fixed on Alwina, she certainly was not out of his mind, and he stammered, "N-No...!"

    A typical, if expected, denial. Erika had felt his gaze lingering upon her before, when she visited his shop for her daily loaves--admittedly delicious bread that sated the hunger of her human side... but most certainly not her Voidic side. This, she would get from him directly. His warm cock twitched against the touch of her fingertips, as if it was begging for more of her attention, and it would get exactly that. "H-Huuhhnng... hahh... w-wh.. waihh..." he exclaimed for once, not quite able to finish his command for her to wait. It was too late. This was going to happen, and the realization that he was helpless to stop anything she wanted to do to him had dawned on him. He grunted and tried his best to stifle a lustful sigh against the wonderful sensations of Erika engulfing his cock with her mouth, and turned his head away from Alwina to hide the shameful expression his face inadvertently took on. Once his tip began to strike the back of the werewolf girl's throat, or the inside of her cheek, he would find it doubly difficult to stay quiet, and so the chorus of groans and sighs began. "Hahh.... hnnnh... Alwina... I-I'm so sorry," he croaked.

    And yet Alwina would not remain unmolested through the ordeal. Markus had grabbed her from behind and forcefully positioned her to watch the lewdness that occurred between his sister and her husband, the two locked together as if they were lovers. His own hands would not stay idle, however, reaching around to first grab a handful of her top and ripping it away, then followed suit with her bra. Once her sizable mammaries were exposed, he took it upon himself to fondle them. Already the baker's wife could feel the werewolf's pulsing, thickly knotted pink shaft sliding suggestively upon the crack of her rump, with only her panties serving as the last barrier between the two. It was almost as if he was reminding her that he could claim her at any time...

    Meanwhile, Erika could taste the first few droplets of precum that the tip of Siegmund's manhood released. As a man, he surely wouldn't be able to resist letting out the rest of where that came from... and so she put herself to the task of acquiring just that from him. He had done a good job of resisting the temptation to lick her, with her cunny pushed so close to his, but Erika's natural juices had dripped upon his mouth and chin nonetheless, making it look to Alwina as if he had. When he turned his head back by chance to look upon Alwina, he would find her mostly naked and ready for breeding...

    "Hah," scoffed Markus. "You must really have it in for them. I'm not complaining, though... this woman's got quite the body--and smells real nice, too. Baker man sure lucked out, huh? My turn to get lucky, now~" he added with glee in his tone, grabbing her skirt and tearing it, along with her underwear, away with ease just as he had done with her top. He wasted no more time, forcing her to all fours like a dog before mounting her like one. "Uwwwooohhh..." he groaned, his voice turning to more guttural, instinctual noises as he forced the odd tip of his dog cock in between Alwina's folds. His member was reasonably large, easily bigger than that of Siegmund's at least, and its slick surface and peculiar shape soon became intimately familiar with the woman's inner walls. As he slid himself in, Alwina then felt a thicker part of the werewolf's shaft nudge her petals... and yet, he wasn't intent on stopping. Markus continued to push himself in until the knot was forced in completely, sending a wave of stimulation through Alwina's body as he proceeded to knot her fully. The bulbous mass put pressure upon her sensitive G-spot, and yet it had only begun.

    The hulking black werewolf then began to move. He wasn't gentle or romantic in his approach, but more primal, more animalistic as one might expect... the kind of mating that Alwina had likely missed out on for much of her life. Even if she had, her husband simply couldn't compare to this Voidic brute in terms of strength and liveliness. Right then and there, Alwina received a pounding like she had never gotten before, the panting Markus thrusting his hips against hers briskly and yet tirelessly. Every deep thrust inward caused the slightly pointed tip of his cock to kiss her inner gates and even peek through to her womb for brief moments at a time, priming the stage of fertilization with small doses of precum. As he did so, his bulbous knot would shift back and forth, stimulating Alwina's G-spot in a way that she had never experienced before. For her, the pleasure would be unbearable, practicaly impossible to hide. Markus was making her his bitch in front of her own husband, and as a result Siegmund would no doubt see expressions that he had never before seen Alwina make. Faces that he didn't know she was even capable of making.

    And yet the baker wouldn't go without some pleasure of his own. Erika would bring it upon him as she descended upon his shaft, pushing him down to the hilt. "Nnnh! Alwina, forgive me..." Siegmund's face was blushed red as he grimaced and turned his head from side to side, trying to outwardly resist the pleasure that the she-wolf was forcing upon the both of them. His body was far more honest with its responses though, as he remained rock-hard, twitching and throbbing deep within Erika's pussy as she rode him mercilessly. Never had the baker been subjected to such fierce and energetic riding by a woman.

    Every forceful descent made by her chipped away at his will to resist, to mask the bliss he was feeling at that moment, and surely enough Siegmund's facade eventually cracked, his id coming to the surface. More unconsciously than not, his hands soon found their way to her hips, gripping them tightly as he began to thrust back fervently against his better judgment. Watching his wife be bred was too much for him, and thus the baker succumbed to the pleasure that Erika was all too willing to grant. His reciprocation was enough to take the female werewolf to her peak. Sieg began to groan in approval as his mate spasmed around him.

    However, even that wasn't enough for her. Erika's body thirsted for Siegmund's seed, and she would get just that with continued riding of the man. She saw his expressions slowly shift, the tense grimace upon his face growing ever sharper as if he were hanging on at the edge of a cliff, his grip fading with every passing second. Indeed, he could hold on no longer, and this time he cried out a name that was different from the one he was used to. "Uhuugh... uwohhh... e-... ERIKA!!!" he cried out loudly before surrendering, spilling his entire load deep into Erika's depths, where her womb would drink of his baby batter. He continued to spurt inside of her until he could give no more, his body donating its genetic legacy to another woman, one who would perhaps be fertile enough to bear his young. "Oohhhh! Erika! Erika! Erikaaaaa!" he cried out, twitching as he squeezed out every last drop into his thirsty Voidic partner.

    But for as passionate as the cries of his climax were, it would be all that Siegmund could do. He lost much of his energy along with the creampie he granted Erika, and he fell limp, nearly catatonic as his gaze idly wandered back over to Alwina, who was still being railed by the female werewolf's twin brother. But Markus' pace had largely changed since the last time Sieg checked. It was energetic from the beginning, but now, the werewolf was giving it to her with no traces of reserve left in his body. It was, without a doubt, the kind of pace one took when they were only seconds away from orgasm... save that, in Markus' case, he was somehow able to maintain this for a notably longer span of time. If Alwina hadn't experienced a tremendous orgasm at least once or twice before that point, she very well would be, thanks to her partner's seemingly tireless rhythm, the sheer size of his member, and the way he used it, with his swollen knot rubbing vigorously upon her most sensitive spot within.

    Once Alwina did cum, her mate would do the same, signaling his climax with an audible howl. His grip upon her shoulders tightened, enough to draw blood, and he plunged himself in as deep as he could go, the tapered tip of his werewolf cock breaching the woman's cervix and delivering its potent load straight into her womb. And as luck, or perhaps fate, would have it, the fertile state she was in, brought about by the village healer's daily potion, made her all too ready to bear Markus' young. As he filled her inner chamber with no small amount of his thick seed, legions of his sperm rushed forth to claim the egg she had released earlier that week... a prize that Siegmund's own swimmers had failed to claim, perhaps for lack of opportunity or for lack of strength. While the baker's tried their hardest to get something from Erika, albeit fruitlessly so, Markus' sperm would at one point surround the married woman's waiting egg, with one of them inevitably joining it. Right before Siegmund's eyes, his wife was being impregnated, forced to bear the young of another. And yet, for her, it wouldn't even be that unpleasant of an experience... at least in the moment.

    As Markus delivered the last of his load deep into Alwina, he would sigh and relax for a moment, his shoulders slumping. Then, he would find himself stuck to her thanks to the knot, and struggled for just a few moments to part himself from her. It wasn't too difficult to do so, even as drained as he was, and he proceeded to dump her unceremoniously next to Siegmund. The baker could only stare listlessly at her for a few moments, perhaps from the shock of the whole situation, but he eventually managed to take her hand and grasp it. His grip wasn't strong enough to keep them joined in such a fashion, however, as she was soon hoisted up by the werewolf and tossed to some of the others. Siegmund could only lay there, watching as others proceeded to take turns with the love of his life...

    The lustful air that had enveloped the town square was infectious, and both siblings found themselves subject to it. Erika had found herself particularly turned on, not completely satisfied with the man she had just violated. She began to rub herself up against Markus suggestively, making it no secret what she sought to acquire. With him, she was guaranteed much more in the way of size, technique, virility, connectedness and overall satisfaction. She knew this from experience--after all, they had ignored the taboo and mated with each other for the first time only several weeks before that night. It was in a similar situation, a Voidic orgy in which every participants' lusts were running wild, enough to abandon logic or reason.

    The ebon-furred werewolf glanced down at his twin sister and her incestuous suggestions. Of course, NOW she was in the mood to take her sibling, when there was seemingly no shortage of prospective mates and the moon was out. She usually didn't act this way towards him in the presence of others. And yet, with the way Erika looked so hungrily at him, he certainly wasn't about to decline her request. Any traces of hesitation were snuffed out as she began to stroke him manually, re-igniting his Voidic libido. He set a clawed hand atop her head and forced her down lower, so that she was eye-level with his pink length, which was still slick with a mixture of Alwina's juices and his own semen. "So you'll clean me first, then?" he asked, though his tone of voice made it sound more like a command. The werewolf's eyes locked firmly onto those of Erika's, and the musky scent of his dick proved vaguely familiar to his horny sister.

    Erika was allowed to work her magic on Markus, who would stay delightfully erect all the while, with relatively little in the way of a refractory period. He twitched and throbbed in her mouth as she bobbed back and forth on him, leaking out more traces of seminal fluid, a preview to the main explosion that she would likely receive in one place or another. A few more minutes of sucking on him, and she would find him ready to go again, pushing her to her hands and knees so that she could receive him in the traditional werewolf manner.

    And with that, he mounted her, the hefty weight of his massive, beastlike body pressing down against Erika's bare back. She felt the rumble of his deep, throaty growl sending slight tremors of anticipation throughout her body, and his warm breath tickling the nape of her neck and the back of her shoulder. Markus eased himself forward, parting his sister's cum-soaked folds with his monstrous cock, and hilted her easily, until his knot pressed firmly against her own bumpy sensitive G-spot. Just the entry in itself was enough to make Erika dizzy with pleasure, but she knew that she would have to brace herself, as the coupling was only beginning. Her sibling began to pound her mercilessly, growling all the while, with every stroke of his body against hers causing huge spikes in her level of bliss. Ones that overlapped with each other, such that she would barely be able to catch her breath from the last great sensation as the next one assaulted her senses.

    Given Markus' deep, loud growls and grunts, he was clearly enjoying it just as much, indulging himself in the depths of his sister's tight pussy. The shape and girth of his member helped to push out any remnants of Siegmund's seed still lingering within, as he would likely replace it all with his own and then some. Even when the baker had returned Erika's affections, the man at his most inspired simply couldn't compare to the she-wolf's own twin brother. Markus was stronger, faster, more skilled, and with his knot, simply hit all of the right places. All of this combined made for what was practically the perfect mate for Erika. As he fucked her, he began to pant, his drool trickling onto her upper back and shoulder, but the overwhelming bliss felt by the female sibling would easily override any awkwardness in the moment. In that moment, her brother was like a machine made for her pleasure, and already she could feel hot jets of his seminal fluid tickling her insides, splashing upon her inner gate and priming it to open in order to receive the more potent part of his load. That was when his pace began to pick up.

    Erika was being pinned down in such a position. Even in her more humanlike 'mania' form, she wouldn't be able to stop his fully developed wolf form if he tried, thanks to the gap in strength. "Rrrggh... hahh... hahh... Erikuuhh... hrrrgghh!" Judging from the way he moved and the escalating volume of his growls, Markus wasn't intent on stopping anytime soon, nor was it likely that he would have the clarity of mind to fight his instincts and suddenly pull out. Not only that, Erika herself would be getting close, if she hadn't cum already under his rapid rhythm. His large, furry body rammed into hers with reckless abandon. If she weren't in her mania form, she might have even been injured, but for her in that moment, every violent rutting of her form, it was all pleasure. Just a little more... a few more thrusts, and she would be tipped over the edge of her next wonderful peak!

    Then, the female werewolf felt her sibling's clawed hands grip at her body tightly as he began to shudder. A loud, resounding howl filled her ears, and that was when she knew that he was cumming, pumping out dose after dose of his potent baby batter into his own sister's inviting womb. The explosions of heat deep inside were all that Erika needed to cum in turn, and the resulting contractions of her tight cunny only helped to milk her brother of even more of his seed. She had managed to coax quite the amount from Markus, causing the thick excess of his load to spew out from where they were joined, pitter-pattering into a small puddle on the ground between Erika's legs. Pushing himself even deeper, he clung to her tightly, giving the female sibling little choice but to receive him as he filled her as thoroughly as he could. She had already made him cum more than he usually did, but he seemed doubly intent on topping even that. In that moment, it was hard for her not to feel so wanted, so prized by anyone, werewolf or human.

    Some of the captive villagers looked on with shock at the apparent werewolf coupling, perhaps blissfully unaware of the incestuous nature of it all. The other lycans were too busy violating the helpless women, leaving the defeated men to watch. Markus was too far lost in the joys of mating with his sibling to even care, and stirred himself about within her while floating about in his lustful haze. Finally, he emptied the last of his reserves into Erika, and slumped down while still embedded in her, panting heavily. The female werewolf could try to pull away... but she would find him stuck to her for the time being. And yet, there were still so many helpless and perhaps virile human men in front of her...

    Meanwhile, the three werewolves Bardulf, Klaus, and Lothur surrounded and circled the knight-in-training Lana, taking turns tearing pieces of her clothes off with their teeth as if she were a piece of meat that they were fighting over. Perhaps she would be just that, very soon.
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      Re: Werewolves of the Void (Hidden Identity Game)

      Trembling, Alwina tried fruitlessly to shrink away from Erika as the woman, now back in her human form but seemingly no less monstrous in mindset and perhaps even more horrifying in visage; naked but covered in blood that she gleefully licked from her fingers. She shuddered and tried to pull away from Erika's hand, but couldn't escape the touch against her cheek, and the monstrous woman's touch left a slight trail of blood on her face anyway as she trailed fingers down Alwina's front. She said nothing, only stared back at Erika wide eyed with wetness at the corners of her eyes, shivers running over her frame as Erika lightly groped one of her breasts. The tiny pinch of her sensitive peak, soft though it might be, drew a surprised squeak and caused the nub to begin to harden despite the attention coming from a most undesired source. She gave a pleading look, as if begging for her to stop, and luckily for the homekeeper her tormentor did move on a moment later. Little relief came as Erika turned her attention to Lana instead, however, and Alwina nearly sunk to her knees in hopeless terror as the weight of their situation settled in like a real weight coming down onto her shoulders.

      Unfortunately, Lana was soon thrown to the wolves - literally - and Erika's cruel attention turned back to the frightened village girl. Only a few hours prior, she'd been thinking her life was back on track... That everything would be okay. The paladins hadn't harmed her, had only watched her and performed odd tests, and when it had become clear that she was no monster from the void they had just released her. She'd seen her family again, seen her husband... Had made plans to expand their own little family even, had spoken of it at length and lain together before the attack begun. And then the chaos descended, and the horror... And now she began to cry in earnest as Erika had one of the foul beasts drag her beloved from the crowd of male survivors. Any screams from Lana's or the other village girls as the werewolves took their pleasure went in one ear and out the other at that point, a different sort of terror gripping Alwina's heart.

      Siegmund, her husband, was not a particularly strong man, nor a particularly brave one. He wasn't a warrior, after all, but a baker; a man who turned grain to bread, who provided food for the town both for simple subsistence and for pleasant treats made with fruits and sugar. Seeing him manhandled by thew voidic abomination, the very idea of watching it do to him what it had done to so many others.... To his parents, surely, and to her own before their very eyes... The terror of that idea left her paralyzed, helpless, though she would have been that even if she had possessed the courage to try and fight against these monsters. Markus barely needed to hold her to keep her in place, the young woman watching with her hands clutched in front of her as Erika descended upon her prone lover.

      "S... Siegmund," She whimpered pathetically, unable to do anything but watch as Erika mounted and dominated her husband, quickly freeing his member from his trousers. Siegmund had never been a particularly well endowed man, though Alwina herself lacked the experienced to compare. He had been her first and only, her one true love, and yet here they were... He, about to be taken by another woman, clearly a more experienced one, and she undoubtedly to suffer the same fate as the other remaining village women, both within eyesight - indeed nearly within arm's reach - of one another. His denial sparked something within her, a tiny spark of hope perhaps alongside an awakening of her feelings for him, the positive emotion among all of this chaos bringing a lightness to the overwhelmed village girl... Only for it to die in her heart as Erika continued her domineering display. Something ugly rose up in Alwina's chest as she watched Erika's tongue run along the side of her husband's shaft, something unfamiliar but intensely passionate.

      She had never been a jealous woman. Indeed, she had never even contemplated that Siegmund might find company in the arms of another, naive though that might have been. They were simple folk after all, and though she was intimately familiar with much of the village's gossip - indeed her familiarity with such and willingness to spread such hearsay may have been a contributing factor that led to her accusation and that distraction from Erika - the notion that her husband might betray her had never entered her mind. Now that she was watching it happen right before her, witnessing his body's natural reactions as Erika brought his member to full mast almost faster than she had ever been able to do, Alwina felt a second painful lump settle in the pit of her stomach next to the numerous others that this day had brought. Seeing her husband's member outlined against her cheek as she took him with her mouth, an act that she had never been good at but that Erika clearly was, brought a jealous whine from Alwina's lips, barely audible to most to be sure but quite possibly detectable by the superhuman senses of the voidic monsters that had attacked their small village.

      So enraptured was she by the painful sight before her, that Alwina had almost forgotten about the werewolf clutching her from behind. "Gyahhh! Wha... Nnnooo!" She let out a surprised gasp, followed promptly by a powerless but impassioned denial as Markus ripped away her top, exposing her underwear for the beast's pleasure. The lacy bra connected to a transparent shift she had worn underneath her normal clothing, meant to be a treat for Siegmund later, proved no better armor against the beast's razor sharp claws all too soon however, and a second tearing motion simply ripped it away as well. With her full breasts bared, the peaks of her mounds hardened when exposed to the air, and Alwina briefly looked down at her suddenly bare chest as if about to try and cover herself before Markus reached around again and grabbed a handful of her soft flesh, prompting another startled cry. A moment later she felt the wolfman's member pressing against her from behind, her bubbly rear easily cradling the thick shaft despite her fairly slim waist, and the horrible realization of what was about to happen to her truly sunk in.

      "Nnn... Nooo!" She moaned weakly, trying to squirm away but wincing as her struggles inadvertently caused the werewolf's claws to dig into her flesh. He could rend her apart on a whim, could leave her dead at his feet before she could take a second step away even if she did somehow break away. Would that preferable? Would she rather be dead than suffer this horror? Every moment of it left Alwina near to breathless with terror and anguish... But when she looked down at Siegmund, even as Erika continued torment him with her mouth and looked to her with the female monster's juices coating his lips, she knew she couldn't just do that. It wasn't just the simple terror inspiring self preservation, but love for her husband that drove her to settle. If there was any chance they could escape this, any hope for them to be free of these voidic beasts... She would have to endure in order to see it.

      Of course, it wasn't long before that notion was very much more easily said than done. She couldn't help but let out another startled cry as Markus ripped off her skirt, and then the panties that matched her bra, leaving her naked save for the shredded remains of her clothing that still clung to her arms and the transparent black stockings leading down to her slippers. The powerful beastman easily forced her down to her knees despite her resistance, weak as she was in comparison, and she crooned in denial and tried to squirm away in vain as he forced her to bend over. Her gaze immediately flitted to Siegmund, and she opened her mouth to speak his name, to apologize that he had to see this, to say that she loved him, to reassure him that it would be okay.

      "Siegmu-nnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!" She didn't quite get to the last syllable of his name before Markus had aligned himself properly and promptly forced himself into her. Her soft petals had offered little resistance, and even if she wasn't naturally aroused the herbal supplements she had taken ensured that she still had sufficient lubrication to let him plunge in deep. Siegmund, even as he was being mounted himself by Erika, would have an uninhibited view of her face as the werewolf forcibly penetrated her, the look of shock, the widening of her eyes, and the dilation of her pupils. Though he had never been a large man, where his manhood was concerned, Siegmund had been the only man that Alwina had ever known. Markus had several inches of length and likely nearly an inch of girth on her husband, and if that wasn't enough to knock the breath from her, the odd shape of his cock and the way it stimulated certain parts of her most certainly was. That one kiss against her never-before touched cervix, unfamiliar and an odd mix of discomfort and pleasure, plus the intense pressure against her g-spot would have been enough to make Alwina moan earnestly and gladly were this a willing encounter, but even with the forced nature of it the voidic monster's immense rod forced pleasure from her body. While the discomfort might have overridden the pleasure at first, it wouldn't do so for long, and as Markus started up his rhythm Alwina's inner walls would moisten naturally to accommodate his thrusts even as they adjusted to his size.

      At first she could barely breath, her eyes unfocused and her frame mostly limp while Markus railed her from behind. Her breath came in quick gasps only to be knocked out of her with each of her rapist's thrusts, every impact producing a slightly ripple from her soft rear and causing her breasts to jiggle as they hung beneath her. While not nearly so strong or large or vigorous, Siegmund had not been a selfish lover, and when his manhood had failed to fully satisfy her he had always made sure to finish her with his fingers. The rough patch pf flesh that Markus' knot pressed against was intimately familiar with such attention, and Alwina had grown accustomed to finding release from stimulation against it. Gradually, she adjusted to his size and power, letting her breath again, but that only let her emit the moans that she was completely unable to suppress instead. This was not romantic or affectionate, nothing like the sessions she had enjoyed with her beloved. This was a rut, a simple act of raw animalistic passion, and unfamiliar though it might be and as far as her partner might have been from who she would have ever wanted to do this with, her body had no such emotional compunctions holding it back, and Alwina had no experience whatsoever to draw upon that might help her deny the sensations Markus proved so able to provide.

      "Owoaaahhhhh..... Aaaahhhnnnn.... Oooooaaahhhhhhhggggg! Agh, agh, agh, aghn agghhnnn aaaaggghhhhnnnnn!!!"

      Helpless as ever before the voidic werewolf rutting her, Alwina's voice rose high, crooning and moaning in pure animal passion, completely uninhibited by the inexperienced young townswoman. Drool began to trickle down her chin even as the honey of her arousal trickled down her thighs, leaking profusely from her increasingly abused cunny. Pure pleasure seemed to wash away all; the horror of the situation, the terror still brewing in the back of her mind, the agony of what she had witnessed, even the jealousy she had experienced while watching Erika mounted and begin riding Siegmund. He would undoubtedly hear every lewd sound that she was unable to silence, no doubt see the expression of bliss she was forced to wear, and there was nothing that she could do to suppress any of it. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and began to flutter just as she tensed inside and out, the first real breath she had managed to take in minutes leaving her in a long, throaty groan as her inner walls spasmed around the werewolf's thick tool and her honey squirted out of her in small bursts that formed a puddle between her legs. Her orgasm was longer and harder than any she had ever experienced, either from her husband or from herself, and it left Alwina shuddering for nearly a minute before she collapsed forward.

      Left panting for breath, her face in the tatters of her clothing and her ass still raised in the air on legs that felt like jello and the rock hard canine cock that was still impaling her. Unfortunately, while she might have been used to being one and done, Markus had no intention of giving her the time she would have needed to recover, or even allowing her to bask in her afterglow. For a few moments she was left whining and grunting, his motions briefly inspiring more discomfort than pleasure, but when that equation shifted again Alwina's eyes would roll back up into her head almost immediately. Shudders ran across her frame, every atom of the dark haired beauty seemingly enraptured in pure ecstasy, and a second orgasm soon followed the third, nearly as strong as the first. By the end of that one Alwina was almost completely limp and could barely manage the strength to heave for air, desperate though her body might be for a break from this. Markus was as yet unwilling to give her that mercy, but fortunately for Alwina he was getting close himself. Though she wouldn't recognize the signs, the swelling of the knot at the base of his rod and the powerful throbs running through his cock told of the oncoming deluge that she was to receive internally.

      Within a few more seconds his knot had swollen to the point that they were stuck together, and that only caused more friction against her most sensitive patch of flesh. Pressure built anew, exhaustion and familiar, and Alwina no longer made any effort to fight it off as it twisted knots into her belly. It wasn't until those knots unwound that she was truly broken, however, and even then not immediately. It took a moment into her third climax for Markus to reach his own, the desperate spasms of her inner walls too much for him to take, and when the werewolf came it was like a second orgasm in and of itself for Alwina. Siegmund had never been hesitant about cumming inside of her before, and it had always been an effective trigger for her, but as yet they hadn't been able to conceive a child together. After some discussion, it had been suggested by the village physician that she was having some trouble with fertility, and he had provided a dose of herbal supplements to aid her. Whether it had truly been her or simply her husband's impotency, or perhaps simply bad timing, who could truly say, but Alwina's body had most certainly responded to the herbs. Unfortunately, she and Siegmund had been unable to consummate for some time by circumstance, first by her monthly cycle and then by her imprisonment.

      Tonight she had intended to change that, and she just so happened to be at the very peak of her fertility, a freshly released egg waiting deep inside of her. It might have been something of a trek for her husband's seed, but had they had the opportunity she surely would have finally succeeded and conceived. Unfortunately, it was not Siegmund who bottomed out into her, pressing the tip of their cock deep inside as the contents of their balls traveled up his shaft. It was Markus, and while the Brevnian baker's seed launched into Erika's deepest depths might be unable to hit its mark, the virile seed launched into Alwina had no such troubles. The first blast of sperm caused Alwina to tense, eyes once more rolling fully into the back of her head and fluttering, though this time they didn't close as she stared without seeing towards her spent husband. Her inner walls spasmed inwards, milking the werewolf's cock, and at the same time her cervix dilated and dipped around his tip as every one of her inner muscles drew Markus' liquid gift deep into her body. The second shot may very well have splashed against the roof of her womb, and each successive one only served to fill her utterly to the brim.

      Legions of sperm flooded her innermost chamber, each squirming in a seemingly endless swarm, their desperate bid to fulfill their function and pass on their owner's genetic legacy leading them to spread throughout her reproductive system. As the werewolf howled in ecstasy and emptied himself into her and Alwina spread her lips in one final, pitiful moan, the deep delivery ensured that many of those cells had a prime chance. Her ovum was surrounded even before he had finished delivering his potent blasts, the cell's wall weakening by the second as an army of tiny suitors sought to claim it. There was no question of "if" he would impregnate her, forcing her to bear the child of a voidic monster rather than her beloved husband, only of how long it would take... And possibly, if the drugs worked a bit too well, how many he might sire in her, or if one of the others took a turn on her which of them might end up the father.

      To Alwina, however, none of that mattered. She had no understanding of what was going on inside of her, and any hope of intelligent thought had been quite thoroughly fucked out of her. She knew nothing, the light having left her eyes minutes ago as her limited stamina had been completely expended. When her pupils returned to their normal position, they were dilated but completely unfocused. She did not see as Siegmund reached out to her and took her hand, his weak fingers clutching around her limp ones despite the fact that he had just witnessed her conceive of a monstrous child, and seemingly enjoy nearly every moment of it too. When Markus pulled out of her she didn't make a sound, her steady panting only shifting a note for a moment before returning to its regular pace, and upon being released she slumped over onto her side, some of Markus' semen oozing down her lower thigh. After that she was unseeing, unfeeling... Totally limp and helpless, and though Siegmund may have expended himself, there was nothing she could have done at that point to prevent any of the other werewolves from enjoying her body to their heart's content, even if they would need to provide some prompting to get any significant response from her at that point. Not even Erika's final taunt in the form of her husband's seed smeared across her face earned a response from the exhausted peasant girl. She did nothing to prevent herself from being casually tossed to the next competitor to see who would seed her, though her egg was already surrounded by Markus' virile sperm with its defenses quickly failing.
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