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A Herm in a Monster Girl world (Player: TentanariX, GM: Kln)

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    Re: A Herm in a Monster Girl world (Player: TentanariX, GM: Kln)

    Yuka looked up in the tree with a concerned if not slightly miffed look on her face as the drider climbed back up into the tree. At Jolyne's words, the fox girl would nod at her mousie friend before proceeding onward on the path they had started until they had eventually come to a marsh which presented them with the choice of either trying to hop around the small islets scattered around the swamp or try their luck with the roughshod bridge going across the murky waters. At Jolyne's words, Yuka would grasp the mouse girl's hands and nod at her, "I think you are right, Jolyne. I don't trust that bridge any further then I could throw it. Watch your footing though, and try to hold onto my hand. With any luck we can cross this safely and avoid any further altercations till we get to the succubus." She try to comfort and encourage her companion before attempting to jump the islands.

    ((Attempt jumping across the islands.))

    Perfection is humanly impossible. The more you reach for it the farther away it grows. Failure is inherited to our species as a whole. But punishing ourselves and beating ourselves up for it helps nothing. The best any decent person can do is try, and try, and try again. And try to get better little by little day by day.