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SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

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    SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

    You may role play here, but list your location related actions in bold so I notice them.

    ~DISCLAIMER, subject to change based on popular opinion or simply my own whimsy.

    Welcome to The Pit. The place that will serve as your character's home while acting as a slave to the sex arena. There are various locations to visit while here, it's not so cramped after all.

    >Actions that have a star * listed next to them mean that once you perform that action, you can do no other action with a star next to it. Ex. you can't Train your charisma in your room and then go to the cafeteria to eat. One star is all you get.
    >All stats raised or lowered as a result will be from the same category. (Main, Power or Technique)
    >When a Main stat is chosen (or at random) to be lowered, it will decrease in increments of 10.
    • Your Cell

      -This is where you will rest and call your own personal space.
      +Sleep in your bed to restore all your stats (HP,PP,WP).
      *Practice in the mirror: raising Charisma by 1, another random Power stat by +1 (chosen at random), and Intimidation reduced by 1. (Strength, Dexterity, Fortitude, Reflexes, Intimidation and Charisma)
      *Masturbate: increasing your max PP by 20 and lowering another Main stat at random by 10.
      *Get yourself a bottom bitch: Bully a neighbor, and learn how to bully better in the future by gaining +1 Intimidation. You could be spending your time training though, -1 to a random Main stat and also -1 Charisma.
    • The Baths

      -It's a public bath for all creatures of The Pit. We aren't responsible for who drops the soap here, or who gets ambushed by Nagku the Orc and his Black Tear gang.
      +Take a normal bath to wash yourself of all those fluids.
      *Stand up to Nagku and his gang of jerks! This can possibly end up horribly. You successfully stand up to him, +20 to max WP. If you fail, you are gang banged by big alien men and reduce a Main stat by 10 (You still gain +20 WP upon failure)
      *The good soap is super slippery, it almost always slips from your hands. In order to smell really good, you have to catch it. Success means +1 Dexterity. Failure means you have dropped the soap and get gang banged by the Black Tear gang, reducing 1 Power stat at random. (You still gain +1 Dexterity upon failure)

    • Cafeteria

      -It's time to eat! The hell else do you think a cafeteria is for?
      *Stuff yourself with some food to make you nice and thick. +20 to Max HP, lower another Main stat at random by 10.

    • Training Room

      -This is where you can begin your Huge Quest. There is a black man with a fade cut shadow boxing in a dark corner, and an unrealistically muscular white man with a curly mustache doing reps using barbells with one hand each. The white man is dressed in a one-piece and uses words such as 'tally-ho!' and speaks proper British.
      +If you have SEWing points (rewarded from playing matches), you can train any stat here for a net gain in stats. You may spend as much or as little as you please. For each 5 points spent, you gain +2 to a stat of your choice. You also gain +1 to another random stat, and -1 to another stat. All stats raised or lowered as a result will be from the same category (Main, Power or Technique). In the case of selecting a Main stat, the changes will instead be +20 to a chosen and random stat with -10 to the remaining stat.
      *Bench pressing! Increase a chosen Power stat by +1. Another random Power stat will gain +1, and another Power stat gets -1 at random.
      *Spar with a partner! Train one of your four technique stats (Striking, Grappling, Evasion, or Sexual), and increase it by +1. A random Technique stat will gain +1, and lower another random Technique stat by -1.
      *Shadow box with the black man, who turns out to be a half-vampire. He always wears sunglasses for no sensible reason. +1 Reflexes, -1 to a random Power stat. (May have other effects as well)

    • Clinic

      -This is where you will go to deal with assorted complications to your body.
      +If pregnant, accelerates pregnancy to it's final stages
      +If any of your stats are below 3 (or 60 for Main Stats), you may choose one of your other stats, and lower it to bring it back up to 3. You may do this as much as you like for stats that equal 0-2. SEW points can also be spent to raise stats back up to 3.
      0 -> 1 = 1 SEW point
      1 -> 2 = 2 SEW points
      2 -> 3 = 3 SEW points
      *The nurse here is kind. She coddles and reassures you, boosting Fortitude +1. However, you also become a bit softer, -10 to a random Main stat.

    • Shop

      -Maybe you missed the part of being a slave? (This basically is a placeholder section at this time)
    • Enlistment

      -This is where you go to actually compete for your freedom. You can engage either in free matches, or attempt to become a champion of the arena!
      +You may challenge an enemy of your choice and engage in a free battle merely for SEWing points.
      +You may challenge a circuit! Move through the ranks and try to become a champion! Once you acquire a belt, you gotta defend it! Become a champion and be granted your freedom! (Currently unavailable)

    This will change as time passes. Be aware, be very aware. I probably broke something as well so I reserve the right to change all the things in the interests of fairness. If I do not notice any training, feel free to PM me so that I can deliver the result to you. Please add any changes to the bottom of the sheet with the Change Log included with the character sheets.
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    Re: SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

    Training Room - Bench Pressing

    Billy the Corrupted believes that to seduce all the ladies in The Pit, he must become attractive and muscular, so he enters the gym and decides to make the weights his bitch and really gets those arms burning. (+1 str, +1 random Power, -1 random)


      Re: SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

      Training Room - Spar with a partner!

      Gabby had been told by her mistresses that while she was in here, that she ought to train in order to grow stronger to be able to win matches and in turn win them more money for the betting done on her. She honestly didn't want to be in here, but it was her mistresses orders, and they made the rules for her now that they owned her and all. "Alright, what's my weak points, hmm?" Gabby thought to herself as she entered the training room.

      She decided she wanted to get some grapple training in, and asked around for anyone willing to train/spar with her to do so. (+1 grappling, +1 or -1 one random Technique stat, and -1 one other random Technique stat.)
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        Re: SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

        "This... Was not quite what I was expecting of my future. Damn you coach..." Elize thought as she looked into the mirror in her modest cell. She had know the coach through her career in fighting, and had trusted him almost like family. To be tricked into something like this... She had just not seen it coming from him.

        "Well... Moping isn't going to fix this any... Might as well make the best of it." she would think as she moves on up. Making way to the training area, she saw some colorful characters around, not entirely sure what to make of them all. "Does that angel... Seriously look like she has a dick... the fairly normal human girl would question herself in her mind as something all too familiar came to view. Yes, it was time to lift, and do it enthusiastically.

        (Get some gains. +1 str, +1 random power and -1 random thingy)
        "Damn damn fuck." - Revy, Black Lagoon.


          Re: SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

          I have instead changed training to all allow for a +1 net gain. As I will need to make a few additions to allow for the chosen stat to actually be chosen out of all possiblities.

          I will be leaving SEW point buys as a +2 net gain.

          I will be changing all training accordingly to reflect the secondary mystery stat gain or loss to instead be always a gain. The third stat will always be a loss still.

          That is all.
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            Re: SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

            Training Results:

            Billy: +1 Strength, +1 Charisma, -1 Dexterity

            Gabby: +1 Grappling, +1 Sexual, -1 Striking

            Elize: +1 Strength, +1 Reflexes, -1 Dexterity

            Please adjust character sheets accordingly.
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              Re: SEW: Season 2 "The Pit"

              Akroa works out for +1 Reflexes, +1 random power stat, -1 random power stat.

              Akroa also challenges Hafnium's PC, Erin, to a normal match.
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              Moar Pics for characters and stuff


                Ayra will work out for + Reflexes, +1 Random Power, -1 Random Power as her first action before her first match.


                  Erin will practice in the mirror for +1 Charisma, -1 Intimidation, and +1 Random Power as an action before her first match.

                  It took me forever to get around to this 'cos constantly busy and then the forum died. I'm not sure if Tassadar is still interested in fighting in this system post-rules change or not.


                    S'long as recovery is usable as a bluff.

                    Moar Pics for characters and stuff


                      Ayra: +1 RFX, +1 CHA, -1 INT

                      Erin: +1 CHA, +1 FORT, -1 INT

                      Akroa: +1 RFX, +1 DEX, -1 FORT

                      Please adjust your stats on the sheet and add them to a change log at the bottom as well.
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                        Ayra will head to the enlistment area, ready to get her first match out of the way. "There's no point in putting it off..." Ayra muttered to herself, "If I crack some skulls, maybe I can get out of here. Stuff like this is all I've ever been good at. I just gotta win, win, and keep winning. That's all there is to it..."

                        (Will challenge an NPC of the house's choice, whoever might be deemed appropriate for a fighter's first match? Barring that, maybe Jane like was discussed?)

                        ((I reposted this because the forum is being buggy and didn't seem to think my previous post existed or something??))


                          Well, the post went through 4 times. The problem has been that I never had a chance to actually reply to it. Unless someone else steps forward in the next few days then Jane will on Friday.
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