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The Colony - Day 2

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    The Colony - Day 2

    Patch Notes! Lulz.

    ((A storyline post, detailing the morning briefing and any objectives that have opened up. All of you will be able to participate in the first step of your storyline mission, but be warned, they aren't meant to be soloed. Most enemies have either been buffed up, or you'll just be facing more of them in a spawn.))
    The Story:

    The Story Thus Far:


    I'll be doing some more with the rules soon.

    Classes: There are nine different classes for PCs:

    Races: Don't care. You can be a furry, Elf, Asari, even a robit of some kind - as long as it isn't any sort of Goblin, Werewolf, or any other creature considered a 'monster'.

    Character Sheets: Pretty straight forward.
    Class: Marine/Engineer/Scout/Civilian/Pilot/Runner/Medic/Mechanic/Orc Grunt/Orc Slave
    Level: 1
    Will Power:
    Equipment (List Below):

    You can list any sort of backstory; like, if you choose to be the civilian, name your spouse/lover, what race they are, etc.

    Leveling up allows you to increase either your AP, FP or MP by one, or your EP by two.
    Every two levels allows you to increase your Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence or Will Power by one.
    Every three levels gives you the chance to buy a feat, presented to only your character, based on her experiences.

    Your character can die, but the invaders are rather entertained by the fact many of their races can breed with pretty much anything, meaning that there's only one real 'game over'. You have the chance to escape from your captors, but after so many tries, you will need to be rescued. If you get a game over, or if you won't be rescued for quite some time, I'll bring in another player to help balance out the teams again.

    Current Roster:
    1: Viola Theta #36 - "Circe", Scout; played by Maikochan.
    2: Ashley, Civilian; Played by Tassadar.
    3: Reya, Marine; Played by Keylo.
    4: Cassidy, an Asari Engineer; Played by Pale.
    5: Laina, Mechanic; Played by Quartz.
    6: Jenn, Medic; Played by Twisted's Evil Cousin.
    7: Kalica, Runner; Played by Dreana.
    8: Marie Kinkaid, Pilot; Played by DeMatt.
    9: Orc Grunt/Slave slot, held by TDreams.
    10: Orc Grunt/Slave Slot, open.
    11: Orc Grunt/Slave slot, open.
    12: Orc Grunt/Slave slot, open.

    Currently on Hold:
    Hali Qui, Engineer, played by Hali. She'll be back soon.
    Ruri Nasegawa, Medic, played by TentariX. Low posting by Tenta, so Ruri disappeared. I'm sure she could always reappear though.
    Annerose, Pilot, played by LDF. She may return.
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    What the fuck is this place?

    Re: The Colony - Day 2

    Firelight Base
    At 9:30 AM (Titan Time), even if an alarm had been set in the individual rooms, Kiera was kind enough to give everyone a wake up call. For some rooms she played a horn in... Other's she'd shift the bed and make somone fall off. For a certain blue Asari, Kiera was kind enough to douse in cold water. She spoke to everyone on the same level as Kalica picked herself off the floor and Cassidy spit water from her mouth: "Attention! All Alliance Soldiers, report to the Command Center in half an hour. Civilians are not expected to come."

    The AI disappeared then, allowing everyone to get ready. Kiera had left extra ammunition for everyone in their firearm lockers.

    Circe: +2 DX8 Clips, +8 Hamilton rounds.
    Cassidy: +3 DX8 Clips
    Ashley: +5 DX2 Clips, +4 Peacemaker Rounds.
    Reya: +2 Jennings Clips, +1 DX8 clip.
    Laina: +3 DX8 Clips.
    Kalica: +3 MDX5 Clips.
    Jenn: +3 DX8 Clips.
    Marie: +2 DX10 Clips.

    Firelight Base: Floor 2, Command Center; Circe, Ashley, Kalica, Hali, Reya, Cassidy Laina, Anne, Jenn, Marie, Commander Winters Kyle, Theresa, Simmons and Halmond.

    Cassie stood at-ease on her Command Deck, watching everyone trickle into the command center. Everyone from the day before arrived, all at different times, with a new comer being the last to arrive. The tall, thin woman wore a pilot's jumpsuit, her silvery hair tied back and away from her face. As the Commander spotted this tall woman, a smile slipped across her face; Circe and her group spotted her as one of the civilians that Cassie had been protecting.

    As everyone arrived, Kiera stopped playing with a virtual rubix cube, a much more complex one with 18 sides. She waved her arm, a window hovering in the air in front of her. As text began to sprawl down through the window, the same information began to flit across the HUDs of everyone in the command center.

    Cassie snapped to attention and did a quick salute, Kiera and the soldiers all quickly returning the gesture. Everyone was in unison except for Ashley, who was a good four or five seconds behind; the Commander didn't seem to mind, returning to her at-ease stance. She cleared her throat, beginning to speak.

    "Thank you all for coming," The woman said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Especially our two civilians... Ashley and Marie... Well, somewhat Marie," The rabbit smiled even more, nodding to her, "She's still one of the best pilots I've seen.

    "Are you loading the information they'll need, Kiera?"

    "Yes Ma'am," The AI replied, "All objectives, VIPs, and Sensor Nodes are being uploaded now. I've also let them know about our current resource situation."

    "Perfect," Cassie said, then fell silent for a few moments, letting everyone read.

    Current Objectives:

    Personal missions:

    Cassie clears her throat, making sure everyone was paying attention to her again. Looking around the room, she made eye contact with every soul there.

    "As you can see, we probably have our work cut out for us. The VIPs? We don't know if they're alive, if they've been captured, or if they've been killed... but we'll need them to become stronger. Finding them, finding other survivors, and finding resources are our main objectives right now. I can't provide much for support with only myself here in the Command Center... But Kiera and I will be your eyes and ears wherever our sensor nodes go.

    "Be careful while you're exploring, and make sure to go anywhere prepared. Because of the unusual minor seismic activity at night, the gates to the base will be closing at twenty-hundred hours exactly. Please be back before then," Commander Winters said.

    "Dismissed for now. There will be a debriefing at twenty-one hundred hours, here, in the Command Center. Good luck out there."

    ((Just to give everyone a head's up: I'm moving all characters and their stats over to a new system that'll make it a lot easier for me to do rolls and such. It won't take long to do, and it'll make posting faster! ))
    What the fuck is this place?


      Re: The Colony - Day 2

      Ashley pulled herself out of bed as Kiera sounded a horn in her ear. She shut off the alarm next to her bed, which had gone off a second later, glared at an indistinct patch of wall where she imagined the AIs holographic image to be, and got up. Having slept naked, she pulled her clothes back on, grabbed her weapons and ammo and headed for the command center, even though Kiera had said that civilians didn't have to go to the meeting. She waited for about twenty minutes for the rest of their group to show up, having gone straight there after waking up. She tried to keep up through the briefing, especially after she fumbled her salute so badly.

      Once it was over, she quickly went into her user interface, and began looking over what the base needed. It looked like they could use gunpowder the most at the moment, though she figured that they would take what they could get. Then, she opened a channel to Kiera and said; "Kiera, could you give me the personnel file on Pvt Donald Roscowitz please? I have Commander Winters permission, in case I don't have clearance or something. Any information on his last known location would be appreciated. Also, if you could give me any indication on where you think would be a good place to look for supplies, I could try and scrounge something up for the base to use."

      (Get info on Personal Mission and ask Kiera about supplies.)

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        Re: The Colony - Day 2

        Following true, old-fashioned Asari instincts, evolved to cope with a world that was nearly ninety percent sea, Cassidy gulps, swallowing the unexpected mouthful of water, before she's even properly awake. Rather than the rude awakening the ever-friendly AI had envisaged, the Asari makes a point of stretching, yawning, and peeling herself lazily out of bed, with an obscene gesture towards what looks like the closest video sensor. An obscene gesture only doubled by the Asari's habit of sleeping nude.

        Once more dressed in what any other race would call a catsuit, but what the Asari insisted was light armour, with the borrowed pistol at her side, the tattooed scientist slips into the Command Center seconds before the last arrival, and quietly makes a space for herself beside the Elevator.. without making eye contact with Cassie.

        The scientist also remains impassive through the salute, and briefing, apparently more interested in the data scrolling through her wrist-computer. Something seems to snag her attention, though.

        "....Unusual seismic activity? On a space station? Right. What's -really- going on..?"

        The murmur, however, isn't aimed at the room in general, and it was unlikely any but those standing close, or Kiera, would hear. With privacy in mind, the scientist taps at her wrist control.. and her armour extends, shifting to form a helmet. Another input, and the visor darkens, projecting her HUD and shutting off the world outside. A neat combination of anti-glare tint functions and immersive HUD projection. In the privacy of her helmet, the Asari subvocalises..

        "Kiera, quick check. I know you won't let me into our labs without supervision - so did any of your trusted personnel make it? Doctors, technicians, trainee students... even a salarian if you have one."


        ((Interview Kiera RE lab techs. Also, test the state of the AI-duplication multi-presence system, allowing them to be in more than one place at once. Or, check if Kiera can multi-task efficiently.))


          Re: The Colony - Day 2

          (Whee, introductory post! I'll paste the character sheet as a reference, since only Silth has it so far.)

          A tall and willowy woman steps quietly into the room. Kiera had opted to sound a scramble alert in her room rather than some more mundane alarm, and there is still a red mark on her forehead where she'd smacked it in jerking upright. Spotting Kalica and her wild mode of dress, she silently heads to the opposite side of the room. A silvery-gray ponytail dangles down her spine, thumping gently against her chair as she sits down. Her salute is in time, but anything but crisp, civilian life obviously having worn down her military discipline.

          Her name being called, Marie gives a wan smile and waves at the group. At the Commander's comment on her skills, she reddens and says, "So, yeah, I was a fighter pilot, and yeah, I'm still here. They still said they didn't need me any more after the war." She looks down at the brand-new DX10 pistol in her lap, and adds, "I just... couldn't stand sitting in a bunker, I guess..."

          With the verbal briefing at an end, she taps through the various task lists, pausing over the mention of the Repair Overseer. Valkyrie bikes...? Don't remember those... "Erm, I'd rather go looking for the Repair Overseer... but it might make more sense to go after the Head Surgeon first, since we know for sure where she is."
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            Re: The Colony - Day 2

            Firelight Base: Floor 2, Command Center; Circe, Ashley, Kalica, Hali, Reya, Cassidy, Laina, Anne, Jenn, Marie, Commander Winters, Kyle, Theresa, Simmons and Halmond.

            Another representation of Kiera suddenly appeared in front of Ashley, smiling brightly; the original VR stood back by Cassie, idly playing with the 16-sided rubix puzzle. She began to upload the file Ashley requested, explaining as she did:

            "Of course, Civilian Ashley. Even if Commander Winters hadn't given you permission, I'd still be obliged to; if Private Roscowitz died or contact was lost with him, he had you as his Emergency Contact - most likely to care for his daughter. As for our resources? Anything is helpful; but just be sure to go out in a group. While I'm having trouble tracking the Orcs, when I do get information on them, they seem to be moving around in larger packs."

            Ashley: Objective 1 complete. Objective 2 open.

            Kiera was definitely able to multitask, cross-task, sub-task and program VCRs, it seemed. She was speaking inside Cassidy's helmet as she spoke to Ashley and fiddled with her puzzle.

            "Lab Technicians? Do you -really- think I want you down in my labs?" Kiera's voice sounded inside of Cassidy's helmet. Before the Asari could come up with a reply, the AI continued, "And I wouldn't let you inside my labs... if Commander Winters hadn't told me to give you all the help you needed in getting them open again."

            Cassidy caught Commander Winters looking at her, even if she couldn't see the woman's eyes. After a few moments, the rabbit went over to Marie as Kiera continued.

            "I have a list of available Lab Technicians... We'll start with whom I know is the best, however."

            Cassidy: Objective 1 Completed; Objective 2 now open.

            Cassie walked over to Marie, standing just a little shorter than the woman. She smiled up at Marie, offering her hand.

            "Thank you again, Marie. I'm happy to have you as part of our team again."
            What the fuck is this place?


              Re: The Colony - Day 2

              *collecting the new ammo upon getting up and dressed her love of kiera was dropping faster and faster especally with the wake up call this morning. arriving and getting a heads up on the VIPs that were missing she smiled a bit to herself. watching the others start getting themselves together she gave a small call out as most the people were still together*

              "If we are going out to do anything we could probably benefit fro splitting up into two groups. at least get more then one thing done today and make our situation better. finding the surgeon would be great but i think getting the repair overseer back to help get some transport operational will speed up things for us far more. so with that said who wants to head out to the garage and try and find this Ing-whatever guy? the repair overseer."


                Re: The Colony - Day 2

                "Oh, Kiera.. you don't think I could -break- anything..? I'm not a salarian, or a human, after all.. I'm more at home in the dance hall, or wrapped around a stripper's pole, you know that.."

                Thankfully, the Engineer remembers to keep her visor opaqued, and her voice low. That probably wasn't the best of teases to announce to her fellow squadmates. Cassie at least would probably ensure she lived up to the promise, and she had no desire to go back to -that- life.

                With one last check over the data, the Asari unseals her visor, and relegates her HUD to transparency once more. Pointedly avoiding Cassie's gaze once more, she nods in appreciation of Marie's suggestion.

                "I'm with Mercury over here. As far as I can tell, Abstergo East is the only place with two, potentially more of our VIPs... and, if I know corporations, plenty of valuable resources, too."

                (I can't believe it, but Cassidy suggest we go to Abstergo. Clearly she hasn't played Assassin's Creed.)


                  Re: The Colony - Day 2

                  Circe was up a full half-hour before Kiera's wakeup call, cleaning her rifle and going over plans in her head, ticking off the seconds to the briefing so that by 0930 it was hard for the soldier who was used to wakeup calls before dawn to keep from pacing around the room. When Kiera's alarm came, Circe was out of her room almost before the AI could finish.

                  Although Circe was the first one in the command center, she stayed quiet as the others talked with Kiera and suggested plans. She had come up with her own plan in the morning, and there was nothing she needed to ask regarding it, though she knew going Lone Ranger would be a bad idea.

                  "I agree with Miss Kalica." She finally said, listening to the Runner's suggestion. "Once we have vehicles, we can quickly and safely get to the other objectives. However, I think of more immediate importance than Officer Hisagawa is Kairn Broadside. We have limited resources right now, we have to be as efficiant as possible with what we have. However," Circe looked over to Cassidy before continuing, knowing the that once the Asari had something in her head, she was hard to dissuade. "If the second group did decide to head to Abstergo's complex, they should keep their eyes open for supplies until our resource manager is back."

                  Circe didn't say which team she was going with, waiting for the others to decide where they were going first.


                    Re: The Colony - Day 2

                    Ashley goes over the data from the file Kiera brought up for her, not giving the AI any verbal response, and then pays attention to her surroundings at just the right moment to hear Kalicia ask about finding the repair technician, and Cassie ask about going to someplace called Abstergo East. She brought up a map on her HUD, looking for Abstergo and checking if it was close to the Honeydew Apartments. After a second or two of thought, she decided that if she wanted to get to Dons apartment in one piece and back to tell the story, she'd need some kind of vehicle, so she announced "I'll go look for the repair overseer. What's his name? 'Ing'tin Toklin?' I don't even know how to pronounce that, so lets go with Tin."
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                      Re: The Colony - Day 2

                      (Sorry about being slow, been kind of busy.)

                      Startled awake by being unceremoniously dumped onto the floor, Laina fumbled around frantically searching for her weapon. After a few dazed moments of panic, she realized what had happened and let out a prolonged sigh. "You do know how on edge everybody is, right Kiera?" She began, as she stood up and grabbed her weapon holster off of a desk next to her. Having fallen asleep in the previous day's clothing, she was basically ready to go as soon as she woke up, so she quickly finished her thought before exiting the room. "This has been stressful enough for everybody as it is.. We don't need any additional scares on top of that. Could you please just ensure that my alarm clock goes off at the correct time in the future?"

                      When she arrived at the command center, the others were already discussing their plans for the day. Not choosing to interrupt them, she instead stayed behind them and pulled up a display showing the list of VIPs on her omnitool, carefully studying the individual profiles. After it became clear that the plan was to split up, she stepped up closer to the group and said "These VIPs all seem pretty spread out, so I think the transportation to get to them is going to be important. I'm going to go with the group that's looking for Ing. Even if we aren't able to find him, I'd be able to at least try and get those bikes running so that we can reach the others more easily. After that, I agree with Circe that we should look for the Resource Manager. Our stockpile situation right now is bad enough that we really do need to make every bit count."
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                        Re: The Colony - Day 2

                        She knew Commander Winters didn't really care about Marie herself, just that she had another warm body to work with. All that nattering about Marie's skills and how glad she was that Marie was "back on the team" was just propaganda, getting Marie reaccustomed to being under military discipline and getting her mind on the mission.

                        But, damn it, it was working. Marie shows a tentative smile in return, taking Cassie's hand and giving it a firm squeeze. "I guess... I just wish I was doing it from the inside of a Hellcat, or a Mad Cat since we're inside..."

                        She gives a sharp glance at the Asari, wondering how she'd guessed her old callsign. This turns into a more calculating look as she and two others voice their support for rescuing the Repair Supervisor. "Well, if you all want to go after Ing, then I'll go along with that. Commander, you and Kiera think it'd take four of us to get down there safely, right?"
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                          Re: The Colony - Day 2

                          ((..That was actually Cassidy being a sarcy bitch and calling her names..! No guesswork involved!))

                          Cassidy had never been a team player. Not in the slightest. This was partly due to her antipathy towards large conversations and "group discussion sessions". Like this one. In Cassidy's world, either she gave the orders, and other people followed.. or she was -given- orders, complained about them, and eventually followed them.

                          As more and more voices of people she quite frankly, couldn't care less about, chime in from every possible angle, the Engineer shakes her head. Eventually, she clears her throat.

                          "Well... if we have a plan forming, then I'm available to help a group out.."

                          Lappy, after all, was watching.

                          "But bear in mind, I'm a doctor, not a marine. I'm not going to be much use in a firefight. If we come down to depending on my pistol for defence..? We're probably fucked."


                            Re: The Colony - Day 2

                            Circe allowed herself a smile as four of the others quickly formed themselves into a group to find the missing Repair Overseer. However, with such a group already formed, that left her with the possibility of teaming up with Cassidy, something that left a bitter taste in the bioid's mouth.

                            "Kiera," Circe looked over to the AI's figure playing with the cube. "I arrived here on a semi-combustion engine Valkyrie. Do you know if it's still outside the base?" Circe then glanced over to Cassidy, waiting to see what she would do, if anything in response.
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                              Re: The Colony - Day 2

                              ((Well, I -was- waiting on Keylo to post... same with Twisted1.. So I guess we can start a group without them.))

                              Firelight Base: Floor 2, Command Center; Circe, Ashley, Kalica, Hali, Reya, Cassidy, Laina, Anne, Jenn, Marie, Commander Winters, Kyle, Theresa, Simmons and Halmond.

                              Cassie smiled as she listened to everyone pronounce Ing'Tin's name wrong. Waiting until everyone calmed down, Commander Winters spoke up:

                              "It's pronounced 'Een-Tin Toll-kin' - he doesn't like being called 'Tin'... It's apparently a racial slur in his race. As for how many it will take?... Well, we're better off in bigger numbers, just to be safe. Sub-Floor 12 has rather wide-open spaces for us deploy large groups in. But uh..." She paused, looking between Circe and Cassidy, "...If you two want to go after someone else, I'm sure that would be fine."

                              Kiera didn't look up from her puzzle as she answered Circe.

                              "it seems to be, but that bike was a semi-combustible engine, Circe. While it used synthetic oil for fuel, it also used an energy network across Titan - and that vehicle came specifically from Trinity Base, nearly 30 miles away." Finally, she looked at Circe from over her puzzle, "And I don't believe it has any fuel left to operate so far from Trinity."

                              ((For now, when it comes to Reya and Jennifer, people will have to pick them up on a group. I'll just roll attacks and such for them.))
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                              What the fuck is this place?