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    Blue Water Inn

    The man stroked his beard and looked at Sylvia and her companions with interest.

    "Gold is gold, my lady. You'll find room here with us. Is this just for yourself or are your other friends staying as well?" He pocketed the coin and moved to place some utensils down in front o Sylvia first, and then the others she was with, assuming they'd be at least paying for a meal.

    "Silver to hunt the werewolves, eh? Now that does mark you as an adventurer, as much as your coin suggests you're a foreigner. Don't be alarmed by that, we rather like travelers in an establishment such as this. Hrmm... well yes, there is a smithy at the town square. A man named Grygori can make silvered weapons. Has done so in the past with bolts and arrowheads and such. I'm sure he could give your axehead a go, but it wouldn't be cheap."

    He again brushed his beard and held up a finger.

    "Well I'm not sure the reason. The Wizard of Wines vineyard is our supplier, on the road south of Krezk and north of Yesterhill. I'd really like to know what's happened to the shipment. People in Barovia rely on good wine to get them through the day. For some sad souls, it's the only reason to go on living. For me - it's my business. You seem like strong types, and you say you're willing to tackle on werewolves? If you care to investigate a simpler matter than that, and get my delivery of wine to me, I'd give you all free room and board here for as long as you liked. I might even have a word with Grygori to bring the price down on that silver too."



      Vita the tiefling warlock, currently dressed
      Vallaki Gates then Blue Water Inn
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      Sylvia's solemn answer had Vita looking at her before bowing her head for a moment. Horns lowered as she accepted that implied oath.

      "Only the abbot being the beacon of light? I find that ah hard to believe when I am speaking to one who is flowing with light." Vita's words came out smoothly even as she pursed her lips. The tiefling going into small thought at the moment before seeming to come to a decision. "Would you be willing to tell me about the ah Abbott? Of how he preaches?" Vita forced herself to look more firmly at Esvele, doing a job on herself to push the anger away and leave it.

      Hearing the words coming from her companions and feeling the looks, Vita nodded her head as she just hunkered downwards to keep herself quiet, out of sight as much as she could and tried to not bring attention to herself. This is the usual reaction her mother told her about. For places where she went too, this is the common.

      Keeping quiet as she listened and watched the townsfolk, she looked at the hats. Brown and more black. A pile of colors that were dreary as the land itsef. And the price for the dreary things were just flat out nonsense to Vita's mind. "The hats they have here. Nngh. They are ah, so dull." As Vita looked at them even as Esvele drove the cart, going to and fro.

      "Good to see you." Vita spoke, feeling relieved to be inside and away from all those looks. "Wolf steak?" Vita perked up at the word wolf and the taste of meat. Eating meat IS uncommon and that they are having it so available! But for that price... 1 whole electrum just for that steak, she couldn't spend money on something like that. That was like... like 300 copper for a steak!

      A man quickly came forward, talking about a delivery and going to take their orders for them. Sylvia interjecting and asking. "Oh!" Vita startled as utensils as placed down in front of her as she colored slightly. Having been lost in thought about that wolf steak and idly listening to Sylvia's words and his replies before interjecting into the quiet. "Ah um, good sir, do you know of any ah huntsman that be willing to ah help us in hunting wolfs? And ah um, I am ah ready to order."

      She waited a beat for the man to respond. "I'd like some ah beet soup along with eggs and the um, purple ah... wine?" Vita questioned softly looking at the man hoping she got some of that right. She knew they offered beat soup! Along with a deal with it. Vita looked at Ireena, wondering if she is going to order anything or if the noble girl wanted her to order.

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        (50 copper = 1 electrum. )

        Blue Water Inn - Taproom

        "Ah very good," The man said, making a mental note of the tiefling's order. "My wife Danika makes the soup daily. We've a small holding lot in the back, and we grow the root vegetables ourselves. The bread is a sourdough we make as well." He then adds a response to her question about hunters.

        "And yes, we have several hunting groups that sell wolf meat to us. Our most regular suppliers usually come in for dinner, so if you're here later tonight I can introduce you to them. Their names are Szoldar Szoldarovich and Yevgeni Krushkin. Dangerous work, hunting wolves in these parts. Plenty of the beasts around, but they range in packs and often as not, the wolves here hunt man just as much as man hunts them.... are you by chance interested in a room here? If so, you can save some money on your dinner."

        Ireena sets a hand on Vita's lap.

        "The price isn't unreasonable. I think we can afford a gold for the pair of us, especially if it includes meals."

        "Urwin! My good man! Another cup of the Dragon Smash, if you please!" Says the half elf man in the purple entertainer's hat. He seems to be voraciously eating through a wolf steak.

        "I'll be right with you, sir," The proprietor responded, still waiting to hear from anyone else who wanted food.



          Blue water inn

          Sylvia mused. Not cheap wasn't good for her, as she wasn't rich. She also wasn't a merchant. "Shipment you said? So we'd need a boat?" She pondered. "As tempting as a free place to stay while I get my bearings sounds... What if we look into the matter but find that the wine has been destroyed or the wizard is going back on the agreement you had, does your offer still stand if we check on your delivery best we can but can't reach the result you hope for? I mean, not to be pessimistic, but something could have happened to the wizard as well to so delay this shipment." Sylvia was however, methodical in her consideration of things.

          She then glanced over to Vita. "Hiering a professional hunter to help track what we search for is actually a pretty good idea.. though considering the kind of wolves we hunt and unless you are much richer than I myself, I'm not sure that'd work out.. we have to disclose the actual danger of this hunt to them and I doubt any would be crazy enough to help us for a few gold coins afterwards." She mused, noting the hesitance about paying a gold piece here and there and concluding the others weren't swimming in gold either. Though she decided she could find common ground in everyones, exspecially Vita's shared desire to confront the wolfish beasts.

          "And anyway, before I risk any confrontations I have to make sure my weapon can truly harm the creatures. I doubt they are looking for a nonviolent sollution and that suits me just right." She nodded. For her the first goal would be the smith, perhaps while the others delivered Ireena to the church. As far as Sylvia was concerned this was a safe place.
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            "Er... no. No boat. Shipment's just a phrase... er, delivery would be a better term," Urwin corrected. "And it's not a wizard that runs the vineyard. It's just a name from back when it was founded. Meant to make it sound unique. Look, I'm a business man. I need my wine. If you can get the ship-- deliveries back on schedule, then that helps me make money, and I can pay you back from those profits. If I don't have wine to sell, then I'm not gonna have the money to help you or anyone."