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    Captain Rovana
    Krezk abbey

    "I've had a lot of unnatural these past few days, glad to have a piece of it for meself." Rovana grinned. Technically, Damia's concerns certainly weren't misplaced, considering the sticky, slimey feeling she had felt, but then again, that had to be weighted against the blade giving her a quite literal edge in challenges to come. As soon as anything 'natural' could offer her that, Rovana would be all ears.
    She then grinned and winked at Aleric, though she didn't respond further, much as she enjoyed his complimenting, she was more flirting for the sake of it, not to woo the noble.

    Rovana, in her dream, once more found herself trapped between lust and revulsion, which just fanned the flames of her lust further, cooing at the comforting, erotic closeness of the vampiress, whilest keeping a wary look at the green eyes. "Such a voyeur. I mean not the worst option, certainly but..." Rovana pondered, trying to articulate her sense of unease, but finding herself interrupted by a moan at the progressively more intimate touch of the tendrils.. was this what she wanted? She certainly didn't find herself struggling mu
    ch despite the situation. A part of her liked the feeling of the defiling slime.. perhaps the same part that made her look up curiously at everyone disrobing, it occuring to her that she had seen a fair amount of people naked in these lands, Damia when she had been molested, Lady Wachter, Neku was technically not that dressed anyway.. Plus, her dream fantasy-pairings seemed juicly believable, to the point were Rovana couldn't help but grin at Blasa's dream-jealousy, at the same time rolling her eyes at her shadow, thinking 'I'm not -that- slutty.' Well, truthfully, there had been a.. certain time with her old pirate crew, after a lot of booze.. But that had been a bad idea. Some men thought just because you let them be on top they got to call the shots afterwards and it had taken a more.. drastic measure to restore the chain of command, to put it simple.

    Rovana smirked in the dream, remembering her blades newfound powers. She doubted anyone would question her leadership now, even without being on her ship. All in all, though quite painful and dangerous a struggle at times, having been swallowed up by the mists had made her stronger.
    Though, admittedly, deeper thoughts like that were disturbed by Ludmilla pushing into her from the front, and a tentacle pumping into her back, making the piratess moan out, perhaps even outside of her sleep as she heard...felt? Ludmilla call to her..

    "Waah? Huuh. oh my, by all means help yourself.." She said, more aroused than angry at the vampiress touch and nightly.. evenly? Visit. "Hamnn.. Perhaps I like to lie dangerously, or am just crazy.. for something." Rovana mused, then chuckled, seeming not too emberassed at Ludmilla noticing her new.. connection. "It turns out the real Dagon is more reasonable than the shadow I'm set out to slay and has a proper taste in women. That said, a little too.. inhumane to make for a proper lover, more of a patron. To be clear, I'm not one to debase myself before some greater power, but I can respect an exchange of.. favors." She mused, biting her lip under the feeling of Ludmillas tongue, adding: "All I want is to sail free, forever, with my crew and name as mighty pirate.. and you. Anyone that doesn't stand in the way of that is not my enemy and anyone that supports that can count on my support in turn." She nodded, one hand coming up to caress Ludmillas arm in a softly emotional gesture, though her hips rocked against the vampries fingers teasing her.

    "I had quite the day, climbing an old tower to meet my shadow again as well as the group of sailors you saw me with, sailing to grab the mage, only to find an undead crew.. showed their captain how it's done and fixed the insane mage. Then, when my blade was completed, a weapon to hurt the shadow that hunts me and my homeland and overall lacks.. style, I completed my blade.. apparently, it's linked to Dagon, at least the gem that empowers it now. Dragged me to the darkest depths of Davy Johnes locker, to a many eyed.. thing that I'd rather put my gold on than Strahd. The real Dagon who then.. well, for lack of a better explanation, violated my soul.. but, frankly, after all that happened to the thing, it felt quite enjoyable, just like your cold, yet strong and gentle hand taking my body for yours feels so .. goood.... just like you take me as you desire, in a way, so did Dagon and all of it feels wrong and so good...
    Does that sound.. unusual? Don't judge me until you've tried them, my love, I didn't judge you either. Heh."
    Rovana half jokingly pleaded,
    "I'm no fool to be used, you saw me stand up to Strahd and die rather than serve another, but I don't think the real Dagons interests conflict with yours, or mine. Me doing as I please helps him, indirectly.
    Think about it, neither of us is -free-, you may be free from Strahd, but not your dark hunger and Dagon freed me from being bound to these lands. And even beyond that, we are bound by our.. desires, my dark queen. You hunger for me, I hunger for your kiss."

    Rovana purred, looking over to the gem set into her swords hilt, her one hand, if allowed, sneaking into Ludmillas dress and feeling the throbbing length of the vampires shaft, caressing along it, enticingly.. turnabout was fair play, wasn't it? "The others noticed I looked pale after your kiss, this morning.. it was oddly arousing to have them watch me like this.. hmnn.. though, I got to ask, you not take too much now. Not that I don't want to be your pale beauty, but there's battle ahead, I can't risk being a frail maiden then. Afterwards.. thats another thing." She chuckled lustfully.
    "But my point is, I'm yours today as I was yesterday, my love. Being jealous of Dagon would be like being jealous of my ship. Important to me, but I can't exactly fall asleep in its comforting embrace, nor has she ship, or Dagon, accompanied me to the places that you have." She looked at Ludmilla with an unusal, romantic expression. "My connection to Dagon is a far more.. spiritual one and I know it sounds odd hearing me say that. It's slimy and violating and arousing all at the same time.. and what about you? How are you, Ludi? I mean.. you've been a vampire for many years, but free for not even one day, how do you feel? We promised you'd be my queen, I your corsair, but I realize that this is not just about my fantasies, if you miss your old ways as knight, I wont keep you from that path. If you are curious about what Dagon did to me, I'd not mind sharing this digusting, wonderful sensation.. and at the same time, of all people, only you could convince me to deny that fate, if you truly disdain sharing, I've got ship and crew, through your kiss I can gain immortality as we please before my beauty withers away and I'm certain I can find another powerful sword somewhere after I dispatched the shadow.. though you'd most certainly owe me a bunch." She smirked, pulling herself up to embrace Ludmilla with a lustful expression. "Or do you want me to choose our path, content and trusting in knowing that you own my heart like none other ever could, my... bride." She cooed. Was that the right term from a vampire-bride to their vampire? It sounded a bit emberassing, but if Ludmilla enjoyed it.
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      The Abbey of St. Markovia, Outcropping


      "Invitation, accepted~" Ludmilla responded sultrily as Rovana off-handedly offered her body to the vampiress. The groping grew ever so slightly tighter and more possessive, the fingers increasing speed as they worked across her wet folds.

      "If you're not crazy for me yet, my sweet, then I shall have to drive out the very last of your sanity. I have a good tool for that~" She pressed the weight and shape of her hips forward, the erection she was sporting clearly at full mast and eager to plumb Rovana's depths. As Rovana spoke on about her experiences with greater demons of the sea, her clothes would be in danger of ripping as she was disrobed by a wanton and clearly lust-filled vampiress.

      "So then, am I the break in your armor then? An untameable pirate captain - her legend in the making - who bows to no one, except myself, in the shadows, away from prying eyes, she meekly bares her soft neck to beg to please her secret mistress of the night? Oh, just like this Dagon, I have no desire to stand in the way of your rise to infamy - so much the sweeter if you are the most feared captain ever to sail the seas. I would want nothing short of that to be the one who kneels before me, and intwines her delicate body with mine. I desire to be the only one who earns your submission. Such is more precious than the greatest jewel, the finest wine, the sweetest song. That is what draws me to you, Rovana."

      Ludmilla was whispering these thoughts in Rovana's ear, each point punctuated by a swirl of her finger on the pirate's swollen clit.

      "Oh, but I am jealous of this Dagon. Give me none of these pleasant assurances for I am jealous of all that distracts you from me. Such is the nature of the Dark Kiss that binds us. Have your fun with other monsters, but always shall I be displeased if ever your queen is far from your mind. But if this corrupting touch of the demon increases your lust, then I suppose I can abide its presence. You shall just have to convince me your devotion to your queen is first and foremost as often as you can, and certainly show me what the feeling of this creature's touch is like too.~"

      Here, Ludmilla broke the conversation, demanding a long drawn out kiss with the captain, She did not hold back on using her vampiric strength to overpower the corsair, leaving Rovana with no choice but to receive the vampire's advance, though the feel of her lips and tongue were soft and gentle, indicative of the tenderness lurking behind the vampire's intimidating exterior. The last vestiges of their clothes were torn away, leaving the dark vampire's nude body covering the soft pale flesh of the Brechtan, pinned and dominated beneath her.

      "Ludi~~ I like it when you call me that." She smiled, but then grew slightly more serious in her response.

      "I shall never again be the knight I once was. I shall serve no dragon. I shall serve no demon either. No one shall I serve ever again - though I shall indulge a certain ravishing corsair who has rescued me from my bondage. I intend to be a queen in more than just name, Rovana. I will have my own domain, my own followers. I have the heritage of a warrior queen in me, and the upbringing of a noble. Now I have the dark strength of the vampire as well. Who better than I to rule over a haven of darkness in the turmoil of this place of mists? Help me to establish my court, Rovana, and you shall be forever my beautiful consort and captain - and when the time is right, and if you find no other road to immortality, I shall make you mine into undeath, and we shall be unlike any other pairing to have sailed or ruled. All shall fear and respect us."

      The vampire's chest pressed against Rovana's, her hands reaching low to hoist the mortal's thighs to either side, giving her position to prepare her entry.

      "Mmm... you ask me to restrict myself from your blood, and yet, I have such a heady need.~ I can smell your sweet, red nectar. Already your taste lingers in my memory and I could almost find release from it alone. Ah... no, if I sink my fangs into you, I shall not be able to stop from taking just a sip. Better to fuck you and leave you a wet mess, and then find someone else to sate my hunger. Once your battle is over, I shall take my fill of you, that is for certain.~"

      The vampiress pressed her transmuted cock head against Rovana's entrance, putting a teasing pressure against the wet and waiting folds. There was an intense red light coming from Ludmilla's dark eyes, as the night creature prepared to take the pirate. Then, suddenly, she pushed herself in to the hilt, accompanying the motion with a delighted hiss, watching for the surprised reaction of the pirate, from being filled so quickly. There was no pain, for the vampire had prepared her body well, and the shaft was eagerly swallowed up by Rovana's body. Pleasure raced through her, and the vampire began to undulate her body, rocking her hips and rising above the pale pirate, the beautiful, dark vampiress becoming for the time being, her entire world.

      "Yes... you feel so wonderful. Ah, Rovana. Take me inside of you! Surrender your body to your queen's pleasure!"


        Captain Rovana
        Krezk abbey-secret vampire cuddle corner

        "Ahmnn.." The pirate moaned out, not seeming to mind Ludmilla taking her joking remark at face value, cooing an "Oh my?"
        At Ludmillas promsied tools, squirming half out of her clothes.. couldn't have those things be in need of replacement too much! "I'd not call you a chink in the armor myself, but.. ooh my, are you lustful or charming right now, Ludmilla?" She purred.. and moaned, with the vampiress finger toing over her, her bossom rising with quickened breathing. "Oh my.. I knew you'd make a far better beautiful queen than you could ever dance to Strahd's whims. As for sharing what I felt with you.." Rovana mused, one hand wandering to touch the hilt of her blade, though Ludmilla made it awfully hard to focus on anything else, moreso as Rovana hungrily responded to the passionate kiss.

        "Hamnn.." She sighed, closing her eyes in the kiss, looking up at the vampiress. "Hmnn.. I can respect serving none but yourself.. and I'd hope you'd want to indulge me a fair bit of course. You'd make a splendid ruler. Though, keep in mind to not kill those you feed on, if they be any part of me crew of the soldiers along, we have little enough we can't waste it" Rovana took in the dark form of her lover. "And be careful, choose your kingdom wisely. This place doesn't just ooze evil, it hungers for it. I'll eagerly have you ravish me and indulge and support your dark desires.. but take care not to take any steps down whatever path made Strahd what he is now. You are the mighty, dark queen to rule, not even your curse should dictate your desires." The idea of serving a dark queen was arousing, certainly, as was the fear and respect for their rule, but, more or less, Rovana understood the dangers of these lands as well.
        Though, when Ludmilla parted her legs, so did she part away much of the pirates concerns, or at least her ability to voice the same, she blushed, and gulped, looking at the red glowing eyes of Ludmilla.. loving, yes, but also a monster, not much different from Dagon in her hunger in a way. It was strange that for all her ability, Rovana was the one most human here. .. though she also felt a tinge of regret at Ludmillas kiss being delayed, for now.
        Though, a dark, unnatural lover like this was all the more enjoyable as she took the piratess, Rovana gasping once more at the powerful intrusion, holding up against Ludmilla to steady herself.
        "Aaah.. aahn.. yes My queen.. oohmnn.. s.. so deep in me.. sate yourself with my body as you desire!" Rovana mewled out and, in this moment of submission, Ludmillas ideals of taking the captain as herself and rooling as the dark queen she deserved to be sounded.. quite tempting, as her back arched back in a lustful posture, moaning under the vampiress 'assault' though holding her own, her sex warm and tight as it gripped the dark invading shaft, even as her eyes closed in a rising of lust.
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          Cuddle Corner

          "Being free at last, it brings out my true charm, I think. Don't you agree, my love?" Ludmilla said indulgently, stroking her corsair.

          "For those who comply with my rule, I shall share the reaping of my power. Unlike Strahd, I desire my halls filled with the living and the loyal. Hmm hmm... difficult, if a mortal thinks itself cattle but - nnh~"

          The vampiress paused to bask in the feel of herself leaning over the now naked pirate, brushing her hands tenderly across the many scars that darted across the blonde adventurer's skin.

          "You'll bring them to me, won't you? Bring the errant travelers of the sea to my shore, and with you by my side, I can show them how their new queen will indulge loyalty. Oh, how I desire to indulge you in front of all - my captain and champion. Hnnn~ And let any devil or demon or angel try to fight me - I shall smite them with both light and darkness. sweet pirate. We shall be a pair to be feared across all land and sea!"

          The monstrous lover growled predator-like, and thrust inside of Rovana, quickly, savagely, but always locking eyes, and transfixing Rovana in the midst of their love-making. The pirate could feel the glamour of vampirism being used on her. Ludmilla had truly charmed her!

          [no resistance, due to dark kiss and current situational disadvantages!]

          "I could make you mine, totally, in this moment. Hnnh! Hnnh! But... hnnh! All I want, ahh! Is for you to be - eurahh... the pirate you were meant... nnh to be! Rovana! Rovana! Moan for me!"

          The vampire increased her gyrations, gripping the blonde by her wrists, then lifting her by the waist to change the angle, driving down further, and making certain that every ridge and vein of her transmuted cock was being felt along the mortal's inner walls and sensitive g-spot. The cold air filled with the moans of their mingling, the hot slap of flesh colliding. The vampire's stamina was relentless, shaking the poor pirate's form back and forth, making her body oscillate like a doll being shaken vigorously. The speed and friction soon overwhelmed the pirate's limits. The vampiress cooed with a happy sense of victory as her cock throbbed and dipped with finality all the way inside, before letting loose and bottoming out inside of the pirate's gooey honeypot. The quantity of vampiric seed was absurd, and could only be attributed to the magical nature of the bestowed phallus. Even pulling it free from an overflowing slit, the magnificent dark shaft was splurting hot fluid across Rovana's belly and splashing against the underside of her breasts. Then, the stream finally ebbed down to a trickle as white, musky semen drained down the side of Ludmilla's still twitching cock.

          Though she was truly charmed, the Vampiress gave no order that prevented Rovana from doing as she liked.

          "It fills me with a certain thrill being able to do this," Ludmilla gestured to her mystically alluring eyes. "A new skill of my freed blood. Know that I shall never mistreat you with it... though it could lead to interesting bedroom antics, if you'd consent ahead of time.~"

          The vampire was willing to lie behind Rovana, spooning her and stroking her hair protectively, not seeming to be in any particular rush to leave. Only when the pirate indicated it was time to go would Ludmilla stand and reluctantly redress, electing to wear no real armor and carry her Bloodspear openly.

          "I am prepared to travel, but I should warn you. Vampires are not comfortable on open water. On your ship I am safe, but long sea voyages are draining, for both myself and necessarily for your crew. I will need to feed, and my hunger shall increase the deeper out to sea we go. And if I were to lose my grave earth overboard, I would be dreadfully weakened. So... as much as I love your company, we must find some port at which I can make a semi-permanent haven. That is for after our confrontation with this Dagon shadow. I will fight it with you - just make sure we time our fight for the night time."


            Captain Rovana
            Krezk abbey-secret vampire cuddle corner

            Rovana cooed into her dark lovers embrace, basking in the dark beauty above her just as much as Ludmilla enjoyed her position above her, nodding in agreement. "Haah.. my love.. there are many, many more eager and willing to follow a queen or mighty captain than there are willing to lead.. a few encouraging kisses of your dark blessings and certainly you'll have those serving you loyally, lovingly, without need for torture and force. Let those that don't accept you as queen fend for themselfs, these lands are happy enough to.. indulge that.
            I've seen peoples hunger for obediance with Lady Wachter... felt it myself. All they need is a strong leader that will protect them from danger and guide them. Cattle is such a derogatory word, yet without a farmer, how long could cattle proper before wild animals tear it apart?."
            Rovana moaned, with the vampiress thrusting into her, her eyes glazing over slightly as Ludmillas will took hold of her through the gaze.. something about being held by Ludmillas will made the act even more arousing and the vampiress command caused Rovana to moan out twice as loud.

            "Haaah.. aaaah.." Rovana moaned out, her body twitching as she felt herself pumpd full of vampiric cum, writhing in an overwhelming climax, unable to articulate herself, if for a short while, just enjoying the overwhelming climax her dark lover mercilessly fucked into her, Rovanas eyes transfixed on her lovers, moaning a soft. "I'm grateful for you allowing me to be free, mistress. It is a strange sensation.. I am still myself, with my own goals and hopes but.. they are all less important than your will.. I guess I better understand the struggle Strahd put you through now.. but of course, being enslaved to the will of one who loves and respects you is nothing to fret over." Rovana moaned, and relaxed with Ludmilla for a long moment while the charm faded, musing: "Perhaps, slowly, I'll learn to control the powers of this blade and next time show you something.. interesting, only to entice you to make me yours even more of course, my love." She cupped her lower belly, blushing, still a little out of breath as she mused on.

            "As for your feeding on the ship.. well, after the fight we shall see, but there are a few that are too rebellious to follow me as part of a crew.. for example this woman, Blasa, lost her shield maiden, and her only goal now is revenge." Rovana turned around in the spooning, her eyes glittering with mischief as she leaned down, licking along Ludmillas shaft, cleaning her in a lustful-submissive way. "Not that I'd want her to change much but.. She.. hmnn.. would be so much more beautiful, a little paler, and loyal to her captain, don't you think? To bring you beautiful servants I need a beautiful, loyal crew, eager to obey my command.. to please you. We aren't harming them, just giving them a better purpose than revenge or despair in this dreary land., that's my one condition. Let's not conquer.. but safe them. Strahd forced people under his rule and made them suffer.. we will offer them refuge, obediance and pleasure for their loyalty as the price." Rovana moan-cooed, finishing with a kiss of the tip of Ludmillas tip, whilest gripping the hilt of her sword, the cum that had splattered her flowing up.. into her hand,.. only for her to drink it up with a lewd expression.

            "But for now.. there is a shadow in my way. I'll bring the fight to it tonight, striking, hopefully when it does not expect it. Then.. I'll make it's powers mine.. and you know what? Any damsels it has captured will be ours.. We will be both saviours from a horrible fate of drowning and undeath, but we wont be saints that let them run free. The toll shall be to serve queen or captain, help sail with me, or build your kingdom.. certainly beats the alternative." Rovana determined, getting up and re-dressing. "My sword is the one thing that can truly harm Dagons shadow, I have to confront it, ideally uncaptured and hindered. you are without a doubt our strongest fighter, help me push through and keep my back free and I'll deal with the creature." Rovana explained, then nodded.

            "Let's head back and wake the others." She nodded, her cheeks still a little flushed after the lewd experience, she enacting just that, leaving with Ludmilla, and telling the others to make way as well, trusting in Ludmilla and the moonlight to lead the way.. and keep anyone that would want to stop them at bay as they left Krezk.

            If unhindered, Rovana would march on until they once more reached the lake, only slowing down once they got close. It was impossible to be stealthy with such a large group, she knew, but no need to run into potential ambush-attacks at the shore. Though she did bet that the creature didn't know, didn't expect her alliance with the vampiress and thus the nightly attack. "We'll strike swift and fast, set sail to.. I will know where to. kill all undead and fish-creatures. No quarter. Though if there are any human looking ones amongst them, perhaps prisoners don't bother with them. Also, don't get involved in long fights, We're there to find and kill Dagon, once the creature is sleeping with the fishes it's undead and creatures hopefully will disperse.. and we can loot whatever is left behind." Was Rovanas general command, if they got to the lake unscathed.
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              Krezk, Abbey of St. Markovia,

              "This is what I appreciate about you, my wonderful Dilisniya... how you and I think so much alike, even if we go about things differently. I remember your boldness inspiring me hundreds of years ago, and I am sure it shall do so again. I shall make others my loyal servants, and I shall protect all who count themselves among my flock. A new order shall rise in place of the long dead silver dragon. Knights and questors shall ride under my banner, bearing the mark of my Dark Kiss upon their neck. On sea and on land, shall we use the strength of darkness to take back the night."

              As Ludmilla spoke of her dreams for future power, she grew more passionate in her love-making, with Rovana's body receiving the benefits of the vampiress at the height of ecstasy. Under the effects of both the Kiss and the Charm of Ludmilla's eyes, the pirate felt her bond of love and lust ever more intensely as the gush of vampiric seed filled her. Her submissive follow-up, to lick the excess drew a warm and playful smile from the lounging vampire, who watched the lewd act with her finger between her teeth, uttering moans of satisfaction as the mess was all cleaned up.

              "Then if this shield maiden survives, I will give her a new purpose. A new toy for us both to enjoy perhaps. And possibly others on your crew as well. The vistana girl, the green-skinned fighter, and the dark-eyed man. Perhaps I could sink my teeth into them all at some point. Whoever sails with my beloved should earn my mark of approval, mm?"

              The vampire helped the pirate to get dressed again, and Rovana in turn would either willingly - or through subtle suggestive looks - be inclined to dress her queen and lover as well. Then the pair, once more looking like intimidating women of strength and beauty, rejoined the others. As they walked back the vampire commented on Rovana's next task.

              "Careful that you do not assume too much, my sweet. If this shadow is the cause of your curse and it bends others to its will - even the very waters of these lands - then killing it outright and gaining its power may require more than a sword swing, even from a very fancy sword like yours. Is it not the vestige of a dead god? Even in an unformed state, its powers will be strong. You must promise me that survival will be your top priority in this confrontation. Death at its hands could well be permanent. That being said, I shall rip open a bloody path for you, and protect you as I can at the end."


              The meeting between Ludmilla and the others went as well as the pirate could have expected. Damia tended to not look the vampiress in the eyes and seemed slightly uncomfortable. Jowai grunted - but by now Rovana was pretty sure it was a "hello grunt." Neku smiled toothily, but kept his lean, muscular arms crossed. Alaric and Blasa both seemed to share Damia's discomfort with the vampire's presence, as if sensing the hidden feral nature that lurked under the alluring exterior. Ingrid, the shield maiden, seemed most interested in the Bloodspear that Ludmilla carried.

              When the group marched down the mountain, Ludmilla stepped silently over to Ingrid and engaged in a soft-spoken discussion, catching the shield maiden's eyes with her gaze during that time. The warrior maiden seemed calmer around the vampire than anyone save for Rovana by the time they arrived at the Krezk gates. The streets were still abandoned, though the unconscious bodies of the guards were missing. It appeared that the militia were seeking the cover of their houses until the night gave way to the dawn. Rovana's crew would be long gone by then, leaving this town and its odd inhabitants to be someone else's problem.


              A night's journey back to the lake shore was an unsettling experience. Howls of wolves and the moans of the undead cropped up in the mists that formed a tunnel along the roadside. The pirate found strength in her own purpose, as well as the presence of the vampiress who came to walk beside her. By the time they got to the lake, there was some stress among the crew, as a Danig sailor had gone missing, vanished inexplicably on the journey. There was some talk of going back for him, but Damia shook her head.

              "The Mists are taking their toll of us, to let the rest pass. He is gone. Let us board the ship and sail to where we need to go, and leave this place behind us."

              If Rovana followed that advice, they would soon be on the deck of the Red Dawn once more, sailing north across the lake, into the glowing green mists. The prow of the Red Dawn parted the fog, knifing through it as though it were under some spell of protection..The waters of the lake grew choppier, and then the familiar smell of brine foam wafted through Rovana's senses. There was a peel of thunder, followed by an increased choppiness of the waves that only got worse and worse as the shore of Barovia became a distant memory.

              A powerful gale now accompanied the thunder, and Rovana realized that the waters she sailed upon were no longer that of a lake. Behind her, the mists had dispersed, leaving only endless dark ocean - something that should have been impossible. Conditions were worsening, and Alaric nodded to Blasa, who shouted out for the men to get to their posts on the ship. Then they both looked to Rovana to be the one giving orders from the helm.

              [Rovana must make an Intimidation or Persuasion check (depends on her captaincy style) to help her ship not suffer damage from the increasingly dangerous storm conditions. DC = 10 for now.]

              For the pirate, the direction the ship had to sail in was not hard to know. Her sword, or more specifically the Eye of Dagon embedded in it, telepathically whispered to her a heading in the Abyssal tongue. Soon, if the ship held together through the storm, a rocky island jutting out of the sea like a spearhead on an angle. Rovana felt certain that it was to this point she was heading.


                Captain Rovana
                Krezk abbey-> Dagons cult

                "So you're saying I'm a good influence on you? Hoooh Hooh. Take back the night. well.. whatever we can up with is better than what I've seen in the nights of Barovia. Many think of conquerors as misdoers, as they do pirates, but a pirate can be noble, a conqueror benevolent. Let people live in admiration not fear; Imagine the loyalty of knights and nobles, nurtured further by your abilities. Punish those who harm your people by making the perpetrators become dust or become yours and people will desire your rulership." Was Rovanas suggestion. It did sound inspiering, she agreed. She just wondered if one admittedly impressive vampiress and a few crafty pirates could pull it off.. nono, of course she could, what were those, self doubts and humility? She was overdoing the noble-ling. Instead, she focused on enjoying the vampires love-making passions and their afterglow.

                Rovana raised a hand. "At some point, perhaps. Kinky as it sounds to mark them all, my crew is off limits to all harm as far as my hand can reach. It feels almost odd to be so demanding after what we just spoke about my beloved queen of the night, but it's a matter of my good name as pirate.
                If they request to be marked by your grace I'll be the last to discourage them, but the code urges me to keep them safe best I can.. I know you bring no danger, but I can not, not unless they consent. I might bring it up.. after they've seen and admired the pale beauty of the shield maiden.. should she survive her desire for revenge that is. There is some.. natural worry and apprehension about you that I'm certain will disappear if you prove yourself as noble warrior and dark protector, rather than bride of Strahds and ravenous monster."
                Rovana explained, aroused as the suggestion made her, willing as she was, the code was clear in that a captain should not allow a crew member to come to harm if they could help it.* **
                *Unless it would bring the captain greater harm not to. **Or that particular sailor was a dirty bilge rat that was asking for it.

                Rovana blushed, finding an odd kind of submissive pleasure in dressing Ludmilla, purposefully taking a few longer moments and mimicking a few motions she dimly remembered from the maids at Wachters mansion. "Ooh love.. look at me flustered to dress you like a servant, if your will can form a girl to such way it'd be wrong not to use it to guide the weak and hurting with your strength."

                "You know, the piratey apparel is beautiful on you.. .. then again, even your burial rags would be, but we should find something more.. befitting. And my crew will demand payment.. yes, my ships empty coffers demand, after Dagon is dealt with perhaps it shall be time for some proper pirating.." She grinned, but nodded, more seriously.

                "I promise.. I do not intend to underestimate the creature. You've seen me overconfident but a lot of planning goes into being this reckless, I promise. Well.. not.. a lot.. a fair amount at least though. I've fought to survive more than I fought to win I can assure you." She finally settled on.

                Rovana was impressed with how fast Ludmilla worked. She felt no regret for this.. She was quite certain that, without influence, Ingrid would likely try to fight unto the death, if it made sense to do so or not. As far as the pirate was concerned this was a waste of a good warrior for her.. and a life of fun for Ingrid herself. Well, whatever was fun for her. Competetive axe-throwing or something. Either way, again she carried the treasure chest back herself, it wasn't -that- heavy, and in a way, she felt it was her burden.

                Rovana shook her head regretfully at Damia's words. "I guess she's right. I hadn't thought that traveling at night would be this dangerous even with a group this size, but for us others, see it as a scouts sacrifice to give us the moment of suprise.. none in their right mind would strike at night. And.. the less time we waste, the weaker Dagon shall yet be as we encounter the half awakened creature. You can mourn at sunrise." She nodded, purposefully not adding that she was certain not all assembled would see that.. not even those closer to her or herself, potentially.
                And thus, Rovana called her ship, trusting the Vistana.. looking for the one man would propably cost two more after all.

                Standing behind the wheel of her ship, with Joe ascending to the lookout (His undead sight had advantages after all!) and a confident grin on her lips, Rovana raised half a brow as people looked at her, her head tilting, blonde hair rushing in the wind behind her
                "What Arrr ya staring at? This nay be your first day at sea ye bloody lot is it? Drop the Drogue and douse the main-sails, lay her ahull! Ye let me mainsail rip I'll flick it back together with yer ears!" She shouted and to anyone listening there was no flicker of a doubt left that Rovana had sailed as captain of actual pirates before as she shouted her threatening commands.. propably not what the men of Alerics were used to, though Neku and Jowai might find a reassuring familiarity with this.. directness.

                Then, when the men clammered to follow her commands she commanded her ship onwards into the storm towards the dark spire of an island ahead she held onto her hat, grinning into the gale and.. laughing as they closed in on their target. "A ha ha harr! This is the life! ..If only I had me a bottle 'o rum. Oh well.. Get ready for plunder! We're not sneaking in. We're not assasines. We're coming to raid and pillage and murder that bastarding creature. Kill the abominations and undead. Take whatever else you want and can as you desire! My price is Dagons Blood!" She drew her blade, aiming it at the island.. ready to unleash her ships lightning at anything that she saw moving, and a few things that weren't as they closed in, directing a question at Ingrid: "Ingrid. Ye've been here before, what have ye seen, what are we dealing with, where is the heart of these creatures, where might we be finding Dagon? I have little doubt we'd in time be overwhelmed by undead if we tried to fight them all, were is their master?" She asked while looking for a half landeable spot at the same time, looking over her crew, smirking and clearing her throat as they closed in.
                "Join in if ye know this one.

                Jo ho ho we are coming for you
                we are pirates, of the ocean
                Jo ho ho we are coming for you
                There's no place to hide, you'll die tonight!

                Go kiss your jewelery farewell my dear
                Go hide you blaggard there ́s no use to fight
                Doubloons and pesos will all go I fear
                Leave this place while the day is bright
                They aim to pillage and the cross is here
                They leave no swags as they set sail
                No time to morn so save your tears
                For the dead men leave no tale

                Jo ho ho we are coming for you
                we are pirates, of the ocean
                Jo ho ho we are coming for you
                There's no place to hide, you'll die tonight!

                I see the fire they have reached our shore
                I hear the screams, the buckles and sword
                Ainít no us in lockiní no doorí
                If you donít die they will take you aboard

                Jo ho ho we are coming for you
                we are pirates, of the ocean
                Jo ho ho we are coming for you
                There's no place to hide, you'll die tonight!"

                Rovana sang with enthusiasm, looking for a clear spot to land at.. lacking one, she'd not hesitate using her ships powers to clear things up.. Perhaps, maybe, somehow, if none of her enemies had supernatural abilities to spot them, they could have used the gale to sneak in on that island for a short while... but she intended to fight this like a proper pirate-raid.

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                  "Oh? Off limits to harm, is it? Is that all my bite is to you, my pretty? Just harm? Do I not give as I take? That rush that runs through you as I imbibe of your life force. The empowerment in the midst of subdued acceptance? I do not mean to say that I shall create spawn of your crew, just a rotating tithe of their vitae, to keep my strength up when on long journeys. This is not too much to ask, and is the only way for me to travel with you on a voyage without it leading to true, long-lasting harm of any one person."

                  At last again, Rovana had dressed Ludmilla up in her romantic, dashing corsair's outfit.

                  "I do appreciate this garb's look for traveling with you, but I will need a more appropriate outfit when I do find some place to lair in. Something of fine, soft and flowing fabrics, to show off my beauty and the raw power of my vampiric form. Hmm~ Hmm~ It's fun to think of, but we mustn't look past the danger in front of us."

                  It was true that the shield maiden Ingrid seemed to have fallen under the dark queen's sway rather swiftly, but none knew better than Rovana how strong the force of Ludi's personality was when it needed to be. A questing knight's willpower combined with a vampire's mystically seductive gaze was a potent combination. Ingrid was casting long glances at the vampiress when the other was thought to not be looking, and the warrior woman gripped and regripped her runic battle axe, and adjusted her hardened leather girdle, clearing her throat audibly as colour bloomed across her pale cheeks. The axe woman was built unlike any female soldier that Rovana was used to seeing. The Brechtans, as a whole, were a generally lithe and graceful people, with light feet and balance that made them natural sailors and duelists. Ingrid's people, with whom Rovana's bloodline - at least the bloodline of the girl who had grown up dreaming of being a pirate - shared a common ancestry, were tall, brooding and lined with hard muscle and mighty thews. The red-haired, partially shaven pate of the woman marked her as warrior-born: a valkyrie, or sister of battle, who were known to marry themselves to their weapons and lay willingly with none who could not best them in fair combat.


                  The storm's power was growing stronger the closer the Red Dawn drew near to the great jutting island of stone, like a fang of the angry sea itself. Rovana's orders set the crew into motion, and the ship managed its way through the lively waters, with its captain in her element and inspiring her men to get to task with gusto. When she approached the shield maiden, the corsair was given a grim assessment of the layout of enemy forces.

                  "My fellow sisters and I were taken to the shallows, out from the lowest point of the island. There is a sand bar that loops around, creating a hidden lagoon. You must be careful, or you'll run the ship aground and need to follow the sand bar around to the island. There's a fishing village of sorts at the beachside, though in truth it is little more than a collection of shacks. The true nesting place is somewhere inside of the rock formation, its entrance high on the island cliff face. I cannot say for certain, but given that they likely have us outnumbered, their lair must be inside the island, or perhaps underneath it. We may meet some resistance at the shore, but the true battle will be in their foul place of worship, hidden in the caves."

                  Given this information, it seemed Rovana could either try to risk sailing her ship past the hidden sand bars, to allow her to get close enough to the island beach to use her lightning arsenal, or she could drop anchor further away and use either the long boats to row ashore, or try to locate the shallow sand bar itself and run along it to get to the fishing village. In the night time, it was difficult to see naught but shadows. Torches that had been ashore were being doused by moving figures, and so it was a certainty that the inhabitants had seen the ship approaching.


                    Captain Rovana
                    The Seas around Dagons Cult

                    "Not as I ment it, Ludi. I'm sure as knight you understand, there is no breaking the code. .. bending and.. adjusting as necessary, sure, but no denying it. Trust me, I know it can be a hassle more often than not, but the code is the law, what seperates us from mere men and monsters. If drinking from them becomes a true necessity that otherwise would lead to greater harm then that is another matter entirely my love, but for indulgence it must be their indulgence too.

                    Ooh.. and yes, flowing and beautiful.. but err.. let's not ge distracted, yes."
                    She had explained and nodded, her voice briefly taking on a firmness that was normally not used, not towards Ludmilla, followed by an almost apologetic chuckle.

                    Then, on the ship, after laughing and singing at the storm, Rovana actually crossed her arms for a long moment, silently going through their options.

                    "Alright, listen up." She determined, after a long moment. "We'll risk sailing past the sand-banks to get off an early advantage through the power of my ship blasting into whatever defenses they might have. We'll strike fast and move forwards to the cave. We're not giving them time to prepare.. I really need me a new flag so we can hoist the colors to the occasion. Oh well. Worst case we'll run aground and advance over the sandbanks instead. Something about Dagons methods so far makes me think the easily toppled and sunk longboats are a bad idea.

                    Once we bested the beach, if all went well so far, we'll change formation to advance into the heart of the enemy territory.

                    One group, lead by Aleric and supported by Damia and Neku and Joe will be the combat group. Your task will be to draw the enemies attention, then pull them into an extended defensive fight. Your goal is not victory but to delay and survive.

                    I'll lead a strike-group, assisted by Jowai, Ludmilla and Ingrid. Our task will be to break through and push on and forward, even if the enemies lines close behind us. Our goal will be pushing through until the creature is defeated while it's forces are occupied. Any questions or doubts? No? Great."

                    Rovana smirked, while at the same time linking her senses, covering one of her eyes. As if the dark of night or dangerous waters could stop the Reaver. She could not see in the dark of night, but Joe could, she had learned. Which ment this was like any other time she had used her superior literal birds eye view to navigate dangers, a confident grin plastered over her lip as she neared the island. Her amazing ship deserved at least one shot at these creatures!

                    Either fiering that off sucessfully, or getting stuck her next step would be to disembark and face whatever defenses might have rallied at the beach.

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                      Shore of the Shadowspike

                      Rovana guided her ship towards the shore, the water growing choppier with every passing second. Briny ocean swells smashing over the ship railing, dousing the crew and captain while the prow broke through more waves... and then with a sudden crunch, Rovana and her crew were thrown as the ship scraped the shallows. Red lightning surged and cracked, and Rovana felt coldness from where the amber medallion touched her skin. The ship had been hurt, and would need to be unstuck.

                      "We've run aground!"Alaric shouted. "We'll need to get down onto the shallows and free us!"

                      "The water's too dangerous!" Neku shouted back over the din of the growing storm. "The island's defenders will have seen us. We must prepare for battle."

                      Jowai and Ingrid stepped forward, and stuck close to Rovana with their weapons out. Ludmilla brandished her spear and pointed towards the shore.

                      "Whatever moves on that shore - they do not resemble humans." The vampiress said, peering through the darkness with her red-glowing eyes.

                      Sailors dropped onto the longboats and began to row their way towards the rocky shore. Rovana shared her boat with Ludi and her two impromptu bodyguards. The water of the lagoon was calmer than the open sea, but still rough enough to disrupt the timing of the landing parties. Rovana's boat was one of the very last to put to shore, and when she stepped off of it, the sound of battle among the raid-dashed, half-ruined wooden shacks was thick with men shouting, steel clanging, and inhuman screeching. Making her way past the many fighting shadows in the slippery darkness, Rovana's team climbed up the slope to an outcropping that overlooked the beach, and where a group of humanoids awaited them. These odd horrors were a mockery of the human form, hunched over and clawed, with webbed feet and hands, the faces of these wretches were closer to fish in appearance than people. Two of these creatures wielded crude clubs which they were using to bang down on large, hollowed out giant crab shells, which caused a loud clattering sound that added to the din of the storm. Perhaps some sort of alarm system?

                      The biggest of the seven creatures pointed a crude, spiked trident at the intruders and croaked out inhuman orders, sending the other six creatures, armed with clubs, spears, and weighted nets on their thick belts, hurling themselves at the pirates. Ludmilla leapt to the front of the group, brandishing her bloodspear as the first three fell against her. Their own weapons scraped against her undead skin, but the pain of their strikes only seemed to encourage her. With blinding speed, her spear slashed a bloody streak through one of her attackers, and a moment later she had skewered the fish man on the spear, surrounding herself with a red mist as the life force of the creature was drained to power the vampire.

                      Jowai met the clash of a club swipe with his sword, lightning arcing from his blade as the area around him crackled with electricity and his eyes glowed white. With a howl, his sword spun and cut down the foe in front of him. Beside him, the valkyrie woman was fighting with just as much vigor, but using her shield wisely to ward off blows more efficiently than the half orc, knocking away a spear headed towards her head, then spinning to catch the nearest creature in the gut with her axe. Not enough to fell the creature, but it looked as though it would need severe medical attention soon. With a bellow, the muscular alpha fish creature fell against Ingrid, who was forced into a backwards defensive sequence of steps, expertly avoiding the savage attack from the spiked polearm. Her warrior's grace was a sight to be seen.

                      Finally a creature stepped close to attack Rovana, but its series of stabs were easy enough to deflect for the skilled duelist, allowing Rovana a chance to counter and dispatch this weaker foe if she wanted, or she could choose to enter the melee where it was harder to maneuver, but she could get a stab in at the bigger fish folk.

                      [Initiative order: Badguys(4 mooks (one bloodied), one tough >> Ludi (fine) >> Jowai (scratched up) >> Ingrid (fine) >> Rovana. (fine)]


                        Captain Rovana
                        The Seas around Dagons Cult

                        "Ugh.. bloody hell." Rovana complained, touching her medallion with a raised brow of concern. She wasn't originally aware the ship could feel almost as if it had been injured. "Those waters are problematic almost as if by design. Well, t'was worth a try. Sorry Ship.

                        Alright, gut them now, dislodge the ship later."
                        She determined. Still, going by the water at the lagoon she had made the right call, she decided, if the restrained water was like this, the open ocean could have taken a longboat with itself.

                        "Ignore the enemies out here. Each of those creatures will fall once Dagon does." She adviced her little shock-troup.

                        When finally face to face with a fishy enemy she smirked, twirling her blade, her one handed fighting style lacking Ludmillas mighty brutality, Jowais literal thunder and certainly not as efficent and graceful as Ingrid.. instead she was provocative and overconfident.. but in a calculated way, leaving herself open to present herself, only to spin away from the opponents most likely angle of attack and stab her sword into the creature.

                        "Oooh that looks painful. Not as painful as looking at yer face is for me, mind." She cooed, accompanied by her blade twisting in the wound to inflict the greatest damage possible, before withdrawing it in a way that'd make sure her foe could see it's blood on her blade, only to slink away, putting a finger on her lips as she snuck up on the alpha-fish from behind, blade held at the ready while ducking deep to hopefully sneak up on the creature in the chaos of battle.
                        Unusual to her however, was the dark rivulets of murky water crawling up on the creature after her strike, if it was still alive trapping it momentarily, unless it wanted to shake the water off and take further damage from Dagons magic.


                        Next round stuff: (Aka if the battle situation doesn't vastly change to make round by round forum stuff a bit faster if you dun mind:
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                          Battle at the Shadowspike

                          The pirate captain and her away team started to make quick work of their enemies. Rovana's deep slash, followed by her booming blade cantrip saw the initial creature struck down, and she maneuvered into a flanking position to help Ludmilla out on the next strike. The fishman that Ingrid had struck slowly keeled over from its bleeding wounds, and Jowai and Ingrid were each able to finish off the remaining lesser fish folk.

                          Ludmilla struck with her spear twice, hitting both times against the leader of this small scouting group, and the larger fishman howled in pain before Rovana put an end to its life with Dagon's call buried hilt deep into its side. At the end of the skirmish, only Jowai had been scratched, and even then, the wound was minor and didn't seem to bother him.

                          [Battle shifting extremely in favor of hereos - no further rolls needed.]

                          "Their regular warriors are weak," observed Ingrid.

                          "It is not the warriors who worry me," Ludmilla replied. "It seems the stairs are carved into the rock. The entrance must be above. Come my darling. Our destiny awaits."

                          The vampire smiled a toothy grin at Rovana, and the four advanced up the jutting black rock, until they came to a torch lit entrance that fell away into shadow. It was black as pitch inside, and a human would require a light source to continue. Once one was found (by pulling a torch from its sconce, if no other ideas present themselves), the tunnel went into the spire for about 15 feet, and then came to a stairwell traveling both up and down a column of hewn out metal and stone. The stairs leading up led to some place with open air, for there was a currrent coming from above. The stairs leading down went into a comparatively still and foul smelling depths, though the sound of dim chanting could be just made out over the sounds of battle outside and the rising storm.


                            Captain Rovana
                            The Shadowspike battle -> Into the cave

                            Rovana smirked subtly, swinging her sword to splash the fishmens blood upon the ground, this time a force of habit more than to intimidate anyone that could see.. her now water-cursed... blessed sword could likely clean itself well enough. With a mental call, Joe Landed on Rovanas shoulder as they advanced, and she was one to pick up a torch.. after all, if she forewent stealth, she was the only one of them that normally never needed a hand free. She followed the stairway and mused. "Ludmilla is right, those soldiers are weak of body, having died already, or weak of mind, submitting to Dagon. The problem is the bloody creature that made them such.

                            Well then. I doubt they had time to trap this frequently used stairway and if we hurry they can't quite act much on whatever alarm they tried to sound..."
                            She looked down the stairs, her voice half hushed. "There they are, tirelessly trying to awaken the creature. Down into the stench we go.. Ludmilla, you can move with the darkness, please go first so you can already be poised to strike down the creatures when we inevitably draw their attention." A brief glance at Jowais injury, she decided.
                            "A moment after Ludmilla goes, we'll follow in. Jowai first, I feel like you want room to charge in., then Ingrid.. finally me, I can maneuvre around whatever battle formation the enemy makes the swiftest." With that, she descended. The torch made stealth pointless, so instead, she waited for the others to make their way down, then took in the sight awaiting her... By her estimations, a likely course of action would be her dashing to bury her sword in another cultist. Whatever they were chanting, it had to be stopped. She could try her blades newly awakened power of unleashing a tidal wave.. but she wanted to preserve its abilities for Dagon.. and, furthermore, there was a chance those fish-creatures were not overly affected by water.. whereas a sharp sword to the soft bits had itself shown quite efficent in the fight so far.

                            Then, last of the four, she descended the stairs, knowing that her presence would be known anyway loudly proclaiming: "Good evening fine ladies and gentlefishes! This be a pirate-raid! If ye be so kind to hand over yer dagon, booty, and prettiest of wenches I, Captain Rovana the Reaver, promise to only kill the ugliest of yer. If however ye be so inclined as to resist us, then expect no mercy for that mistake." She smirked, and, not genuinly expecting surrender, she either dealt with whoever engaged her, or if she could, rushed forward, blade poised to strike and pick of a cultist (if possible!)

                            (Let's see what the dice says this time.. presuming there is another combat at hand!)
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