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The Vergence of Mists

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    The Vergence of Mists

    A long time ago...

    Reya's incarceration had been swift and unexpected. One moment she was merely foraging for some wild darberries from the Viscountess' free gardens, and the next a squad of imperial stormtroopers, in their terrifying laminate armor, had appeared from behind the cultivated wall of copses.

    "She's a Corino defector!" One of their static-tinged voices had exclaimed.

    "Shoot to stun!" Another had said.

    Blue rings of dispersed blaster energy had struck Reya from several sides. Notorious stormtrooper precision...

    It had only been when she'd awakened several hours later, bound and detained on an imperial shuttle headed for a prison barge transport that she began to piece the detail of her predicament together.

    Imperial suppression had come to her homeworld of Kithaan at last. The Viscountess' bold words in the Senate, demanding a cessation of extraordinary taxes and conscription, had led to a 'pacification' force of Imperials to quell her 'violent uprising.'

    Reya and her family happened to live on the outskirts of the Viscountess' Autumn Palace, where the royal had been staying when the invasion force arrived. Hopelessly outgunned by Moff Alia Zarena, aboard the Imperial Star Destroyer, The Rapture, the leader of Kithaan had been captured while trying to flee on speeder through the wilderness. Reya and a handful of other unfortunates in the area were captured under suspicion of collusion with the renegade royal.

    Wrong place. Wrong time.


    Now Reya shared a large prison cell with an assortment of other people.


    The first was a blonde human woman in a tight-fitting flight suit. Her name was Senna, and apparently she was the personal pilot of the Viscountess. She was the only one in the cell who the Imperials had correctly imprisoned for the reasons given, and Senna was antsy and concerned about the well-being of her employer, who was being held in a different cell block, at the pleasure of whatever jailer was in charge of this small ship.


    The second was a freckled, no-nonsense Twi'lek woman with yellow skin, the usual twin head tails, who seemed to be in a sour mood at having been swept up in all of this. Her name was Evee, and she was particularly angry that the Imperials had dismantled her prototype droid that she had been designing for a big competition on one of the core worlds.


    Her patron, a Neimoidian man by the name of Lyne Keedo, was in the cell as well, and doing his best to try to cheer everyone up, assuring those who had the inclination to listen that this was all just a misunderstanding and that the imperials would, assuredly, let them go once it was made clear that they were not part of any uprising and that they were law-abiding, tax-paying citizens. Surely then they would allow Lyne to have his ship back, along with compensation for materials damaged along the way...

    His arguments had been diminished slightly by the derisive names the human officers had called him and the other non-humans in the cell. The Empire made little attempt to curb the blatant racism within its ranks in the Outer Rim worlds, where they now found themselves.


    Sitting next to Lyne and mostly silent and brooding by contrast was the hulking form of Paadesh Desah, a muscular Aqualish who owed Lyne a debt for having purchased his freedom from a Hutt crime syndicate, where he had been a pit fighter. Paadesh was intimidating in his brooding silence, with dark, pupiless black eyes that promised vengeance for his captivity.


    Lastly, there was a lithe human man called Vorn, who claimed to be a bounty hunter whose efforts to capture a target had been greatly impeded by the Imperials suggesting he was a Rebel spy sent to extract the Viscountess. He of course denied this to no avail.


    It was the night cycle, and most were resting, but few were getting much sleep. The ship had been jumping a lot, going through hyperspace lane ways as they sped towards their prison destination.

    "Hey, you doing all right?" Evee dropped by Reya and stooped down beside the outdoorswoman. Looming near the both of them was the large form of Paadesh, but the Aqualish appeared to have his eyes closed.

    "In all of Lyne's talk about negotiating his way out of this, and the bounty hunter grumbling about his lost mark, I never really got to hear your story. You were a local, right? Did you support the Viscountess like they say or are you just like me, caught up in this political mess?"

    Outside the cell, on the opposite side of the red energy field, was a short hallway that led to an open control room space that Reya could just see about a quarter of. Two prison officers manned the room at all hours, though they weren't the fearsome stormtrooper types. Just normal Imperial navy officers. Around this time of the night cycle, they were pretty relaxed and so long as the noise levels were kept down, they wouldn't be doing regular patrols to check on the prisoners.

    "I wish we could just get this energy field down and make an escape. Even if we didn't make it, I'd rather go down fighting than just sit here and wait for a lifetime prison sentence."

    Re: The Vergence of Mists

    Reya blinked her eyes awake. This was like.. waking up after a too short sleep, but three times over. And she got nearly none of those berries either! She looked over to the human woman in the form fitting suit.. by comparison her practical but simple clothes looked almost shabby. Not that they were, but she certainly couldn't afford high tech equipment. Looking over to the Twi'lek, everyone seemed to have such suits. She considered pouting at that, before remembering the bigger imprisonment issue.

    She personally believed Lyne was being overly optimistic, but lacked the heart to destroy his optimism at the same time. Plus, she didn't like taxes, as an aside. Unlike the human guards she didn't share the particular racism, true a part of her thought that the Neimodian was.. odd, but, hey, so was her aunt after a good drink. She wasn't one to judge people by looks alone.

    She cast only a cursory glance at the brooding large brute, before deciding that she didn't want to be caught staring or anything. Not at him, or Senna as a matter of fact, was this really the standard issue uniform?

    Looking about, everyone with the body for it seemed to do the form-fitting suit thing, though perhaps not to Sennas extend. She felt a bit like a country girl in a big city, but.. her clothes were warm and.. yeah sure, not suited for space faring but.. she hadn't intended to go space faring suddenly!

    "I'm two and a half lightyears away from alright. Or not. No clue how far we traveled. I don't like hyperspace for starters, do you know the creepy tales they tell about what can happen in hyperjumps? Imagine, your ship runs out of power mid jump and you are stuck somewhere in ~nowhere... really spooky!
    Also, I didn't get my berries."
    She tipped her chin, then added. "Also, no comfy bed. If they want us to sleep where are the fluffy pillows?" She looked at the Twi'lek, shrugging. .. she too was outfitted both more apropriate and sexy for space adventuring. Clearly, Reya was doing something wrong.

    "I wanted my berries! They taste good and I feel like they help me focus. Now that latter bit may just be my imagination, but still!" She looked at the energy field. "Hmnnnn...." She tipped her chin, then looked outside. "Escape sounds exciting. Let's do it!" She grinned, though kept her voice down.. Guards had a good hearing for certain words like this.

    "You's a smart technical technic... lady.. right? I mean, I saw you carry about some scrap metal before all this nonsense if I remember right... err.. my point is, these cells have off switchie..thingies, right?" she pointed towards the control room.

    "If you had to guess which switch to press or flip to turn the field off, which would it be?" She tipped her chin. "Also, do you think there's a switch that can electrocute the floor or something? Cause we definitly dun wanna press that one." She adviced.
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      Re: The Vergence of Mists

      In a galaxy far, far away...

      Evee, the Twi'lek Droid Tech


      "Astrogation errors you mean?" Evee asked in an effort to clarify.

      "Frankly, if that happens, you're lucky to be alive. Given all the calculations that go into a hyperspace jump."

      The twi'lek flicked a headtail over her shoulder and idly played with it.

      "I don't think comfort was what the Imperials had in mind when they built this prison barge. Shame about your berries, though you do sound a little attached to them."

      Evee quirked her smooth brows upward at Reya's sudden eagerness into the idea of escape, and followed the scout's eyes toward the control room, indulging in the idea of a plan for the moment.

      "I'm a droid technician mainly, but I know enough general design to say that it's probably that big lever over there on the panel closest to us. Imperials aren't that imaginative in their schematics, though there's probably a safety switch or button they'd have to press in order to access the lever. See? It's behind that transparent laminate shield."

      Reya could see what Evee was pointing at clearly. Yes, there was a physical barrier, but that wouldn't stop the human from being able to use her little movement trick that she'd been developing over the past few months. The yellow-skinned alien mused and rubbed the end of her headtail in thought. Meanwhile Senna, the blonde human in the skin-tight pilot's suit approached the pair just as Reya was asking about the electrocuted floor.


      "That would be too much of a modification for an Imperial craft. More than likely they would reserve a room like that for a special facility - probably one on the prison installation where we're all headed. But here? Not much chance. I should know. I served two years in the Imperial Navy as a drafted TIE pilot. Enough to be less than impressed with how things run on these boats."

      "If we could somehow disable that energy router over there, it'd likely bypass the safety mechanisms," Evee added, pointing out a square shaped paneling that jutted out from the far wall. Reya would have never noticed it without it being pointed out to her.

      "Yeah. Too bad we're all stuck behind the energy field. Maybe we could trick the guards into entering our cell?" Senna hummed, shifting her weight on her hips, which unintentionally showed off her sleek physique.

      The bodysuits and skin tight clothing for both men and women were a fashion style on Kithaan, which specialized in synthetic textile exports. Not everyone bought into the local fashion, but for those who had the body for it, it was certainly a pleasing aesthetic. Kithaan culture was also known for having pro-amourous, free love attitudes towards relationships. This was being labeled a sign of sick debauchery by Imperial propagandists.

      Reya focused back on the release lever. If she concentrated hard enough, she could probably move it. But could she trust these people in her cell with her mind moving secret?



        Re: The Vergence of Mists

        The Berrieless heroine

        "Wait, you have to do math to go into hyperspace? It's even more messed up than I thought!" She nodded. "I am not attached to those berries is what I am, thats the whole root of the problem. If I was attached, I could consume them. But I know what you mean, hey, its the little things that make or break this whole thing for me.. like I didn't have anything planned for the evening, but I also didn't like the stunning, berry taking and no proper beds. Starting to understand why the Viscountess didn't want to do the political stuff with them.." She shrugged, then covered her eyes, peering out at the lever, and then at the safety switch. "I see.. no electrocuting floors.. pfeww.."

        She pondered. "Well.. seducing the guards with our bodies sounds more exciting than my idea.." She rubbed her chin, distracted by Sennas hip-shifting. That was a cool idea too!

        ".. that said, they'd propably call us perverts or somesuch. I'll do it." She rubbed her chin, remembering that not everyone was as most on her planet, while staring at the lever. She ... quite enjoyed the fashions of her planet, even in this situation, with Senna and the Twi'lek up close, but was a bit too shy by nature to partake in it.
        However, she didn't let this distract her for too long, instead extending her hand towards the lever to the forcefield, fingers outstretched. "Hrmnnn...." She focused on, lifting her other hand as well. Currently allowed to take more than enough time without any pressure she let herself calm down and concentrate, her hand finally steadying, whilest, to those not able to guess at what she might be doing, she must look a bit odd. "Aha, I knew I could do it even in this weird place!" She grinned. "Tempting to knock the guards against one another for the berry robbery, but this is a secretive stealth-mission!" She looked over to Paadesh.. "Pluuus got better options for knocking, I guess." She pressed her fingers together, making a downwards motion towards the lever. "Hah!"

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          Re: The Vergence of Mists


          Episode 1 - The Vergence of Mists

          There was a communal pause among the prisoners as the energy fields flickered off, just moments after Reya had so clearly and obviously been outstretching her hands and concentrating, with small beads of sweat forming on her brow from the effort as the lever had at last shifted into place.

          A quick look around would see faces reacting in varied ways.


          [Destiny Pool formed... Two Dark and Three Light.

          The party spends a Light side point to make the shutting down of the energy field go unnoticed. This flips a light point to a dark side point, and the narrative changes slightly for the better....

          Current Destiny: 3 Dark, 2 Light]

          Paadesh and Vorn sped into the detention room at speed, without any warning. The two guards, had barely begun to notice when the hulking form of Paadesh gripped the imperial naval officer by his neck and lifted him clean off the ground, his kicking jackboots flailing as he struggled for breath.

          With a sudden *crack,* Vorn's elbow connected with the other guard's jaw with tremendous force, snapping the man's head around and slamming him into the control panel, unconscious. Vorn quickly stripped him of his commlink, security pass and his blaster pistol.

          Meanwhile, Paadesh seemed to be taking his time squeezing the other Imperial's throat. The officer was gurgling and turning blue as Paadesh started speaking in Aqualish to him.

          "I... I... don't... understand..." croaked the officer, his eyes pleading.

          "He says he doesn't like you." Evee stepped up to the side of Paadesh, looking hard at the imperial officer, who turned his gaze imploringly over to the Twi'lek. This particular guard had been quite derisive of the aliens in the cell, referring to them as worthless scum at one point.

          "I don't like you either!" Evee said, shaking her head and ignoring this man's gurgling pleas as Paadesh's strong hands closed even tighter around the officer.

          Reya saw the fight end just about as quickly as it had begun. Vorn and Paadesh seemed quite good at violence. Senna for her own bit, had walked in with Reya and taken a look at all the detention block cameras.

          "There'll be someone watching. We've got to take those out."' She said.

          Meanwhile Paadesh was starting to chuckle as the officer's lips had gone from blue to purple.


            Re: The Vergence of Mists

            "Pfew." She brushed her forehead, then looked back when everyone paused. "Eh.. there we go, escape time?" She looked back to Senna, pressing a hand into her side. "Why I pulled the lever. Pretty neat huh! Luckily they left it right in sight, I'm not good enough to move things I can't properly focus at yet." She said.. albeit not as loud and triumphant as she wanted to because.. guards.

            "Hey you can stay in the cell if you wanna, I'm bored and can't sleep in this place, so I'll do the escaping." She nodded to Lyne, not intending to get in Paadeshs way.

            She looked over to Vorn, finally stepping out of the cell herself, lowering her hand after making sure the lever wasn't one to automatically reset if unwatched. "Wait whatcha mean? I think its pretty neat." She crossed her arms thoughtfully. Either way, with them escaping she wasn't one to keep up chatting much, following out of the cell but looking towards the guardroom hesitantly, not considering herself a fighter.

            She also glanced at the cameras, wondering if they'd be noticed.

            And while she did that, it seemed that her suspicions were right, as the guards were.. dispatched. She cleared her throat. "Oyoy, no need to kill the guy." She raised her hand, patting Paadeshs side, .. cautiously. "It's not nice, even if he's a mean one. Also." She raised a hand.

            "I need to ask him a question." She looked at the guard. "You can either stay with me and miss Senna here and answer my question, or stay with these two, choice is yours." she crossed her arms, not sure how she became the leader in this situation. Presuming the man chose life over death she'd let him recover his breath.. somewhat, whilest looking at Vorn..

            "Err.. could you please knock him out if he tries anything funny? We can just toss them into our cell, for Karma reasons for when they wake up, but my question.:

            Do these cameras record and if yes, whats the acess code to the controls?"
            She pointed, then looked over to Senna, explaining. "If uh, if we just disabled several of them at once, even if we did so without making much noise, that'd raise almost as much suspicion. We got to instead run a recording of the cells when we weren't broken out in place of a live-feed, .. we can do that, right?" She looked at Evee, tipping her chin, leaving it up to one of the others, propably Senna to aquire the other guards blaster. "Also uh.. I guess theres more cells like ours on the ship?"
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              Re: The Vergence of Mists

              Prison Barge
              Detention Block

              Lyne Keedo shook his head in worried exasperation and shuffled behind the rest of the group in his red robes and funny cultural hat.

              The intimidating Paadesh grunted, and craned his neck, his dark arachnid eyes boring down at Reya for a moment before he loosened his grip and let the hapless officer crumple on the ground at his feet, choking in air raggedly. Evee patted Paadesh on the shoulder and led the brute away so that the imperial would be given space to be questioned by the human women. The Twi'lek then stood over the control panel and began to press some buttons.

              Vorn nodded, and picked up the other unconscious man and carried him down towards the cell. Lyne walked past, let go a soft exclamation of alarm at seeing the brutally knocked out man be carried by, and then took a seat on the far side of the room, putting his head in his hands.

              The imperial took a few more moments to regain his breath, but when he spoke it was with a terrible rasp. He gave Reya an access code for the cameras, which Evee tapped in and within a minute, she had rewound the recording devices and had figured out a way to loop the images.

              "There's... more cells, yes. This is... a prison barge." The officer said, loosening his collar and gingerly touching the bruising on his throat.

              "The Viscountess," Senna asked, leaning down next to the officer. "Where is she being held?"

              "It won't do you any good. She's under guard." The officer protested.

              "She's recorded as being held in the front hold, but she's been moved to an interrogation chamber." Evee said, still pressing buttons. "I've brought the ship's schematic up now, not too difficult. Bad news though. We're on our last hyperspace jump now. As soon as we arrive, we'll be at a heavily guarded Imperial checkpoint."

              "That means we need to stop the ship mid-jump or we're doomed," Vorn said. "We'll need to get to the ship's Nav Computer."

              "That would be next to the bridge. Again, also guarded," Evee mentioned.

              "Not if we distract them somehow," Senna said. "Whatever happens, we need to rescue the Viscountess. We can't let those bastards interrogate her."

              "Aren't you all forgetting something?" Lyne raised one of his grey-green fingers, wagging it at them all. "Even if you change the nav-coordinates and free the Viscountess from the interrogation, we are all still trapped here on this ship with Imperial stormtroopers and ICB agents aboard."

              "The. Ship." Paadesh hissed in an aggressive Aqualish accent that hinted at why they didn't speak Basic all that much.

              "The Firebird?" Lyne responded. "My ship is undoubtedly on lockdown in this barge's hangar. It would be impossible to get it free."

              "Not impossible," Evee said. "I could probably free it if you can get me to a terminal. If we can change course, grab the Viscountess and get Keedo's ship online and ready to move, then we can get out of this."

              "Fine," Senna said as she grabbed the blaster pistol from the other officer's holster. "I can fly anything, including that ship, but I'm going to get the Viscountess. How're we going to split up to do this?"



                Re: The Vergence of Mists

                I'm in a real prison riot.. oh my gosh.. stay cool, play it cool Reya uhmnn..
                "Uhmnn.. question. Stopping things mid hyperspace jump is super risky, ain't it?.. well I figure an imperial prison thingie also isn't the nicest place.." She pondered. She didn't think of Sennas worry for the Viscountess as priority number one, but then interrupting the hyperjump as their best chance still also sounded like a bad idea...

                "Hrmnnn.. so Senna most certainly will go to try and save the Viscountess and we need Evee to get the ship readied. My bet is that the Viscountess is guarded, but not as guarded as the navigation console would be. I doubt that we could take that thing against an armed and trained trooper force, even united... we lack the time to free more prisoners to aid us, so..

                Uh.. if I had to make a suggestion, theres two ways of doing this.. uhm.. so Eevee goes for the firebird... Senna goes for the viscountess and Vorn for the computer, but how can you get close. Oh! Take the guard uniform, and Lyne. Of us all you could best pass as an imperial guard. You can claim he has something of importance to confess about the Viscountess and you should get close enough to the navigation console to pew pew it while he sweet-talks the troupers, then escape in the ensuing chaos. I think my abilities could damage it too, but I haven't tried doing something so precise as short circuiting a computer and I need a moment to concentrate without being simply stun-shotted or held at gunpoint to be interrogated... and I don't think I could playact a guard, so two prisoners wandering the corridors would be... less hopeful."
                Plus, Vorn sounded weirdly serious about not showing my abilities off, as much fun as it is.. going to the bridge would be the opposite of that.

                "So that leaves me and Paadesh to assist in either the spaceship or Viscountess rescuing..." She seemed thoughtful. There was the Twi'lek in the form fitting bodysuit, and the human in the even more form fitting body suit.. err.. this was of course not what she based her choice upon. To escape, they needed ship, pilot and the hyperjump to be interrupted. Vorn seemed competent enough on his own and Lyne was.. distracting enough on his own, so what would be guarded more, a terminal or the Viscountess? "I'd say.. err.. n-no offense, I dun mind if your skin is green or blue or whatever personally, but Evee and Paadesh seem to work together better, language barrier wise and he lacks a certain.. subtlety that rescuing someone being interrogated might require. It'd be best if I go with Senna m.. maybe?" She suggested, slipping suprisingly easily, if shily into a leadership role, though looking at Senna for approval of the idea afterwards as well. Her idea definitly was not related to the detail of the curves one could see on Senna.
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                  Re: The Vergence of Mists

                  Shipping out on the prison barge

                  Paadesh tilted his head and made the Aqualish equivalent of a harumph, and even this sounded needlessly aggressive.

                  "It's all right, I think there'll be some imperial skull to crack in the hangar," Evee said to Paadesh as a way of mollification.

                  "All right," Senna said, then nodded to Vorn. Who promptly knocked the second guard unconscious. "Let's get these uniforms off and see who they fit best. The one guard was a little tall for me..."

                  A minute later, it was clear that Vorn and Senna were going to be the ones who could fit best into the officer's uniforms. Both chose to wear the crisp black suits over their skin-tight clothes, and put on the naval caps, looking like proper Imperial officers, save that Senna' boots were a little big for her, but this wouldn't be noticed readily.

                  "I'll take Lyne and Reya to the interrogation rooms, as prisoners who have something important to confess straight away," Senna explained. "We'll put on unsecured binders to both of you, and then try to overpower any guards to the Viscountess. Paadesh and Evee will leave second and start the Firebird up, work quickly because we'll be headed your way swiftly. And Vorn, it's up to you to get to the Nav Computer."

                  "I'm sure if Paadesh makes enough noise in the hangar, I'll be able to sneak by," Vorn said. "Easier to be unnoticed if it's just me."

                  "You sure you'll be all right on your own?" Evee asked, to which the bounty hunter smirked.

                  "I always work alone anyway. Just do your part and I'll do mine."


                  With a pair of binders falsely keeping her and Lyne's hands tied behind their backs, Reya was marched in front of Senna, heading toward the front of the barge. They had all looked at the schematic layout that Evee had pulled up of the ship, and they were reasonably hopeful that this would work out.

                  The barge manifest said that there were about 30 prisoners total on board, with a crew of 20 naval officers, 8 droid personnel, 2 imperial pilots, and two 10 man squadrons of storm troopers, on alternating guard duties.

                  Senna kept her cap down and tried to look inconspicuous as she led her 'prisoners' around at gun point, but as they passed a pair of stormtroopers, she received an odd look from one.

                  "Hey. Where are you taking these prisoners?" The storm trooper called.

                  [Destiny Update: A Darkside point is flipped to upgrade the difficulty of this social encounter!

                  Current Destiny balance: 2 Dark, 3 Light]

                  "Uh... I-" Senna seemed to have desperately been hoping to avoid a conversation. She wasn't exactly the greatest of actors.

                  "I was just bringing these prisoners to interrogation. They have some important information they wish to confess."

                  "I am not a criminal!" Lyne said. "I have important character references in high standing with the Empire that will back up my claims!"

                  The Neimoidian's indignant outrage was actually quite well done. It seemed that the alien's timidity when it came to fighting was outweighed by his ability to gesticulate and play the part of a whiney but important dignitary. Unfortunately, his need to speak with his hands as well as his words caused him to pull his hands from behind his back, dropping his unsecured binders with a clatter at the feet of the storm troopers.

                  "Huh?" The pair of storm troopers simultaneously said and glanced down at the binders, each of their helmeted heads now not paying attention to the actions of the escapees.



                    Re: The Vergence of Mists

                    Reya, the innocent prisoner

                    "I'll try to look extra hellpess and prisoner..y. Doubt I could make it look as convincing as you though Lyne. Is there a secret?" She nodded, not objecting to the slight alteration of taking Lyne along.. now that she thought about it, it made more sense to bring them to be interrogated.

                    "Well then!" She hesitantly presented her hands to be 'bound'.. it was weird, acting as fake prisoner as a real prisoner.. uh.. she decided not to think about it too hard.

                    She felt a bit uncomfortable being lead at gunpoint too, which just added to their act perhaps, though, in this case it didn't matter much, while, as expected, Senna couldn't act much like a guard, Lyne made up for it, however.. he also forgot a crucial detail. Whilest Reya didn't really think about the gesturing, she found her body tensing up almost before the false binders could hit the ground and, despite claiming, no, thinking herself not a fighter, she found herself spinning around, breaking her own bindings as she attempted to deliver an open handed chop to the exposed neck and neck-sealing of one of the storm troopers, taking advantage of its exposure with him looking down and her own momentum.
                    "Errr.. sorry." She added almost as an afterthought to her attack. It wasn't that her body had moved on it's own, she just had.. well. She was supposed to do it like that, wasn't she?

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                      Re: The Vergence of Mists

                      Never tell me the odds

                      "The secret? I am a prisoner and I am scared, and I do genuinely think that we are going to die," Lyne told Reya as they had marched out the door, at Senna's gunpoint.

                      When the two storm troopers questioned them and were subsequently surprised by Lyne's binders clacking down on the ground, Reya chose to strike out at the nearest guard, using a chopping motion that, in retrospect, was perhaps not the right way to land a strike, as her hand glanced the laminate helmet hard, and even the vacuum seal was padded. Her neck chop, nevertheless, did seem to provoke a grunt from the trooper, showing that she had hurt him, at least a bit, but he was quickly pulling up and aiming his blaster rifle her way when two loud discharges sounded out from behind her.

                      *Pew Pew!*

                      The other storm trooper had tumbled over with a smoking hole through the visor portion of his helmet. The second discharge hit the other storm trooper square onto his chest, and he cried out in pain before crumpling down.

                      "Boring conversation anyway," Senna muttered. "Quick, grab their blasters. Chops and punches aren't very effective against storm trooper armor, unless you're built like that Paadesh fellow, I'd stick with good old fashioned blasters."


                      "W-won't other guards have heard your blaster?" Lyne asked, not immediately doing as he had been told, leading Senna to sigh and grab one of the blaster carbines herself.

                      "A-yup! I'd imagine there's another squad heading this way right now. Here." She tossed the blaster carbine to Lyne, who caught it awkwardly.

                      "If neither of you know how to use these, then there's no better time to learn. Point it at what you want to kill, and squeeze the trigger. Don't point it at yourself or people you like. Don't hold down on the trigger or you'll overheat the energy cartridge."

                      Lyne shared a helpless look with Reya, having less experience with weapons than even the young pathfinder did. At least she'd seen blasters before among other outdoor survivalists, who usually needed them to avoid death by wilderness predators.

                      "C'mon!" Senna said, running down the hallway, towards the fore of the prison deck.

                      There wasn't that much further to go down the detention hallway, and at the end of the corridor, an archway led into a small antechamber, with a control panel on the starboard side and various pipes and wiring lain bare on the ceiling above. A reinforced durasteel door was closed, and two storm troopers had taken cover around either side of the archway, and were aiming at the group with their blasters.

                      "There they are, call for backup!" said one of the troopers as he lifted his blaster rifle.

                      "No good, there's some prisoners escaping near the hangar bay. Just blast 'em!" replied the other stormtrooper, and they both opened fire...

                      "Argh!" Senna winced as she fell behind the cover of a jutting panel, her uniform badly singed where a shot had struck her in the side, drawing some blood.

                      "Take cover!" the pilot said, wincing as she leaned against the wall and gingerly rested her hand on the wound, inspecting it. "It's not that bad..."

                      Lyne did not need to be told twice and fired wildly as he rushed for cover. Somehow, the shot struck a magnetized panel and bounced directly into the face of the second stormtrooper, bringing him down despite the cover.

                      This left Reya with the chance to deal with the remaining trooper, but she was still about twenty yards away. She could take cover and try to fire like Lyne had, or she could try to find a different solution.

                      Blaster fire was deadly, as she was rapidly discovering, and even with the stormtrooper's armor, a single shot was all it might take.



                        Re: The Vergence of Mists

                        Reya, the innocent prisoner

                        Reya hadn't considered herself about to die. Overall she wasn't a person to worry about things overly,.. which could end to her detriment, like right now, her rubbing her hand and going.. "Owwww.. how hard do they make these armors, this is worse than hitting a tree!" She complained, rubbing her hand, just finding her suspicions of not being a fighter confirmed as she hesitantly picked up a blaster. "I really don't know how to use.. Geesh is this heavy." She hefted it up, aiming it away from both herself and her allies. She didn't look like she'd be a great assistant in a shootout.

                        "I really don't like this killing business overall.." She complained. "I mean I get if you have to shoot down a hungry beasty but even then..." She mused, rushing down the hallway after Senna.. until they encountered the Stormtrooper hold up... And hitting Senna badly. Somehow though, Lyne proved to be a good shot, .. perhaps, which left her, holding the heavy gun and being uncertain what to do. Also, facing a quite real threat of death, going by the three troopers and Sennas bloodied side. She really didn't like the idea of shooting the man dead. Even if they were basically all the same? .. she didn't quite get that one. Either way. For one brief moment she glanced at her gun and considered what Senna had told her. Presuming she could even hit properly, could she really just.. shoot a person dead? Well, if she didn't, she'd be, and that was even worse, from her perspective. No one had told her the whole 'die escaping rather than live a prisoner!' was quite that serious.


                        "Graaaaah!" She shouted, rather than trying the blaster thrusting her hand forward, at the gun aiming at her. Frankly, she had never practiced this on an object someone else was holding tightly. Nor had she tried it with.. well, a literal gun pointed at her. But she trusted in her ability more than in firing a gun. She could do this. If she couldn't disarm the Storm Trooper and open him up for a finishing shot from Senna (or Lyne, apparently) perhaps she could at least throw off his aim completely.

                        Well, thats what she planned to, at least. Though it seemed that, perhaps encouraged by her utter lack of bloodlust and killing intent, when pressured the light side flew all the more easily to her, the weapon flying out of the stormtroopers grip, floating before her for a moment, as she said: "Please Surrender. I don't want to have to kill you." before she closed her hand, the gun dropping to the ground before her. Oh my god that was so cool Reya, didn't even know I could do that! What to say next uhm..

                        "Uh.. If you tell us were to grab the nearest .. whatever those healing packs were called for my friend we'll just move along without hurting you and if anyone asks, you were knocked unconscious by escaping prisoners.. not the best story.. but, look at the alternatives." She looked at the man that Lyne had either expertly trickshotted, or accidentially hit by blind luck. She was quite certain it was the latter, but was the trooper?

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                          Re: The Vergence of Mists

                          A Daring Rescue


                          Senna sighed at Reya's reservations.

                          "At least a hungry beast kills for survival," the pilot intoned morosely. "These storm troopers slaughter entire families without blinking an eye, all on the orders of a bored, sociopathic and genocidal command structure. Anyone with scruples about that gets flushed out of imperial military pretty damned quickly. I ought to know."

                          She checked her ammunition on her blaster pistol and then held it above her shoulder with two hands.

                          "Oppression and tyranny creates two kinds of people: victims and soldiers. Soldiers have to be willing to kill for what they believe in. And I don't intend to be a victim."

                          Senna then broke into a jog, heading down the hallway toward the next confrontation.

                          Lyne passed Reya by and put a comforting hand on her shoulder as he did so.

                          "For what it is worth, I do not appreciate being involved in this mess either. I truly hope that I shall never have to kill anyone either..."


                          Flash-forward about a minute later, Lyne was trembling with the blaster rifle shaking in his hands, as his large red orbed eyes took in the image of the trooper's corpse whom he had just blasted straight in the face, albeit by accident and firing wildly.

                          "Oh no no no... now I'll never be able to work legally in the Core again!" he sobbed to himself, losing his concentration on the will to fight as he sunk against the wall of the corridor and placed his face in his hands.

                          Meanwhile, Senna was also leaning against the wall on the opposite side of the corridor from Lyne and Reya, cradling her wounded torso. The remaining storm trooper was firing red blasts, scorching the paneling of the hallway when Reya turned the corner and stuck out her hand, feeling a euphoric rush of joy and wonder flowing through her as the blaster rifle flipped out of the storm trooper's grip and landed with a clatter at her feet.

                          "What the--?" the white-clad trooper said, standing upright and taking a few steps backward. Now that he was unarmed, the combat had ground to a halt, and he put his hands up.

                          [Coercion roll: 0 Successes, 2 Advantages - spent to give a bonus to an ally's next roll.]

                          "Imperials don't surrender to secessionist scum!" the trooper said, nevertheless backing away until his armor was pressed against the wall. His fist banged on the door. "Lieutenant! Prisoner's have escaped and are trying to break the Viscountess out. Seal the door! Lieutenant... Lieutenant?"

                          The door hissed open and a bare-chested man in imperial trousers and boots with his belt halfway undone fell forward into the hall, much to the trooper's shock.

                          Behind the lieutenant was a serene and lovely looking-woman with silver hair and eyes. In her hand, she was wielding a very sharp thrusting dagger that appeared to have been selected from a table of rather dastardly looking implements of interrogation.


                          [Knowledge Education check: 1 success, 1 threat]

                          The hair and eyes were a tell-tale trait of Arkanian ancestry, but the fact that she had all five fingers as a human trait suggested that this woman was likely Echani, a near-human off-shoot race who had co-settled the world of Kithaan and whose military prowess had brought House Corino into world-wide governance.

                          The beautiful woman looked at Reya with an appraising, reserved smile. When she spoke, it was with a lilting noble accent that suggested she was of the upper class. The intensity of her gaze was slightly intimidating, but not necessarily unkind.

                          "My rescuers I presume? Sorry, but you were about to arrive too late and I couldn't wait any longer," she glanced sidelong at the trooper and raised a dagger to him, speaking words that ought to have been a question, and yet somehow to Reya's mind, seemed more like a command.

                          "You don't need that uniform, so why don't you take it off."

                          "I... I don't need my uniform. I'll take it off." The storm trooper took off his helmet, revealing a shaven face and scalp with an ugly serial number electoo'd on the side of his head. Followed by the unfastening of his vacuum sealed suit, as he stripped out of the laminate, showing just his tights and an snug undershirt.

                          "Now get onto that table in there. If you're a good boy, maybe I'll come back and give you a very... very... close inspection." This statement was more like a seduction, and was complimented well by the sultry look the Echani woman gave him. The stormtrooper nodded dumbly and then hurried towards the interrogation table and quickly fastened himself to it. The Echani woman meanwhile just shrugged and pressed the button to seal the room's door shut.

                          "Well now, THAT unpleasantness is over with..." The woman turned to Reya. "Now, introductions. I am-"

                          "Viscountess Corino!" Senna said, limping up the hallway.

                          "Senna? Oh Senna, I'm so glad you made it out okay. Oh, but you're wounded. We must get you to a medbay. A stimpack should set you right."

                          "There's little time! Reinforcements will be coming in any moment now. My wound's not that bad, really. We just need to get onboard this man's confiscated ship in the hangar bay and we should be all right."

                          Senna pointed out the still-shaking Lyne, introducing him, and then pointing out Reya.

                          "This is Reya. She's the reason we got out of our cell in the first place. She can move things with her mind apparently."

                          To this, the Viscountess rose a perfectly arched silver eyebrow.

                          "Is that so? Something to chat about later then. For now, call me Maevri darling. My title isn't worth the breath it takes to speak it these days. The Emperor has seen good and well to that. Let's get off this ship."


                            Re: The Vergence of Mists

                            Reya, the innocent prisoner

                            Reya had remained silent about the whole soldier thing. She didn't want to argue the point, mostly, because she didn't know enough to argue about, but .. she still didn't feel right at the idea of it!

                            "Whats a sezessionist? Is that some kind of swearword?" She pondered, then looked at the Viscountess.. that much she could guess. Not quite a human, not that that mattered. "Yay you're alright uh... humnn..." She observed the commanding Viscountess. Something about it was odd. She was a pretty woman but not that pretty that men would just.. well. Do that kinda stuff. At least Reya thought so!

                            Either way, she was pondering until her introduction, grinning and doing a (Terrible) salute. "Yeppers! 's pretty neat! I just need a bit of concentration.. oor apparently, guns pointed at my head. Nothing better to jumpstart concentration, contrary to what I expected frankly.." She said, cheerfully, pondering, looking at the gun at her feet, then over to the sealed rooms door. "..but... humnnn.." She pondered for a while. She was pretty sure the Countess had just moved the Stormtrooper with her mind as well, just.. indirectly.

                            "So errr.. were is the hangar anyway?" She asked, taking a step closer, almost stumbling over the gun, cautiously stepping around it after, closing up to Lyne, looking at him thoughtfully and musing by the side: "You are not so concerned anymore." Perhaps Reya had been imagining things but she was pretty sure that the Viscountess had used her mind just like Reya had, but rather than finger-pointing and things-flinging she had done it with her voice and affected the one listening to her. Reya wondered if she could do that, trying to concentrate like she did when tossing things about, but move a mind not an object..

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                              Re: The Vergence of Mists

                              On the way to the Hangar


                              "Neat... mmm, yes. Quite so. And may I say, you have a very charming rural Kithaanian accent. This must mean that you're a subject of mine and you've been drawn into this mess on my account. Poor girl. I am so dreadfully sorry - truly. That anyone should suffer because of something between myself and the Empire just... it makes my blood boil. But perhaps it's destiny that's drawn us together like this. You see, if you can move things around with your mind, it means you have something the Empire wants. And once they know you have what they want... they'll never just let you be."

                              She smiled down at Reya, then scooped up the spare blaster rifle on the ground as they passed it and loaded it proficiently.

                              "And that means you and I have a similar problem. So we might as well stick it out together, now isn't that right? Oh dear, now, erm... hold it like this, you see? Against the shoulder so the recoil doesn't spoil your aim."

                              The party moved out, with Lyne jogging behind. Reya turned to him and tried out her theory on the Neimoidian. She tried to will the power that she had into somehow making Lyne change his mind, but as soon as she said her words, she had great doubts that she had actually managed to do anything at all. He blinked at her, then said:

                              "Not concerned? I've gone from a respected businessman trying to overcome decades of racial stigma through a hard and honest living, to a rebel insurgent and trooper murderer! I'm more concerned than ever!"

                              Senna and Maevri looked back over their shoulders at them.

                              "The hangar will be near the aft of the ship, lowest level. These barges don't have room for more than three or four small craft. So what am I gonna be flying anyway, Lyne?"

                              "Oh, the Firebird is a YT-1760 Light Transport. Very fast, very maneuverable."

                              "Very fragile," Senna finished the assessment for him. "Right. We better not get hit by anything."


                              The group reached the hangar bay without incident, which was unusual, until they drew close and heard the unmistakable sound of blaster fire.

                              Six storm troopers had taken cover behind cargo boxes in the hangar bay and were firing at Evee and Paadesh, who were gathered around a coupling at the base of the Firebird. Evee had acquired a toolbelt from somewhere, including a plasma torch which she was using to try to weld her way slowly through the coupling. Meanwhile, Paadesh had ripped up a durasteel tiling from the floor, which must have weighed quite a lot, and was holding it upright, acting as a shield between Evee and the incoming blaster fire.

                              Unfortunately for them, while three storm troopers kept him busy with shielding, the other three were circling into a flanking position. Reya and her companions could see everyone from an elevated position on a small balcony, that had some steps that led down to the hangar floor where there was an open space of about 40 meters to the ship with little cover in between. There was also a control room straight ahead that appeared to have been broken into, and there was an unconscious officer leaning against the far wall.

                              Beyond the Firebird in the hangar were an imperial shuttle and two TIE fighters. In a pinch, the Imperial shuttle might hold them all, but the TIE fighters were a strict single capacity it seemed.

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