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The Vergence of Mists

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    Re: The Vergence of Mists

    Reya, stranded on another planet

    "While there is great danger on this planet, I don't sense any troubles coming near us right now." she had mused, crytpically.

    Reya went so far as to collect a nicely shiny stone, because.. why not.

    "Oh, I got no clue if its poisonous.. Like I think most things aren't, but pretty sure this one.." she held out a slightly purplel-sprinkled leaf "Is going to make you see noises and hear colors. But thats pretty neat too. My power? oh the mind moving stuff. Is pretty neat huh? At first I thought everyone could do it, but mother told me not to show it off in public ever, buuuut this isn't quite the normal public you are used to so.. eh." She shrugged.

    "I don't use bacta! I use berry soup. Nice warm soup made out of healthy berries, cures all ills... but bacta will have to do..." She shrugnodded.

    "Uh.. I see.. I'd rather get autographs personally, but... hey if it makes you happy.." She smiled, sincerely.

    "Good point. gathering water first, then bathing in it, that'd leave an odd taste, I bet." Reya nodded, and proceeded to fill the water cannisters first.. a little bit away from Paadesh too, whilest at it.

    Which also gave her interesting insights into the stripping Sennas physique. It was definitly.. distracting, on top of Paadesh there as well.

    "Alright then!" She grinned, stripping out of her outfit and stretching, her body youtfhul and, despite her naive and uruly exerior, coute calm and beautiful by constrast, feeling.. sensing the connection of ... everything around her even better as she nudely descended into the water she smiled, eyes half closed, as.. a hey awakened her out of her fantasies.

    ".. ERr, yes?" She looked over to Senna, chuckling, gathering a handful of water, and shily starting at the womans shoulders, nodding, before working on, feeling that warm, smooth skin below her as she mused... "Lets not dawdle too long, nightfall will be soon." She glanced to the sun briefly.. but those animalistic senses wouldn't decieve her..
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      Re: The Vergence of Mists

      Paadesh did what was maybe the equivalent of an Aqualish snort at the idea of autographs. Instead he dunked his hulking, muscle-bound body into the clear pool.

      Senna and Reya took turns washing one another's backs. The pilot was particularly good with her hands, scratching in the right places and even massaging the tension out of Reya's muscles. The water and pilot were both pleasant on her bare skin and despite the hostilities of the past couple of hours, Reya found herself at peace.

      The odd feeling of anticipation from the animal life around her did prove to be a curiosity, but not one that would easily shake her out of this nice reprieve from the concerns of pursuit.

      The bathing was finished without any of the parties getting too frisky, unless it was Reya's intention to make more of their skinny dipping than what it was already. Paadesh did not approach the two beautiful women, though this did not mean he did not peek in their direction from time to time.

      "You're right about getting back to the ship. And if the imperials are coming after us, as they probably will, then we will want to be gone before they send out their searching party. We're fortunate that their barge isn't that big. They won't be able to send many troops after us. We can evade them and look for shelter tonight."

      The group exited the pool and dried off, shaking water from their bodies and using some of Senna's borrowed imperial uniform as towels. The pilot chose to redress in only her bodysuit. The group filled their canteens with as much water as would fit, and then would head back to the ship.

      All the while, Reya got the sense of being watched, but there was no discernible source for this, just the a weird feeling. Unless she objected or suggested a different course of action, they reached the ship while the afternoon sun was still out, and she would find that all three remaining occupants, including the twi'lek and the viscountess, were conscious and waiting for them.

      There would be a general consensus that they should try to get some shelter away from the ship before nightfall if possible, so as to avoid Imperial trackers. There were some emergency rations that would last the group a day, but after that, they would need to forage to keep themselves fed.


        Re: The Vergence of Mists

        Reya, stranded on another planet

        Reya giggled mirthfully at the pilots skillfull hands, not all that emberassed to be nude and glad to brush the water to her clear, red hair. She purred a bit when Senna tried adding in a bit of a massage and paid back the favour.

        It even felt kind of nice to be curiously .. watched by the animal life. The experience of a new, unknown world. "Evading and looking for shelter, got it." She nodded, whilest trying to repay the backwash-massaging favour and stretching a little afterwards. It wasn't like Reya to ... start anything special there, though she wouldn't deny enjoying the sight of the strong male. ... and finding herself oddly intrigued by the now fully revealed soft curves of Senna.

        Reya did get somewhat slowed down by her carrying of water and berries, letting Paadesh do the h heavy duty, her physical frame not all that impressive, though above average, due to many advances into the wildernis. Whilest trailing behind the other two.. and redressed in her old outfit, she couldn't help but glance left and right, well, the place was interesting, full of life, of course things would watch her..

        She said little of the feeling, trying to shake it off as she reached the ship, shrugging and saying: "The more secluded places are basically the deeper forest, or potentially a cave in the mountains. I vote for the forest. I like forests more. They are green and foresty." She nodded.
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          Re: The Vergence of Mists

          The Crash Site

          Senna seemed to enjoy the short, calm time they had together in the pool, and on the journey back towards the downed ship, Reya could sense that she was more open and positive in her demeanor towards the redhead than she had been, and she did see that the blonde pilot was admiring her body from time to time out of the corner of her eyes.

          As for Paadesh, when he exited the pool to put his clothes back on, the scary hulking form was overshadowed by his thick, olive green member which was unashamedly erect. Perhaps he had been watching the two human women touching each other with curiosity as well. However, he was good enough - or shy enough - to not mention it before redressing. He picked up the bulk of the heavy lifting without complaint - as if it were only natural that he, as the strongest of them, should take care of the water weight, though Reya's physique was certainly above average from her wilderness upbringing. Senna, as a more lithe build, had lean muscle that complimented her heightened dexterity.


          "Welcome back," the Viscountess said from the slightly tilted bunk bed, where she was sitting with minor bandages over her body. Evee was next to her, the yellow-skinned twi-lek mechanic having a bandage wrapped around her left lekku (headtail) and some bacta salve applied to some deep scratches on her shoulder.

          "The Imperial search team will be on this place soon enough," Maevri said. "I doubt they'd risk sending the barge through the ion storm, but they could have easily gone around it and if they did, they'll arrive at any time now. Much as I don't like it, I think to be safe, we're going to need to leave the ship now, with everything we can carry, and hope we find a settlement of some sort."

          "Most of what we had on this ship is torn up, but strangely," Evee added. "The long-range sensors still work, and they're picking up a surprising amount of activity in the general area. Seems there's a concentration of life and electromagnetic activity in that mountain range, and there's also an energy pulse coming from deeper in the forest. Either energy output would suggest some form of artificial technology."

          Senna nodded to Reya.

          "Her instincts say the forest, and I think I agree. If we have to go, let's go now."

          The rest of the party seemed to more or less agree with the assessment, even the normally nervous Lyne. The Imperials were not likely to let them be, and having a storm trooper strike team find them was likely to be certain death. Trusting in Reya's tracking and survival abilities, the group swiftly decided to place themselves under the redhead's guidance. The Viscountess was one of the first to encourage this, perhaps suggesting that while she was a noble, she was at least not foolish enough to lead in an environment where she had no expertise.

          Deep Forest, West of Crash Site
          [Destiny Balance: 1 Dark, 3 Light]
          [Reya survival check, 2 successes and 1 advantage]

          The deep amber sun that shown in the sky was setting in the west, and the forest grew dark and shadowy as they explored further. To an untrained eye, this wilderness might have been just a maze of trees and exotic plant life without rhyme or reason, but to Reya, there were tales to be told in the earth and in the leaves.

          She saw natural migratory paths made by wildlife. She saw broken branches nearly four meters high, suggesting that in these woods there was LARGE fauna - beasts that big were likely to be predators, unless... She scanned the trees and saw some hope in what she saw. The foliage up to midway along the trunks was eaten here and there, so maybe there were large herbivores or omnivores that were responsible.

          She saw claw marks however on some of the lower trees and in the occasional pawprint. Claws that made such deep imprints were likely from predators, so there was still reason to take care.

          Then she noticed one other thing: a marking in a tree. A crossed etching that seemed calculated, and sentient. It didn't appear to mean anything to her, but the fact that it was there meant that someone intelligent had been here at some point.

          As the sun set firmly beyond the horizon, she sensed the feeling of anticipation in the small birds and rodents give way to tension, and there was a stillness in the air. They kept going, using glow orbs and other lighting from the emergency kits onboard the ship to see in the darkness. The low-hanging wisps of a cloud started to fill the upper boughs of the jungle canopy. And then, loudly, they heard a roar that reverberated through the woods.

          "I've got a bad feeling about that," Evee grumbled, bringing her pistol up. The fog began to grow thicker and thicker, until it got to the point that they were having trouble seeing in front of them.

          "What should we do?" Senna asked, seemingly in Reya's direction.

          They'd been traveling for a good couple of hours, and had remained at a relatively stable elevation. Evee had said that they were on course to get to the energy pulse in about 5 more hours of travel, but with visibility this poor, Reya would be concerned about injury and people getting lost or separated. The idea of nighttime predators was also looming in her mind.


            Re: The Vergence of Mists

            Reya, stranded on another planet

            Reya noticed the pilot.. observing her, but tried not to make it awkward.. which she was certain she could, so she.. just kind of let it happen, perhaps she could speak to Senna a little later in private.. She also tried to banish any thoughts of Paadesh erections out of her mind.. mainly out of concerns for her health after seeing him in action...

            She did not mind him doing the heavy lifting though. It was nice having someone that could take care of.. any physical issues, in the group. Thinking about it, they had a luckily diverse rag tag group of people..

            "Heya! Hope you are fine.. I dun like the idea of imperial search teams.. though, haven't we dealt a bit of a blow to their numbers? I didn't count but... just what are we dealing with?" She asked shily.

            "It's just, if I had to fight, I'd rather do it with a bunch of trees around for cover, without climbing." Reya was really uncertain about, once more, slipping into the shoes of the leader, but when Maevri herself suggested it, the one she'd have expected to replace her in calling the shots, she shrugged and took up the task.. she did kind of look forward to exploring this strange new planet, she couldn't lie!

            "Oooh this planet is awesome, look! Theres really large beasties.. luckily they wont be hostile, make sure to not attack them just because they are big.. Ooh this way looks interesting, yay!" Reya cheered, always a bit of a wild child, she seemed to be perfectly in her element here, staring at some of the claw-marks and following, as far as possible, a trail lacking those.

            "Wait, hold on, that ones not made by an animal... theres others sentients here.." She stared at the mark. "My hope is it says 'come on strangers, we have berries' but it could also mean stay out..." She mused continuing on, looking just a bit nervous as the forest quieted down over night..

            Reya rubbed her chin when asked what to do. "Let's continue on a little, try and find a secluded position, something like a few large trees glowing close enough by another to form a solid corner for example, there we can rest for the night, we had quite the adventure... anyone up for guardings? I'd guess this fog is not going to get better and if we try to force our way through, not only might we stumble into trouble, we'll also be making more of a fuss, easy to track.. I didn't like turning on the lamps in the first place, Large, slow herbivores live on this planet, which means they have thick hides, and the creatures that hunt them have sharp claws to go with that." She nodded, looking about for a semi-secure resting place.
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              Re: The Vergence of Mists

              Deeper in the woods

              [Reya rolls a survival check to find shelter. 4 successes and 1 threat.]

              Led both by her keen knowledge and insight of the natural world as well as an inexplicable pull of the Living Force - as yet unknown to the redhead - Reya takes the group in a straightforward direction to the west and slightly south, passing into deeper and deeper woods, following small, hidden animal trails that she is able to discover by noticing the telltale signs of animal tracks.

              In just under an hour, they came to a small clearing beside a naturally flowing brook. A mighty tree, with an enormous trunk the breadth of a house, dominates the surrounding area, with its gnarled roots gathered and pushed up above the earth. A hollowed out part of the tree trunk provides a natural shelter that can fit all the members of the party inside of it.

              With broad leaves growing on the tree and nearby foliage, it would not take long to create a makeshift curtain that could hide the group from sight and potential night hunters.

              The dying sun rays turn the sky red, and a far off roar of some large, potential predator reminds Reya and the others that they are in the wilderness and that the law of the jungle will apply here. The others, primarily Senna and Viscountess Maevri, give Reya their thanks for leading them to such an ideal spot, and get to work making a cover for themselves.

              As the evening settles in, Reya feels that amid the howls in the growing dark, there is still a watchful presence, though not necessarily a malicious one, observing her. An inkling, small but oddly compelling, suggests that if she were to go a bit further to the west, alone, she would find something.

              "Hey, Reya? We were going to divide up the rations. Did you want to split some of this bean paste and have some of those berries you found?" Senna strode up beside the redhead and offered her a spare ration pack that didn't appear to have any meat products in it.


                Re: The Vergence of Mists

                Reya, the survivalist

                "Oh, look, cutesy tiny footprints, this way this way.. Oooh.. and the moss is growing higher on this side of the trees, soooo we should go over there." Reya enthused, seeming to be.. quite in her element. "Look over there, a big tree, that'll do fine.. though we might have to tear some of its leafes off to make proper coverage.. poor thing. Eh, will regrow." she nodded, beaming, perhaps not taking this quite as serious as it was to some.

                She scratched the back of her head and blushsmiled nervously when thanked by the noble viscountess and the pretty pilot, though there was a bit of shy pride without doubt. who didn't like praise, after all. Whereas she let others build the foliage, she made sure no small tiny crawly things where trying to share their hiding spot, taking a branch of her own and shooing any potential bugs for the time being.. in a nonlethal way, of course.

                "Hmnn.." She looked out, orienting herself to the west curiously, before Senna approached her. "Huh? Oh! Err.. beans?.. but.. I like my berries. Then again, only berries and you can't appreciate the taste berry much."

                "Get it.. berry-much.. ah.. ahem." She coughed. "Err.. I mean.. I'll take some beans, but not too much. How'd you guess I was a vegetarian? Anyway! I guess everyone is settled and ready for a nap, though I want to do a bit of wandering perhaps. I'm not good at campfire stories, plus! Can't make a campfire anyway.. err. Not that I dun like any of you people.. " She looked over to Paadesh, considering the brutal pitfighter.. though rather than trying to be concerned about him she was distracted by memories of the.. sights he had displayed priorly.

                "But you know.. long day, lotsa stuff to take in! We escaped a spaceship and these creepy guys in white armor, what did you call them, storming troopers, and I used my super move powers and .. its hard to describe, this planet, its.. uhmnn.. really alive.. its quite fascinating! I made lotsa new friends.. though I hope no one at home is worried." She pondered, looking at the sky. "I wish I could send them a letter or something, mom propably made too much soup with me not there.. at least they wont be worried for a long while, I liked doing long trips into the wildernis. What about you? Miss Maevri seems super important to you, but she's not your family, right?" Reya pondered, speaking half loud at best, though more to not attract any nightly prowling creatures. There was a chance others could hear her if they wanted to.
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                  Re: The Vergence of Mists

                  Within the Old Tree

                  Reya chatted to Senna at length with the pilot listening with a quirky smile on her lips. Her brows raised a little at the mention of 'storming troopers' and she opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something in earnest, but stopped herself, and let Reya continue with her banter until eventually she asked her questions.

                  Lyne was busy chatting with Evee, almost as loudly as Reya was talking to Senna. He had been mentioning something about needing to rebase his assets in the Outer Rim, now that he was officially a fugitive. Evee was saying how she knew a few places that might be friendly to people on the wrong side of galactic law. Paadesh sat with his muscular olive green arms folded across his broad chest, listening to the twi'lek and neimodian speak, but his eyes crossed over to Reya almost a second after she was casting a glance his way, thinking about what he'd showed off to her earlier.

                  The Viscountess appeared to be sleeping while sitting up... or maybe she was just resting her eyes. Her legs were crossed and she was resting her hands palm up on either knee. She looked rather peaceful and serene.

                  "Lucky guess," Senna said, letting Reya pick through the vegetarian rations. "You seem to have an elevated respect for life. That's a good thing I suppose, but I guess I've had bigger things to worry about."

                  She poked at her own food and then looked up at the sky and the trees as Reya pointed out all the life.

                  "It's a fairly green world. I wonder why I haven't heard of it before, if it's this full of life."

                  She turned then to regard the Viscountess at Reya's question.

                  "No, I'm not related to her. But I fight for her. I'm a pilot in the Kathan homefleet - or what used to be the homefleet anyway. Now that the Empire has taken over our world and installed a puppet governor, she's the only legitimate sign of resistance to the oppression we're under. I was trying to help her escape. We were going to head to the edge of the Empire's reach and try to link up with the Rebellion movement. But well... we got caught."

                  She shrugged.

                  "But we're on the loose again now. If we can figure out how to get off this planet, we can keep on going. You're welcome to join us when we do. It'll be better for you to do that then to try to get back to Kathan. The Empire won't like any known associates of the Viscountess..."


                    Re: The Vergence of Mists

                    Reya, the survivalist

                    "Well.. I like being alive so.. I figure other folks like it too, even animals.. so.. I don't like eating them. I know, I know, plants are kinda alive too, but you know.. they just kinda stand about anyway." She shrugged.

                    "Well, we are far away from.. stuff, that could be why you hadn't heard of this place, right?" Reya shrugged. "I got caught too! And I didn't even do any rebelleling, unless they are really stingy about people eating berries.." she mused, munching one more on that note, out of principle.

                    "But.. but I wanna go home to my folks eventually and.. I mean.. well, I guess now I -am- a known associate.. though I doubt the storming troopers even know my name." She seemed a bit dejected at the idea of becoming a fugitive and leaving her home world behind, seemingly not having realized the gravity of her situation until now. "This stinks. .. hrmnn.. I think I'll do a bit of wandering to get my mind off of things. Walking about in the wilderness helps me focus!" She nodded, at least glad the planet she had landed upon was quite interesting. Unless Senna disagreed Reya would reach out to step outside the foliage disguised tree, exhaling, focusing her senses, rather doing something than confront the troublesome truth.
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                      Re: The Vergence of Mists

                      Jungle Terrain, late evening

                      Senna shrugged, still hesitant to come around to Reya's point of view on the matter, but not wanting to argue the point, as she believed that it was everyone's personal choice as to what they did and why the did it. Perhaps she sensed the appropriate idealism and morality of that notion, but for her own reasons, could not buy into it herself.

                      "Yeah, there's thousands of inhabited worlds that don't appear on our star charts. Explorers and colonists are pushing the edge of the empire outwards all the time. There's always someone trying to find a new astrogation route through wild space... and the Empire won't be too far behind trying to regulate it - but hey, the white bucket heads can't be everywhere, all the time. At least not yet, and not as long as we keep resisting."

                      She looked sympathetically at Reya and placed a hand on the redhead's shoulder.

                      "Look, you were caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know it wasn't your fault. But think of it this way. Our entire planet wasn't doing anything wrong. We were just trying to live out here, under our own rule and mind our own business. We were happy to contribute a tax to the Senate in return for it being appropriately used to keep our trade open and protected... but the Empire isn't using that money to protect the Galaxy anymore. It's just taking those resources so it can build even more weapons and armies and fleets, so it can better control everything. Entire populations are being enslaved into a work force. Any world with a valuable resource is having its local rulers jailed and Imperial governors installed. That's what happened with Kithan - our world."

                      Senna shook her head.

                      "The Emperor doesn't care about mercy or the needs of the many. Anyone who doesn't do what the Empire wants, for nothing in return, is branded a traitor and imprisoned, or worse, executed. To do nothing... to sit by and allow it to happen... it makes it acceptable. There needs to be a Rebellion. Otherwise there will be no hope whatsoever, and there will be no true home to return to."

                      Senna frowned as Reya told her that she needed time to consider and focus this on her own, but eventually nodded.

                      "Okay. I understand. Just don't wander too far. We can't afford to lose you. You seem to know the wilderness better than any of us."


                      The young woman had left the safety of the great tree and her pack of companions. She had drawn her cloak about her, and taken down an animal trail in low light of the disappearing sun. It would be night soon. This would leave all prey vulnerable to the predators of the jungle.

                      The double pair of eyes narrowed, and followed closely behind the redheaded wanderer.


                      Reya walked for about 10 minutes. She believed she had a good idea of her relation to the tree camp, and didn't doubt that she could return, but she needed to keep moving so that she could avoid having to confront the harsh dawning truth. It seemed this unexpected journey was not going to be over anytime soon, and much as she'd like the simple life of berry picking that she enjoyed, now she'd need to find a new direction.

                      She reached out with her senses, exploring her limits, and found them to be many, unfortunately. She could only sense what was in her very immediate surroundings, and even then, not to the edge of her vision. She figured that she could perhaps reliably detect life accurately, and with concentration, to about a range of 20 meters or so. It wasn't absolute - the power ebbed and flowed, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker. As night stretched out over the jungle, she felt as if her senses were slightly dulled, as though some dark force were strengthening... clouding her vision.

                      Still, she seemed to be guided by instinct, and if she trusted in her senses, she followed them to where they deposited her in a less dense area, where the trees parted and the ground went flat and muddy, and she saw some deep track - claw marks, going this way and that in front of a dark opening in the earth, like a large mole-hill, if a mole were the size of a blurg or a large bear.

                      She reached out with her senses again and did not feel anything 20 meters down the opening just yet, but she did sense something behind her. Turning, she would see an alien beast, the size of a very large dog, crossing the jungle glade, moving towards her.


                      [Sense check- Double Light!]

                      Rovana could sense that the beast was strong and growing, possibly a juvenile, which was scary to think about how it might grow even bigger. It was an obvious predator by its claws and teeth, built for hunting and rending meat. It was approaching her slowly, and she felt that if it came within reach, she would be able to sense its emotions and intent - but of course, if she concentrated on that rather than running, she would be opening herself up to an attack - and this creature, juvenile though it might be, looked perfectly capable of making her lunch, if it were hungry...


                        Re: The Vergence of Mists

                        Reya, the survivalist

                        "Oooh... so many worlds. Are many like our own?" She mused.
                        "Geesh, this empire folks sound very mean. How'd anyone vote for them in the first place." She sulked a little. "I don't like the whole.. rebelleling. I dun really like fighting either. I like.. the things I can do with my mind. Oh, kinda like the wildernis too." She nodded to Senna.

                        "Dun worry, I'll be cautious.. as you said, if anyone can wander the wildernis, its me." She nodded, stepping out, climbing over roots, picking up a branch to play with, letting her thoughs wander and calm, as much as she could. She didn't want.. or expect, to be drawn into a conflict. Back on the ship, it had all seemed like an awesome adventure, but now, the truth was sinking in, and it stirred some concerns and unhappy feelings in her, making it hard to find her centre. Perhaps feeling the nature around her would help. Letting herself just drift by wanderlust, a feeling of the nature around her and being one with it,.. though the darkness somewhat ruined the mood here.

                        She looked at the claw-marks and .. molehill? Oversized molehill. With a curious fascination. An entire planet full of animals she had never seen before? That was enough to re-envigorate her adventurous spirit and forget about her worries, for now.

                        She pondered, knowing better than to explore an animals burrow, still peering on, amazed at her ability to sense life... behind her.

                        "Oh hello. Errr...." She smiled, taking a step forward. Because running or freezing up in fear was what prey did. The creature was clearly a predator, but it didn't make any threatening noises, neither had it moved to attack her yet. It didn't look hungry.. she.. hoped. If it had gotten this close, running wasn't a viable option, not without knowing its speed, so at best she could hope to use her moving abilities to startle the creature..
                        She could try and scream for help, perhaps.. but considering how long she had walked, the creature would finish her off if she startled it, before she got help. Plus, it'd endanger her friends potentially, if they even heard her. "Nice.. burrow you got there?" She tried, half heartedly.
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                          Re: The Vergence of Mists

                          In the jungle

                          "Vote? Hn... I was only a few years old when the Senate voted the Emperor into power... though he was only a Chancellor back then, from what my parents told me. The galaxy was in the middle of the Clone Wars. No planet was truly safe from invasion, not even the Core Worlds. The Senate thought it was a move that would help them beat the Separatists - make the war effort easier if a single voice controlled the military of the Republic. Well... we won the war, but the Chancellor called himself Emperor and never gave up that power."

                          Senna crossed her arms and frowned at the idea of not rebelling.

                          "When evil is happening. Doing nothing is just as bad as being a part of it," she said with determination, but left it at that, walking back towards the tree and letting Reya go her own path.


                          In the clearing near the tunnel opening, Reya faced off against the natural predator, who was certainly focused on her, but not attacking immediately or leaping at her with its sizable teeth and claws bared. It seemed to be hesitating, curious and analytical about the redhead in front of it.

                          In response to her comment about the burrow, the beast grunted, shaking its horned head first down to the left and then down to the right, creating a see-saw motion. It sniffed in air though its nostrils and moved closer to her, not threateningly, but advancing with a confident stride. It got close enough to her that she could reach out with her hand to sense its surface feelings, and on instinct, as though guided by some unseen design, she did so.

                          She could sense the beast's curiosity. The desire for a potential bonding between itself and Reya. A natural, biological urge was starting to kick in and dominate its thoughts - an urge which, if left unsatiated, could turn into hostility. The nature of the bonding that it desire was unclear at first, but as it stood there, letting her hand pass over its forehead, the creature seemed to grow more certain of its desire.

                          With a jolt of understanding, Reya realized that this creature had a natural urge to mate with her - as if she were a female of its species. The urge he felt was so strong, it seemed like it would bring him pain and anguish if it didn't sate this biological lust. A slight bending of her body would allow her to gaze beneath the creature's undercarriage and see an extended, dripping phallus beginning to emerge from a biological sheath in its nether region.

                          The creature grunted, and edged forward, trying to nudge Reya backward.


                            Re: The Vergence of Mists

                            Reya, the survivalist

                            Reya.. didn't quite get political terms like senates and seperatists and who was the good or the bad guy or the emperor, so she simply decided to.. not comment much, with perhaps an apologetic shrug at Senna, leaving to clear her thoughts.

                            Only to find something much more.. directly occupying her thoughts. She must look like an alien to it, she realized.. possibly because she was. She still hoped the creature wasn't hungry. She couldn't help but tense up a bit as the creature approached her, for a moment trying to call upon the force and ponder if she could push away a creature of this size.. propably, if she got lucky... though, rather than push the creature she found herself reaching out with her hand, hesitantly...

                            "Ooh.. oh you want to be my friend? Pfew!" Reya could certainly get on board with that more than many alternatives that had popped up into her head. She even smiled a little, cautiously petting the creature, like one would a dog, smiling slightly.

                            "Ah... oh. Special... Friend.." Reya coughed a bit in understanding, gulping, peering down. "I uh.. don't think we are the right species.. like.. at all.. ugh..." her hesitation easily let the creature push it back, her reaction and natural gentleness easily misinterpretable as a female showing villainess in the mind of a beast, perhaps, as she blushed at the unusual.. sight and situation. "I mean.. I mean! I don't even -know- what species you are!" She shouted, a bit more agitated.. which could be interpreted as disapproval, or arousal, to one that had never encountered a species much like her.

                            Reya, being .. the oblivious one she was, sought a need to clarify: "I .. err.. I mean, not that I'm one of those purist assholes, as long as you are compatible and in love you do whatever, just make sure that there no medical concerns, I know a guy that dated a Twi'lek, she liked it rough, he told me, wanted to be called tentacle head in the bedroom, never supposed to tell that to anyone but I think you don't quite count.. uh.." She gulped, taking another step back, almost stumbling, for the beast exuding the breath of a slightly worried and innocent... if fertile female.
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                              Re: The Vergence of Mists

                              Even as Reya commented on the fact that they were not the same species, she sensed something odd and resonating with that concept and the nature of the beast before her, but she couldn't understand what it was she was feeling, only that the beast did not appear to care that she was a human and he a.... whatever he was.

                              His strong, thick skull had a weight to it that was designed to bash into things, and so when he nudged her back, even though it was likely very gentle compared to what he could do, she was still knocked slightly off balance and she fell backwards, her legs splaying wide.

                              Her heightened voice caused it to growl, but he sniffed insistently at her crotch and his front claws put some weight now on her thighs, with the sharp talons threatening to easily tear away her only pair of trousers on the planet.

                              Her story about the rough twi'lek seemed to quite easily go over its head, figuratively speaking. The beast seemed to have smelt out something appealing about her womanly entrance, and was now frustrated that the expected entry point was being covered by an annoying outer layer of clothing. A large tongue, thick with gooey saliva, licked between her legs, dampening her pants. If Reya put up no physical resistance, the beast would then begin to paw at her waistline and try to peel or tear away her clothing.

                              His male appendage had grown longer and become more engorged. It looked as though it would be quite a chore to fit him all in if he really intended to go through with this, and from what she sensed of his surface thoughts, the beast seemed more confident that it had found a suitable female mate.


                                Re: The Vergence of Mists

                                Reya, the survivalist

                                Reyas mind wasn't quite up to interpreting any.. resonances in this situation, as she uncertainly cleared her throat, only to eep a bit when she stumbled back, not really hurt, more... uncertain and suprised at the creatures advances. If this had been a hunting predator she might have been able to focus on an escape-plan, but this was certainly not what she had expected to sense.. with her new kind of senses whilest at it. Quite disorienting to feel desired on such a.. direct level.

                                "Hoihoi.. uhm.. b.. bad doggie?" She tried, gulping a bit as the creature sniffed at her, clearly unhappy with her outfit.. that were quite sharp talons it had.."Giaaah.. aahamn..." She gasped out at the sudden, sticky-wet lick, the sensation, despite the unusual, dangerous situation .. maybe in part because of it, she couldn't help but squirm a little, her legs slipping open wider even with her trying to squirm and back off a bit, though not actually physically fighting with the creature (she wasn't stronger than a beast like this, she was quite certain), which in turn lead the hooks of the beasts claws to tug down on her pants, exposing some skin and slightly tearing into the fabric.

                                She gulped a little when gazing upon the beasts shaft, easily visible from her position and with what the creature was thinking about. "N.. now wait, I don't think this is uh.. fitting.. I'm not really that experienced anyway.."
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