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    Re: Amber Auction Thread

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      Re: Amber Auction Thread



        Re: Amber Auction Thread



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          Re: Amber Auction Thread

          Final TACTICS Auction results:

          Rank 1 -- Princess Vivianna - 60
          Rank 2 -- Prince Vaelus - 37
          Rank 3 -- Prince Svaltus - 20
          Rank 4 -- Princess Dubiel - 13

          Prince Even - Amber Rank
          Prince Bator - Amber Rank





          Miscellaneous Bidding!

          Here is where we flesh out more of your relations with your lesser siblings and the other persons of note within the realm. We'll do these in batches. So I'll present you with a number of categories on which to bid, you send me your individual bids for each category. These are once off bids, the winner takes all -- with the exception of the birth order bid.

          You do not have to bid on these, there are merely rewards, mostly social but some material or mechanical, that go along with these bids. If you tie for first in a winner take all, then there will be a bid off between those who are tied, if no one bids or no one wants to break the tie in a bid-off, then no one gets the bonus.

          The first bids up in this batch are:

          1) Birth Order: determines order of succession. Highest bid is eldest, second is #2 and so on. Those who do not bid are Olin's out-of-wedlock children. The people of Amber will naturally prefer the eldest child of the current queen. Also, only the Queen's children may bid for their mother's affection.

          2) Olin's favorite: Dad liked you best. His trusted adviser, Cameron, will be told to take care of you and also perhaps entrust you with some other things as well.

          3) Deworin's favorite: Grandfather liked you best. A crazy old kook, but he was the one who created the universe by drawing the Pattern. He's been missing for ages but maybe he left you an important clue?

          4)Queen Eileen's favorite : Olin's wife wishes to see you on the throne. (Must be a child of hers to bid, meaning you must bid at least 1 on the Birth Order auction.)

          5)Nala's favorite: Olin's mistress likes you. What secrets might she have unearthed?


            Re: Amber Auction Thread

            Luckily, everything here pretty much matches the flavor and intended backstory for Prince Even, so... pass.
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              Re: Amber Auction Thread

              Birth Order

              The Queen Eileen has given birth to four children. The first and eldest by many years is Bator, who is widely considered by everyone to be the rightful heir to the throne. He was born shockingly close to the first 9 months of Olin and Eileen's marriage, leading some to wonder about the nature of how the queen came by her royal station.

              Bator was a young boy of about ten before he received his first true sister, the Princess Vivianna, who is the joy of the kingdom's eye. For them, the birth of Vivianna meant a reconciliation between Olin and the queen, who had been estranged while Olin had waged a long campaign against the Chaos Courts.

              The good years rolled on, and the Queen then gave birth to her final children, the twins Svaltus and Vaelus, who through the first formative years of their lives seemed to be almost of one mind about things, able to finish one another's sentences and sense where the other one was by instinct, or know when the other was wounded and how badly. It wasn't until many years later as they went their separate paths that the twins' fraternal sympathy lessened in its strength.

              (Final bid: Bator 24, Vivianna 5, Vaelus and Svaltus 1)

              OLIN'S FAVORITE:

              Being Olin's eldest and legitimate child by many years has given Bator the opportunity to make a good impression on his dad. He got a lot of alone time with the old man, and when he was old enough, Olin invited him to go campaigning with him. His father told him of many secrets in shadow and about the Pattern and about the responsibilities of a king of Amber. It was clear to many that Olin was grooming his first born to inherit the throne.

              (Bator wins this auction with a bid of 14)

              DEWORIN'S FAVORITE:

              When they were young, grandpa Deworin was still puttering around Amber from time to time. The old man was considered senile by many, including Olin, but no one could ever stop him from coming or going. He just showed up at places. And he liked to play practical jokes on the adults when the children were looking. No one enjoyed his cleverness more than the Princess Vivianna, and the old kook took a liking to her. Sometimes the Princess would dissappear for a day, much to the worry of the castle, only to show up again with Deworin, telling everyone how grandpa was teaching her chess, or going fishing down by the great lighthouse in the nearby kingdom of Ulmf. It was clear that she had an in road into the heart of the man who had created the Pattern.

              (Vivianna wins with 4)

              EILEEN'S FAVORITE

              The Queen was somewhat distant from most of her children, though of course she preferred them over all others sired by her troublesome cad of a husband. She had thought to pin down his love for her by getting pregnant and forcing him into a marriage of convenience, and it had for the most part worked. He even seemed to adore their firstborn, Bator. But he would campaign against Chaos for years, and probably have half a dozen bastards with various camp followers during that time. Still, she had her ways, and even managed to romance his attentions back to her for a time, when she produced three more children by him. Little Vivi was supposed to have been her own pet project but the little girl seemed to have a wanderlust which was only worsened by that lunatic grandfather of hers. That left the twins to be hers. They were odd children, the twins, but there were differences. Svaltus was slightly more rough and tumble while Vaelus had a more graceful air to him that appealed to the Queen. It was with Vaelus then that she had most kinship and in her secret heart she thought that with him on the throne, she would be most comfortable living as the Queen Mother.

              (Vaelus wins with a bid of 2)

              NALA'S FAVORITE:

              By the time that they were all teenagers, the royal siblings had learned some certain facts of life, and one important one was that there father was not the most loyal husband. It wasn't that he was uncaring, or not loving, it was just that you couldn't force the man to do anything that he didn't want to do. He was King of Amber, protector of the Pattern, and he could do anything and have anyone he wanted. This made him susceptible to seduction, and he had many courtiers who tries this tact, mainly to gain favors for themselves or for their own kingdoms.

              One notable courtier was the purple skinned woman known as Nala. Beautiful and cunning, this woman was a constant presence in Castle Amber for the past decade, and a constant eyesore for the Queen. Nala even had her own room in the castle and had regularly scheduled "appointments" with the king. In her free time, Nala had the chance to take an interest in the Princess Vivianna's exploits and the two of them began to share a close bond, chatting away long hours about goodness knows what. The fact that her own daughter now cavorted around with this "whore" drove Eileen up the wall. With the recent death of Olin, Nala hasn't been seen in the castle, and for good reason, as the Queen Regent would probably find an excuse to kill her on sight.

              (Vivianna wins this auction with 5)

              The next auctions are

              6)Rebma's Champion: Moire, the Queen of Rebma, the Under Sea Kingdom bordering Amber, supports your claim to the throne.

              7)Spymaster: You control the royal spy network. This is a secret auction and only the winner will know who claims this.

              8)Castellan's Favorite: Prince Jules controls the palace guard and defenses of Castle Amber. He supports your claim.

              9)Steward of Amber City's Favorite: Princess Wanda runs the City militia and day to day government. She supports your claim.

              10)Lord Marshal's Favorite: Prince Edric has the allegience of Amber's army, though it is scattered across Amber's borders. He supports your claim.

              11)Admiral of the North's Favorite: Prince Gamon commands the northern fleet and the Shalomar Naval Base. You and he go way back.


                Re: Amber Auction Thread

                REBMA, the kingdom under the sea. Physically it borders the realm of Amber, and can be walked to and from without the need for traveling through shadow. At the heart of Rebma is an exact reflection of the Pattern, which can be walked and utilized just as the original within Castle Amber. However Rebma has traditionally done what it can to stay out of Amber politicking. Its people resent Elder Amberites drawing them into troubles, but their beautiful Queen Moire does have the occasional soft spot - and with no one is that more so than the dashing and rightful heir, Prince Bator. To him, this neutral ground can be a place of repose and safety - its watery gates open to him in time of need - as well as the Queen Moire's bedchamber, some say.

                (Bator wins with 6)


                ...There is a spymaster. He or She has been notified of their control of the Royal spy network. Ceiling Amberite is watching you...

                (??? wins with ???)


                Prince Jules, a half sibling of the much younger generation of Amberite children born out of wedlock, has always been friendly with both Vaelus and Vivianna - but is having trouble who to truly side with... One of them should convince him or he'll go his own way all together.

                (Vaelus and Vivianna have each bid 8, please both put in a new higher value or say pass in your next PM, addressing this issue)

                STEWARD OF AMBER

                Princess Wanda has always enjoyed the company of Princess Dubiel. They share the same attitudes and tastes in food and love affairs. If Dubiel needs a friend in the city, Wanda is there for her.

                (Dubiel wins with 8)

                LORD MARSHALL

                Prince Edric, Lord Marshall of the Realm, Commander of the standing Army of Amber, believes in the will of the people and the right of succession. He pledges his complete support to Prince Bator.

                (Bator wins with 10)

                ADMIRAL OF THE NORTH

                As well as the ground forces, the Naval forces out of Port Shalomar under Prince Gamon also support the rightful succession. Bator goes way back with the brawny and gregarious Gamon.

                (Bator wins with 5)


                  Re: Amber Auction Thread


                  12) Admiral of the South's Favorite: Princess Siobhan commands the southern fleet and the Mystara Naval Base. She's your best friend.

                  13) Warden of Arden's Favorite: Princess Rhone commands the Arden Forest waywatchers, controlling the main land route to Amber. She feels you're the best choice for ruler.

                  14) Treasurer's Favorite: Lord Aiden controls the wealth of Amber and has the keys to the vaults. He also happens to be the supreme judge. He feels you're the prudent choice for rule.

                  15) Lady Azure's Favorite: The Ambassador of the Chaos Courts and sorceress supreme finds you incredibly interesting. She loudly proclaims you to be the best choice for ruler and seems intent on getting you there!

                  16) Bride/Groom of the Serpent: The Serpent (physical representation of Logrus/Chaos) likes you. I mean, really really likes you. Where this might lead, who can say?

                  17) What's in the box? - You don't know what's in the box, but it'll be something worth having.


                    Re: Amber Auction Thread

                    Prince Vaelus wins the favor of the Castellan of Amber with a bid - off of 13.


                      Re: Amber Auction Thread

                      12) Princess Siobhan, Admiral of the South and commander of the Mystara naval base has a heated rivalry with Prince Gamon. She's convinced he won his position because he got in good with Prince Bator. She figures that if Bator wins the throne, the entire navy will be unified under Gamon and that'd be the biggest disaster Amber had ever suffered in her mind. She's always gotten along great with her half-sibling Vivianna, and really respects her tactical advice. Having a ruling Queen of Amber would be great in her opinion, so she's lending her favorite half-sister her support, and her fleet as well.

                      (Vivianna wins with 8)

                      13) The sprawling forest of Arden is the only real land approach to Amber, and it is guarded by the forest guard, a group of rangers and beast masters who owe their allegiance to Princess Rhone. A quiet figure who likes to remain in the background, she has struck a quiet accord with Prince Bator to guard the land approach to the city from all attack. Any approach from this path will certainly get to Rhone's ears and she'll pass it on by one of her messenger hawks.

                      (Bator wins with 3)

                      14) The Lord Aiden has always seized upon hidden opportunities. It's how he's managed to acquire his positions of power and wealth. He's also trustworthy, once his word is given. However because of this he is incredibly cagey about giving it. He has given his word to one person however, and that is the Princess Dubiel.

                      (Dubiel wins with 9)

                      15) Lady Azure, the blue skinned, turquoise haired, and eccentrically tattooed ambassador from the Courts of Chaos tends to the embassy in Amber City, where she is always getting strange looks. No one trusts her. They assume she's here as a spy. To associate with her is to be suspect. Still, since there is an uneasy truce with Chaos ever since the last war, she's got to be here. Lately she's been talking up the virtues of Prince Even to anyone unfortunate enough to be caught listening to her. She says that he has all the qualities that she and members of her House in Chaos look for in a leader.

                      (Even wins with 6)

                      16) The Serpent, one-eyed personification of the Logrus, has been sighted in Shadow more and more commonly as of late. Ever since the last great war between Amber and Chaos, it has shown itself, stalking the children of Olin from afar. Each of them has had an experience seeing it once or twice. But for all except one person, that hasn't been for a long while. The Serpent has chosen the object of its own mad desires, and if that person were to accept... what could it mean for the Pattern?

                      (Vivianna wins with 18)

                      17) On the day of Olin's death, a certain princess awoke to find a box lying on her bed, addressed only to her, unsigned and unmarked. What she found inside, is only known to her.

                      (Princess Dubiel wins with 10)


                      Whew! Now that wasn't too painful, was it? The points you have left over, you are free to spend on your character sheet. Please work out with me what you want in PM, along with any questions you might have. Please do me a favor and let me see your math as well. Thanks.