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A Stage of Shadow (Dubiel)

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    Oohhh... Dubiel wondered if her sister thought those cardinals of hers were really only a comfort. It was all true, really... she did love cardinals, and she did hope they would make her feel better.

    Except they were more than just a little beauty to warm up her world. If she hadn't been given the Jewel, perhaps that was all they might have been. Certainly, now that it was missing something dear to her, something which she could never replace... something she thought she'd never have to replace... her world felt cold and lonesome. Now that she faced the possibility of her brothers and sisters readying themselves to kill each other - to kill her - for the throne, the world was dark place. Terrifying.

    Her birds made her feel better not by being beautiful, but by making her feel safe. They were her very own flock of eyes, watching out for...

    ...for the Jewel. She'd instructed them to inform her on the Jewel's location, but not Wanda - and they wouldn't be on watch for anyone coming to end her, would they? The feeling of safety she had constructed, vestigial as it was, faltered. She probably should have told them to watch out for dangerous looking people heading towards her...

    She doubted anyone would try to attack her yet, though... like she'd kept thinking to herself, no one would attack her until they had a reason. Surely, she'd given them no reason as of yet, had she? Though these thoughts made sense and calmed Dubiel a little, lacking that little layer of protection made her just a little anxious. If any of her siblings came for her, she would have little to defend herself with. She carried no weapon, and even if she did, she wasn't very good with them... the force of her psyche paled compared to her siblings, as well. She really could only run... Turning around and leaving Amber was seeming more and more appealing to the princess.

    But, no. She had to keep her cool... they were in the city, and Wanda would protect her, along with all of the soldiers at her command, wouldn't they? And, besides that, she could run quite fast...

    "No... I suppose if I were clever, I'd have listened to you, Wanda, and I'd be far away from here right now," she responded, to Wanda's chiding. "Sorry... I'm so used to it, I forget it's even there," Dubiel says, before pulling off her skull's mask, placing it on her lap. "I've had this for so long now, Wanda... isn't this mask familiar enough? I doubt most Amber even remembers what my fake face looks like, let alone my real one..."

    After a moment's silence, Dubiel fidgeting with a corner of her mask's hood, finally, she had to say something. "It's just... well... I'm only an actress, Wanda! A singer, a player at the theatre! Bator, Svaltus... I bet even Vivianna could... could... could stop me, even end me, if they wanted to!" She said. Even though she kept her voice low, her voice was breaking up. "Here in Amber, I have you to watch out for me... I have your guards, I have people I know, I have this city... but if I leave here, I'm all alone! I can't fight, or, or lead, or plan like they can! I bet I couldn't even hide in my Shadow! They'd find me there easily, wouldn't they?!"

    Dubiel looked up from the spot she'd fixed her eyes to on the floor of their carriage, her facade looking Wanda in the eyes. "I just don't know what to do, Wanda... I want dad to come back and fix everything..." If she seemed like she'd pulled it together earlier, it was obvious she hadn't, and it looked like tears were starting to well up in her eyes.

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