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    Juuban Land (Open)

    Juuban is a popular amusement park located in Tokyo, it hosts shows, roller coasters, a ferris wheel, and other attractions for the fun seeking young and old of Tokyo. Today it has a rather large crowd drawn to a medium sized circus tent in the southern center of the park. A psychic has set up shop to perform magic tricks and tell people's fortunes. This new act has drawn the attention of many people. People attending the show have left mystified, star struck, or heart broken from the predictions of the mystic man. Outside the park mascots and workers work round the clock to draw even more people to the park.

    Perfection is humanly impossible. The more you reach for it the farther away it grows. Failure is inherited to our species as a whole. But punishing ourselves and beating ourselves up for it helps nothing. The best any decent person can do is try, and try, and try again. And try to get better little by little day by day.

    Re: Juuban Land (Open)

    Aki whistled as she walked through the entrance into Juuban Land. It had been a long time since she had been here, her parents used to take her from time to time when she was just a girl. So much of it looked just it had back then, but there were plenty new things too! New roller coasters, new game stalls, new shows, all scattered among the more familiar classics. Aki took a moment to take it all in, before heading towards the new attraction that she had heard so much about.

    Despite being focused on her game of "Sailor V Pretty Sailor Princess GO! GO! BLAST!! Hyper Deluxe Edition EX", Aki found it hard to ignore all the gossip about the mysterious psychic that had set up shop in Juuban Land. All the kids at school and the arcade were talking about it, how the seer was so incredible his predictions changed his customers' lives. Not long ago, Aki would have never given the idea of a psychic much thought. Things like psychics, monsters, spirits, aliens, and other paranormal things were fun in manga and anime, but the idea of it being real was just too silly. Until she had been attacked by a monster herself. Until a voice had told her how to turn into Sailor Enceladus using the Transformation Pin she had received from the Crown Game Video Arcade. She had to know more about the strange power she had been given, and since the owner of the voice had told her no more, she was willing to try consulting a psychic.

    So here she was, squeezing through the crowds. Aki didn't particularly care for crowds, or any group of people big enough to block her view, really. Ever since she got separated from her parents as a child during what would be her last trip to Juuban Land, coincidentally. So as much as she enjoyed coming back to the amusement park she had enjoyed so much earlier in life, it wasn't without a sense of trepidation. Still, she had a goal, and as long as she focused on it, Aki knew everything would work out. She just had to keep heading for the psychic.
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      Re: Juuban Land (Open)

      It had been a few years since Nicholas had last been to Juuban Land. Not since he had graduated from high school and had celebrated with the few friends he had had. Still the large crowds made him nervious and shy, not use to some many people being so packed together. After playing a few games, he caught some gossip about some sort of pyshic. Though he had his reservations about whether it was real or not, he decided to check it out.

      As he slipped and squeezed his way through the crowd he couldn't help but wonder if the man might know why he had transformed into a magical girl, or about his new powers. Or if the man might be another monster in disquise and planning something. Checking to make sure the small ear ring was still in his ear, he proceeded towards the pyshic and his spot.


        Re: Juuban Land (Open)

        As Aki and Nicholas made their way through the throngs of people gathered at the large circus tent, wedging and squeezing through people a few of them even shooting mean looks and nudging them for trying to cut, they would notice large fog machines, speakers, strobe lights and other equipment of spectacle to captivate and mesmerize spectators. If they listened closely they could make out one of the customer's fortunes getting told: "Honored guest, the stars are sending me a message.... They see bright things in the future for you..." he said before turning over one of several face down tarot cards on the table in front of him, " Ahhhh, The Lovers. They tell me that you will have a fated meeting with a handsome stranger, and form a long and passionate relationship..." the psychic droned on as the woman up front looked on with awe and delight, her eyes becoming two hearts, emitting an aura of ecstasy. The psychic then flipped over a second card revealing, "Oooh~ The World.... The World represents success, reward, for all of your hard work and trials... Expect a blessing to come your way of either professional or wisdom related matters...." By this time the woman up front was nearly melting in joy at the good news she was receiving. The psychic then finally up turned a third card, "Ah..... The Magician. The one who holds control over the forces of creation and destruction.... It tells you that you now possess the wisdom and confidence to use them constructively... It says that if you have any goals or achievements you wish to fulfill then you must act now! The only limits you have to worry about are the ones you place on yourself!"

        With that the woman, quickly picked up her bag and proceeded to rush out of the tent and out of the park. Aki and Nicholas would manage to barely catch a glimpse of the woman rushing out, and notice that it was Ms.Sakuraba... Likely off on her way to fulfill the psychic's premonitions and find her success and true love.... if the psychic was to be believed that is...

        Perfection is humanly impossible. The more you reach for it the farther away it grows. Failure is inherited to our species as a whole. But punishing ourselves and beating ourselves up for it helps nothing. The best any decent person can do is try, and try, and try again. And try to get better little by little day by day.


          Re: Juuban Land (Open)

          The seam in reality opened and Silucite, stepped from the Defiler's Realm into earth proper. A black, hooded cloak framed her body, hiding her rather risque form and attire from prying eyes. She appeared to be in a small space between two makeshift buildings. She shuffled her way out and ended up in a main thoroughfare in some sort of amusement park.

          She let her magical senses spread out, confirming that she was in the right place. Yes. The source of power was definitely here. Now she just needed to locate it.

          A small boy of only six or seven years bumped into her leg while holding a red balloon. He fell on his butt and the balloon slipped from his grasp. Up it floated, and his eyes went wide as his prize was slipping away from him. Silucite watched it float away, and could feel the boy hoping for her to save it, which she easily could. She waited, extending his agony, until at the last second she swiftly plucked it by its string and brought it back to him.

          "Here you are, little one," She said sweetly, though with an air of hidden mockery in her voice. "Keep your bauble and be happy."

          The child sniffed and got up, brushed himself off, and took the proffered balloon. "Thanks lady," he said before dashing off.

          "Innocent," Silucite observed. "But not ripe enough to be plucked. It's so much better when they build up absolute faith in the world around them, before we rip it out from under them. So much further to fall that way... ufufufu...~!"

          She turned on her heels and started off towards the direction of the power source. Strange though. There seemed to be more than one...


            Re: Juuban Land (Open)

            Nicholas listened closely while the woman received her fortune. Frowning as she seemed to get some very cliche and general themes or event likely to happen. Stopping for a moment, he debated on whether or not he should recieve his own fortune or if they were just a fruad like the pyshics vague fortune suggested.

            Seeing the woman leave, he could help but look after her as she left. Frowning he decided to wait and see what would happen next with the pyshic before deciding.


              Re: Juuban Land (Open)

              Aki wasn't sure what she expected from the psychic before she stepped into the circus tent. Maybe an old woman in a smokey room with a crystal ball? Or perhaps an old woman with a decrepit wooden table and a tattered deck of tarot cards? An old woman in a swami hat with a sealed envelope? Something with an old woman, surely. What she did not expect was a stage show with fog machines and the most generic predictions ever. She sighed, starting to regret forcing her way into the tent after all, sagging forward in disappointment.

              As the woman receiving her prediction turned to rush out of the tent, however, Aki's interest was immediately piqued. "Sakuraba-sensei?" she said, surprised to see her homeroom teacher was the 'lucky' woman. Most of the rumors and gossip Aki had heard had come from some of the less mature girls in class, the ones who would believe in such simple theatrics. While Ms. Sakuraba barely seemed like more than a silly girl herself at times, she had always seemed smart enough to see through something like this. Aki was about to move to follow the teacher, but the crowd was too thick and pushing too strongly towards the stage, and Ms. Sakuraba was long gone before she could react. Instead, she turned to look at the stage again, curious to see who the psychic would choose next, and what the outcome would be. Fighting the crowd again, Aki squeezed her way further towards the stage, wanting to get a better look at the supposed psychic.


                Re: Juuban Land (Open)

                Silucite's tracking spell allowed her to follow the trails of power to the tent with the big crowd forming around it. A sign on the front told the tale of an amazing psychic within. Silucite audibly harrumphed at this. Preposterous, of course. True scrying would be wasted upon crowds such as these.

                She was bumped by an enthusiastic woman with giddy, eager eyes, who darted out of the crowd while giggling to herself about the 'handsome stranger' she would soon meet. The dark mage rolled her alien eyes at this possibility, already confident that she was seeing the truth for what it was.

                She pushed her way forward, through the crowd, looking to situate herself closer to the multiple power sources she sensed among the gathered people here.


                  Re: Juuban Land (Open)


                  "And now! Ladies and gentlemen, you will all bear witness to the power of fate! For within my cards is represented the intricate tapestry of the universe. It's past, present, and future are laid bare to those with the gift to perceive and I have read the signs. Oh yes. It is no mere happenstance that each and everyone of you has ended up here at this very moment when I have chosen to appear before you. For you see!"

                  With a twirl of his velvet violet cape, the psychic brandished a new deck of tarot cards in his hand and with a flick of his wrist, the deck fanned out perfectly in his long, slender, gloved fingers.

                  "Here, in this very tent, a mystery of the universe is about to be made plain. I will warn you, the revelation will be stunning, but take heart that you had no choice but to be here to listen and bear witness. Step closer, you chosen few!"

                  He gestured to the crowd to come forward, centering upon himself. The fog machines appeared to be put on a different setting, with their billowing settled down some, yet the vapor now snaked across the floor even thicker than before and was tinged with a deep purple hue.

                  The flaps to the tent were closed behind the last few walk-ins, which happened to include Silucite, though she kept to the shadows near the entrance and did not move further in. Nicholas and Aki were moved forward from their current positions by the general movement of the crowd in their urge to see where this new shift in the psychic's performance would lead.

                  The lighting in the circus tent dimmed and took on the darker hue that highlighted the fog.

                  "I see it in your eyes. Some of you may be thinking, 'why should there be a grandiose stage for something as simple as fortune telling for the lovely young lady we just saw leaving us?' And I would not blame you if you did."

                  The psychic held up his other hand as if to say that he understood the concern.

                  "But the fact was that those who needed to leave, have been ushered out, so that the real show may begin. For believe it or not, though you might have come here with friends and family, you will find that each of you here is a stranger to one another."

                  The psychic smirked, his eyes twinkling in delight as a slightly bewildered audience glanced about at one another. Slowly but surely, the crowd seemed to come to the rather stunned conclusion that they did not in fact know one another. Particularly noticeable was a woman and man who had been holding hands, who looked to one another with knowing smile, only to gasp in shock at one another and separate their touch entirely.

                  "Oh my! I'm so sorry!" The woman said. "I thought you were my boyfriend!"

                  "No no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" said the man, bowing his head in embarrassment. "You look very much like my girlfriend and the lighting was so dark in here, I-"

                  "I-I know... it's just so weird. You're the same height as my boyfriend. He told me he'd gone to get a drink and since you have one too and you held my hand, I just assumed...!"

                  A light-hearted chuckle crackled through the psychic's microphone.

                  "Yes, yes. Truly amazing isn't it? And yet, Fate has told me that this would happen. This and much, much more."

                  Suddenly the psychic threw his new deck of tarot cards high into the air, scattering them in a flurrying cloud of neon-taped cards that made for an impressive image in the semi-darkness. Most of the cards fell harmlessly to the ground, but some ended up perfectly in the palms of people's hands - including Nicholas and Aki and even Silucite.

                  When she would look down at her card, Aki would find it appeared to be the queen of coins. Nicholas would discover that he had the queen of wands. Silucite looked ruefully down at her card - the magician - and quickly flicked it away with an unimpressed look upon her face, though her arms crossed defensively.

                  "Ah ha... destiny continues to work in mysterious ways. Will those of you with cards now in your hands please step forward. Let them through please, good people. Yes, thank you. Don't be shy now! Step forward."

                  The psychic urged the card holders onward, beckoning to stand before him. Silucite, refusing to allow herself to be put in a spotlight while she was on her mission, remained quietly in the shadows, even though she had in fact received a card.

                  "If you have received a card, it means that the energies of destiny flow strong in you today - and perhaps other days as well - but for now, it means that you shall be the stars of this show!" the psychic exalted, enthusiastically. "A round of applause, please, for our brave audience members. Let them know they're appreciated!"

                  Slowly, members of the audience came forward, including the man and woman who had mistaken one another as the other's partner. It would be up to Aki and Nicholas if they wanted to step forward and join the show.


                    Re: Juuban Land (Open)

                    Nicholas frowned slightly as he felt himself getting pushed into the tent, though despite wishing to stay where he was he was swept away regardless. He decided to watch the event unfold after seeing the fortune teller continue and being pressed in tightly by the crowd.

                    After seeing the couple and their reaction, he could help but think they were a plant. Being put in place and acting to further this fortune tellers act. He found himself starting to doubt this man had any actual powers at all. Seeing the man toss the card into the air and putting on a show about nearly made Nicholas roll his eyes.

                    Nicholas watched as a card floated down towards him and landed in his palm. Turning it over he frowned again at the picture upon the card. Surely it was just a coincidence that the Queen of Wands card ended up in his hands being a magical girl, with magical girls using wands in nearly all of the anime and manga they appear in. Putting it off as just a coincidence, he gave a shrug and decided he may as well see where this show goes. He followed the other card holders to the stage.


                      Re: Juuban Land (Open)


                      Even with her new found interest in the psychic following Ms Sakuraba's departure, Aki was having a hard time giving the velvet clad magician's act much credence. That's how they made their money, after all, give a good enough show that people who want to believe all the theatrics will. Still, it was hard to deny the creepy vibe that seemed to permeate the tent once the flaps closed. Aki stumbled forward, pushed by the crowd as they eagerly converged on the stage, her curiosity growing about the strange man. But the psychics next trick seemed too strange to discount as trickery. The pair of 'mistaken lovers' could have simply been actors, but Aki looked around and saw so many people in the crowd acting strangely that she couldn't ignore it. 'How could the whole crowd be affected like that? Did he hypnotize them?" Aki wondered, looking around the tent, 'I thought you needed to put people to sleep for that?!'

                      Before Aki had much time to contemplate further though, a flurry of brightly colored cards exploded into the air above the crowd. Aki looked up, staring as one of the cards fluttered into her hand. She didn't know much about tarot cards, or what, if any, meaning the card in her hand held, but the psychic's words about destiny struck a chord in her curious mind. 'Maybe he does know something about what happened to me,' she thought, her thumb and forefinger gripping the card tightly. After a moment of hesitation, she slowly began making her way through the crowd, toward the stage. Maybe it was all a game, maybe it was just a coincidence she caught that card, but she had to know if there was something more to this psychic than just a carnival sideshow.


                        Re: Juuban Land (Open)

                        "Good, good! Come closer! All of you now, yes, even you, pretty lady. You can't stay hidden from the strands of fate!" The psychic crooned and gestured over to where Silucite stood.

                        Cursing her ill luck and hoping that her glamour would hold, she approached the center stage with the others.

                        There were ten people from the audience who had come to stand in front of the psychic.

                        Aside from Nicholas, Aki, and the rather uncomfortable looking Silucite (whose magic had given her the appearance of looking like a chic metropolitan woman), there were two other school girls: one shorter with greyish-blue hair and innocent eyes, and a taller one with long red hair and a calm, yet judgement expression in her eyes.

                        After them there was the "couple that was not a couple," a plain-looking boy in a school uniform, a slightly older young man who had the intelligent, yet grungy, unkempt look of a university student, and a woman who looked to be about Miss Sakuraba's age, with twin braids and stylized red glasses.

                        As they stood around, looking oddly at one another, the purple fog began to rise and swirl suddenly, and in a matter of a moment, visibility for everyone dropped to zero. When the fog settled down and dropped to form an eerie carpet up to their knees, the ten people were seemingly no longer in a tent at all, but some bizarre dimension of shadows and fog.

                        The psychic was nowhere to be seen, but his voice could be heard as though it were coming from everywhere around them.

                        "Welcome, wanderers, to the realm of your fate. Here you will be tried and tested! Hehahahah..." The creepy laugh trailed off leaving the guests all confused as to what had just happened and what was going on.

                        "What - what's going on?"

                        "Where are we?"

                        "Hey, where'd the crowd go?"

                        "Are we asleep or something? Is this a dream?"

                        "The fog. Maybe he drugged us!"

                        "Maybe we're all hypnotized and everyone's laughing at us..."

                        More comments of this nature rolled out, until it seemed to become clear that the psychic had abandoned them for the moment without any clear instructions.

                        "So, what card did you get?" Asked the red head of the university student who was standing next to her.

                        "Oh, uh. Let's see." He flipped his card about in his hand and adjusted his glasses. "The Hanged Man."

                        As he said it, the card lit up in his hand and the fog enveloped him. In a dramatic poof, the fog dispersed, and the young man had disappeared.

                        More exclamations, followed by muttering. At this point Silucite drew to one side and looked deep in thought, piecing things together in her own mind, though it was entirely possible in the commotion that no one might notice her.



                          Re: Juuban Land (Open)

                          Nicholas gave a start as the card holders found themselves somewhere else. Looking about warily at the strange situation. Glancing about he made sure each person was alright before looking about for the fortune teller. Frowning as he moved a little way away from the group.

                          Seeing the man vanish after saying the name of his card caused Nicholas to quickly toss his card away. Silently cursing that he couldn't transform with so many people nearby to witness it. Seeing Silucite draw away didn't cause Nicholas a second glance as he began to look about for some sort of clue as to where they might be.


                            Re: Juuban Land (Open)

                            Approaching the stage slowly, cautiously, Aki took a moment to look around at the people moving forward with her. An odd assortment, including a number students around her age, a few older, and even a pair of women, one very attractive and wearing stylish clothing. She couldn't see much that they had in common. Why were they chosen? Were any of them like her? Had any of them had run-ins with strange creatures, discovered strange powers? Could this psychic tell her more about what had happened that night?

                            Just as she turned back to look at the psychic, the heavy smoke that had pooled along the tent floor whirled up in a frenzy. By the time Aki could see again, the tent and all the people save those called forward were missing. Desperately she looked around for the psychic, but he was gone, save for his foreboding words and laughter. She turned back to the group just in time to witness the university student being swallowed in a cloud of fog, gasping when the smoke departed along with the boy. Reflexively, her grip tightened on her card, though her attention turned on the strange mist surrounding them. Maybe the psychic wasn't just carnival magician, after all.

                            "Hey! Mr. Psychic!" Aki called into the fog, "This isn't funny anymore! You need to let us know what's going on here... or there's going to be big trouble!" Despite her words, Aki knew she wasn't in a position to be threatening the magician. Still, she felt the need to do something. This strange place felt somehow familiar, and she wasn't sure how, but it reminded her of the night she had been attacked.


                              Re: Juuban Land (Open)

                              While the others called out in a manner similar to Aki, Nicholas's sharp eyes stared hard into the smoke at their feet. At times, it seemed to Nicholas as if beneath them, very far in the distance, he could see the floor of the circus tent, with some figures in the center, but no crowd of onlookers to speak of. One figure seemed to be writhing on the ground down there. Squinting hard at this transient image, Nicholas swore that what he saw was the young man who had just vanished in the smoke, and that standing beside him were himself and the rest of the small crowd in this strange realm.

                              It took only a fraction of a second for his attention to waver, and then suddenly the haze had solidified and he could no longer see anything other than the realm they seemed stuck in.

                              "Hey.... where are they going?" The grey-blue haired schoolgirl asked, pointing towards the confused couple.

                              They seemed to be floating away in the mist, their eyes locked intensely upon one another. The red headed girl made a move towards them, but the faster she sprang at them the quicker they floated away, seemingly unaware of anything besides themselves. Eventually they disappeared into the mist.

                              "Entrapment. Confusion. Mockery." The smartly dressed young woman in the stylized dress seemed to be speaking to herself off to the side. Unlike the rest of them, she seemed the least concerned with the sudden disappearances of three people.

                              "It's a fool's wyrd!" she said, snapping her fingers as if she'd just figured it all out. A moment later, a portal opened up behind her and the psychic stood there, his face now looking somewhat alien and bestial. His arms shot out and grasped the woman tightly, dragging her through the portal!

                              "That's enough from you, missy~" he said with a mixture of both glee and annoyance.

                              "Fight it with all your strength!" The woman warned before being pulled through the portal and disappearing with the psychic man in another puff of smoke.

                              "The hell is going on here?" The red headed schoolgirl muttered, her hands clenching in fists. She threw her own card down on the ground as well, and from his position, Nicholas could see that the card she tossed showed the queen of cups.

                              "Did that woman know something about this? It's all so strange. I don't understand any of it." The grey-blue haired girl said, holding up her own card and staring at it quizzically. Aki could see it clearly as she was facing away from her at the time. It was the queen of swords.