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    Re: Juuban Land (Open)

    As the shadow creatures continued their enjoyment of her body, Sailor Enceladus could feel her body slipping further and further out of her control. Though her arms strained against the tendrils wrapped around them, they were now shaking and shuddering in ecstasy, each time she felt the member push into her folds. Her booted feet had been scraping against the ground, trying to find purchase to aid her escape when the creatures had first pinned her to the icy floor, but now her toes were curling and clenching as the stimulation between her thighs flashed throughout her body. Though muffled, her moans could no longer be restrained, and as she lapped up each drop of precum she could, her lips tightened ever more as the creatures pushed her closer to her peak. Deep within her soul, Enceladus yearned to fight, but she could do nothing to resist the unbelievable pleasure being forced upon her, and groaned with delight as orgasm shot through her body.

    By the time Enceladus could move again, her body had finally been released, though it was now covered in the creature's hot sticky cum. She gasped for breath, laying on the ground as the muscles in her arms and legs twitched from her strong climax. She winced as she saw Chalbys still in one of the smoky creature's clutches, and fumed as Sadisto congratulated himself. His mention of capturing 'four' Senshi, though, brought a shock of concern to her lust addled mind, and she feebly tried to regain her move, to regain her feet and continue to fight, only to collapse and sigh breathily as her body refused to cooperate. Worse, she could feel a burning desire for more of what had just befallen her welling up deep within her. Though she had felt anguish when she had first been pinned to the ground by the creatures, it was now that she realized that determination alone could not protect her or her friends that she felt truly defeated. As she looked up at the members hanging above her and licked her lips unthinkingly, Sailor Enceladus shivered in both lust and despair.

    Their capture was not to be, however, and Sailor Enceladus grinned as bright light flashed throughout the room, signalling the arrival of Ronin Pure. As Sadisto and his minions fled into the portal, she breathed a sigh of relief, thankful that the negawarrior's depraved plan for her and her friends had been averted. As Ronin Pure knelt and scooped her up in his arms, Enceladus looked up at him thankfully, weakly saying, "I... I knew you'd come." As the masked hero pulled her towards him, Enceladus could feel the magical lust within her urging her forward for more. She bit her lip, then threw herself towards him with what was left of her strength, seeking a kiss, while one of her hands drifted down towards his crotch. She had no strength to force anything upon him, but neither could she stop her cum covered body from pressing towards him.
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      Re: Juuban Land (Open)

      Feeling the drugged fluids entering her body as the creature thrusted into she could do little but squirm. Its many lengths causing an unknown wellspring of something welling up with in her tight shuddering body. She felt disgust as she felt her body beginning to shudder and tingle, eager for more of the vile thing's touches. Feeling a particularly powerful thrust, and watching Volcanis' body shudder and jiggle in both an allure way and the way the disgusting creature atop of her was pleasuring her, sent off sparks within her own body. Her body clenching and tightening up as she felt the wellspring break like a wave over her. Her mind going blank as the pleasure consumed her.

      Sailor Tempestas could only squeeze her eyes shut as she felt her body surrender to the dark creature's whims.She quickly felt an unfamiliar warmth and tingle radiating through her body. Her eyes squeezed shut even as she felt herself being pressed against Volcanis. Feeling the warmth and the sounds she was making, though she wasn't too sure who she was hearing truthfully, herself or the other scout. Being so close to the other scout soon sent her nerves exploding and firing all through out her body, the pleasurable sensations wracking her body causing her to tighten up and squeeze the invading lengths unknowingly. Her second climax even more mind numbing then the first one.

      Despite the mess she felt all over her face, bosom and inside her, the sight of Volcanis' weakness made her lean close to comfort her. Her lips meeting Volcanis in a drug leaden and hungry kiss. Hearing the screeching she pulled back to see the creature flee from them. She wasn't entirely sure if she was glad or disappointed they had left. Feeling utterly drained, he soon felt his transformation slipping, and he was once more Nicholas. Though he could still feel the drugged fluid coursing through his body, he was clean and clothed once more.

      Feeling more clear headed, he took his jacket off quickly and wrapped it about Akane. Gently holding her for a few long moments to lend her some comfort. He then scooped up the partially nude scout. "It is alright, we are safe now." Holding her to his chest and wandering deeper in to make sure the others were alright. Though he could not stop a few thoughts of simply just pinning Volcanis to a wall and ravishing her like the the creature's fluid still influencing him wanted him to do.


        Re: Juuban Land (Open)


        After Sadisto had left through the portal and the final enemies were dispatched, Ronin Pure made straight for Sailor Enceladus, cradling her gently in his arms. His normally hardened eyes, were pained and sorrowful, and when she whispered to him, she could see tears welling up.

        "I should have been here sooner," he uttered mournfully, and drew her close to him, pressing her body against him in a tight hug. She pressed into this embrace, the magical lust overwhelming her for a moment. She didn't know whether he sensed her intentions or not, but before her lips could press against his masked face and her feelings force her into an act from which there might be no return, the warrior turned his head away.

        "Not like this, Enceladus." Ronin Pure said with a heavy heart. "I will not take advantage of you in your current state, even if your beauty and your bravery would compel me otherwise. The power of your elemental light can remove the stain of the Negaverse. Return to your mortal form, and what has transpired will be only a bad dream."

        Ronin Pure gently eases her back onto the floor and slips his hands away from her cum-covered body. With a flash of glittering light, Ronin took off his magical cape and placed it over Enceladus' frame to hide her nakedness.

        "This will help ease the unnatural lust they've stricken you with." As the shimmering garment drapes over her flesh, Enceladus can feel the musky haze of desire lift away from her clouded mind, allowing her senses to return to full capacity, though she is still tired and without enough energy to channel her powers.

        The warrior moves to the unconscious Miki and checked her to make sure she was not seriously hurt, he then craned his head to where the other two sailor scouts had been lying with one another.


        When Nicholas held Volcanis in his arms, her depraved, messy body heaved against him, her weakened voice whimpering into his neck. With a heavy sigh, she relaxed as he held her tightly, and in the comfort he provided her, she transformed back into Akane.

        Like Nicholas, her body was cleaned upon the transformation, but there was still a look in her eyes that suggested the nega-fluids were still working their lewd magic inside her as well. She looked intensely at Nicholas, and her hand caressed his cheek.

        "Nikki~" she whispered, still using the boy's feminine alter-ego's name. There was a longing in her voice, and she moved her lips closer to Nicholas' intending to kiss him. Her hand slipped out from under his jacket and moved down his torso towards the fly and button of his pants. If he didn't stop her, she would swiftly undo them.
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          Re: Juuban Land (Open)

          Though driven forward by unnatural lust, Sailor Enceladus stopped in shock when Ronin Pure rebuffed her. She said nothing as he complimented her despite her failure in defeated the creatures of the Negaverse, but closed her eyes as he lowered her back to the floor. She shivered slightly as she felt his cloak envelop her, a warmth spreading from it into her, driving back her artificial wanton desires. Sailor Enceladus took a breath as she heard Ronin Pure step away from her. 'I failed to fight off the Negaverse minions, and I failed to fight off their influence,' she thought, gritting her teeth as she willed what remained of her powers to transform her back into her normal self.

          Aki opened her eyes, and sat up slowly as she looked down at herself. The clothes she had been wearing back at the arcade were covering her body once again, and she could feel that the foul liquids that had covered her were now gone. While she still felt weak, the exhaustion she had struggled against was gone as well. Gathering up Ronin Pure's cloak, she pulled it up to her chest, and smiled at it gently. Aki quickly dipped her head and smelled the cloth, sighing softly as her legs shifted underneath it, the thought of the man who had given it to her bringing lewd images flashing into her mind.

          With a start, Aki remembered where she was, and turned to look at Ronin Pure and Miki. "Miki!" she called, worriedly, as she saw Ronin Pure inspecting her. With weak legs, Aki clambered to stand, still clutching Ronin Pure's cloak to her chest as she stumbled towards the girl. "Will she be alright?" she asked, fearfully, the memory of how roughly Chalbys had been treated in her mind. As she reached the unconscious girl, Aki looked at the cloak, then held it forward gingerly, in case it would aid Miki's recovery as it had hers. As Ronin Pure turned to look outside, Aki's heart caught in her throat. "Oh, no!" she cried mournfully, "Nick and Akane!"


            Re: Juuban Land (Open)

            Nicholas was dazed after having shifted back to his male form. His mind still reeling from the experience as a woman. Feeling a pair of hands fumble with his jean button, he had to almost physically force himself to stop Akane from undoing his pants. As much as he wanted to enjoy the other scout's soft flesh, the encounter with the creature had left him confused and very unsure. "Shhh.... It is alright now. No need for that.... Just rest Akane." Holding her close to his chest as he whispered soft nothings into her ear, hopefully reassuring ones to the drugged sailor scout.

            Hearing Aki's shout she lifted up Akane and carried her over to the others. A small frown upon his face at their various states. "We are alright.... I think...." Trying to give their defacto leader a smile, though it only came across as strained. "We lost... But we are alright.... No lasting harm." Glancing about the room and the destruction. "We should probably go before either more show up or the real police do."