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The Darkmoon Faire's Dirty Little Secret (Tassadar)

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    Re: The Darkmoon Faire's Dirty Little Secret (Tassadar)

    (Yeah! A natural 20 and a 19! Take that you sonuvvabitch! Reminds me of my last D&D session.)

    Natalie smiles as the shady man rises from his stupor, having recovered from the demons demise slower than she, who had been more prepared for it. She waits to take in the crowds cheering for a few moments, basking in her triumph, and she even blows a few kisses out into the sides of the tent, before giving a low bow, that did more to emphasize her ass than show any sense of humbleness. Then, she stepped toward Ecchim, and waited until he finishes his speech before saying, a smile still on her face; "Of course... I never expected that there would be no limits to what I might ask. You can keep the necklace to remember me by. As for what I would wish for...... Hmmm..."

    She pauses, and puts a finger on her bottom lip while cocking both her head and her hips in opposite directions, her eyes fixed on Ecchim as she contemplated what she'd try to get out of the wizard. Finally, after a few moments, she says; "Well.... I don't suppose it would be possible for you to increase my own magical abilities..... None so far have had any success at attempting that. So.... I would like you to teach me how you do your mind magics, if that's at all possible. That's it. I would like you to give me the ability to affect the minds of others, just as you do, within as little time as is reasonable. If that would require more than I have garnered by winning your contest, I'm sure we could work out some... Additional payment. If that is impossible, than a substantial amount of coin would do, I guess. Though that would be quite... Disappointing." As she speaks, she slowly edges closer and closer to the garbed man, until the tips of her breasts are practically touching his chest.

    Moar Pics for characters and stuff