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    Welcome to DotD!

    Hello there and welcome our community of fanged friends. Death on the Delaware is a sub-forum dedicated to roleplaying and discussion of the game Vampire: The Masquerade. The setting of this game will take place in Philadelphia in the year 2000, basically an interesting city that hasn't been developed that much in the v:tm lore. Meaning I can have artistic freedom!

    Feel free to jump into the "Onyx Oasis Court" (OOC room) to ask any questions you may have or just to introduce yourself. Don't worry, we only bite the willing! Vampires these days are civilized you know? This particular game will operate in a semi-structured sandbox environment to allow players the opportunity to explore the vast city at their disposal and meet various members of the undead community as they see fit. Each player will have an individual thread but occasional thread combinations may occur if there's a compelling plot reason or mutual interest among the players. The most important thing is that everyone has fun, so when you make a character sheet, feel free to let me know if there's anything you're looking for or if you like it better to be surprised. Either way works for me!

    Note: there will be absolutely NO non-consensual sex in this game other than the latent eroticism of vampiric feeding. If you're looking for that kinda thing, sorry, but there's lots of games around here to find that already. If you come across a tentacley cthulhu monstrosity, it's because it wants to kill you.

    If that doesn't scare you away, feel free to jump into the OOC chat or shoot me a PM to talk about character ideas. I'm going to be posting some rules and other info in a bit.

    Re: Welcome to DotD!

    DotD Character Status, Abilities, and Information

    Sarah White

    Clan: Tremere
    Sire: Ember
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: Auspex (1), Dominate (1), Thaumaturgy (focus and ritual undetermined)
    Blood Points: 13/15
    Status: Vampire (Vigorous)
    Network: Nicholai Krauss, Ember, Cinthya, Geoffrey

    Corrine Li

    Clan: Daughters of Cacophony
    Sire: Petra
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: Fortitude (1), Melpominee (1), Presence (1)
    Blood Points: 13/15
    Status: Vampire (Vigorous)
    Network: Petra, Theresa, Emily, Charlotte

    Marisa Menendez

    Clan: Assamite
    Sire: Don Juan Antonio Maria Cervantes
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: Celerity (1), Obfuscate (1), Quietus (1)
    Blood Points: 13/15
    Status: Vampire (Vigorous)
    Network: Juan

    Ali Brook

    Clan: Ventrue
    Sire: Remina
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: Dominate (1), Fortitude (1), Presence (1)
    Blood Points: 15/15
    Status: Vampire (Vigorous)
    Network: Sadie, Remina, Winter

    Ian Rosselini

    Clan: Giovanni
    Sire: ???
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: None
    Blood Points: 0/0
    Status: Human
    Network: Bianca, Stefano, Carla

    Rena Vance

    Clan: Toreador
    Sire: Alyssa
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: Auspex (1), Celerity (1), Presence (1)
    Blood Points: 6/15
    Status: Vampire (Okay)
    Network: Alyssa, Joey

    Daniel Siegbert

    Clan: Gangrel
    Sire: Miranda
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: Animalism (1), Fortitude (1), Protean (1)
    Blood Points: 1/15
    Status: Vampire (Starving)
    Network: Miranda, Narcissa

    Kelly MacMurphy

    Clan: Brujah
    Sire: Brooke
    Mentor: ???
    Abilities: Celerity (1), Potence (1), Presence (1)
    Blood Points: 5/15
    Status: Vampire (Okay)
    Network: Brooke, Nikki
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