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Final Curtain Call: Corinne Li

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    Re: Final Curtain Call: Corinne Li

    As Petra's hand stroked Corrine's hair, and the silence between them grew, Corrine was forced to look at her maker in a new way, considering the implications of being bit again.

    Petra's suggestive offer sounded like some sort of vampire come on, and it had caught the new vampire off guard. Corrine wasn't sure yet exactly how she felt about this other woman, this vampire. She had already made up her mind to forgive her. Petra had been heroic, saving her from insanity, and giving her a gift of music. But it still didn't change the fact that she hadn't asked Corrine about the life she was taking away from her. Corrine was leaving family and friends and a life in the sun behind, becoming embroiled in a world far out of her depth. A world of blood and magic and music.

    That was what she had been trying to say. That if she had just been told about the music and the rush of feeding and the immortality, there would have been a part of her that might have listened, that might have come along willingly. It would have been a mutual thing, an intimate thing, perhaps even loving. Instead, it felt like she had been victimized, half-murdered and half-raped. Even if the end result was that she became a badass vampire, this hadn't been a nice first experience. So even though she knew from recent experience that there was amazing pleasure in biting and being bitten, she just needed more time to distance herself from the emotional hurt of her Embrace.

    She wanted to like Petra, maybe even leaving the door open for something more. But what she needed now from the frizzy haired soprano was her knowledge, not her fangs. Pleasant though they might be.

    "No, you and Lionel didn't have much you wanted to tell me about any of this before hand. But there was time to sing Phantom songs, apparently," Corrine replied sardonically, effectively icing the increasingly awkward silence.

    She put her hand on her hip while the other rubbed her neck where Petra had bitten her and turned her into an undead creature. She recalled the feeling of being bitten. There had been a brief pain, followed by an ecstasy that was comparable to a very animalistic and charged orgasm. It would have been a lovely memory had it not been steeped in confusion, horror, and death. She let the bad thoughts drift away for the moment and focused more on what Petra was saying about the Lady Cacaphony and the power of the voice.

    "Hmm. Summoning Cacophony?" Her eyes narrowed keenly with interest as the powers of amplified projection and misdirection and the incredibly cool idea of singing a duet with herself were suggested.

    Then came the demonstration, with the missing voice appearing behind her, causing her to turn and look, even though she knew she would see nothing. If anything, it was to confirm that Charlotte wasn't hiding in the shadows and playing a prank on her. Then came the different musical notes, all of different pitch and tone, coming from the far flung corners of the room.

    "Spin it however you want, Petra, that's magic." Corinne smiled, genuinely. This was the sort of thing that could make her forget about her misgivings. She just had to lose herself in this.

    "I want to try!" She said, standing up. "Let's see... something from the Little Mermaid seems apt, just don't steal my voice."

    With that being said, Corrine began to sing, starting low and then letting her voice gain more power and volume naturally. But moreso than that, she tried to do what her sire had told her to do. To open herself up to Cacophony's love. She had no clue what this meant, but tried to focus on the emotion of it. She thought of a wild looking woman, like a Greek goddess, harp in hand, flame haired, sitting in a forest glade, looking at her across a pool of reflective water. She was smiling at Corrine, showing her fangs.

    Now there is Cacophony, Corrine thought. My version of her anyway. And I will love her. But how? As a mother? As a sister?

    With the hungry, fiery look in Cacophony's gaze, neither of those relationships seemed to be appropriate. Cacophony might be those things in a sense, but she was something else too. She was beautiful, deadly, uninhibited, fierce, and Corrine just knew that when she sung she might rock the foundations of the earth.

    I will let her bite me. The thought came suddenly to Corrine and she realized the implication would be that she was imagining herself as a lover to this goddess figure. This imaginary figure that seemed so very lucid, alive, and aware at this moment. The smile deepened and the goddess flickered, suddenly looming large and closer, the surroundings fading into blackness behind her. Fading until there was only Lady Cacophony left, and she was descending upon Corrine's consciousness, preparing to bite...

    Corrine's blood quickened and she felt her voice amplify and then diverge. She was singing with two voices now, yet surely one of those was Cacophony, singing with her?


    The final note hung in the chamber for a long time, before Corrine let it fade and her mind came back to the present.

    "Did it work? I think it worked." She beamed at Petra.

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      Re: Final Curtain Call: Corinne Li

      Petra looked delighted to see Corrine's excitement for her newfound powers. Her sire smiled widely, even showing a bit of fang from within her crimson lips. The last remains of the brutal torture she received were already rapidly fading from her pretty face.

      When Corrine sang, Petra nodded to encourage her and continued to watch intently. The young Daughter of Cacophony definitely felt something as she tapped into her powers. There was a distinct presence, more than just Petra. It supported her and made her feel more talented than she'd ever been. She might not have sounded any different than usual, but there was definitely something different about her, even if it was difficult to pinpoint what it was exactly.

      "Bravo!" Petra exclaimed, clapping her hands with a soft smile when Corrine finished. "Your voice is simply divine my dear. Bravo."

      "With a little bit more concentration, you'll gain a better control of the effects you create, but the instincts are certainly there." Petra explained. She curled her arm through the nook of Corrine's own and slowly led her across the room to a large pipe organ. When they reached it, Petra stopped and looked up at the massive instrument.

      "I'd like to show you a secret of mine, but you will have to use your power to unlock it. This time, I'd like you to sing again, but instead of simply amplifying and separating your voice, try to focus on using it to fill the pipes of the organ."


        Re: Final Curtain Call: Corinne Li

        Corrine smiled warmly at Petra's applause, and demurely cast her glance downward at her pale folded hands. She knew she could sing well. It wasn't just a matter of raw gifts. She had put many hours of hard practice into training her voice and had learned to pair her raw ability with developed skill.

        Be that as it may, she knew that no amount of training or technique could have given her voice the hauntingly beautiful quality that had just been demonstrated. It was only more shocking to realize that she had been the one to give it that edge. Or perhaps she was just the instrument, and Lady Cacophony had been the true performer. Whatever the case, it gave Corrine a pleasurable shiver to know she had played a part in creating that feat. And this was just the first step, to hear Petra speak of it.

        What an amazing rush this new found hunger was. Blood powering abilities that were the things of faerie tales and comic books. How could such things exist and yet no one know about them yet? Theresa's threats were dire, certainly, but accidents happened and it would only take one ungodly performance to bring the whole show tumbling headlong onto the front page news.

        "Thanks," she said, then cleared her throat a little, more out of social habit than out of need. She let herself be led to the far side of the room where Petra showed her the magnificent pipe organ, and mentioned the secret that would be revealed if Corrine could prove her abilities once again.

        Keeping her arm interlocked with her true sire, the neonate daughter of cacophony lifted her chin upwards as she began to focus on the task in front of her, sizing up the opening of the pipes, deciding how she would in effect direct her voice into them.

        Once again, the fiery haired goddess filled her mind. The face had changed, such that she resembled a young woman of Chinese or Mongolian descent, but it was still clearly Cacophony. The young vampire didn't know why the visage had changed. Was it because Corrine had wanted Cacophony to look more like her, or had Cacophony decided a closer resemblance was more apt?

        She grinned at Corrine, fangs exposed. She wore a traditional white, flowing robe like out of a Wuxia movie, and she knelt in darkness over an exquisite guzheng - a Chinese harp. She did not play it though. She merely knelt and waited expectantly for Corrine to do something.

        The neonate opened her mouth and let a note flow out, long and sustained. At first it wasn't directed in any sense beyond the way that Corrine's face pointed, but as she sang, Cacophony began to pluck the strings of the guzheng, and as she did so, Corrine could feel the reverberation of the music in her blood.

        The harp strings formed a simple melody, a pattern in her veins, which quickly began to repeat itself. Corrine stopped her singing, and as she did so the guzheng stopped. In her mind, Cacophony went back to looking at the mental image of Corrine with that original expectation. Her hand rose, palm up, and swept slowly in front of her. Lady Cacophony was goading Corrine to carry on the tune.

        Corrine began her sustained note again, and this time Cacaphony remained silent, but the phantom memory of the musical pattern still remained. Acting on her instinct once again, the fledgling daughter 'plucked' at the blood within her veins, making it reverberate within her, and as she did so, her voice took on that haunting, other-worldly edge as it had before.

        The physical sound waves that left Corrine's lips changed and altered fundamentally - funneled by invisible, eldritch forces towards the pipe organ. With concentration and mental fortitude that Corrine did not fully understand, her voice carried into the organ and music began to play.

        First one, then two, then more of the pipes were filled with sound. Corrine continued to repeat the directing pattern within her blood until hopefully she fulfilled Petra's wish.


          Re: Final Curtain Call: Corinne Li

          Corrine's song worked perfectly just as she hoped. She felt a rush of happiness sweep through her body as her voice reverberated through the ancient pipes of the organ, and she knew Cacophony must be pleased. That was one explanation anyway. Petra certainly seemed to believe it was true.

          The combination of Corrine's voice with the pipe organ created an enchanting melody that spread throughout the chamber. It likely would have enthralled any audience had there been any to speak of other than the pair of Daughters. Still, there was something special about a performance that was reserved only for a few special listeners.

          As the melody reached its crescendo, the whole chamber filled with the wondrous sound. It filled up every nook and cranny of the place. Even Corrine's own body vibrated gently from the music.

          Corrine could also feel her voice traveling through the pipes and noticed a few divergent paths, pipes that would be impossible to play without her abilities. Those pipes filled with sound as well, and before she knew what was happening, suddenly the floor just in front of the organ shifted, slowly sliding open to reveal a secret passage similar to the one Corrine found in Lionel's dressing room not too long ago. It was difficult to see inside because it was so dark, but the entrance to this passage looked more ornate than the one in Lionel's chamber with polished wood rather than stone.

          Petra smiled all the while. There was a spark in her eyes, and her fangs extended in satisfaction as she listened to Corrine's haunting performance. They had another spectator as well, Emily or Charlotte, it was hard to tell the difference, was watching silently from the other side of the chamber. She didn't approach, though, and Petra didn't acknowledge her presence.

          "Excellent performance Corrine," Petra complimented, continuing to smile widely. "As you can see, only a Daughter of Cacophony like yourself can enter this part of the mansion. It will stay that way, so long as we all remain true to each other. Let us not dilly dally. I'm sure you are just dying to find out what lies within."


            Re: Final Curtain Call: Corinne Li

            The music echoing withing the pipes was positively enchanting. Corrine felt her spirit being swept away and swirling around the corners of the chamber, riding the melody like a drifter on an ocean wave. This was the power of music, the power of Lady Cacophony. Euphoria swelled in Corinne's chest, she stood taller, feeling more majestic now than she could ever recall.

            Did one have to die before one could truly live?

            "Petra. The music is beautiful." Corrine gasped, clutching her hands together, enraptured. She looked around the room, first at her sire, who looked on with bestial approval - a wild spark in her eyes and extended fangs that seemed to intimate violence and a dark loveliness all at once. Corrine's gaze roamed further and spotted one of the twins, Emily or Charlotte, watching silently from the far side of the room. The expression on her face was unreadable, and the fledgling vampire had little time to consider it before Petra addressed her.

            "Thank you, Petra." Corrine answered, trying to affect a humble tone. "Whatever is guarded by that melody must be important."

            The neonate followed along with her sire through the trap door in whatever order Petra indicated. Corrine felt her anticipation build with every step along the intricate polished wood. The song of the pipe organ had been prize enough to witness, she thought, so what would Petra and the other Daughters have hidden away here?