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The Fangfather: Ian Rosselini

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    The Fangfather: Ian Rosselini

    It was a cool night with a starry black sky and a cool breeze. Ian was just arriving home from a late night of studying for a graduate research paper when he found something interesting waiting for him in his mailbox. It was a pristine white envelope, sealed in wax on the back with the engraving of his aunt's family, the Giovannis. Rather than a letter from his favorite aunt, however, Ian found an formal invitation. It was framed on the edges with gold ribbon, written in flowing black formal script, and once again sealed with the stamp of Giovanni.

    Ms. Bianca Giovanni requests the honour of your company at a reception celebrating the newest member of the Giovanni family.
    The Grand Ball will be held on Friday evening
    the seventh of August
    at nine o'clock.

    The Giovanni Estate
    Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

    Re: The Fangfather: Ian Rosselini

    Ian's mind remained focused on his latest research paper, Celebrations of Death: The Anthropology of Mortuary Ritual. He had found a rather stimulating treatise in the rare books section of the library that he would have to tell his aunt about. Apparently it had been written during the Renaissance by one Ambrogino Giovanni, perhaps an ancestor of his auntie.

    The cool breeze sent a chill down his spine as Ian made his way up the steps to his apartment building. The short walk off campus had chilled him to the bone though he didn't mind in the least, he rather enjoyed the cold. Stopping by the mail box he found the envelope engraved with the stylized G of his family and tucked it away into his bag until he had reached his third floor lodgings.

    Ian flipped the radio to the college radio station and listened to Welcome to the Jungle play while he unpacked and organized his papers. He set the envelope aside as he left the room to wash his face and grab a drink. Returning he eased into the chair at his desk and grabbed the envelope, which he opened and read. He pondered the invitation as the late night DJ Rena took an oddly creepy request for Every Breath you Take.

    Ian turned the radio down and picked up his phone, dialing his aunt's number out of habit. He wondered how he could have missed hearing that one of his many cousins had been expecting as his aunt's servant answered. A few minutes later and he was greeted by his favorite aunt's voice.


      Re: The Fangfather: Ian Rosselini

      Well, thanks for that fascinating image Mitchie. Better get out your lighters or your phones then. And maybe a binocular or two. Because we're watching you.

      One of the weirdo regulars was calling in to the radio again, but at least they had good taste. Ian could hear the smooth sounds of The Police starting to fill up his apartment just as he turned the radio down to dial up his favorite aunt's number.

      The phone rang exactly two times before Ian heard the familiar "Giovanni Residence" greeting from one of the stuffier but efficient servants Ian probably recognized as Bernard. Bernard didn't beat around the bush, simply saying "Hold please" when Ian asked to speak to his aunt. While Ian waited for his aunt to finish whatever she was doing, he was serenaded by the sweet sounds of "Ave Maria," quite a change of pace from Rena's radio station for sure. It took a few minutes, but eventually Bianca Giovanni picked up the phone. She always somehow managed to sound a mix of regal and familiarity with her smooth Italian accent and precise enunciation.

      "Ah, Ian my boy. I do so look forward to our chats. To what do I owe the pleasure this night?"


        Re: The Fangfather: Ian Rosselini

        "Greetings auntie. I hope I didn't interrupt anything important but I just received my invitation to the ball. Though I must admit to being surprised that we have a new family member." Ian responded happily as his beloved aunt's voice came to him over the phone. He turned the radio down a bit lower so as not to interfere with the conversation while his aunt responded.

        He wondered if he should mention the book he had been perusing this evening or if he should save the discovery for tomorrow evening. Of course he had little doubt that his aunt would probably already know of the book since little seemed to escape her notice.