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    Numerous and annoying, these creatures are rarely organised or disciplined enough to be dangerous, unless they are driving by some greater power. An average goblin is no threat to a hero, but they tend to gather in large packs. Worse, some goblins rise through cunning and guile to become leaders. These leaders are more dangerous, and their shamanic powers might give an uncautious heroine significant problems.

    Ordinary Goblin

    Attack 7 (they must roll 7 or more to hit a heroine with any attack)
    Defense 0 (subtract 0 from rolls to hit goblins)

    Potential powers
    Blowdarts - a 1 range attack that makes affected heroines take double damage from touch/fuck attacks for 5 turns.
    Leader - if this goblin hits you, it generates an opportunity for one of his followers to immediately exploit.
    Bigger - This goblin has Attack 6 and Defense 1.

    Re: Bestiary


    Python like monsters, with smooth and tough scales covering their 2-3 metres of serpentine body. These monsters are by nature expert grapplers, and many heroines have found themselves in trouble when the CoilSnake immobilises them during a crucial fight. Worse awaits a heroine who loses her clothes - although the CoilSnake has no chance of stripping a heroine who doesn't offer an opportunity, it is expert at slithering into places she would rather once a CoilSnake finds a naked woman.

    Attack (Grab 3)
    Attack (Penetrate 5)
    Defense 2

    Coilsnakes have 2 HP
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      Re: Bestiary


      Chanters are a kind of slow artillery in the monster's arsenal. No threat by themselves, these chained servants of the dark lord sing and dance around ancient runic artifacts, calling forth more minions. Many outposts have fallen, unable to withstand the continuous stream of monsters

      Attack 10
      Defense 0
      Magic 5


      Summons a minion on a roll of D10 equal to or greater than magic score. Penalty for larger summons

      Goblin - 0
      Bladewraith - 1
      Coilsnake - 2

      Other options added later


        Re: Bestiary


        Whirling cones of flashing steel, these look deadly, but rarely inflict any real harm, coming apart too quickly and with too little momentum to hurt a soldier. They are extremely effective at stripping heroines though, though they kill themselves in the process.

        Strip 2
        Defense 2


        Suicide Attack: If the strip attack hits and is not defended, the Bladewraith dies.
        Fast: Moves 2 areas when it moves.


          Re: Bestiary


          Amorphous blobs that pulsate and ooze, flow across the battlefield and sometimes manage surprising bursts of speed to ensnare unwary heroines.

          Attack 8
          (Grab 4)
          Defense 1
          Slimes have 3 hp

          Special: Gooey and sticky - A successful grab attack reduces the number of dice a heroine rolls by 1 until she is free from the grab.
          Expert Grab - Attempts to escape the grab are penalised by 2


          Green - standard common or garden slime.
          Blue - Blues slimes crackle with slow firing internal energy, like electricity in treacle. The sparking shimmering energy means that a heroine grabbed by a blue slime has a 30% chance of gaining a pleasure point each turn.
          Red - Red slimes are corrosive - not so much that a heroine is in any mortal danger immediately, but enough that clothes may start to lose their integrity the longer she is in contact with a red slime (30% chance to remove clothing per turn grappled)