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    Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

    Kala had been unaware just how close to oblivion she had been with the harpoon gun training itself upon her crystal heart. Her malleable form spun around to see Undine's handiwork just as the amazing currents ripped through the water to bedazzle, disorient, and toss the pursuing man and woman away. Truly Undine was a master over the underwater domain. But even these uses of power must be draining, otherwise there would be no need to flee further.

    She trusted in Undine's orders and knew from vague memories that the Magi had more than their fair share of tricks up their sleeves. She had been one of them, afterall. She knew that. Yet her memories refused to stabilize. Names would not come, faces were there one moment and gone the next. Every recognition was a reflex, a muscle memory - only the muscle was her spirit, encapsulated in now in her heart.

    She kept going, forming the back of her body into an undulating tail that would propel her at amazing speed through the slipstream in the tunnel and out into the ocean proper. What a sight it was, and what a shame that it was spoiled so suddenly.

    "I found you, Kala..."

    That man's voice. It seemed so familiar. Memory was there and then it wasn't, like white noise over a radiowave catching the barest of words from a nearby signal for just a moment before reverting back to unintelligible nonsense. There was something there, a memory just beyond that would come if only she could somehow tune herself properly to its wavelength.

    What had he just said? Save me? But he was wrong, poor man... Kala had already been saved, he just didn't understand that. She saw the raised fist, and knew then that she must be destroyed. Oblivion it seemed would find her anyways. It was such a shame... just as she had rejoined the wonder of life. It made this fragile glimpse of the ocean world seem all the more poignant.

    She heard the crash resound through the water, a dulled thud. She looked to see the machine teeter over onto its side, indented by the boulder flung by her guardian underwater angel, Undine. The man inside, that man whose voice had been in her memory, he was trapped and panicking. So far underwater... there was no way he'd be able to rise to the top, if lack of oxygen did not kill him, then the rapid change in water pressure would burst his lungs.

    Was his voice to be lost from her memory forever? He seemed to have cared for her, even if he acted now out of ignorance. Could he have been important to her before? Did he deserve to die now?

    Undine called to her, and her animal instinct was to follow, to flee and be safe. But her heart held her fast, floating and staring at the drowning man. She glanced towards Undine, met her eyes. Undine would see all the explanation she would need in that shared glance.

    Then with a whip like motion of her "tail," Kala turned herself about and raced downward towards the pilot's seat. With a folding of her arm, she harden the edge of her forearm into a sharp, knife shaped blade. She swiped it across the straps trapping the man inside, breaking his bonds, then, without knowing exactly why it would work, she enveloped the man within her body mass, protecting against the water pressure. With her tail she would rocket them both towards the surface of the ocean, and as they rose, she kissed him on the lips, and let her oxygen-rich bubbles release inside his mouth, allowing him to breath normally as they rose. She sent a coating of her own slime down his throat and into his lungs, keeping them from expanding too much, helping to aid in the eventual resurfacing at normal atmospheric pressure. It would feel extremely weird, but he would realize halfway up that she was not in fact hurting him, but rather helping him to breath safely.

    They broke the surface and she withdrew all traces of herself from within him, forming into a normal slimegirl top with her tail still floating beneath her.

    "There's so much we Magi didn't understand," she told the man as she held him afloat in her arms, making certain that he was conscious enough to float by himself. "I'm only just beginning to grasp it. I'm not the one who needed saving today."

    And with that she immediately slipped away from him and sped with all her might downwards and away from capture, hoping that the act of surfacing had not in fact doomed her. She simply couldn't have let that man drown because of her. Not when he had thought he was doing her a mercy.
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      Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

      Eyes closed, the man floated upwards in Kala's body without motion. He would wince however, when Kala's substance entered his body. And during that kiss, a trail of red caught Kala's eye. Flowing from his side, to the cockpit from which he was rescued, was a stream of blood. His eyes were not closed as a result of being unconscious, but from pain. She would even feel some of his blood that didn't wash away, begin to leak into her body wrapped around him.

      Above the water, with the ship in view, the shadow that had been moving, slowly began to vanish over the rocky, grey mountain of stone that had been Undine's invaded sanctuary. And the moment Kala turned to quickly be on her way, Undine floated above the water in front of her, her head and shoulders gracefully surfacing with no effort at all, as if she and the water were one.

      Raising her hand above the water, she held a clear ball, seemingly made of glass, before it would visibly start becoming hazy as the sound of a voice rang from it. The vibrations being from the sound waves forming from the magic concentration inside.

      "It seems he dropped this," Undine announced. "I felt a magical presence drifting to it, and was worried when you hurried back. But it appears they use this to communicate at a distance."

      Raising it further, she held it up to Kala, as her arm began to glow the color of blue, seeming to pour her magical power into the ball.

      "To all ground personnel, you are not to pursue the target further. Officer Castil has been captured by the water elemental Undine." a female voice announced.

      "Undine!?" exclaimed a youthful girl, "We weren't told we were heading into Undine's territory!"

      Undine lowered the ball, reaching forward to slip it into his pocket. Though before she backed away, she hesitated. "He is bleeding... It is your obligation now, to see that he survives." she instructed her, before turning, and splashing through the water, heading back to her sanctuary, with the knowledge that the humans were leaving. Though she seemed in a hurry, she went slow enough to allow Kala to keep up, should she wish to speak with her.


        Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

        Blood. The man was bleeding. She'd only just noticed it as the tinny, mineral rich substance entered her body mass. She felt her body absorb it, felt a tiny amount of strength ebb into her. It was disturbing. She did not like the fact that she could feed on blood. She resolved not to do it unless it could not be helped. She hardened her body against the man's side, applying pressure to the spot where he was bleeding.

        Undine appeared from the water, rising from the surface seemingly without effort, holding the glass ball in her hands. Yes. Kala remembered something like that. Memories had been hazy and ephemeral before, but not that Undine held it before her, the slime maiden knew that she had seen this sort of device, even used it perhaps, in her previous life.

        The voices within the ball seemed to make it clear that the ground forces were pulling away. The temple would be safe for a time. She only hoped that no one else had been hurt, on either side.

        Undine looked at the officer, named Castil by the voice in the communicator artifact. The elemental pointed out the bleeding and informed Kala of her obligation.

        "My obligation..." Kala looked at the officer's pained expression. Then, seeing that Undine had moved back towards the temple, Kala took a large breath of oxygen into her before putting her lips back over Castil's and forming a protective layer around him as she pulled the man back down into the depths, through the tunnel, and back into Undine's sanctuary, all the while being careful to apply pressure to his wound and staunch the flow of blood. She found her body quite capable of doing this, for she could guarantee complete airtight coverage of the wound, and could harden body there to make certain the blood didn't seep into her either.

        She sped along, keeping up with Undine as the moved back to the temple.

        "Undine," she said, "I do not wish to see him die. But I do not know how badly he is hurt, and I do not know if I have any magic left after... after my rebirth. How can I heal him?"

        When they reached dry land within the temple, Kala would gently lay the officer down on the ground and return to her slime girl shape, while keeping a small bit of her still sealed around his wound. She would lie next to him and brush back his sopping wet hair to clear his brow.

        "Officer Castil... Can you hear me?" She hesitated, then said, "It's me, Kala."


          Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

          Undine turned back to look at Kala as she swim up behind her, and made her inquiry as to the man's condition. A simple smile was the first reply Kala received for a good time, before Undine would answer with clarifying words. "Did you think you were causing him harm, when his blood merged with your body?" Undine asked Kala coyly. "Long before the dark magic of this land appeared, you would not be far from the truth. But the curse you are afflicted by is unique. Many of the means, and instincts that monsters such as we had, that lead us to harm humans, transformed into means which would actually help us charm them. Please inspect his wound, to see what I mean." Undine requested at the end of her explanation.

          And should Kala look, she'd see that her slime, in contact with any bruised, or wounded part of his body, was slowly, and visibly changing, becoming brighter as the flesh mended, and the bruises went away.

          "Your body is a natural healing salve," Undine announced with a grin.

          A single 'isle,' which actually was one of the many of the similar isles on top of the naturally formed pillars of rock, was low enough for them to reach from the water. The largest of the isles, in the center of the chasm, was the main connector to many of the other isles, by means of lengthy rope bridges. Some that were destroyed from the previous invasion of Magi, were already being repaired by the early arrivals to the temple, who came back after the Magi left, with alarming progress. They seemed used to it.

          Motioning with her hand, Undine silently instructed Kala to lay Castil down on the grass. Wrapped within Kala, the man's features were more clear in the sunlight. The more Kala would see, the more she'd remember. His slick, wet blond hair brought forth an image of his heroic image of wavy blond hair. The shine of water on his face reminded her of his feminine features, and silky white skin. His eyes opening, he reminded her of his blood red, demonic eyes.

          "... Kala?" Castil responded to her, his voice reminding her of the one she knew, in what seemed a long time ago.

          Erik Castil, the youngest Officer, who, thanks to his half-blood demon genetics, became very popular, just from his aptitude alone, before his powerful sense of justice won favor of many of the other Magi. Kala would remember witnessing the Magi corrupt his sense of right and wrong. He saw justice in slaughtering Mamono women as monsters who would seek to cause harm to the innocent.

          "The Magi's existence is an ill omen!" Kala would remember Erik shout, "So long as monsters continue to attack humans, Magi will remain as a constant reminder of the darkness wanting to sweep the land! I will fight, until the Magi are no longer needed! Then, everyone can live in peace!

          "Kala... I'm glad you're here to listen to me say that. I really look up to you... I guess the other's think I'm kind of crazy, actually suggesting that the magi need to disappear, but our purpose is clear, isn't it? If the Magi lasted forever, that would mean the terror of monsters would never end, right?" he laughed, a faint image of his confident smile flashing into Kala's mind. "I'm going to become this world's greatest hero! I'm going to do what the Holy Warrior from long ago could not, and destroy Persephone in the darkest depths of Hell! Then, Kala, I'll ask you again. You'd better not reject me twice!"

          All in an instant, Kala would recall that last memory she had of him. Out of nowhere, the boy appeared, and confessed that he was taken with her beauty, personality, and her powerful skills. A woman so great, no man in their right mind wouldn't desire her. Perhaps Kala would remember why she refused him at that time, or perhaps the reason would evade her in light of her new form, and her new outlook on life. But no matter her thoughts at that time, the face of the man in her body, was that of a man with shattered pride.

          His eyes wide open, Erik looked upon Kala with tears streaming down his face. "Kala... In the end, I really was as weak as you thought I was..." he told her grimly. The look in his eyes was one who was ready for death. "I couldn't even save you from this fate..."

          His ignorance deeply rooted in his mind, he truly believed he was staring at the one who was about to take his life. Watching, Undine could only observe with pity for him.


            Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

            At first, Kala did not understand what Undine was getting at when she talked about the dark times and the unique nature of her curse. Kala had thought that she would be like all the other slimes she had studied long ago in her previous life - beings of consumption in its purest form. Thus it startled her to peer down at the young officer's wound and see the bruises receding and the flesh knitting at a magically accelerated rate. It was as if she had cast one of her old healing spells - only now she felt no drain of energy.

            Undine grinned and told her of how she was, unlike any other, a natural healing salve.

            Something about this struck Kala as both funny - for to her old human self, the concept would have been ridiculous - and also quite wonderful. She was not merely a healer, she was a cure all. Her very existence was to heal - and this was a refreshing thought in a world that she knew to have so many hurts.

            She brought the young man to a low isle and laid him out gently on the rocks. Nearby, various monster girls were arriving back to the sanctuary and placing the broken debris back into place.

            Ah, Erik... Erik Castil. That was this young officer's name. In studying his face and features, Kala was able to mentally hang the memories of her old life onto the image before her. His hair was normally wavy, his features always pale and fine and just a tad delicate. His eyes bore the mark of his demon heritage, but that was something he had always fought to exceed and prove himself greater than. He had risen through the ranks of the magi quicker than any in recent times. He had been younger than her by a good six years, yet still, for some reason with girls his age throwing themselves at him, he'd only had eyes for her.

            It had been flattering, as well as embarrassing and unfortunate. But why? An image flashed of another man, and then it was gone again. Had she had feelings for someone else? Perhaps that was it. She remembered being fond of Erik though. Fond and even a bit sad that she had needed to reject him. She had worried when he told her of his grand idealistic plan that he might do something foolishly brave just to impress her. The silly man didn't realize that had he gone and got himself killed or worse, that she might never have forgiven herself.

            That must be what Erik is going through, looking at me, thinking I've met a fate worse than death. Kala thought. I need to convince him that I haven't. I had a choice - death, or this, and I chose this and I keep seeing reasons why this was the better choice.

            Erik looked at her with teary, splotched red eyes, resolved to death, and spoke what he thought were his last words. Such foolish, lovestruck words, she thought. How many men had died with such tragic romance upon their lips?

            She formed as best she could into her complete humanoid form, the better to not shock him he supposed, even though it meant she would appear "naked" to him.

            "Oh Erik..." she said gently, clearly, as she brushed away his tears, only to leave a small trace of slime upon his cheek. "I never, ever thought you were weak. Rejoice then, for you are wonderfully mistaken. The Kala you knew is still here. My body has changed, but I am still the mistress of my heart and soul. And you... you may yet get your chance to do what the Holy Warrior could not."

            Her white eyes stared down at his red ones with tender care and love. Not the love lost that Erik might have thought of in his mind as he prepared to die, but a love for life and goodness and salvation. Kala had promised Undine that she would love, and found it an easy thing to keep that promise.

            Even as she gazed with a lover's care at the young man, she braced herself for the ignorance that might soon follow. Erik's sense of justice had long been warped by the Magi. He was brash and headstrong and more than most, changing his mind about things would be difficult. But she was prepared. She would heal ignorance much as she would heal wounds.


              Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

              Erik gave Kala a strange look, before he twisted a little inside of her, letting out a slight groan as he lifted his head, looking down at his wound. His eyes widening a little as he saw the effects of Kala's substance. Laying his head back down, looking back up at her, there was nothing but confusion in his eyes.

              "I'm not... Going to die?" he asked, dumbfounded. A moment later, his hands went to his face, covering his expression as he lets out a grunt of frustration, "I can't believe I said all of that stuff for nothing!" he exclaimed through his hands.

              Letting his hands fall away from his face, he returned to laying flat on the ground, looking up at Kala with a silent stare. "But... If you're not going to kill me... What are you going to do with me?" he inquired, his face flushing as his eyes glanced at her substance, which could easily hold him in place.

              Getting down to her knees, putting a hand on his shoulder, Undine looked down at the boy with the answer he sought. "I mean no harm in saying this, but you are not permitted to return to the Magi," Undine informed him, "All we want in this temple is peace, and the Magi would seek to disturb that peace." Her head raised, looking up at Kala, "Watch over him, Kala. And remember what I told you..." she told her, a slight twinkle in her eye reminding Kala about the Mamono's true, inescapable nature.

              A splash nearby sounded, as a blue haired girl with clams over her breasts arose from the water, looking at Undine. "Goddess, we've prepared a place in the temple for our guests." the mermaid told her with a shy tone, her face flushed red as she looked at Kala over Erik, seeing something embarrassing from the way Kala was making contact with him.

              Undine giggled, "I didn't even have to ask. Thank you very much, Sapphire." she thanked the girl.

              The mermaid, Sapphire, lowered herself slightly, her hands gripping the edge of the 'island' they were on, her eyes mostly focused on Erik and Kala, "Y... You're welcome..." she said shyly, before quickly splashing into the water. It was only slight, but she looked a bit jealous.

              Undine rose upon the mermaid's departure, smiling down at the two laying on the ground together. "I have some things I must see to. I must ask the waters of the events happening beyond our eye sight." she told them, before raising a finger, pointing at a large structure far above them, on a much larger, more sturdy looking island. "That is our sanctuary for all who visit my temple. Please, stay the night, and address the situation with each other. I'm sure you two have much to say to each other." Undine assumed, smiling at Kala in a suggestive way.


                Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                As Erik looked down at his wound and recognized what her body had done, the slime girl eased her hold on him, becoming completely humanoid in shape with only a small bit of excess goo dripping from her occasionally. She stroked his brow reassuringly, and her mouth opened, preparing to tell him that no, he wasn't going to die, and that those things he had said, while silly, were nothing to be ashamed about.

                Yet before she could say this, Undine had knelt beside Erik and put a hand on his shoulder. The confused red gaze shifted from Kala over to the water goddess. Her words to him also instructed Kala. Erik was not to be allowed to return to the Magi. It was just as well. They might think him corrupted and subject him to horrific tests and imprisonment, all due to their extreme ignorance and paranoia. How had she given herself over to them in her past life? She had to have been smarter than that... then again, maybe she had not had a choice? Her memory was still fuzzy on the subject of her own human origins.

                When Undine told her to watch over Erik, Kala nodded, then blushed as the goddess' previous words struck her. Me... with Erik? Lavender tint rose unexpectedly on her face. The idea of being with Erik seemed familiar somehow, as if she had considered it before, a long time ago. Now she turned back to gaze at the half demon. He was a very handsome young man, after all. The red demon's eyes did not bother her now as they might have in the past. She found that the idea of sex seemed to heighten sensitivity within her substance, as pockets of reactive cells began to awaken and crave foreign contact.

                A splash arose from the water nearby and Kala watched as the pretty, blue haired mermaid pushed herself onto the rock and informed Undine that a place had been set aside for Kala and Erik. Kala recognized the lingering look that the mermaid, Sapphire, gave to Erik and herself. She knew why there was jealousy. She could feel the Mamono instinct working inside her now, felt the urge to grab and hold Erik close and claim him as her own before someone else took him. She found that she could not meet Sapphire's gaze and turned to admire Erik's strong, lean chest.

                Sapphire quickly took her leave of them, and after pointing out the sanctuary for visitors and pilgrims, so too did Undine, but not before sending a suggestive smile Kala's way, which made the lavender blush turn rosy in the middle. The memories of human shame and propriety now conflicted with the very real Mamono nature that now possessed Kala. In the end, she supposed it was not a bad thing, to want to feel and express love. As long as it truly was love.

                She looked back at Erik, finally able to speak to him alone. She slowly rose and helped him to a sitting position beside her.

                "We had better take Undine up on her offer." Kala spoke softly, her hands supporting the weakened, confused Erik, while her body still covered the wound at his side. "Do not worry, Erik. I will not let any harm come to you. I would never... let anyone hurt you."

                Without thinking about why she did it, Kala leaned in and kissed him, her lips and tongue pressing against Erik's own. Pulling away after the tender kiss, she smiled, her cheeks still rosy. "Um... I... I think we should go see about that room prepared for us. We'll talk more there. I'll tell you everything I know," she promised, though as soon as the sudden urge to kiss him had taken effect, stronger urges had begun to hammer home he in her heart. There was an outpouring of affection for Erik, and the last vestiges of her propriety were screaming at her to take the man to a private place.

                She felt those isolated pockets of sensitivity within her begin to shift instinctively, many going to her breasts and converging at her nipples, while even more shot down to between her legs. She felt that with enough effort, she might be able to send these sensitive areas anywhere, or disperse them evenly along her body, but she was satisfied to have them concentrate in familiar erogenous zones. It would make things... easier with Erik, should he be receptive to the idea of...

                Kala shivered with sudden anticipation, and formed a tendril from her waist to wrap around Erik's own as she helped him up. It was for keeping him close as much as it was for his support.


                  Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                  Erik blinked several times over at Undine departure. His eyes looked to Kala, as if to try and interpret the unsaid exchange the two shared in that moment. Hanging his head forward, he let out a sigh. "In a situation like this, I do not appreciate feeling like something is being hidden from me..." Erik complains softly.

                  He looks to Kala as she speaks to him. Taking Undine up on her offer, he had no reason to refuse, and so nodded his head to her. His lips parted slightly, about to speak, before Kala did so before he could find his own words. 'Do not worry, Erik. I will not let any harm come to you. I would never... let anyone hurt you.' she told him, her words washing over him, and leaving him confused. Certainly confused enough to be taken by surprise by her sudden kiss.

                  Letting out a startled moan, Erik pulled back slightly from her, only to find his motion reduced to a slight gesture in the arms of the slime girl. His face flushing deep red, his eyes closed shut when he felt the taste of Kala's formed 'tongue' enter his mouth. The sweet, yet bitter taste of the pure liquid that was Kala's body swirling in his mouth, he tried his best, to no avail, to prevent his quickly hardening excitement from touching Kala's body.

                  And that distortion coming from the lower region of Erik's body would become known to Kala via a most strange sensation. The presence of the source of his seed so close to her body evoked an instinctual reaction from her body. Around the edges of her vision, Kala would notice Erik's clothes slowly vanishing from the touch of her slime.

                  Once he was freed, Erik answered her with a flustered tone. "Y-yes! I agree!" he answered quickly, almost rising to his feet on his own as Kala motioned to take him. Feeling his heavy breath, and seeing his flushed face, she would be able to tell her kiss had quite an impact. Perhaps even abnormally so.

                  Crossing the bridge, and stepping onto the vast cliff that supported the large sanctuary, Kala and Erik made their way in together, stepping up to the building of gray bricks, conveniently made of the same stone as the temple cavern. Out of several windows, each organized in a similar fashion along the rectangular shaped building, faces of women, and only women gazed out. Many of them, if not all, looked at the pair approaching. Though Kala would not feel such pressure on herself, rather, would be overcome with the feeling of being completely invisible, with Erik next to her.

                  Stepping inside, Erik's feet created noise on the tile flooring, while Kala's made the same, no matter what surface she stood on. A copper chandelier, with lit candles hung over head, granting the room most of it's light, save for a few other candles along a desk, granting specific light to the few papers that lay on top. Despite looking like a fancy hotel, it did not appear very busy, much like a real hotel. But there was a reason for that, surely.

                  On the other side of the counter, a seemingly normal girl looked at the pair entering with a smile. Her large breasts were barely contained by the maid's gown she wore. And her long, red, curly hair only seemed to directly point at her cleavage. The size of her chest alone was enough indication that she wasn't human.

                  "Welcome," she greeted. And without hesitation, was already handing them a key to a private room. "Is there anything you'd like during your stay? A hot, or cold bath? Grilled fish?" she inquired with a smile.

                  Still blushing, seeming oddly disturbed by something, Erik responded shyly. "... Hot bath... A-and grilled fish is fine..." he answered her.

                  She giggled, "Very well, your room and it's floor is labeled on the key. Please be respectful to the other guests." she instructed them both.

                  "Let's hurry, Kala..." Erik suddenly urged her, "I feel feverish..."


                    Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                    Kala could feel her own body temperature rise with the impact of the kiss, and his failed attempts to pull himself away before giving into the kiss set her mind alight with a sudden flame of passion. She felt a yearning... a need for fulfillment.

                    When they pulled away and she made her suggestion to him - which he readily agreed to - her eyes were locked onto the bulge in Erik's partly dissolved pants.

                    "Oh my...~" she realized suddenly that it had been her body that had instinctively removed the clothing between herself and her quarry. She could almost sense the seed within Erik, and she realized that had noticed her staring as well. "Yes... let's hurry."

                    She took Erik's hand in her own, forming her fingers to interlock with his. She brushed against his shoulder with her body, and as they made their way across the bridge, she began to adjust herself to be more appealing to him... her petite bust more than doubling in size, becoming pleasantly jiggly, and her buttocks becoming rounder and slightly more pronounced.

                    She noticed the female faces staring down at Erik from the windows above. The man was hers... hers... not theirs... She instinctively gripped him tighter, sending more of her aphrodisiac over him. Wanting him to want her over all others.

                    She noticed with dismay how wonderfully sexual the pretty red-haired maid was who greeted them at the hotel lobby. She saw the way Erik's eyes were guided to the girl's amazing rack, and Kala decided to increase her breast size even more, to make sure that Erik wouldn't feel short changed when they got to their private room.

                    "Some grilled fish would be nice for me too..." she mumbled, before squeezing him again. She smiled at him. "We'll get you into a nice hot bath, Erik... it will do wonders for you."

                    As they hurried along up to the room that had been put aside for them, Kala looked at Erik with concern.

                    "Feverish? Really?" As they reached their door, Kala pulled Erik's face into her fully formed breasts, folding the massive globes over his face and brow. His face was flush she realized... but it didn't seem like a fever, then she realized that perhaps he meant that he was... eager to begin. She quickly fumbled the key into the door and brought him inside.

                    Once they were in she wrapped her body around him, clinging to his body like an adhesive and squishing her gelatinous form against him passionately, dripping bits of slime over his impressive masculine form. Once again she kissed his mouth, her 'tongue' swirling with his own, working its natural magic on the poor half-demon, half-man.

                    Her slime made quick work of the rest of his clothes, and she then pulled away for a moment to admire him... all of him. Her eyes focused on his massive erection.

                    "So this is what yours looks like..." she said out loud, genuinely admiring his length, worshiping his phallus with her eyes. "You must leave this to me," she murmured, as she wrapped a soft, giving hand around the base of his cock, stroking it gently at first. Then, she receded back and let her massive breasts slip down to the level of his waist, before mashing them together, his throbbing manhood between them. Using her hands to move her breasts up and down, she began to titfuck him.

                    "Did you ever imagine me doing this for you, Erik? Did you ever dream of it?~" she teased, and then without warning, unable to keep away from it any longer, she opened her mouth and took him inside it, slurping noisily at his shaft, putting all her concentration into loving and caressing his cock with her malleable body, doing whatever she could to make him feel good.


                      Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                      "Kala..." Erik called out her name, with a slight sound of worry as they went together, and neared their room. And the moment they were inside, Erik let out a gasp of shock as Kala suddenly attacked him. "Kala...!" he exclaimed softly, before she glued herself to him, and trapped him in an embrace, kissing him deeply. Erik moaned from under her kiss, each moan an attempt to talk, and speak, while only serving to mix around, and even worse, ingest some of Kala's body into his system. With some of her own essence inside of him, he was quick to share her disposition.

                      Pulled away, Erik's eyes were glazed over, the slime absorbed into his bloodstream already having reached his brain. "Kala... My chest... It's really tight..." he told her, while a single tear rolled down his eye. Asked if he dreamed of her doing this to him, as she smoothed her slimy hand along his length, and proceeded to trap his manhood between her breasts, his face was blood red, as his body, and his hands searched for anything to use to stabilize himself.

                      He ended up falling backwards, onto a carpet, though it was a soft landing, as his hands, and body prepared for it. In a sitting position, Erik finally let out a moan. "Kala... I don't know what's happening... I cannot think straight... I... I truly feel ill." he told her, panting as if the 'fever' he was afflicted with was making him very hot. Looking down at his length being massaged by her chest, he let out another moan. "This must be a dream..." he finally answered her. "But it feels...!" he grunted, his legs trying to shift from where they were trapped by her body.

                      Arching his back, his pleasure seemed to increase rapidly, before he suddenly erupted between her globes. The tip of his cock between her blue orbs, a white stream began to seep, and stream through Kala's body, instantly taken into her form, as Erik's seed spread out through her entire body, the instinctual process within Kala, absorbing the man's spunk.

                      With incredible speed, Erik had only lasted a few minutes under Kala's attack. Her hand and her breast were enough to make him cum, and with her slime still in his system, Erik lifted his head, some of the glaze in his eyes gone, but still with an erect cock, ready to cum once more.

                      "Kala, what is happening to my body?" he asked her, his expression, and voice sounding more clear. "Why does being swallowed by your form make me feel this way? My legs... My mouth..." he let another moan, shifting his legs inside of her, "Why... Does every place you touch feel so good? If you keep like this... I feel like I may melt inside of you, Kala..." he told her, somehow describing the fate as both a good, and bad event. While her slime seeped into his pours, sharing more and more of the aphrodisiac with him, he squirmed, and shifted his manhood around between her breasts.


                        Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                        Kala had indulged in Erik's moans, appreciating the sound of his acceptance, his surrendering of his seed to her. With her sweet kisses, she had fed him some of her slime, sent it into him to mingle with his own blood stream. It would not harm him, she would not allow it, but it would cross the barriers of his modesty, of his shame.

                        She could tell by the way his face turned red that he had thought of being intimate with her many times before. He had wanted the human Kala, had thought of taking her to bed, of embracing her and holding her soft flesh in his arms. She could not give him that Kala, but she could and would give him every bit of the new Kala. She sent her love into him again with another kiss, and the constant caress of his skin with her absorbing slime body.

                        His talk of illness was worrying her however, and when he still complained after she had given him some of her slime, she thought that she should probably slow down... but she had already placed his wonderful cock between her enormous globes and could sense his need rising. She had wrapped her mouth around it and then let it erupt in several thick ropes inside of her body, quickly absorbing the white liquid into herself. She cooed appreciatively as he came.

                        She began to focus on his words. "Ah... I do not know, Erik. My body is a natural healing agent in addition to being an aphrodisiac, I'd hoped that your fever would subside with my touch and my... help." She looked down at his still erect cock, amazed at how it retained its size after having just ejaculated such a short time ago. "I don't want you to melt into me though..."

                        Cautiously and hesitantly, Kala unwrapped herself from Erik, allowing his skin to get more clean air, but she still kept in contact with his rigid manhood. Pulling Erik up into a sitting position, she began to stroke him with her hand again, keeping all other slime away from him and trying to focus on keeping herself more substantial.

                        She looked him in the eyes, her face blushing modestly. "I'm sorry for being so forward... I... just couldn't help myself. I'll try to be more gentle. Maybe you could, take the lead? If you're feeling up to it?"

                        Kala smiled encouragingly and then she slowly lied down on her back and then spread her legs out to allow Erik a full view of her formed body. She'd tried to make herself look as appealing as she could.

                        "Please Erik, I want you to do whatever you want to me. Anything at all. My body can take it. Just be with me. Like I know you've wanted..." She let her arms rest against the floor, putting herself in a defenseless position. There would be enough aphrodisiac in him that he would lust after her, but she wanted him to enjoy it at his own pace. Making love to her the way he wanted to. She hoped then that he wouldn't melt inside her and maybe his feelings of illness would subside. In truth she had no idea what was wrong with him.


                          Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                          "Kala..." Erik called out her name as Kala suddenly backed away in respect to his plight. Though as her attention still focused on his manhood, he moaned, even as he was pulled up, his legs bucking as Kala still kept at the very least, her hand around him. He let out a light moan, before closing his mouth. "M-my throat was...!" he stuttered quickly after the moan, trying to mask an excuse over the fact that it would have sounded like a girl to someone that might have been listening.

                          Before he could finish however, Kala was unwrapping from him, and retreating from his body. His mouth agape, he looked clearly confused by the sudden change, even looking to have been slightly comfortable on his little spot on the floor. Beckoned, Erik blinked several times over, a clear blush on his face. Taking it all in, and realizing Kala's intention, his face suddenly began to look as if he'd been burned by steam recently, taking a deep shade of red at the invitation, and the display.

                          "I... I feel..." he announced with a choked voice, a hand suddenly grasping at his chest as his erection throbbed, pulsating with lust. Cringing, his eyes closed, and his back curled, as if trying to make a final stand against some overwhelming mental force, "It's getting worse...! I'm going crazy!" he exclaimed, before leaping at Kala like an animal, grabbing as much of her slimy body as he could, and diving his head in towards her own, taking her lips, as she felt his tongue worm into her, mixing her juices into his mouth.

                          "My body is pulsing... I'm sweating terribly, I feel like I should have fainted long ago..." he tells her through their oral contact. "My fever... Everything you do makes it worse..."

                          Adjusting his hips, Kala would suddenly feel her instinctual body shudder, even the puddles on the ground shivering with pleasure, as the invading length pierced into her body. The instincts of her inhuman body responding, and tightening around his length. As if of a separate mind, just as her stomach would digest it's food without her controlling it, it locked onto Erik, seeking sustenance from him. Even presenting herself as she did, her instincts knew nothing other than attack.

                          And as a result, Erik moaned especially loud, it'd be impossible for a neighbor not to hear. His mouth breaking from contact as he fell forward, landing on top of her form, his hands became absorbed into her back from the pressure of his body on her, but even then, he did not pull away. With a drained look on his face, as if he relieved a great pressure, he stared at Kala with half closed eyes, "You were my fever after all..." he announced to her with a slight smile, before leaning against her, and moving his hips...


                            Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                            Kala had been confused by Erik's words. His 'fever' was something she had not expected, for she had underestimated the power of her lust-inducing aphrodisiac. Had it felt like that to her when she was drowning in the corrupted dark slime? She shook her head and didn't even try to summon up the memory - instead she looked at Erik. Sweet Erik. She studied the expression on his face, the look of exhaustion, pain, and yet really it was pleasure that he was feeling. She feared that she was in danger of overwhelming him, and so she pulled back, but her instincts knew only aggression in these matters.

                            She squealed in delight when his lust took over him and he attacked her savagely, kissing her deeply as he positioned himself to take her. His sudden enthusiasm added to her own, and she felt for a moment as if she were an irresistible goddess of love and sex, whom no man could deny.

                            When Erik entered her, however, it was as if she were experiencing sex for the first time again, all anew, but without the pain of a broken hymen. Only the amazing, rippling sensation remained, a pleasure that scattered throughout every part of her body, causing each cell to react as if it were its own minuscule pleasure center.

                            "Oh Erik!" she moaned as her body instinctively wrapped a ring of hardened goo around his shaft and stroked it from inside her flower, wanting to milk him for every last drop he could put inside of her. "I'm your cure~."

                            She bucked her body in time with his thrusts, but her inner walls provided additional pressure that would soon have him gushing inside of her. She licked her lips in anticipation of his seed and then kissed him again, wanting to lock lips with the man as he came inside her.

                            Her instincts new that even if he came once inside her she would not be satisfied. She would immediately be looking to make him hard again and prepare for a second 'meal.'


                              Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                              Though he was perfectly willing, Kala's body, on it's own, was quickly making her outer layer of slime very sticky, doing all it could to prevent him from stopping the session of passion. His face flushed from the chemicals of Kala's body flowing through his veins, Erik's eyes looked upon Kala's slimy shape with adoration. His hips thrusting into the suction cup that was Kala's lower body, he leaned down to steal the kiss she planned to give the moment his climax erupted. His tongue worming into her mouth, he seemed eager to taste more of her.

                              Amidst his thrusts, Kala suddenly felt him moan in her mouth, as well as an invigorating sensation in her body, the length inside of her spilling out even more seed, more of Erik's essence into her body. With that sensation, Kala felt her liquid, slimy body solidifying even more. As if all of the goop that made up her substance was growing even stronger, and more solid. Growing in quantity, not only was such a feeling unlike any other, she was also feeling stronger from it!

                              Breaking from the kiss, Erik let out a gasp as he pulled back, Kala's slime stretching, and pulling as his force fought hers, only ending up dragging her on top of himself as he tried collapsing to his back to rest. "Woah!" he exclaimed as Kala stuck to him, "That's weird... Ha-ha!" he laughed nervously. "You're body is stuck to me..."

                              Upon his observation, it seemed his body wanted to rest, especially after having given Kala his semen twice... However, her body was still reacting to the nourishment he still had not released. Despite the loss of his spirit, the hunger didn't cease. And most importantly of all, her body was stuck to his. "K-Kala..." he stuttered, looking at her with a flush as Kala's body continued to react to him, "I... I don't think I can keep up with you..." he announced to her, as if saying that her skills were beyond his own.


                                Re: Precious Heart (Kala)

                                The sensation of Erik erupting inside of her was unlike anything Kala had ever experienced before. It was pure magic and bliss wrapped into one. Her entire body felt more real, more tangible, more solid than it had been up to that point. Making it even more perfect was the enthusiasm and love she sensed from Erik as his eyes skated over her curvy, slime form and his lips eagerly sought out and sealed over her mouth, his tongue drinking deeply of her essence.

                                When he moaned she moaned as well, sharing the moment with him, doing what she could to bond and share in his love. Her body seemed to take this desire to bond to a literal level, as her sticky outer layer adhered to his skin, not wanting to give way when he pulled back. Instead she found herself flopping right back on top of him, a position that she did not mind in the slightest. She began to nibble and lick at his neck, prepared immediately for another go. His climax had been so powerful, so sticky, so warm and wonderfully filling, that she couldn't wait to work him up to another.

                                He laughed nervously, pointing out how they were stuck together. "It seems my new form doesn't want to give you up that easily. You make me feel so good, Erik. I feel stronger, more solid. Your love is like its own form of magic."

                                Her eyes were half lidded as she closed in for another kiss. She sensed him relaxing, his body easing away and wanting to rest, but she knew that somewhere inside him, more cum waited to be released. She could sense it, and wanted it, like a spoiled child. She didn't want to be denied.

                                Then he told her that he was indeed tired... that he couldn't keep up with her.

                                "You'll be fine," she said, adjusting her body to a slower pace as she started to bob up and down on his softening manhood. "Food will be coming soon, and you'll regain your strength, in the mean time... I'll continue to give you pleasure. You just lie back and let me work."

                                Creatning several tendrils from the pool of slime beneath her, Kala had them slip along Erik's ball sack and along the sensitive flesh between there and his asshole. The wet, slimy tendrils would push and rub against these tender bits while her own love hole continued to work his shaft in many varied ways, not aggressively, but slowly and gently, determined to ease him back into another round of lovemaking.

                                She did not fight her body's instincts to adhere to Erik. She wanted to keep him close, to be melded with him. She felt close to him while like this. It was better than the tightest hug that a human could give another human. She was his and he was hers.

                                Slowly and with great care for his tiredness, Kala worked herself against Erik's loins, concentrating on her own desires and her own needs. She was hungry still, and hoped that the food would come to Erik so he too could regain his strength in time to donate more energy to her.