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MvG - Isabella vs Vilana

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    Re: MvG - Isabella vs Vilana

    Vilana's touch ignited each nerve ending she came close to, sending pulses of of pleasure as her fingers swept along the sweet flesh of the sword-maiden's breast. Ensnaring the nipples, she toyed with them, mercilessly rolling and squeezing them between her fingertips as she grinned wickedly at her prey. She pressed she slobbering member close, along side the naked hip of the hunter, grinding the tip against her soft skin and leaving lewd marks of ownership, before pulling away to admire her work.

    And a good thing she did, as her foe suddenly renewed her struggles, even if pathetically, to lunge at her midsection. Her tail worked quick, and her hand quicker. Her extra appendage slapping the blade harmlessly to the side as her spare hand darted to the girls wrist, ensnaring it and lifting it high above her head. "Mmm, still some fight left in you. I hope you keep your hopes up, even when you're ensnared for eternity to be my little fuck toy..." She whispers into the ear of the doomed woman. "Go ahead and hold onto that pig-sticker, it's exciting to see you think you still have a chance..."
    I know not your sorrow, but I know mine
    So say you'll stay and dance with me tonight


      Re: MvG - Isabella vs Vilana

      As Isabella hesitated and steeled herself for her attack, Vilana didn't hesitate, her fingers still groping and rubbing along her breasts. The slender fingers sought out her stiff nipples, trapping them and rolling them, pinching and squeezing them harshly. Even so, it was still pleasing... The monster hunter felt a strange wet feeling on her hip, and was vaguely aware that the daemon was grinding her cock against her, smearing precum over her naked skin.

      Isabella's lunge was terribly executed, her form sloppy and her body slow, and the daemon's tail easily slapped the sword aside, her free hand grabbing the monster hunter's wrist, once again pulling her sword arm above her head and taunting her. "Let go of me" the human croaked out, her voice barely getting above a whisper as she trembled, "I just want to go home..." She tried to do as she had done last time she had been in this situation, bringing down her sword arm as hard as she could to try and sever the daemon's arm, though this time she would turn to run as fast as she could in any direction she could if the blow connected.



        Re: MvG - Isabella vs Vilana

        Vilana threw paper, hoping to touch up the struggling girl...but Isabella has other ideas, and throws scissors.

        She wins outright with scissors vs paper.
        She also scores 2 points for winning with scissors because of her perk.
        That puts Vilana on 10 points of damage, and...
        She also discovers that Vilana had the "weak" trait, and 10 points of damage is enough to defeat her!

        I enjoyed that game - good writing, and I wasn't sure who would come out on top in the end, even until the last throw (given the situation, it wasn't many hits before Isabella lost).

        Let me know what you guys think, and ideas about the system and so on.