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Dungeons the Dragoning character sheets

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    Dungeons the Dragoning character sheets

    Post your character sheets here.

    As a reminder, Garg made a blank sheet( ), so if you otherwise have no template, please use it as the basis.

    So far it seems like the characters being made lean towards neutral or chaos, so making a character leaning towards the blessed pantheon would probably be a bad idea.
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    Just a little teaser:

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    Re: Dungeons the Dragoning character sheets

    Atlantean Snek Archaeologist. An Atlantean, which will be assuredly awful with the Khornate in the party.

    Catgirl Nun. A Nyun if you will. Punchnun.

    ULMF's request thread. Ask for stuff there.
    ULMF's game FAQ. Has info on how to run JP games and ISOs.
    IQDB. Searches for images!
    JDownloader, automates downloads from places like Megauplohwait.
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      Re: Dungeons the Dragoning character sheets

      For now going to stick with this one.

      Khornate Fairy Barbarian of DOOOOOM

      Character Image
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      Mythweavers Charactersheet
      Orcpub version, includes picture


        Re: Dungeons the Dragoning character sheets

        Shio the Ophidian Dragonblooded. I think I got everything I needed for this.
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          Re: Dungeons the Dragoning character sheets

          I bet if I just put in a placeholder to hit 15, I can edit the link into place after.

          spoopymonster elfaboo spess pyrut

          Khioma the Tiefling Daemonhost. It was a toss-up between completing her first class right out the gate and starting in a level 2 class so I could buy up Arcanoi, but I think I made the right decision.
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          Khioma, a Tiefling Daemonhost Space-pirate in a Dungeons: the Dragoning 40,000 7th Edition campaign no one has named yet
          Kethanua Dolohemion, CN Drow Warlock in Revenge of the Unchained


            Re: Dungeons the Dragoning character sheets


            Gods it's so hard to get a good picture of tree lady who is not just another dryad. Where's my girl treants damnit!

            Kinda barebones background but...