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A Sculptor in the Mists: Character sheets and houserules

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    A Sculptor in the Mists: Character sheets and houserules


    Note: Probably not the final version yet, proceed with caution.

    All characters will start with 102 000 XP and 33 000 GP, placing single-classed characters at level 8 and multiclassed characters at level 6.

    The following experience chart will be used instead of the standard one

    Multiclassing: Multiclassing is handled via gestalt, BUT if you multiclass, both sides of the gestalt receive XP separately. Also, if you want multiple PrCs, they use the same side of the gestalt, BUT you must take each PrC in its entirety before starting on a new PrC. Tristalt is allowed following the same logic, but it's not recommended and only one side can be PrCs.

    Ability scores: 20 point-buy

    Allowed classes: Paizo(-Kineticist, ask about warlock instead or use one of the DSP classes) + All DSP, but anything not on the SRD must be cleared with me first and I must be provided with a source for said material, be it the playtest document or a PDF. Rite Publishing Occultist is also allowed. Other 3rd party on a case by case basis.

    Allowed races: Core races except half-orcs and anything with orcish blood, because orcs aren't a thing in Ravenloft. If someone wants to play Caliban or half-vistani or other Ravenloft native things, poke me first. Anything else that's obviously exotic is discouraged as the people of Ravenloft are suspicious and that will have severe implications for interacting with them. Further, Outsiders as a whole are extremely rare in Ravenloft and having the outsider type has special implications, so aasimar/tiefling/etc. are discouraged as well, unless they come from outside Ravenloft.

    Languages: The starting location hasn't been set in stone yet, so you might leave this part of your sheet at least partly open for now.

    Hit Points: Max HP for the first dice, average rounded up after that

    Skills: All classes except full casters get a minimum of 4+int skill points per level. Archetypes such as lore warden which trade something for more skillpoints still get the same amount of extra skillpoints compared to the baseclass.

    Classes: Core Rogue is not a thing, use Unchained Rogue instead. Fighters get all good saves. Monks get extra ki-powers as per qinggong monk archetype at 4th level and every four levels thereafter in addition to getting twice as much ki; this does not apply to Unchained Monks. Other T5 classes may get buffs should anyone insist on playing one.

    Feats: The following feat chains are folded into a single feat. When you take the first feat in the chain, you automatically gain the other feats when you meet their prerequisites(note: more may be added later, as I'm not entirely up to date on all the feats on the SRD):
    Weapon Focus - Weapon Wpecialization - Greater Weapon Focus - Greater Weapon Wpecialization
    Vital Strike - Improved Vital Strike - Greater Vital Strike
    Improved x - Greater x where x = combat maneuver of your choice or feint
    Blind Fight - Improved Blind Fight - Greater Blind Fight
    Dimensional Assault - Dimensional Dervish
    Disruptive - Spellbreaker
    Endurance - Die Hard
    Point-Blank Shot - Disrupting Shot
    Precise Shot - Improved Precise Shot - Pinpoint targeting
    Snap Shot - Improved Snap Shot - Greater Snap Shot
    Rapid Shot - Manyshot
    Cleave - Great Cleave
    Cleaving Finish - Improved Cleaving Finish
    Shield Focus - Shield Specialization - Greater Shield Focus - Greater Shield Specialization
    Two-Weapon Fighting - Improved Two-Weapon Fighting - Greater Two-Weapon Fighting
    Mounted Combat - Trick Riding - Mounted Skirnisher
    Shot on the Run - Parting Shot
    Spider Step - Cloud Step
    Weapon Finesse - Deadly Agility

    Shields Shall be Splintered: A character who is proficient with shields and wielding a shield can once per round when he is not flat-footed or grappled choose to block an attack he is aware of that would otherwise hit him. The character takes no damage. A non-magical shield made of common materials is destroyed. A shield that is enchanted or made of special material of exceptional durability such as adamantine isn't automatically destroyed, but instead takes double damage from the attack(minimum 1 point after hardness is taken into account). If a magical shield is used to block a spell, it takes either full effects of the spell(no save) or, if the spell wouldn't normally affect the shield, 1 point of damage per spell level ignoring hardness.

    Crossbows: Heavy crossbows, like composite bows, have strength rating that's added to their damage. If the wielder has strength bonus at least equal to the rating, they treat the crossbow as a light crossbow for the purpose determining how long it takes to reload it. For every 4 points the crossbow's strength rating exceeds the wielder's strength rating, the reloading time for the crossbow doubles(this makes free actions into swift actions, swift actions into move actions, move actions into standard action and standard actions into full-round actions when applicable). Having strength rating higher than 0 costs 75 gp per +1 for heavy crossbows and 150 gp per +1 for repeating heavy crossbows.
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    Re: A Sculptor in the Mists: Character sheets and houserules

    Rodica, Harbinger. Spider already okayed it.