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    Character creation

    To create a character for Own the Night you simply need to create a mortal human from the Dark Ages who is on the cusp of being embraced by one of the kindred. I like to think of the game as a free-form cooperative story between the players (you) and the storyteller (myself) chronicling the brief period of your life leading up to your death and embrace, followed by your nightly descent into the world of darkness. What follows are the basics that you need to fill out for your character as well as some optional choices to help us write our story together. Additional information and links on these choices are found in both the game and setting information threads.

    The basics

    Optional choices
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    Re: Character sheets

    Name: Vezina
    Age: 19.
    Description: Vezina had a peasant's upbringing, but has since been taught the way of kings by her Sire, and now wears a simple traveling dress and cloak. She is slightly on the tall side at 5'7", with dark hair hanging loose between her shoulder blades and piercing grey green eyes. She has a strong bearing, proud and self-righteous, but at times showing a feral look indicative of her wild upbringing in the woods of Eastern Europe.

    Back-story: The lone daughter of a fur trapper in the Carpathian Basin. She grew up skinning animals for her father to sell as clothes to the villages along with the game meat. Her father was also a member of the local herd for a Tzimisce overlord named Gyulu.

    With the arrival of King Stephen I of Hungary and the expansion of his lands at that time in history, Gyulu's holdings were being uprooted. As Gyulu was a radical in opposition to other Tzimisce, he believed that it was their influence that had led the human king to invade his territory. In fact, it was also the work of the Ventrue of the Black Cross, but it made little difference in the end. He resolved to uproot himself and as much of his herd has he could and flee to a land where his fellow Tzimisce couldn't be bothered to follow - England.

    Knowing he would need his own brood of neonates who could exist on the soil of England, yet still desiring the loyalty of service his herd readily provided him, he decided to take - among others - Vezina and her father with him to the new country. Being mere human chattle, they had no say in their master's desire. Together with a small caravan, they made their way as gypsies across Europe, moving mostly by night and finding safe places to rest during the day, killing or capturing mortals as they went to feed Gyulu.

    At a certain point in time, the movement of their band of followers was noticed by a local populace. There was a skirmish at dusk, half the caravan was killed and burned. Vezina and her father protected the master's body from vengeful peasants, her father taking a horrible wound in the process. Vezina was spared only because the brutish, hypocritical peasants wanted to scourge and torture her before burning her as a witch. Fortunately, her dark master awoke before they could make good on their intentions. The peasants were quickly destroyed, compelled by the power of Gyulu's dark majesty to tear one another apart. Vezina observed in wonder and awe at her master's power.

    Vezina buried her father, but continued on with the surviving caravan, now being asked to guard Gyulu's body every day. Crossing the channel was difficult. It was a time of upheaval and the land was strange. The band of gypsies set up in a limestone cave which they would continue to dig through in secret for the years to come. When Gyulu had reached this place and determined that it was to become his new home, he chose to sire three new fledgling Tzimisce on the soil of England. Though she was not aware of it, Vezina had been chosen long ago by Gyulu as a potential childe and bride, and her loyalty and willingness to die for her master had been proven. After a final test of her will and obedience, Vezina was given the gift of the Embrace, the third and final childe.

    To Vezina and her fellow brood members - Scorylo and Tarbus - were given the gifts of the night. Gyulu was of the Old Clan of the Tzimisce, and so in place of the so-called 'defilement' of Vicissitude, he taught the mastery of mortals to his childer. Vezina showed an aptitude for the blood disciplines, as well as for the history of her clan and the wold at large. She was incredibly intelligent, something that had appealed to her sire and allowed him to look past the baseness of her mortal birth. She learned to read and write, and to act as a noble might. She was raised to be a queen of the night, with domain in her own right.

    Aptitude: Mental, Physical, Social
    Preferred Clan: Tzimisce

    Nature: Celebrant (Vezina dreams of fulfilling the birthright that was her Embrace. She wants the vision that Gyulu promised her - her own domain to call her own, her own herd of mortals to serve and feed her, raw power over all that trespass into her realm, and the pride and honor that come along with her bloodline. Even if she is an outcast from the current political tendencies of her clan, they are still of the same blood, and Gyulu has taught her that the blood is sacred above all else, and allegiance to the elders is second only to that. Hence, her personal crusade against the Tremere. Her will is bolstered by defending Tzimisce honor and establishing/defending/growing her domain.)
    Demeanor: Gallant (The gusto and pride with which Vezina seeks to achieve her goals leads others to think of her as a busy-bodied crusader)

    Languages: Romanian-Transylvanian/Hungarian, English, Latin, Greek

    Dominate: 2
    Auspex: 2
    Animalism: 2

    Bloodpool: 15/15 (After diablerie... began as a 9th generation with 14/14)
    Willpower 8/8

    Mentor (1) Gyulu
    Status (1)
    Unbroken Lineage (1pt Merit) Vezina can recite her lineage perfectly back to Caine. This marks her as a legitimate member of the traditions.
    Vengeful (2pt Flaw) Vezina finds the thought of the Usurpers' (Clan Tremere) continued existence to be a stain upon the honor of her bloodline. She's rather insistent upon killing any and all Tremere.
    New Arrival (1pt Flaw) London and its culture is a new city to Vezina. Her foreign accent is thick, her presence an oddity, and her knowledge of city politics is lacking in the beginning. Factions may try to recruit or manipulate her.
    Infamous Sire (1pt Flaw) Gyulu is an outcast from Clan Tzimisce and he and his childer do not have any clan support.
    Bound (2pt Flaw) Vezina, in the tradition of Old Clan Tzimsice, is blood bound to her sire, Gyulu.

    Health: Uninjured

    9th generation Tsimizce (Caine - Enoch - Mekhet - Tabak - Ionache - Gallod - Ziais - Gyulu - Vezina)
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      Numero Dos

      Name: Marie

      Age: 18

      Appearance: Roughly 5'2", with long blonde shaggy hair, lower back length, sometimes kept in a very long massive pony-tail. Blue eyes and a soft face.

      Back-story: Marie was the youngest child of an unfortunate farming family in a village outside of Mons. Marie's mother died during a harsh winter following her birth, and even though she only had one brother, there was an overabundance of labor on the farm. The land simply would not produce more no matter how hard the tried.

      As such, when Marie grew older, she was lent to another family who had had the majority of their children fail to make it to adult hood. The family owned a small inn, and needed help maintain it. Marie's pretty face proved to be a valuable asset tending the bar, in addition to her expected duties keeping the place presentable. Though her hosts kept themselves distant, Marie mostly remain cheerful, another trait all who passed by noticed.

      Marie was also something of a risk-taker, though. She had to amuse herself somehow, and she was sheltered enough that serious consequences never really happened. Such things included talking walks after dark. Even if she was cleaning up late, she did not need to meander as much as she did. The village was small enough there was virtually no crime, but as some would say, it was only a matter of time...

      Nature: Praise-Seeker

      Demeanor: Comrade

      Clan: Caitiff (Gangrel)

      Road: Humanity

      Attributes: Social (Appearance, Charisma, Manipulation), Mental (wits, intelligence, perception), Physical (Dexterity, Stamina, Strength)

      Abilities: Focus on social based skills of a non-manipulative nature.

      Merits: Eat Food (+1), Adopted Into Grace (+1)

      Flaws: Deep Sleeper (-1), Infamous Sire (-1)


        Re: Character creation

        Name: Ariadne

        Age: 25

        Appearance: Ariadne is a Greek with a light olive complexion, long dark brown hair, and ever-curious brown eyes. She is thin and has a soft demeanor, but also has the hands of a skilled nurse. She can usually be found wearing finery befitting a member of the Byzantine court, but wears more comfortable practical clothing when not at court.

        Back-story: As a member of the distinguished Melissenos family and a well educated young woman, Ariadne was chosen to be a mentor and friend for her cousin, Princess Anna Comnena of the Byzantine Empire. When she was just 15, Ariadne moved from Athens to Constantinople to live with her cousin. The pair became close friends with Ariadne sharing her knowledge with the young princess on everything from medicine to literature and royal etiquette. One of her greatest accomplishments was to help Princess Anna construct and run one of Constantinople's finest hospitals.

        While Ariadne tried to instill Anna with a kind and generous heart, the princess was still driven by a burning desire to acquire what she viewed as her rightful position on the throne of the Empire. She was the eldest child in her family, after all. Ten years after Ariadne moved to Constantinople, a plot by Anna and her mother to depose her younger brother was uncovered. Distraught and afraid for her cousin, Ariadne claimed that she was the mastermind behind the plot, taking the blame from her cousin's shoulders and onto her own.

        Ariadne is imprisoned and awaiting her probable execution for treason against the Byzantine Empire. She's content with her decision, but hope still lingers in the back of her mind that her friend might be able to come up with some kind of rescue...

        Nature: Care-giver/Aspirant

        Demeanor: Confidant

        Clan: Salubri

        Road: Humanity

        Attributes: Social (charisma, appearance, manip.), Mental (intelligence, wits, perception), Physical (dexterity, stamina, strength).

        Abilities: Medicine, Academics


          Re: Character creation

          Huldah's sheet as it stands. the blanks will get filled eventually, once my current position settles some.

          The basics

          Optional choices

          And the Picture (Thanks to Sin for helping me find one!):
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            Re: Character creation

            Name: Ceiteag Gunn (Ceit for short)


            Image of Ceit with woad (her kilt is usually at the knees though)

            And some music to go with her character
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