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Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

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    Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

    Out of Character and general chat thread referring mainly to Maiko's game.

    At the moment, the following seems to be the best times for everyone:
    Me: 3pm UTC - 2am UTC
    Tiff: 1pm UTC - 6am UTC
    Tass: 5pm UTC - whenever
    Shrike: 10pm UTC - ? (This session: 5pm UTC. I think. Could I get a bit of clarification?)
    MAF: Whenever - Whenever
    Spider: 3pm UTC - 11pm UTC

    So it currently it seems like 5pm UTC to 11pm UTC, which is six hours. Now, six hours is a bit of a while, how long are people willing to play for?

    Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

    K, so here's logs.

    Zurui meets Nyktan part 1


      Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

      Zurui meets Nyktan part 2

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        Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

        Zurui and HEE(inside joke) meets Nyktan



          Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

          Ah great, thanks. That'll help a lot.

          I've done up a few bios on some patrons for you guys to start out working for. If I could get a vote on which one you'd like to start with, that'd be great.

          These are some patrons for your characters to, at least initially, work for and get quests from. Really, this is just a starting point, once the game gets going, you're free to continue working for them or go off and do something else.

          The format is as follows:
          Name- (The Patron's name, along with any titles)
          Race: (What race, and if necessary, ethnicity of the patron. This is mostly fluff, but it can affect how some people perceive the patron and, by proxy, the group)
          Affiliation: (What affiliations, if any, the patron has. These can help build support networks, giving you an 'in' with those groups, or they can cause problems, if you run into rival or otherwise opposed groups)
          Goals: (In general, what kind of goals the patron has, that the party would be working towards. Again, at least initially)
          Location: (Where the patron's base of operations is at)

          Then a bit of background and information.

          Race: Human (Easterner)
          Affiliation: Neutral
          Goals: Peace, Knowledge, Protection
          Location: Rockside (Original name: Ishi-ka, or Rockhome), a small village on the road between the Imperial Capitol and the mining town of Fall's Reach. Named for the rocky hillside it's built against.

          Known only as Mister Fumei, he is the owner of one of the last remaining Eastern style tea houses in the Empire. Although the tea house has a name (Sojourn's End), everyone who knows of it refers to it simply as 'Mister Fumei's tea house'. Fumei himself is old. Very old. It's said that he built the tea house after a long pilgramage, over seven hundred years ago. Fumei laughs this off, saying that it was his ancestor that built it back then, and that it has remained in the family since then. Even so, it's not hard to see why some people might think he actually is over seven hundred years old; Fumei is a small, wizened man, with a long white beard and tired looking eyes. He is still very active, however, personally serving his customers alongside his younger employees, and it doesn't look like age will slow him down any time soon, though he does insist he's feeling his years.

          The tea house is built around a central courtyard with a tree looking almost as old as Fumei himself at its center. The courtyard doubles as a garden and guests are invited to relax in it. A small pond is home to a few koi and a family of turtles.
          The lower, ground level of the tea house is the serving area, along with the kitchen. Upstairs, there are a few rooms that Fumei rents out to travelers or others in need of a bed for a few nights, as well as Fumei's own bedroom and office.

          Recently, Fumei has been asking adventuresome looking guests questions about their travel plans and goals. When asked, he doesn't hide that he's looking for a few brave souls to help him with a few problems. Rats in the cellar, he insists.

          Madame Rouge-
          Race: Human (Westerner)
          Affilitaion: Neutral
          Goals: Protection, Profits, Pleasure
          Location: Blackhill (Original name: Kuroka, roughly, Black Hill), a small, but quickly growing mining town off the beaten path, though that path is quickly getting beaten into shape. Blackhill gets its name from the coal found in its hills. Not as valuable as gold, but still creating a small boom.

          Madame Rouge, real name Theresa Spence, is a brothel owner currently setting up an establishment in Blackhill, to cater to the influx of miners and the inevitable others that will follow them. The Madame is an unusual character in the Empire, because, even though she is a Westerner, she has taken the time to learn to fluently speak the Eastern language with almost no detectable accent. She also observes some Eastern customs, and is one of the few business people to treat Easterners, human or beastfolk, with respect in their dealings.

          She's relatively young, or appears to be, at around mid-thirties. Her name comes from her red hair, and penchant for dressing in reds. Though starting to show a few signs of age, Theresa is still a very alluring woman who takes pride in her appearance, always making sure she's looking her best whenever she expects to meet anyone else. In her prior businesses, she's even taken some clients herself.

          Though she states that her reason for coming to Blackhill is because she wanted a change in scenery and because she saw opportunity here, those in the know are aware that she used to be a member of the Silken Sash, a very influential slaving guild, but had recently broken ties with them. It's suspected by some that she came to Blackhill to lay low for a bit and keep from giving them a reason to come after her.

          Madame Rouge has recently been putting up posters around the small town asking for able-bodied and 'adaptable' persons to assist her with a few matters, with a fair bit of money being offered for the services.

          The Great Itsunen-
          Race: Giant
          Affiliation: Bandits, Highwaymen, and Dance Troupes
          Goals: Wine, Women, Song
          Location: Wherever fine wines are sold

          The Great Itsunen, is, in fact, a fabrication. A local legend in the rural parts of the Empire, of a giant of a man who harasses Western caravans and distributes the money to the Easterners in exchange for wine and general merriment. It's mostly told as a joke about the Westerners, with The Great Itsunen being something of a clownish figure, making the losses on his account causing the Westerners to look even more foolish.

          His name comes from an enigmatic parchment found over the lock of a chest, where only the name 'Great Itsunen' were scrawled, and needed to be copied down in order to open the chest. (In other words, I had to fill in a captcha once, with Great Itsunen being the words. Thought it was an awesome name for a comical bandit character and was waiting for a chance to use it.)

          The Black Shaft-
          Race: Unknown
          Affiliation: Bandits
          Goals: Trade Disruption, Rebellion, Anti-Westernism
          Location: The forests along the trade-routes between the Imperial Capitol and the gold mines in the southern mountains.

          Probably the source of the myth of The Great Itsunen, the Black Shaft has made no secret his hate of the Westerners. Caravans carrying gold to the capitol or supplies to the mining towns are his targets. He has gathered a band of brigands that follow him, and aid him in his endeavors. His calling card, and the source of his name, is the black-shafted arrow that he leaves at the caravans he hits.

          Though he hates Westerners, the Black Shaft is said to forgive individuals who prove that they share his convictions that the Eastern lands should be returned to the Easterners. Because of that, his band is filled with people of all races and ethnicities.

          No one knows where the Black Shaft makes his camp, indeed, it's likely mobile, but everyone knows that traveling along the trade routes with laden wagons makes it rather easy to find him, though not in the way most want to.

          Vorunkl of Krakmount, son of Urgot the Terrible-

          Race: Half-Orc
          Affiliation: The Vigil
          Goals: Justice, Vengence, Law
          Location: The Vigil's head office in the Imperial Capitol.

          Vorunkl is the son of the great Orc warchief, Urgot the Terrible (who rightfully earned his title), and an unknown human woman. Growing up in the slums of a large western city, Vorunkl had to fight every day just to survive, and he inevitably got good at it. Unlike most half-orcs in the slums, and definitely unlike his father, Vorunkl had a sense of justice. He would pick fights with thugs who would extort those weaker than them. He would burn drug shipments. He would do anything to protect the weak and defenseless of his slum.
          Ultimately, he started getting followers, and while he didn't see himself as a leader figure, he eventually took up the mantle and named his new gang, the Vigil. They quickly grew from being vigilantes, to actually being endorsed by the city's watch, who were hobbled by bureaucracy and budget cuts. The Vigil steadily grew until it had grown too big for once city. Vorunkl left a few of his lieutenants in charge and moved on with a small group to another city that needed help. In a few years, most of the major cities in the west had a Vigil chapter.
          However, trouble started to hit them. Without explanation, Vigil members started going missing. Vorunkl tried to find out who was responsible, but just as he felt he was closing in on his suspects, the occupation of the Empire began, and he found his suspects having followed the army east. Without hesitation, Vorunkl followed.

          Now, the Half-orc still searches for the organization that he's convinced has been targeting the Vigil, while also still working hard at maintaining order and law wherever he goes. He doesn't have any particular prejudice against the Easterners, but in his eye, the occupation of the Empire is a lawful one, and the laws of the land are the laws, which everyone must follow. His foes are those that exploit the weakened Easterners, as well as those who attack Western trade shipments.

          Having come east with little preparation, Vorunkl is trying to build up the Vigil's presence here and has sent calls out for anyone interested in aiding him.

          Yukiko, Eight-tailed-
          Race: Kitsune
          Affiliation: Beastfolk Rebels
          Goals: Freedom for Easterners, Driving Westerners out of the Empire
          Location: Shine to Niru-rui, somewhere in the forested foothills of the Dragon Wing mountains.

          Yukiko is currently the only known eight-tailed kitsune in the world. While still one short of the mythical nine, she still wields great powers, and commands even greater respect. While not the founder of the Beastfolk rebellion, Yukiko quickly rose to prominence for her innate magical ability and her talent for leading.

          Yukiko leads the rebellion from an ancient shrine to the spirit of the Dragon Wing mountains, lost to antiquity until it was rediscovered by the fleeing beastfolk during the demon invasion. The shrine sheltered them then, and has since become a rallying point for the rebels. Its location is unknown to those outside of the rebellion, but anyone dedicated enough to join them will be found by the rebels and brought before Yukiko.

          Yukiko has a great antipathy to Westerners, for obvious reasons, but if one shows that they truly wish to aid the rebellion, they are given a chance to prove themselves. Otherwise, Yukiko accepts all Easterners into her fold, knowing that they'd need an army to drive the Westerners out.

          Race: Tengu
          Affiliation: Tengu spy network
          Goals: Profits, Information gathering
          Location: The Tengu quarter of the Imperial Capitol

          All other information is property of the Tengu spy network.

          Riker Dalmott, the Blackhearted-
          Race: Human (Westerner)
          Affiliation: The Silken Sash
          Goals: Slavery, Power, Money
          Location: The Silken Sash safeouse in Hopefalls (Original name: Nijikawa, or Rainbow River), a dreary town on the banks of a river running down from the sourthern mountains. Once a very small village, it has been taken over by the Silken Sash and now serves as their headquarters.

          Riker earned his epithet by being one of the most ruthless and cruel slavers in the Silken Sash. It seems like his greatest joy comes from seeing the light of hope die in a slave's eyes. Thoroughly evil, his rise through the ranks of the slaving guild was unsurprising.

          After suffering a leg injury while chasing down a slave, Riker found himself stuck in Hopefalls for a while while his leg healed. Bored, he's sent out calls for mercenaries who want to get a few kicks out of tracking down runaway slaves.
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            Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

            Madame Rouge, Fumei, or the Vigil would be the only ones that Robern (and therefore most likely Zurui unless Shrike decides otherwise) would ever willingly associate with. Of those, he would most likely go for the Vigil.

            Moar Pics for characters and stuff


              Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

              As far as end times go, I'm good for well more than anyone will be willing to play. on days where i work the next day, my soft cutoff point will be somewhere around 4AM EDT, plenty of time.

              Fumei, Madam Rouge for sure. Vigil because Robern would, and... maybe Black Shaft, or Yukiko, were he not around. the latter two dun really matter i figure, but an insight into the character, at least.

              EDIT: And Pecks-at-Shadows, of course
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                Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                Being a sociable (and somewhat neutral) fellow, Nyktan wouldn't mind associating with any of the above, except Riker for obvious reasons.


                  Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                  Those hours will be difficult for me to do consistently, being smack in the middle of the day all day, and I would almost always have to cut out for a while between 10 and 11pm UTC. It would probably work better for me around the areas of midnight-6am, depending on my schedule (which is changing all the time because fucking temp agencies).

                  How would people feel about those hours perhaps on Fridays? This getting moved to day shift thing has me all messed up as far as scheduling is concerned.

                  Also, Rissiki would support Fumei, Madame Rouge, or Vorunkl. She would be very reluctant to associate herself with open rebels, and isn't looking to rebel herself. Of course, she'd sooner pour acid in Riker's eyes than do anything to help him, so there's that.


                    Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                    For times for this Sunday, 5pm UTC seems like the earliest most people can start, is that right?

                    Shrike, you're busy on alternating Sundays, right? So that means that for the weeks you're busy you're not available at all, while on other weeks your earliest would be 10pm UTC? Or 5pm? I was a little confused on that point.

                    If we want to talk about Fridays, my times are between 10pm UTC - Whenever I get too tired.

                    How are other people's times for Fridays?


                      Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                      For fridays, that's right after a hellish Thursday. That's a day where I might not be present for a gathering because I'm passed out all tired and stuff.

                      I personally don't mind if Tiff would have to cut out for short times. It's not like I don't have other things I could be doing.


                        Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                        Oh, and how open would people be to the possibility of having the game on alternating Sundays to match Shrike's availability? I'd actually kind of like that anyway, since it would give me a day every other week to myself, and would probably give me time to come up with better stuff for the game.


                          Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                          Starting at 2200 UTC would mean 1:00 for me. Technically doable since I don't have anything on saturday that I'd need to wake up early for, but I don't know how late I would stay awake since I usually need to wake up before 8:00 in fridays. As for playing in alternating weeks, I wouldn't mind too much, I suppose.
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                          Just a little teaser:

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                            Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                            Every other sunday is fine.


                              Re: Maiko's Game - Out of Character and General Chat

                              Originally posted by maikochan View Post
                              For times for this Sunday, 5pm UTC seems like the earliest most people can start, is that right?

                              Shrike, you're busy on alternating Sundays, right? So that means that for the weeks you're busy you're not available at all, while on other weeks your earliest would be 10pm UTC? Or 5pm? I was a little confused on that point.

                              If we want to talk about Fridays, my times are between 10pm UTC - Whenever I get too tired.

                              How are other people's times for Fridays?
                              okay, let's break this down:

                              i work mornings. the actual days i work change every week, but it's always morning shifts.

                              the earliest i can -guarantee- (I'm off early sometimes.) that i'll be around on days I work is 7pm-8pm EDT. i am then good until 4am EDT if i work the next day, and about the same if i don't, that's close to passout time anyways.

                              the days I don't work, i tend to get up around 1pm EDT, but if we schedule something, i can get up earlier, about 11am EDT. same deal for end times those days, so on days off i have a window of about 16+ hours to game in.

                              so this works out to my evenings effectively being always free. the only exception to this is every other sunday, when I LARP. i may or may not work any given Sunday currently, but if we set the schedule in stone here, I can ask for sundays off, or trade shifts to be here.

                              Does that cover everything?