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    Revamp Database

    Top part of the picture is the general layout and size of the employee housing at the Center.

    West-most building is the Admin Complex.
    Northwest is the General Staff Dormitory.
    Northeast is the Treatment Center.
    Southwest is the Research Lab
    Southeast is the Researcher Dormitory, connected to the lab via a Covered Walkway.
    East-most building is the Station Platform for the Orchrios Transit System connecting line.

    The employee housing default layout is as follows:

    Center - Main room, 60 feet by 30 feet.
    Left Top - Bedroom, 20 feet by 20 feet.
    Left-most Bottom - Closet, 10 feet by 5 feet.
    Middle-Left Bottom - Bathroom, 10 feet by 15 feet.
    Right - Kitchen and Dining Room, 30 feet by 20 feet.
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    Re: Revamp Database

    Descriptions of each district and general contents went into the specific threads.

    The squared region to the NW of the city is Avaris, Shiraishi's residence.
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      Re: Revamp Database

      Like the main map, will add descriptions of certain elements in under the pic.

      Yes, the door to Nate's personal workspace is hidden behind a bookcase. Not everything he's done has been the best, original ideas.
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        Re: Revamp Database

        Information on Pathos Colony:

        The planet has a very Earth-like climate, often referred to as being a "Class M" world by certain fans of an old Earth entertainment program. It's primary industry is agriculture, due to much of the landmass being highly fertile ground for a variety of crops, as well as having a fair degree of good land available for herd animals. Most settlements on planet are rural, with the largest settlement on planet, Orchrios, serving as planetary capital.

        **More to come**

        <<<MOSTLY HARMLESS.>>>


          Re: Revamp Database

          List of known 'holo-pets' for Cross Technology's product:

          Human animals:

          Peregrin Falcon
          Siamese Cat
          Havana Brown (Housecat breed)
          English Shepard
          Labrador Retriever

          Drow animals:

          None Yet

          ((Any entries marked with an asterisk have actually made an appearance.))


            Re: Revamp Database

            Notes of as-yet-unnamed disease: (Forgot this earlier.)

            Initial symptoms are a stiffening of the joints and blurring of eyesight. This is followed by hair loss and sores developing across the body. The next stage is a coma, during which the body slowly shuts down internally. Death occurs once enough internal organs shut down. At each stage, the progression can be slowed, but no cure has been developed yet. Also, the mode of transmission has yet to be discovered. No cases have been reported off-planet, so something local has been suggested as a cause. Both human and drow have been affected.