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Meridi Ioleth (Tyragor)

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    Re: Meridi Ioleth (Tyragor)

    She let out a cry, of surprise and pain expected as she was forcibly penetrated but she found it unexpectantly...unpainful? The distraction was enough to throw her off for a moment, but she quickly resumes her thrashing struggling to get an arm free, to rip the tentacles free of her.

    She feels it, at first it's distant but its presence fills her with an eerie dread, an emptiness in her stomach of anticipation.

    It...feels good? How could that possibly be? To enjoy something like this, with a creature like this it was unthinkable and yet it was happening. The sensation grew quick, body trembling with anticipation. She let out another cry as her orgasm surged through her body, eyes fluttering as her struggles ceased for a moment. She was senseless.

    It didn't last long, she quickly regained herself and fought, but the plant stuck fast, kept holding tight. Damnit, damnit, not again, she thinks but it's beginning to feel hopeless as pleasure rapidly builds, sensitivity spiking.

    She coughs as the creatures seed is poured into her, body shuddering in pleasure as it pumps deep within. Fury and embarrassment both fuel her next desperate struggle as she pulls herself free. She snatches her weapon and fires at the Dog, it's nearly finished and she isn't intent on fighting both of them at once!


      Re: Meridi Ioleth (Tyragor)

      Attack Rolls:

      Meridi: 9+10=19, 8+10=18, 4+10=14 & 29+10=39 vs. Dog: 3 (Dead). Plant: 22, 15 & 9

      Meridi kills the Dog, and lands one critical hit on the Plant for another 180 damage, leaving it with 20 HP.

      Grapple Attempt:

      Plant: 12 vs. Meridi: 1+10=11

      Once more the Plant grabs hold of Meridi!


      1: Try to struggle free!

      2: Let it rape you to another orgasm!
      And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

      I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



        Re: Meridi Ioleth (Tyragor)

        Meridi cursed as it grabbed hold of her. "Not again!" she swore as she tried to pull herself free and put the plant down for good.