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    Re: Kayla (orcha)

    Kayla glanced over at Gisele. "I don't know about you, but I could use the boost. I'm game if you are. Considering how the last shrine went, I'd say our chances are pretty good."

    1: Attack the Shrine!


      Re: Kayla (orcha)

      Enemy Spawns:

      Level 6 Gargoyle Girl: Stamina: 200. Pleasure: 55. HP: 900. Weak vs. Magic. Special Ability: Stoning.

      Vaneera the Wild: HP: 5,000. Stamina: 300. Pleasure: 50.


      Kayla: 1 (Last)
      Gisele: 24 (2nd)
      Gargoyle: 4 (3rd)
      Vaneera: 27 (1st)

      Grapple Attempt:

      Vaneera: 29 vs. Kayla: 28+3=31

      Kayla JUST dodges a takedown bid.

      Gisele casts her Mantra of Speed, boosting their speed! She has 130 stamina left.

      Attack Rolls:

      Gisele: 30, 20, 13, 19 & 9 vs. Gargoyle: 1,3, 1, 18 & 7.

      Gisele lands all 5 of her beatdown hits on the Gargoyle, dealing 960 Damage and overkilling the Gargoyle on the final hit!

      Gisele: 19, 28, 25, 16 & 29 vs. Vaneera: 16, 9, 1, 10 & 14.

      Gisele lands all 5 hits again, dealing 840 Damage, leaving Vaneera with 4,160 HP.


      1: Attack! (What skills?)

      2: Other?
      And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

      I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



        Re: Kayla (orcha)

        Kayla, heartened by her friends successful opening strikes, moved to attack as well. She fired a Paralyzing arrow at Vaneera, before following up with a Punishing Arrow chain.

        1. Kayla attacks. (Not really sure how many times she can do what)


          Re: Kayla (orcha)

          ((Basically she keeps doing the same thing until there's a notable change. On attacks, until all foes are dead, or until she is grappled/raped. When attempting to escape rape/grapple, she'll keep trying til she succeeds, unless she triggers a player decision point on when she'd give in and for how long, then go back to struggling.))

          Attack Rolls:

          Kayla: 2 & 29 vs. Vaneera: 22 & 3

          Kayla misses her first arrow, but lands the Paralyze on the second try, giving both her and Gisele a ton of free shots for the next 3 rounds!

          Over the next 3 Rounds the two women deal plenty of damage, killing Vaneera and ending the fight! 9 Rounds of Cool Down on Paralyze Arrow!

          Both Women Gain 5,200 XP!

          Loot Phase:

          Vaneera: Map Piece!

          Gargoyle: Nothing!

          Looking at the Map, Gisele shrugs.

          "So we are going to some kind of Tower, which was built from the ground, and then down into the ground. Probably links up with a cave or something then, or underground tunnels like the Ancestors used."


          1: Move On!

          2: Rest to full then move on (1 turn needed, can't be caught).
          And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

          I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



            Re: Kayla (orcha)

            Kayla glanced at the map fragment Gisele was holding, craning her neck so as to be able to see. She's a tall one... She nodded her assent to Gisele's words.

            "A tower it is then. Well, let's recover a bit, and then move on."

            2. Rest for a turn before tackling the tower.

            PS. I wasn't sure what the exact effects of Gisele's Mantra of Speed were. No worries, seems to be pretty straightforward.


              Re: Kayla (orcha)

              Taking a brief rest, the two women soon were feeling in perfect shape and ready to move onward. Doing so took them to an entry way, of what truly did seem like some kind of tower half buried into the side of the Marsh and ground.

              Stepping inside, they discovered it was much bigger than the map could tell, the room they started in being huge. Carefully moving through the room ...

              Trap Evasion Rolls:

              Kayla: 5 vs. Trap???: 1
              Gisele: 25 vs. Trap???: 24

              ... movement out of the corner of her right eye caught Kayla's attention, and she turned instinctively, her body freezing on it's own when she saw some kind of skeletal spider like creature crawling up the wall just a few feet from her. A quick glance over to Gisele, in the hopes of warning her proved to not be needed, as the woman had spotted five more creatures of the same type on the walls near her. Eyes wide, Gisele carefully, and quietly motioned that they should stealthily exit the room, hopefully before these creatures became aware of them.


              1: Carefully and Silently withdraw/move on.

              2: Other? (Trip the trap by making a sound, trying to attack the creatures, or something else).
              And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

              I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                Re: Kayla (orcha)

                "Let's get out of here," Kayla whispered, slowly moving away and motioning for Gisele to join her. "I do not want to find out what those things do..."

                1. Slowly and carefully withdraw.


                  Re: Kayla (orcha)

                  Wide eyed, Gisele only nodded, keeping her eyes on the creatures the entire way as they crept out of the room. Fortunately, they seemed to have luck on their side for now, as the creatures never did notice them, and soon enough they were in a new section of the tower, Gisele finally letting loose a shudder.

                  "I've seen them before, and no, you don't want to get attacked by them. Literal gang rape."

                  Again she shuddered, but quickly composed herself as they entered a small room with what seemed to be a swimming pool of some kind, though the water was rather dark and murky for one. As they started through the new room ...

                  Trap Evasion Roll:

                  Gisele: 7 vs. Trap: 28

                  Enemy Encounter:

                  Level 6 Amphibious Drayne: Pleasure: 55. HP: 600.

                  Level 6 Demonic Jellyfish: Stamina: 145. Pleasure: 50. HP: 700. Damage: 13. Weak vs. Lightning. Special Ability: Super Tentacle Bind. Anger Slots: 3/3.

                  Level 5 Demonic Spider: Stamina: 175. Pleasure: 45 (55 when you are futa'd). HP: 700. Weak vs. Cold. Special Ability: Web Mounting.

                  Level 7 Arachne: Stamina: 180. Pleasure: 70. HP: 800. Weak vs. Fire. Special Ability: Sexual Domination.

                  ... Gisele suddenly spotted what seemed like two enemies coming towards them, drawing her weapon instantly! As she made a move to get between their foes and Kayla though, she suddenly felt herself sink into a part of the floor that felt covered in a slimy mud! Kayla too had stepped into it, and they both felt a surge of magic suddenly course through their bodies, causing them to shudder. Gisele briefly dropped to one knee from the sensation, managing to gasp out, "what in the ... What the hell?"

                  At the last alarmed part, Kayla would notice a new addition to Gisele's body, a very thick one at that. A new thick, meaty and erect cock now hung between Gisele's legs, something seeming to be attached to it, stimulating it. A quick glance told Kayla she was suffering the same thing, and only now did a warning flash through her mind about them both having been infected with some kind of parasite! To make matters worse, the pool of water they'd just walked past suddenly came alive, as two more creatures surfaced, looking to claim the two women! The worst part came when the parasites suddenly sent a new surge of magical energy through them, and they could feel their bodies responding to this strange magic!

                  Initiative Rolls:

                  Kayla: 1 (Last)
                  Gisele: 4 (5th)
                  Drayne: 29 (1st)
                  Jellyfish: 22 (2nd)
                  Spider: 5 (4th)
                  Arachne: 16 (3rd)

                  Parasite Afflictions:

                  Gisele: 10: Causes you to become less durable for five straight turns, halving your stamina, thus making it easier to bring you to an orgasm.

                  Kayla: 6: Makes you more sensitive to pleasure for 5 straight turns, causing you to take double the pleasure you normally would.

                  For Kayla, she suddenly felt like sex would feel, really, really good for her, while Gisele suddenly seemed to stagger, as if her stamina had suddenly taken a huge hit! To make matters worse, there was no time to try and pull the parasites off of them, as they were now under attack!

                  Grapple Attempts:

                  Drayne: 8 vs. Kayla: 19+3=22

                  Jellyfish: 6 vs. Kayla: 19+3=22

                  Arachne: 27 vs. Kayla: 20+3=23

                  Kayla manages to dodge both the aquatic creatures, but the Arachne perfectly times her lunge, and grabs hold of Kayla!

                  Spider: 3 vs. Gisele: 12

                  Gisele manages to dodge!

                  Knowing they needed every bit of help they could get, Gisele quickly cast her mantra of speed for both women, then went on the offensive!

                  Attack Rolls:

                  Gisele: 20, 27, 19, 9 & 2 vs. Drayne: 1, 11, 27, 1 & 7

                  Gisele lands only 3 hits, but does enough damage to kill the Drayne!

                  Gisele: 7, 4, 10, 25 & 26 vs. Jellyfish: 13, 10, 12, 20 & 19

                  Gisele only lands 2 hits, but it's enough with their buffs to kill the Jellyfish!


                  1: Try to struggle free!

                  2: Let the Arachne try to rape you so your shrine buff can kill her!
                  And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                  I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.