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    Map thing.

    Ignore the bit where it says "B's Home" That's something I had for the last time I tried to do this. Also, I got lazy with the Archipelago. Use your imagination. I'll be giving the kingdoms and such names as we get around to them. Also, the vaguely y shaped continent with the dots drawn around it is the territory of the school and a neutral ground where people from all races mingle and govern themselves with a small council consisting of one representative of every race

    1)Surface elf --- 1

    2)Cave elf --- 1 (Under the mountain ranges)

    3)Human --- 1

    5)Centaur --- 2

    6)Cattaur --- 2 (Southern portion)

    7)Spidertaur- Northern half of 6

    8)Halfling --- 7

    9)Faun/Satyr --- 7

    11)Lizardfolk --- 4

    12)Birdfolk --- The surface of the Cave elf Mountains of 1

    13)Merfolk --- Live really wherever in the ocean that they want to

    14)Selkies --- 8,3

    15)Naga --- Southern half of 6
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