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    Re: Approved Character Database

    Other Names of interest:

    Montana Test Subjects: A group of 5 men and women who underwent a procedure done by Helen Magnus to remove all traces of latent abnormal DNA from their bodies, making them completely human and incapable of ever being used in an experiment to release their inner 'beast'.

    Meridith Stallers: Head of the Cabal Network, and a sadistic bitch. Directly responsible for killing several close friends, family members or lovers of multiple Sanctuary Residents, including Miranda's original mate from birth.
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      Re: Approved Character Database

      Played by ShadowwolfSBI:

      Name: Michael Umbral (Assumed Name, Real Name no longer used.)
      Age: 30
      Height: 6'
      Weight: 184 lbs.
      Place of Birth: Unknown (Subject's accounts vary wildly.)
      Species: Abnormal (Altered human.)

      Known Biological Facts: Subject's blood appears to be a slightly darker shade than human norm. It also seems to have a high viscosity than human norm.

      Powers: Ability to "manipulate" shadow-like matter. Known "techniques" below.

      Shadow Chain - Able to manifest a long chain of smoky darkness. Capable of manipulating things as if it were a rope/whip. A shadowy black gauntlet manifests on his right forearm when he's getting ready to attack, or has recently finished an attack. Occasionally manifests with a spiked ball attached to the end, like a morning star flail. Also has been seen on rare occasions with an anchor attached to the end.

      Shadow Mist - Two uses of this. One use is purely shifting into a smoke/mist-like cloud. In this case, the cloud takes the appearance of black smoke, and can safely dissapate to nearly invisible shadows. Second use is sort of a teleportation, or gravity-less "superspeed" ability. Does have limited solidity, so air-tight seals interfere with the ability. The "teleportation" use is exceptionally fast, to the point of being effectively impossible to interrupt in progress.

      Shadow Puppets - Can create shadowy decoys at range. While clearly made entirely of the dark, shadowy matter that Michael manipulates, he's gotten kind of skilled at using them in dark corners and alleys to fake his location. He's also been know to transit between decoys while in "mist form', furthering confusion as to his true location.

      Shadow Garb - Used to create necessary clothing, always in darker shades. As the clothes are made out of manipulated shadow, they're very hard to successfully tear or damage. So far, this is the only ability mastered to the point of being able to completely remove the bright light vulnerability from.

      Light Vulnerability - Exceptionally bright lights can disrupt most of the shadow manipulation abilities, such as suddenly being caught in full-blast from flood lights, or a flashbang going off nearby. This vulnerablity will either cause a "short-out" which effectively destroys the active effect (in the case of a solid effect like the Chain) or it will cause severe injuries, for abilities like the Mist. Only the clothing ability currently has a total immunity from this weakness.

      Other uses of shadow manipulation theorized, but remain undiscovered / untested.

      Light Background Facts: The man who is currently calling himself Michael Umbral is an escapee from a Cabal testing facility. According to him, after graduating high school in 2006, he was captured by the Cabal late in the year, experimented on, and from those experiments gained his ability to manipulate shadows. He escaped some time in mid-to-late 2007, and has been on the run since. It's unsurprising that he's had several run-ins with Cabal teams, as well as a single, direct encounter with Sanctuary personnel where he stated that at that time he was unwilling to deal with them. However, he's under the belief that the tone of the Cabal's actions have changed recently, and may have extremely covertly aided Sanctuary efforts against the Cabal in response. He also has suspicions that his own abilities may be changing some as well.

      Current Member of Sanctuary Network: No.

      Miscellaneous Facts: Michael has shown fluency in several languages, including, but believed to not be limited to, English, Spanish, German, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, and Romanian. He's also somewhat skilled at ventriloquism. He has been spotted in various locations by Sanctuary personnel either seeking to acquire, or studying, various books and written materials. There has also been reports of no less than five different conflicting stories overheard about his pre-imprisonment past, and each is believed to be a deliberate lie, perhaps told to protect any surviving relatives.
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      And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

      I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



        Re: Approved Character Database

        Played by Shrike7

        Name: Winona Randall
        Age: Looks to be about mid-20s
        Height: 5'10 (Human) 6'2 (Lilian) 6'0 (Pithus)
        Weight: 133lbs (human) 207lbs (L) ~350lbs (Pithus)
        Place of Birth: Big Pine Tribal Lands, California
        Species: Abnormal, Spider Lycanthrope

        Physical Description: Thin but lean, Winona carries the delicate features of her Native american upbringing. Long black hair, almond eyes and tanned skin, and while she still favours traditional clothings and leathers, the woman tends more towards jeans and simple shirts to help blend in. She does look stunning in a dress, on the rare occasions she's worn one.

        That is the least unassuming of her forms, however. The woman has demonstrated shapeshifting abilities similar to werewolves, but with a much greater range of forms. She posesses four in total.

        The 'lilian' form most closely resembles the similar analogue in a werewolf, a bizarre mix of human and spider, with herfangs on full display, extra eyes appearing along the ridge of her cheekbones, and four spidery limbs growing out of her sides, chitin covering them and elsewhere along her body.

        More impressive still is the 'pithus' form, which is entirely spider, but to a gargantuan scale. While still a fraction of the size of Big Bertha (Who she claims to have no knowledge of, past what was presented to her from Sanctuary files), she still occupied the space of a small economy car when her legs are folded in close. The exoskeleton in this form is sturdy enough to deflect small arms fire with decent reliability, as well as showing impressive strength on it's own, using her forelegs as weapons .

        The final form is much less overt, though in no way less impressive. Her entire form disintegrates into a mass of ordinary-sized spiders, most commonly used to escape a conflict she feels she is losing. She calls this the 'crawlerling' form.

        Note that in all forms with arachnid features, the patterns and comparative dimensions do not match any known arachnid species.

        Known Biological Facts:
        In human form, Winona retains some arachnid features, though they are well hidden. She keeps the Blue/green blood of arachnids, as well as a pair of fangs that can extend out her mouth on thin jackknife chelicera. Internal scans show she has a markedly different organ structure than the normal human, as well, including book lungs and the lack of a human heart.

        The venom she carries seems to be weaker in her human form, able to incapacitate a victim, wheras in her lilian or pithus forms it can outright kill.

        Winona is purely carnivorous, feeding in a way similar to arachnids, but also able to subsist on meat itself if ordinary feeding is untenable, or she needs to appear human.

        Powers: Besides the strength and agility granted to her by her different forms, she also produces a paralytic toxin, delivered via bite. In appropriate forms, she is also capable of producing webbing. Her room in the Sanctuary is coated almost entirely, complete with an aerie for her to sleep in, and a pair of hammocks for when she entertains guests.

        She has proven to have an apt mind for puzzles and games of strategy as well, proving a capable opponent to even Helen in their infrequent games of chess.

        Light Background History: Winona showed up at a nearby Sanctuary one day, claiming to be an ambassador for her kind, which were a previously-unknown form of abnormal. None of the examined other people from her Tribal lands appear to be abnormal, but she claims to be in contact with a vast network of others like her. Given her unique circumstances, she was asked to transfer to the Calgary Sanctuary so she could deal more closely with Helen and others who hold a more prominent role in the Sanctuary network, a posting she agreed with readily.

        Her kind occupy a middle ground between the surface and Hollow Earth. Most of them were born above, but once their natural abilities come to light and they're inducted into the Greater Web, they tend to live underground, though most remain active above ground, avoiding Praxians and other abnormals from Hollow Earth entirely. Winona has not informed the Sanctuaries of this, or indeed anything about the others of her race, past the fact that they exist, and have chosen her as a spokeswoman.

        It has been a few years since her original introduction to the Sanctuary, and little has changed since. For the most part, she is autonomous from the crew, though quite often she asks or is asked to join missions, where her unique insight and ability to sneak into places protected from the teleporters among the squad has proven invaluable.
        And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

        I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



          Re: Approved Character Database

          Played by Lurker:

          Name: Sarah Miranda Quintex
          Age: 23
          Height: 5'3"
          Weight: 143
          Place of Birth: Malton, England
          Species: Human modified with necrostasis Virus

          Known Biological Facts: Short, blond hair covers this pale girl's head, some of her hair constantly covering over her right eye. Both eyes colored a deep crimson, with a slight glow in the case of dark areas. Often, she is garbed in a blue t-shirt, purple skirt, and a well-worn trenchcoat, with military-grade boots for her shoes. Tends to keep a worn carpet bag strapped over one shoulder.
          Powers: Sarah is a known carrier of a modified strain of the NecroTech Incident virus, having had severe tampering to it's genome by both her mother and then herself over the years of confinement during the Malton Incident. Should fatal injury occur, she will eventually return to a semi-living state, with all the shortcomings and advantages of such a situation can give.

          Outside of her mutation, she is a quick thinker, if a bit rash and having a tendency to be sarcastic. Several quirks of her character can be seen due to her original locations pre-Sanctuary, such as rashness, tendency to work alone, complete disregard for self-preservation, twitchy upon being surprised, and incompetent social skills. She is also highly acrobatic, and quite possibly a contortionist under certain duress.

          * Adept firearm user, specializing in handguns and akimbo pistol use.
          * Necrosis virus cotangent - Upon suffering major fatal injury, has the ability to enter a 'zombie' state, increasing agility and pain tolerance after the transformation. Not a contagion risk due to certain DNA quirks.
          * Specialized serum use allows for further augmentation of her abilities - Most serums are highly unstable out of necrosis state, with the exception of a specific serum. Currently serum doses have been developed for 15 Minute, 30 Minute, and 1 Hour intervals of transformation. Has tendency to try and recover samples of abnormal DNA to continue serum experimentation.
          ** Horror Prime - Mutation allows for increased strength severely. Five tentacles form from her back, three formed with small, rosebud-shaped heads filled with tons of teeth, the other two armed with twin, vicelike claws. Unstable as human.
          ** Sakura - Mutation causes increased agility and flexability, slight patches of snake-style scales on her arms and hips, and twenty or similar tentacles formed into her back, and fangs that can secrete poisonous fluids. Unstable as human.
          ** Seraph - Mutation causes short wings to evolve from the hips and shoulder blades, and a undecorated tail to extend from the spine, as well as finger and toenails to develop into sharper claws. Some form of mind-deadening pheremone is secreted from this specific mutation, muting the mental processes of many creatures, while the wings are capable of allowing sustained gliding. Unstable as human.
          ** Eldrich - Mutation causes the subject to go into a incorporeal state, causing the form to be unable to interact directly with physical objects. Telekinetic powers are able to develop, although her body also develops physical transformation, in the form of three extra limbs mutating from her back and shoulder blades, and a third eye to form on her forehead. Surprisingly, stable as both human and necrosis.
          ** More serums could possibly be developed as time goes on.

          Light Background History: A survivor of the NecroTech Malton Incident, Sarah was originally captured by the Cabal during the rushed evacuation of the incident area. Transported to Compton, Ohio, experiments were done on the poor girl before her release into the custody of the Sanctuary.

          Sarah assisted the Sanctuary well during her early days, even though the location took a major downside from the mad attacks from the Cabal. Assisting in earlier operations, Sarah is self-conscious about her potential harm with her strange genetics, but is more than willing to assist against an organization that seems far, far too evil for it's own good.

          Miscellaneous Facts:
          * Has been known to carry most of her possessions in previously-mentioned carpet bag, all without any form of outward stress on the bag's part.
          * Necrosis mutation always seems to reform into a very specific wound pattern upon resurrection. Theorized first wounds ever inflicted to subject that led to fatal injury.
          * Main weapon choice is a standard police-issue Service Pistol and revolver-standard Magnum, as well as rarely a pump-action shotgun.
          And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

          I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



            Re: Approved Character Database

            Name: Zaleia Meheaven
            Age: 26
            Height: 5'5"
            Weight: 120 lbs.
            Place of Birth:
            Species Meta-Human a.k.a. Homo-superior

            Known Biological Facts: Due to being able to absorb electricity she has been able to sustain herself off the electricity itself. She can go extended amounts of time without eating or drinking by living off electricity but eventually must still acquire food to restore herself after a while. Depending on how much electrical energy she currently has stored within herself her skin begins to show a more bluish color to it with a spreading appearance of small little electrical zig-zags across her skin.

            Powers: Capable of absorbing, channeling, and expelling electricity. Electrical energy absorbed can be stored within her body in a form of internal battery. Current limitations of her internal battery is currently unknown. She is capable of transforming herself into a pure electrical energy form and while in such form may use any means of transit available to electricity or the like.(moving through electrical wiring and outlets and even short range teleports through the air itself.

            Current Member of Sanctuary Network? No. Currently residing in New York city.
            And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

            I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



              Re: Approved Character Database

              Name: Gwen Raiden
              Age: 27
              Height: 5'8"
              Weight: 130 lbs

              Place of Birth: Unknown
              Species: Unknown, appears Human.

              Known Biological Facts: ERROR. File does not exist, who is Gwen Raiden?
              And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

              I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.