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    Updated Approved Character Database

    Name: Siphon/Talvesh

    Powers: Has the strength of 6 men hence an incredible melee fighter, can cast a small protective energy shield around himself that will protect from hi kinetic energy magic attacks or projectile attacks, but not from melee attacks, and he can create a small shockwave from his hands that will knockdown any enemies within it's range, but he cannot fire it off in rapid succession, it requires a 20 second cool down period. Also great knowledge of various inter-dimensional technologies of his people. Siphon has also gained the rare trait amongst his people of being able to use his hands to heal most any wound inflicted upon a person. He has other abilities open to him, but for the time being he is unaware of them.

    Healing Gene: Siphon is capable of using his healing gene to heal even the most severe of injuries, although this can be quite taxing upon him, and requires his full concentration. Depending on the severity of the injury, it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to ten minutes to restore and heal the injury, or injuries. He is not able to bring a person back to life if they have already perished from their injuries however. So for example, a minor injury such as a cut would be healed rather fast, but something like a punctured lung or a broken bone would take quite a long time for him to heal in this manner, and he would still need to set the bone first.

    Age: Appears to be in his early 30's, but is actually SIGNIFICANTLY older.

    Physical Description: 5'7" Weight 180 lbs Brown hair, Blue eyes normally, Caucasian appearance.

    Description of traits and BG: Siphon was thought to be one of the last survivors of an ancient race of beings known as the Alverans, but as it turns out, he is actually Alteran, the parent race of the Ancients, and Ori. Siphon came to this dimension some time ago from his 'own' home, ahead of an army of undead that followed his people here. Choosing to stay behind and fight along side the humans of this world, they defeated the undead, and Siphon has grown quite fond of the people he chose to protect. He chose to remain on this world, and live amongst them, and he saw a great potential in them to become a super powerful race some day, a dream that is now being realized.

    When using his shielding or his shockwave attack, his eyes will begin to glow a fiery red, and he will utter several words in his native tongue. His normal voice sounds as any normal humans would.

    Talvesh is a symbiote that is attached to his spine, and allows him to utilize several other technologies because of it's unique properties. Talvesh can assume control of the body, and this is shown when his eyes gleam fiery red for longer than a second and when speaking, his voice is noticably deeper with a flang to it. Side Note: By High Kinetic Energy I mean something such as a magic propelled attack or a bullet. The shield will not stop an arrow from getting through however.

    Siphon's first ship, The Kara, was named after his dead 1st wife, who was killed in battle during the original undead siege on his 'home world'. The ship was very much akin to the Daedalus class cruisers in Stargate, and at 586 Meters in Length, are quite decently sized. In fact, all other Alveran ships are exactly the same, although Siphon's had a few new modifications he himself has made that are not seen on any other Alveran ship. Unfortunately, the Kara was destroyed near the end of the war with Anubis. For a time, he was stuck with using Talok's ship, which is named after Siphon's second dead wife, Daina Eil'Mori.

    A year ago though, Siphon unveiled a new design of ship, his own design, and far more powerful than his old one.

    Ship Information: Siphon created a new class of ship, known as the Nasara Class, named after an old friend of his from his days as an Atlantean. While he hasn't said much of the woman the ship is named after, the ship itself is quite impressive.

    The Nasara is a large, heavily armed ship built for the sole purpose of fighting battles, while still maintaining it's ability to conduct peaceful exploration. Clocking in at just over 1,100 Meters in length, she's slightly less than twice the size of his previous ship. The Nasara comes standard with much of the technology found on his previous ship, with a few additions. Technical Specs are as follows:

    Dimensions: ~1,100 Meters in Length, 400 Meters in Width, with 20 decks.

    Shielding: Siphon's latest shielding is more advanced than the previous shields were before, roughly three times more effective.

    Propulsion: Along with its sublight engines, the Nasara comes standard with two distinctly DIFFERENT types of Faster than Light Propulsion. First, is the Interstellar Drive, designed for fast travel between places in the same galaxy, allowing for precise coordination. Second is the more powerful, advanced Inter-Galactic hyper drive technology. Siphon managed to find a way of tripling the old drive outputs, allowing for a ship utilizing this new drive to travel 3 Million light years per hour.

    Weaponry: All Alveran ships come standard with blue plasma beam weaponry, capable of overloading most known forms of shielding, or piercing them, varying on the level of shield. Unlike most laser type weapons, they don't overpower by using a lot of energy, but rather use little energy, focusing more on firing rapidly to overload shield emitters, thus frying them out and collapsing them.

    Another weapon found on all Alveran ships are the special drone weapons. These yellow squid like projectiles are extremely powerful, and usually will rip through most shields in a matter of seconds, focusing primarily on simply passing through the shield, and ripping apart the hull of the target ship. They are more powerful than the beam weapons, but Siphon prefers not to use them unless he has to, as replacing them on the fly is time consuming.

    The final weapon aboard Siphon's ship is unique to his alone. During his time spent in the future, he worked on several upgrades, one of these being the gravity wave weapon. Against an unshielded planet or ship, it is a devastating weapon. This weapon fires a high end gravity well at a target, usually flattening an unshielded ship. Siphon scaled the weapon down to be more effective, abandoning the previous grand design for something more practical, and that wouldn't blow out all his power relays every time it got used. Even still, it requires a few minutes cool down.

    Power Generation: Siphon's ship is different from most Alveran ships in the power supply department. While most of their fleet are powered by single Zero Point Modules, Siphon's ship is powered by three of them for it's Inter-Stellar Hyperdrive, Weapons, and basic functions. The more advanced Inter-Galactic Hyperdrive, Cloaking Device and shields are powered by a new power source proto-type, a micro-contained black hole.

    Cloaking Device: Based off the same type used in Puddle Jumpers, the cloaking device renders the ship invisible, and undetectable.

    Unlike most ships of other races, Alveran ships are capable of being commanded by a single man crew, largely in thanks to the chair interface in place aboard each ship. They have taken great pains to prevent their advanced technology from falling into the wrong hands, going so far as to specifically key their most destructive and advanced technology to only
    respond to those with their genetic makeup. This, they feel, is the only way to truly prevent an enemy from stealing their ships if they are unable to self destruct them in time before being boarded. While they can be crewed by one man crews, currently only the Nasara and the Daina Eil'Mori do so. All other Alveran ships usually carry a crew compliment of six hundred, although they can carry as many as twelve hundred.

    Special note: If for whatever reason, there is a specific issue where someone is going to be injured and does NOT want to be successfully healed, let me know in advance, and I can work with that. I have several ideas on how to "fail" Siphon's healing ability, and if I know in advance I can work with that.
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    Re: Updated Approved Character Database

    Name: Talok/Nevish

    Powers: Strength of 4 men making him a very good melee fighter. He also is capable of limited regenerative capabilities, though this is heavily limited based on how recently he has eaten something, or someone.

    Normal wounds such as burns or a bullet wound will heal rather quickly, but if he were to have his arm of head cut off they wouldn't grow back. Talok is also capable of communicating with others of his species telepathically.

    Age: 30,000.

    Physical Description: 6'2" weighs around 220 pounds. Black hair with Yellow eyes normally. Appears to be some kind of hybrid between a human and something else. Has a strange shaped scar on his hand that allows him to feed off the life force of a living being, though he prefers not to use this as he feels it is wrong to kill innocents. He will however feed off of criminals if he has to, though he prefers to find human types of food to keep himself alive.

    Description of Background: Talok is another of the survivors from Siphon's dimension, although he is not Alveran himself, he did serve in their army after earning the trust and respect of their people. It took him some time to recover from excessive injuries during the undead wars, and making his way to this dimension, barely managed to get through before the portals closed forever. Nevish is a symbiote that wrapped around his spine, giving him the abilities of enhanced strength and to sense the existence of others carrying a symbiote. When Nevish is in control the Yellow eyes of the host do not glow, rather they change to black orbs.

    Side note: If need be he will feed upon a human to survive, though he doesn't like to. When doing so he will ensure that the victim can't escape by paralyzing them in severe pain. The pain is caused from the feeding process. He reserves the feeding on humans for only those that will die anyway, or need to be assassinated. He is also a sparring partner of Siphon/Talvesh, giving the opportunity for both of them to hone their melee skills.

    Ship Information: Talok controls another Alveran ship, this one a standard one, named the Daina Eil'Mori. See Siphon's ship for information, minus his own personal upgrades.

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    And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

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      Re: Updated Approved Character Database

      Name: Narlina

      Powers: Narlina is a Wraith Queen, and as such has all the powers of a normal Wraith, and then some. While she has no magical powers, her own natural abilities, like other Queens, are formidable. She is capable of telepathic communication with pretty much any species, able to get into their minds and speak to them. On occasion, if one is unsuspecting, she can prevent them from attacking, although she can only target one person at a time. Mostly this is reserved as a last resort or for interrogation of war criminals, such as the rebel Wraith or certain aggressors against her kind. She has the same regeneration and feeding capabilities as Talok.

      Age: Unknown. Narlina has never bothered keeping track, as she won't die from aging.

      Physical Description: Narlina is roughly 6' tall, and weighs around 155 pounds. She has long flowing Red Hair, with Green eyes that could almost pass for human if it weren't for the defining Wraith features.

      Description of Background: Narlina is Talok's wife, if you can apply that term to Wraith. She is one of the leaders of the Wraith civilization, and is a heavy advocate for peace with their neighbors, but also knows when it is time to fight. Narlina commands a gargantuan hive ship, manned by countless Wraith.

      Ship Information: Wraith Hives do not have names for each ship, they are just listed as Hive Ship. Each Hive is capable of growing as needed, as their ships are mostly organic. While there are variations, most Hives are roughly 11 km in length, 5.5 km in width, and 2 km in depth, making them very large targets. Despite this, they do have some shielding, but their true strength lies in the fact their hulls can regenerate, much like the Wraith themselves.

      Hive ships are usually, but not always accompanied by 3 Cruisers, each of which are identical to their hive counterparts, only smaller. Each Cruiser is usually about twice the size of an Alveran ship in length.

      Each Hive carries thousands upon thousands of mini fighters called darts, armed with smaller versions of the hive's weapons, but these are unshielded. What they lack in shielding, they make up in sheer speed, with each dart capable of accelerating to 10,000 km per hour. This makes them highly maneuverable as well.

      Weaponry: Wraith Ships are armed with blue pulse like weapon ports, capable of rapidly firing at a target, and against multiple targets at once. Little is known about their power against other ships, although they have been witnessed to simply overwhelm an enemy ship with the sheer number of shots fired. It probably doesn't help that the shots themselves are usually larger than the ship being attacked too.

      FTL Drive: Wraith hyper-drive technology is a glaring weakness in their arsenal. While they can travel fast, intergalactic travel from one galaxy to another, such as Pegasus to our own, requires eighteen days. Because of this, ever since the start of the Sentinel war, Narlina has kept several dozen Hives in our own galaxy to assist if need be.

      Nothing is known about Wraith Power generation.
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        Re: Updated Approved Character Database

        Name: Sivok

        Powers: Sivok has enhanced strength, comparable to a Wraith, but without the regeneration. Like all Draque, he is capable of "shrouding" or cloaking, but can not attack while actively cloaked.

        Age: Several Million years old, or so he believes.

        Physical Description: Sivok is 6'8", and weighs around 215 pounds. Muscular without seeming it, he is a typical Draque in every way, except he is on Siphon's side. Like all of his kind, he is bald, and appears to be similar to a bipedal crocodile or lizard, right down to the scaly, green skin.

        Description of Background: Sivok is actually a clone of his original, as are all Draque. Bred to serve their masters, the Sentinels, Sivok broke away with a group of his kind after an incident left them capable of free thought for the first time in countless generations. Realizing what his former masters really were, and what they really had planned, he defected to join Siphon in the fight against his own kind, the Enoly and his former masters. His expertise in Draque and Enoly technology came in handy and likely helped turn the tide of the war in our favor.

        Ship Description: Little is known about Draque ships, other than they are at least on par with an Asgard Vessel now. Usually they would be no match against an Alveran ship, though there had been a few occassions during the war where they got lucky.

        Sivok named his ship in defiance of his old masters, and named it well. The ship is called the Scalerious, which in their language, means The Rebel. At 1500 meters in length, his ship is decently sized, nearly 3 times the size of an Alveran ship.

        Weaponry: Their weapons appear to be bright green globs of energy fired, though their yield has never really been tested against anything but Alveran shielding, therefore making it impossible to gauge their true strength. They do however seem to have the ability to create an EMP field that will knock out systems of an unshielded ship. If their target manages to get shields up before the EMP hits though, this attack is useless. It is believed this is how they were able to destroy the few Alveran ships they did during the Sentinel War.

        FTL Drive: This is the one thing that is known of the Draque. Their hyper-drives are fast, but nowhere near what Siphon has. It would take them a day to reach Pegasus from our own galaxy, making them faster than the Wraith.

        Shielding: Draque ships do have shields, and seem to be invunerable to missiles and bullet based weapons. Against energy weapons, they do fairly well, but eventually will collapse.

        Nothing much is known about their power generation, although it is suspected they use something similar to an ion generator for power.
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        And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

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          Re: Updated Approved Character Database

          Name: Thor

          Powers: Thor's race is capable of limited telepathic communication, but only with races that communicate in this manner. Their minds are extremely powerful, and they are next to impossible to mind control.

          Physical Description: Thor is like every other Asgard, appearing as a small, frail looking little grey alien standing only a few feet tall. They have large black eyes, and are capable of speech. Also, sometimes disturbing to other races, is that they do not wear clothing of any kind, as they appear to be genderless. This is partially true, as all Asgard are clone bodies, with their minds simply transferred to a new body as needed. In this, the Asgard have attained a measure of immortality.

          Description of Background: Thor is the Supreme Commander of all the Asgard, and because of this he pilots the most advanced Asgard ship in their entire fleet. Like all Asgard, he comes from the far off Ida Galaxy, a small one about eight million light years from us. Thor has been a powerful ally for more than 15 years now, as have his people.

          Ship Description: Only a few things are known about Asgard ships. Some are purely science vessels, some are purely 'warships', and some are hybrids. Thor's ship, The Beliskner, is a hybrid, but it is the most advanced ship in the fleet. It is in considered an O'Niell class ship, making it quite large and graceful appearing.

          Weaponry: Little is known about Asgard weaponry other than they seem to fire powerful blue pulses of energy for weapons. Until the war with the Ori, these weapons were more than a match for any foe.

          FTL Drive: Asgard Hyper-Drives are very advanced, though not quite as powerful as an Alveran drive. Still, they are capable of great speeds, and they can cross from here to the Pegasus Galaxy in a little under 5 hours.

          Shielding: Next to nothing is known about how Asgard shielding works, only that it does, and it's damn effective. Like their weaponry, the shielding technology was always an advantage until the Ori war.

          Very little is known about their method of powering ships, though it has been strongly suggested it is some less advanced form of a Zero Point Module.

          UPDATES: As of recent events, it would appear that the Asgard, along with Thor have been completely wiped out.
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          And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

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            Re: Updated Approved Character Database

            Name: Camulus

            Camulus is a Gou'ald system lord, allied with us. Most Gou'ald are, and the few that aren't are pretty heavily policed by the others of their kind, ensuring a peaceful coexistence.


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            And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

            I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



              Re: Updated Approved Character Database

              Name: Vanessa Millstar

              Powers: Readily able to blend in as a traveler, and is extremely good with both spy and negotiating works. In addition, after suffering at the hands of Nirrti's genetic experiments, Vanessa appears to have gained a limited form of telepathy. She can project her own thoughts onto someone relatively close by, in the sense she can call out to them, but not receive back.

              Age: 32

              Physical Description: Vanessa is a beautiful red head, standing 5'10" tall with perfect white skin and a lovely body. She tends to wear green pants with long legs, and a white shirt that seems to have been intentionally cut to show off some skin. It has no sleeves to it, but acts almost like a tank top. The skin around her stomach is exposed to the air, likely because the cut off shirt and waist high pants allow for greater movement this way, rather than a single piece or two pieces neatly arranged.

              Description of Background: Vanessa is a Velokian, a humanoid race within the Milky Way Galaxy. She first appeared during the war with the Sentinels 13 years ago, and was quite literally a 16 year old newbie thrust into the middle of a war that wasn't hers. Her planet fell under attack by the Sentinel's army, and were it not for a risky maneuver by the Alveran named Siphon, Vanessa likely would not have survived that first encounter with the Sentinel's army. Since then, Vanessa has worked side by side with Siphon and his allies, feeling she owes him at least that much for saving her life, and her people from certain annihilation.

              Vanessa also played a major role in the Ori War six years ago, on both sides of things. An incident caused her to become trapped in the Ori Galaxy, where she used her skills to blend in, hoping one day she would be able to return home. Eventually, she was able to return to our galaxy, but not before the Ori had used their Ascended Powers to forcefully impregnate her with a child that they believed would ensure their victory. Later on in the war, Vanessa played key roles in bringing back information she gained while a prisoner of the Ori, making up for her perceived weakness at being unable to stop the Ori from using her body to create a living weapon.

              Vanessa lost her only small fighter ship during the Sentinel war, however she has had no need for it as she's usually traveling either with her new allies, or using the Stargates for travel.

              Vanessa was, for a time, host to a Tokra, but eventually she lost the symbiote during the war with Anubis. After recovering from the loss, and near death experience, Vanessa is back in action.
              And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

              I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                Name: Aya Morioka

                Aya is a powerful Ancient woman herself, and in fact she is Siphon's wife. She's very attractive, and she has short blonde hair. She was briefly a host to the Gou'ald Nirrti before the symbiote was finally removed and killed.


                She is capable of causing any living creature to combust into flames, and much more.

                Necrosis: Aya can generate a 'pathogen' that will infect any she wishes to inflict it upon in her field of vision that causes extreme muscle discomfort, and general feelings of sickness, and weakness, similar to what her own body goes through when she's exerted her powers too much.

                Flash Healing: Aya is capable of healing herself at an accelerated rate, even faster than Siphon's own healing, although it is only usable on herself.

                If she has any other abilities, they have not been seen in action yet.
                And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                  Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                  Name: Shoni "Sho" Meheven

                  Age: If we're going by the current timeline, Sho's nearing 30.

                  Species: Homo Superior (aka, Sho's a mutant.)

                  Hails from: Earth/Terra/Gaia, United States of America

                  Powers/Abilities (if any): Sho's primary power is wind manipulation. She can create anything from a gentle breeze to hurricane force gales with a thought, though having atmosphere to work with usually helps her create bigger and badder wind storms. She can use this manipulation for anything from creating a warm breeze to dry her hair to flight to creating a 'wind wall' that keeps out most non-energy based attacks (particularly projectiles). As she's gotten older, Sho's powers have evolved some. She's getting more and more attuned to the atmosphere, so she can sometimes tell when there are shifts in it (like, say, a ship coming in from space). It's not a perfect science for her and, without a great deal of concentration, she wouldn't be able to tell if someone were, say, cloaked and moving around a room, but on a large scale, she's hard to sneak up on *laughs* She's also getting better with weather manipulation. She can't exactly create weather (ala Storm) but along with her atmospheric awareness, she can change weather patterns, bringing in or clearing out storms, for example, by moving the clouds. Naturally, this power doesn't work indoors unless someone's got a little black raincloud following them around. And though she can't exactly create weather, she can manipulate the air around her enough to dry things out or use "wind chill" so that she can, for example, create snow. Generally this only works with existing moisture, but if she does work at it, she can do so 'from scratch,' so to speak. One final trick up Sho's sleeve is her ability to 'steal breath' from someone. She literally pulls the air out of a person's lungs. Short-term, this will cause them to pass out from lack of oxygen. If she continues to do it, she'll suffocate someone to death. This power is, of course, dependent upon the target needing air to breathe and/or having lungs (or the equivalent thereof.)

                  Appearance: Sho stands 5'7" with black hair that is cut short, feathering at her shoulders and the nape of her neck and she has blue eyes. She's a lot lighter than she looks, in part due to her mutation, which makes her bones less dense, some even hollow, which makes it easier for her to fly. This makes her a little more fragile and, as such, she does her best to avoid getting slammed into things or taking solid hits. She tends to dress in "Earth casual" though with the different places that they've been visiting, she's picked up a rather eclectic wardrobe. One thing she almost always has, though, is a black trenchcoat.

                  Ship: Sho mostly hitches a ride with whomever is going where they need to go. She doesn't have a ship of her own.

                  Additional info: Sho is severely claustrophobic. While she's fine on ships and shuttles (though those are pushing it) being underground, in any sort of cramped, enclosed area, or just being trapped in general will cause her to panic. She also has a habit of causing a "flutter" with the wind when she's startled by something. For the most part, though, she has a fairly friendly and laid-back attitude. Whenever she finds herself in the middle of things (which tends to be often), though, she can have more of a take-charge attitude that helps to motivate those around her.
                  And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                  I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                    Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                    Name: Ian Montrose

                    Age: Current timeline has Ian nearing 30.

                    Species: Homo Superior

                    Hails from: Australia, Earth.

                    Powers/Abilities (if any): Ian has the power of mind over matter, able to move and manipulate objects with just a thought - Telekinesis. There isn't exactly an upward limit to what he can move, but obviously, the bigger the object, the more concentration it's going to require, and some things just wouldn't be possible (like, say, moving an entire building, at once.) Roughly man-sized or smaller, though, doesn't take much effort. Intricate work, though, like threading a needle, takes concentration, too. Ian (generally) also has to be able to see what he's manipulating, or at least be aware of it's existence. He could turn on a desk lamp through the closed door of his own quarters but he wouldn't be able to throw a switch across a darkened room that he'd never been in before.

                    Appearance: Ian stands 6'3" and weighing in at 250 lbs (I suck at weight gauging. If this makes him a stick, make him heavier.) He has brown eyes and dusty blonde hair that's a bit on the longish side, tending to get in his eyes and face a lot, though he doesn't seem to mind. If he's in 'Earth clothes" he's usually in cargo pants and a t-shirt of some sort, but he will adopt the uniform of whichever ship he's serving on at the time as well.

                    Ship: Ian's a hitchhiker, which suits him fine. Usually means he can choose the more interesting voyages to go on.

                    Additional info: Ian is Australian, something that most people don't realize until he opens his mouth, which isn't very often. He's rather quiet and laid-back, almost to the point of being lackadaisical. One would think that with his power, he actually might be lazy, but that isn't the case. Though he has his power, Ian doesn't use it as much as one might think. Instead, he prefers a more hands-on approach and spends some of his free time working out, not wanting to let his power make him complacent and flabby. In fact, if he can complete a task without using his powers, he often takes that route. He doesn't go out of his way to be social, but he is sociable, willing to talk to anyone that puts effort into getting to know him. He's also willing to lend folks a hand with, well, anything really. All they have to do is ask.
                    And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                    I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                      Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                      Name: Ariana Arkanian

                      Age: Hundreds or thousands of years old, though almost entirely spent in coldsleep. Physically, late twenties

                      Species/description: Human, genetically engineered (Though she doesn't know it). Tall with pale skin, she tends to wear functional clothing, covered by a brown leather duster.

                      Powers/Abilities: Ariana is a powerful psychic, though she's never had any training. As a result, her powers are simple and uncomplicated, though quite potent. Her main use and weapon from this are shimmering blue blades of energy, focused from her mind as an extension of her willpower. She can create almost any blade she can think of, but usually settles on a double-bladed sword about as tall as she is. As a strange side-effect of having something created of pure mental energy, her weapons have no mass, and as such, no thickness. This makes them effectively infinitely sharp, and she has not found a substance that can resist being shredded, though some types of shielding seems to have an effect, and creatures that regenerate can usually fix themselves as fast as she can cut them, as the wounds do not open when her blade creates them. Any weapons she creates last as long as she can focus on them, generally however long combat lasts. She uses the same technique to create barriers, armour, and the like if she feels she has to, though the applications tend to be simpler.
                      She has a limited array of mental powers as well, telepathy, a small amount of telekinesis and a moderate amount of precognition, which is what allows her to dodge and deflect most attacks, she knows where they are going to be before they have even started.

                      Ship: A modified Falcon, A ship built for grace and power. About the size of a heavy fighter, the ship maneuvers like one much lighter, and the small cargo bay has been converted into a more proper living area for longer trips, as well as having a coldsleep chamber installed. The ship houses a simple AI to handle navigation, sensors, and pretty well any function the ship needs while the pilot is otherwise indisposed, and the weapons and shields are comparable to others of it's size and time period, consisting of a pulse turret to cover the back half, and a small spread of pulse and laser hardpoints to provide direct fire. The ship is also mounted with a torpedo launcher for slower and heavier targets, tactical mines, and countermeasures. Most of the weapons are heavily dated and will likely require upgrades in order to be useful, but the shield has stood the test of time well, and the rest of the ship has fared better, maneuverability being the timeless asset it is.
                      And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                      I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                        Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                        Name: Zaleia Meheaven (Zale for short)

                        Age: late 20's (probably 28)

                        Species: Homo Superior (stealing que from copper since she is a mutant)

                        Hails from: Earth, U.S.A.

                        Powers/Abilities:Zale's primary ability is controling electricity. She able to draw electricity from sources around her even the skies above given potential storms. Discharging the gathered energy is her main form of offense ranging from bursts of blinding light to bolts of damaging lightning. She can travel in a form of energy by breaking herself down into electrical energy and making short to mid range jumps from point to point or by entering power grids and traveling the lines to far away locations as energy. Zale's internal battery of sorts has the capacity to store large amounts of energy for use whenever she needs it. Currently her upper limit is unknown though when she starts holding high amounts within herself her skin shines a light blue with small zigzags of lightning arcing across it. As of late she has been getting introduced to new unearthly forms of power and energy and her mutant powers have started evolving in what she believes to be the capacity to absorb and control a few of these newer energy sources.

                        Appearence: Zaleia stands 5'5" with a lean figure and short cut red hair. She dress in a more utility minded fashion lately with cargo pants and usually a hoody with front pockets on most of the time. She also keeps a small piece of copper wire twined into her hair that if asked she says its a good luck charm. As of late she tends to carry a messenger bag with some electrical tools she carries for certain moments she deems them neccesary.
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                        I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                          Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                          Name: Victor Ravion

                          Age: Appears to be in the mid-twenties to early thirties range

                          Species: Modified Human

                          Physical Appearance: Light complexion. Shorter, though unkempt, black hair; pale skin, and pale blue eyes. Average height with an athletic build. Tends to wear work-clothing, strangely reminiscent of Soltarus' "grease-monkey" mechanics.

                          Powers/Abilities: Normal range for an active, adult human. Only real abnormality seen so far has been his inventiveness and technical/mechanical skills, which appear developed enough to understand how to operate and repair technology after a few moments of looking at the item. Medical scans reveal a small cybernetic implant at the base of his skull towards rear, apparently some manner of short-ranged ULF beacon. Beacon appears to be connected to a large suit of armor Victor uses possessing numerous weapons systems and heavy defensive plating. Weapons include wrist-mounted pulse emitters, charged gauntlets, arm-mounted autocannons with alternate heavy cannon mode, and shoulder-mounted missile launchers. As the armor's control system is derived from the Ancient control chairs, he has developed a rather focused and disciplined mind, although he can still have moments of distraction.


                          Cybershadow, a custom small craft. No wing insignia. Although it's the third personal craft he's used, it's the most heavily armed. See Background section for details on that. In addition to its heavier weapons systems, the Cybershadow is equipped with up-rated shields for its size, as well as having had a stealth beam coating applied. The stealth beam coating acts as a form of passive stealth, scattering or absorbing most technological-based sensors. Known weapons systems include: Plasma Charge Cannon (prow-mounted heavy pulse cannon that requires charging), Null Ray (fore-mounted system-disabling beam), Thermo-rocket Launchers (fore-mounted warhead launcher), "Scrapmakers" (fore-mounted autocannons), and Pulsar Mortars (dorsal-mounted air-to-surface launchers).

                          Also, pseudo-crew:

                          Name: Ravage

                          Age: Indeterminate, likely pointless.

                          Species: Cybertronian.


                          The insignia on his shoulders are not present in this.

                          Powers/Abilities: Transforms between Cybertronian Archival Core and panther-like robot form. Has displayed ability to alter size of his panther form while transforming. Possesses similar stealth beam coating as the ship. Also possesses some communications interference and commandeering abilities.

                          Name: Quint

                          Age: Indeterminate.

                          Species: Unknown

                          Powers/Abilities: Unknown

                          NOTE: The being, or beings, that Victor refers to as Quint has not yet been seen, remaining at somewhere known to the little group as "Lauter". Five distinct voices have all been referred to by Victor as "Quint".

                          Victor first "contacted," via Ravage, the Alliance around the time of Anubis' return, having intercepted transmissions suggesting they were fighting Anubis, who Victor had his own trouble with. Eventually, he joined in fully, but is still kind of learning things.

                          Background Info Post for Victor Ravion and company:

                          Background: Originally from a human colony world with access to limited space travel technology on the edges of the Milky Way galaxy, Victor Ravion was, at first, merely a highly skilled researcher and engineer. However, when a rather extreme religious group began gaining traction on his homeworld, he chose to escape in secret. This he managed, although his ship's somewhat crude and jury-rigged FTL drive failed somewhere in deep space... Causing him to crash-land on a rogue planet, although Victor originally mistook it for a Dyson Sphere. This planet, called Cybertron, proved to be home to a technologically advanced race of mechanical lifeforms... A race currently caught in the grip of a violent civil war.

                          Victor was quickly captured by one of the commanders of the more aggressive side of the war. Kept as a sort of guinea pig, Victor was experimented on, as his captor had discovered strange technology that seemed to have some manner of unusual energy coming from it... However, the mechanical lifeforms were incapable of activating the technology themselves. After a few such experiments, aimed at attempting to get the organic to interface with the technology, Victor wound up somehow disabling his captor, as well as winding up being rescued by the leader of the opposing faction, a being which turned out to be far less cruel and hostile towards Victor. This leader, aided by some of the better minds of his faction, aided Victor in stabilizing whatever had been done to him. Yet, time was running out for the war. The mechanical planet was shutting down, and with it the source of the energy that powered the inhabitants was shutting down as well. The leader managed to arrange for Victor to be sent away from the dying planet, and sent both the technology that caused Victor's trouble, and some of their own, with him in the hopes that he might find a way to restore the planet, and perhaps even find a way to bring peace to the warring race, once it revived.

                          In the end, Victor wound up on a remote, yet habitable, planet... And one that provided quick shelter for him and his recently obtained collection of artifacts, relics, and assorted mechanical drones. One of the mechanical race's "living colony ships", refered to as Titans, was present on the planet, although it was in a damaged, non-functional state. In addition, a new ship was constructed for him, which bore the name of Scatterspark.

                          This ship helped him in his initial surveys of locations that might bear remains of the race he was now, apparently, the successor of. During one of his early "recovery journeys", he found Quint.

                          Quint decided to join Victor. Upon return to the "fortress," as Victor jokingly called it, Quint began assisting Victor in a series of upgrades, both to the drones and the ship. During these upgrades, the pair's scout drones began picking up stray transmissions, indicating a major galatic-level conflict was underway. They debated about investigating, and Quint suggested some upgrades to improve the Scatterspark's capabilities, to be implemented prior to such an investigation. Unfortunately, the Scatterspark didn't last much longer.

                          While returning from another excursion that bore surprising fruit, Victor encountered the forces of a particular Goa'uld... Anubis. Although able to escape from the encounter with assistance from Quint, the Scatterspark had to be sacrificed along with the custom-made environmental suit Victor had been using. However, the main prize of the excursion was rescued along with Victor: a small, intact "conversion cog", salvaged from the destroyed form of one of the mechanical race.

                          During the examination of the cog, it was discovered that the cog was a replacement designed for one of the race, and that particular member was in a damage-induced stasis lock. The being's body was, in fact, one of the recovered data-storage units. After repair and reactivation, the being told Victor its name, joining his "crew": Ravage. In addition, another round of upgrades occurred in response to the encounter with Anubis. These upgrades were primarily tactical in nature, increasing armaments and defenses, and were aided by Victor having previously been able to stabilize and "raid" the personal subspace storage dimension of one of the gun-nuts and arms-dealers of the faction from the war that had captured him.

                          As part of the upgrade, Victor received a new ship, this one called the Cybershadow, as well as a replacement for his lost environmental suit. Based on combat suits occasionally used by Quint's kind, it bears heavy armoring, as well as defensive shielding... although that system has a history of being slightly temperamental. The control interface for the suit was derived from the technology Quint examined from the imprisoned experiments, some sort of control chair. Furthermore, Lauter itself was upgraded with numerous weapons emplacements.

                          Cybershadow Weapons Systems:

                          Plasma Charge Cannon - A forward mounted plasma-based weapon, it fires a sizable ball of high-energy plasma, comparable to most ship-to-ship warhead weapons in damage. However, the weapon requires a noticeable charge-up, and is direct-fire only, with no guidance.

                          Null Ray - Mounted above and behind the PCC, the Null Ray is a tight-band beam weapon which, while having a low impact output, has the useful effect of temporarily scrambling the electron pathways used by most technological systems, usually just enough to force the system to be reset before it will work properly again. Although a direct-fire weapon, it is notable for being constructed with pinpoint accuracy in mind. Aiming is still required, though.

                          X-12E Scrapmakers - Retractable-mounted weapons on the outside edges of the ship, these gatling-style weapons are the emplacement version of the X-12. Each fires small packets of unstable nucleon particles, which while doing little damage individually given the X-12's anti-personnel origins, can add up with the X-12's rate of fire. One X-12E is mounted on each side of the Cybershadow.

                          Thermo-rocket Launchers - Magazine-fed launchers, these high-energy warheads are comparable to most fighter-based missile weapons. They include limited guidance systems, and each magazine carries 10 warheads. Two are mounted, forward-aimed, on the underside of the Cybershadow.

                          A-4 Pulsar Mortars - Magazine-fed Air-to-Ground launchers, these weapons send proximity detonated "Pulsar Bombs" hurtling towards the ground. Each bomb has comparable explosive force to a standard fuel-air bomb. However, the intense light generated by the detonation usually renders survivors temporarily blinded. Each magazine carries four warheads, and two are mounted slightly aft from the thermo-rocket launchers.

                          Ravage Personality Note: Under most circumstances, Ravage's personality is best described as that of the consummate silent hunter, however on rare occasions a glitch can occur within his personality matrix that causes him to act in a much more impish, or perhaps overconfident, manner. This is usually accompanied by him hijacking text-only message system and leaving such messages for nearby people with it, usually in a manner reminescent of Soltarus' "social media" culture.

                          Ravage Weapons: His claws and fangs also contain Galvo-conductors, which produce a disruptive electrical field around them for added impact. Additionally, he has access to a subspace storage dimension that holds a pair of small Scatter Blasters that attach to his front shoulders when called upon.

                          Scatter Blaster - These weapons act as large shotgun-type weapons, and fire small explosives for "shot". On the full-sized versions, the blast from full spread detonation is comparable to Rockeye cluster bombs. However, the smaller version used by Ravage has a smaller payload, and each "pellet" is roughly comparable to a large firecracker.

                          Victor's Armor

                          Appearance: The fully sealed armor suit now used by Victor often reminds Soltarans, or those familiar with Soltarus culture, of something called "Terminator Armor". While it has hard-mounted two paired sets of weapons, it has hard-points that allow it to mount an additional two pairs of weapons, stored in a subspace storage dimension. When not in use, it resembles a large crate with some manner of upright "bed" on one end, stored either in a chamber within Lauter, or in a deployment bay on the Cybershadow.

                          Twinpath Blaster - One of these is mounted on a retractable housing on each wrist. The Twinpath Blaster is roughly pistol-sized and double-barreled, in appearance similar to a giant tuning fork. Each shot is comparable to a shot from a Jaffa Staff Weapon, although the Twinpath boasts slightly higher base rate of fire, further increased by the second barrel. When not needed, these weapons are often retracted inside the armor's forearms, covered by sliding armor panels.

                          Riot Cannon - Normally stored in subspace, the Riot Cannon is a dual-mode weapon. One of its modes is that of a gatling-style autocannon, partially braced by its attachment point to the armor's forearms, and partially by the stabilizer handles deployed for the armor's hands. When switching to its other mode, the handle and barrels retract, the weapon rotates to point the rear-facing heat-vent forward, and the stabilization mounting shifts to form the new cannon barrel. In the gatling-mode, it fires stun-pulses that numb the impact point for a few seconds, and leaves a mark not unlike a mosquito bite. These stun-pulses can, and often do, build to the point of rendering the victim unconscious. The cannon mode's shot is much larger, featuring a blast similar to a grenade, with a stunning effect similar to that of a single zat'ni'katel shot. However, an additional component to Riot Cannon exists, stored separately in the subspace storage dimension. With that component slotted in, the cannon's shots in both modes become lethal. In "lethal mode", each individual gatling shot is comparable in damage to a Jaffa Staff shot. The cannon mode's lethal shots retain the blast zone, but are more comparable in damage output to a tank cannon or light artillary fire. The armor's "storage pocket" contains two of these, one for each arm.

                          Cyclonic Missile Battery - Mounted on the armor's shoulders when called out, the missile battery can be loaded with one of two different types of missiles. The first type is thermo-rockets, identical in operation to the ones used by the Cybershadow although with a smaller payload, being comparable in damage to anti-material rockets. The second type is photon-swarm rockets, which are more of an anti-personnel type with fragmenting casings. While the launchers each store 6 missiles at a time, with sliding protective panels to cover the launch tubes. Victor often keeps multiple loads of each type of munition in the storage "pocket". The "pocket" contains two of these, one for each shoulder.

                          Nucleon Shock Gauntlet - Built into the armor's hands, the Nucleon Shock Gauntlets bear stabilizing modifications made by Quint. When activated, the gauntlets are wreathed in a disruption field powered by small nucleon emitters. The fields cause a small energy detonation upon impact. A further modification includes power turbines built into the outer surfaces of the armor's forearms. These turbines activate only when the Twinpath Blasters are retracted and the Riot Cannons are not in use. The turbines supercharge the disruption fields, and the resulting detonation creates public swimming pool-sized craters. The armor has an insanely powerful Nemesis Shield that can render it nigh-invulnerable, however that shield is hardwired to only activate for the split-second of actual detonation of the supercharged field. This tactic has earned the joking name of "Punch of Kill Everything" from the least serious Quint voice, and the others have, surprisingly, pretty much adopted it, or the acronym "P.O.K.E." as well.

                          Energon Prod - Similar in design to the staff weapons employed by the Jaffa and Ori, the Prod's head expands into a "man-catcher"-style configuration, and discharges energon into whatever it contacts. While it lacks any form of ranged capability, the energon discharge has proven to be both rather painful and highly disruptive of mental capacity for organics. Such disruption often causes delirious states, fugue, and hallucinations. Often employed by Victor when unarmored. If he switches to using the armor, the prod gets stored next to the "bed".

                          Resonance Blaster - Sonic weapon discovered in the raided arms store. It appears to operate by sending out focused pulses of audio waves. Although not tested yet under such conditions, it is presumed to lack effectiveness in a vacuum. Employed by Victor while unarmored. If he switches to using the armor, it is stored next to the "bed", opposite the energon prod. Normally the size of a compact SMG, it has been seen to expand to a more powerful rifle-sized mode. Victor refers this as "plugging in the amp".

                          Notes on Cybertron:

                          Cybertron is a massive technological planet, although one without a star of its own, located as best as Victor could determine via astrometrical estimates as being somewhere close-ish to Soltarus' system. A rogue planet, it used to generate a massive amount of power that gave life to its inhabitants, a mechanical race possess of the ability to change between two forms. The race was often called "Cybertronians", by those few who knew of them. Their reticence in allowing others to know of their existence stems from their unfortunate luck in their first contact with other lifeforms... After that disaster, the Cybertronians chose stealth and hiding over contact with others, and would only establish outposts in uninhabited systems. This path eventually minimized the damage to the galaxy when the race erupted into a massive civil war, divided between a faction desiring conquest, and one wishing to maintain their relatively peaceful existence. It was this "Great War" that led to Cybertron's core shutting down, and the Cybertronians' extinction... However, one of the commanders of the war-like faction had initiated a sequence of events that might lead to the reactivation of the planet's core, and the restoration of the race.

                          The peace-minded faction of the war had been centralized at the Cybertronian City-state of Iacon, and had launched their main archives into space when the shut-down loomed. The commander who had captured the organic calling itself "Victor Ravion" had arranged at some point for the main archive of his side, located at the city-state of Polyhex, to be similarly ejected. One of Victor's personal goals to find the archives.

                          As for the war itself, it was mostly fought in space. While the occasion skirmish did occur on the uninhabited planetoid outposts, most extra-planetary battles were fought ship-to-ship. All extra-planetary battles either ended in mutual annihilation of both sides, or in damages so severe that a retreat to Cybertron was necessitated.

                          The Cybertronians themselves bore a peculiar part to their anatomy: a Conversion Cog that enabled their form-changing. The Cog also stored an imprint of the Cybertronian's personality.

                          Notes on Nucleon and Energon:

                          Nucleon is an unstable energy source discovered by the Cybertronians. While highly unstable, it could provide surprising boosts to the Cybertronians. On the other hand, the Cybertronians soon learned of Energon, which was slightly better and far more stable for them. Both energies, however, are extremely disruptive to organic nervous systems. Late in the war, a means of converting other energy sources into Energon was developed, although it was unable to produce enough to save the race. Much of Victor's early technology was powered by fusion reactors equipped with these energon converters, however since Quint's arrival, the fusion reactors have been replaced with nucleon cores (stabilized by some alteration Quint was aware of), which have more efficient exchange with the energon converters.
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                            Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                            Starter character:

                            1. Name (Last, First, MI): Fisher, Evelyn Caylee
                            1a. REDACTED
                            2. REDACTED
                            2a. REDACTED
                            3. REDACTED
                            4. REDACTED
                            5. REDACTED
                            6. Date of Birth: REDACTED
                            6a. Age: 21
                            7. Species: Human
                            7a. Race: Caucasian
                            8. REDACTED
                            9. Religion: REDACTED
                            10. Marital Status: REDACTED
                            10a. Number of Dependents: REDACTED
                            11. REDACTED
                            12. REDACTED
                            13. REDACTED
                            14. REDACTED
                            15. REDACTED
                            16. REDACTED
                            17. Physical Status-
                            17a. Height: 5'3"
                            17b. Weight: 112 lbs.
                            17c. Hair: Strawberry
                            17d. Eyes: Gray
                            17e. Glasses: Yes
                            18. REDACTED
                            19. REDACTED
                            20. Birthplace and Citizenship -
                            20a. Self: REDACTED
                            20b. Spouse: REDACTED
                            20c. Father: REDACTED
                            20d. Mother: REDACTED
                            21. Education -
                            21a. Primary: REDACTED
                            21b. Secondary: REDACTED
                            21c. Post-Secondary: REDACTED
                            22. REDACTED
                            23. REDACTED
                            24. REDACTED
                            25. Aptitude Tests -
                            25a. REDACTED
                            26. Other Tests: REDACTED
                            27. REDACTED
                            28. REDACTED
                            29. REDACTED
                            30. Qualification in Arms: REDACTED; Pistol Expert
                            30a. REDACTED
                            30b. M28 Service Pistol - REDACTED - EX - 398 - REDACTED
                            31. Languages: English, Japanese, REDACTED, Russian, REDACTED
                            More information will be declassified as it is revealed in-game.
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                            I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.



                              Re: Updated Approved Character Database

                              Name: Draven Naros

                              Age: Unknown

                              Species: Ingrali

                              Powers: Draven, like all Ingrali, are very capable shape-shifters, able to assume virtually any shape or form, and even trick most medical equipment into believing they are a different species once transformed into their form.

                              Ship: Draven's ship, called the Deadly Mist, is a typical ship for their fleet, a warship. Little is known about their weapons or shielding technology, other than it is close to being on par with that of the Alverans.

                              Appearance: In his natural form, Draven appears like a walking wall of mist with glowing red eyes, making for an unsettling sight. Due to the discomfort humans tend to have while around him, and others of his kind, Draven typically will appear in a solid form when around them, a hulking creature not on record, perhaps an extinct species. Otherwise, he'll be in his natural form.

                              Background: Draven is a member of the Ingrali high council. The Ingrali as a whole are a somewhat secretive race, and very old, pre-dating the arrival of the Ancients in the Milky Way at the very least. Hailing originally from the Triangulum Galaxy, the Ingrali were nearly driven out during the first war with the Sentinels. In fact, they had developed a bio-weapon to be used on their followers before the Ancients became involved by accident, and the weapon was fortunately never used. Many centuries later, the Ingrali came back out amongst the stars with the re-emergence of the Sentinels, and were once again planning to use their weapon when Siphon and his people came along. A chance encounter between Draven and Siphon began an uneasy alliance, which over time has become a full blown alliance.
                              And those who are prideful, and refuse to bow down, shall be laid low and made unto dust.

                              I'm a little rusty, but even drinking your blood, I think I can keep you alive for three months of torture.