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    RealKorra's Journal Blogs

    i claim this for my journal blogs to post here.
    so be prepared for what comes today in first post.

    UPDATED: March 27th 2016

    so i want to explain why i post here. some posts will be related to certain things such as game ideas, ideas, character status updates, status updates, real life updates on my life. even maybe more.

    but still, i am not in character. as one person seems to think i do. but that is not true. i don't post here on this forum very much due to real life. i have been busy getting ready for college and preparing for what it will require of me to tackle. hopefully i will earn my GED and High School Diploma along the way. that is my wish actually.

    Korra is actually my real life nickname i gotten in 2012 just because i look like the character, sound like her, even talks like her, also has features of the character respectfully. but that's not the issue.

    the issue is how do i deal with my life, how can i change it in the way that i want to live rest of my life as who i am? that's the issue here.
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    New Adult LoK Tumblr and Name Contest!

    WARNING: this will leave you thinking perverted thoughts.. about what you want to do to me.


      Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs

      i'm sorry that i hadn't posted news and stuff in awhile. i had been busy. but i have late news as it follows:

      March 23th 2016
      i forgot to tell you that i'm friends with Sarina Valentina since March 23th 2016. as it follows.

      Whoo! Sarina Valentina is following me on Twitter! 😍😱😘😎 i'm cool.
      i'm interesting person to her..

      March 24th 2016

      Whoooo! i did it! I got 232 on reading test and 210 on math test of CASA test. I got put into Advanced classes, starting with math for April 4th of 2016!!!!


      Seriously. I am going to earn GED and High School Diploma at same time. I also found out they have gym here too. So totally worth my time here. This is gonna be great college year for me!

      I will finally be able to work out again and be better again. This time, with an gym partner.
      March 27th 2016

      well, it's gonna be busy week for me in april. i got four day workshop which is mandatory for all students and i also got Math 71 on 11th. at the 4th all students is gonna be here, i can make friends here as well.
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        Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs

        Updated the OP


          Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs

          sorry, i'm really busy these days due to real life. and recently, i posted a new contact list for my fans today following some of fans's complaints about not being able to contact me outside of specific domains in PMs. so i have constructed a new list that includes ALL of what i use for social to gaming, media etc etc. as it follows:

          UPDATE: the contact List is now Out! published at:


            Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs


            shattered window. Boo. why do this to me, life


              Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs


              I am a game designer. If you see me running, try to keep up.


                Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs

                UPDATE: April 10th 2017

                Come See me on XNXX!
                hey guys. i'm on XNXX more often, but i will still come visit Xhamster and other sites.
                my page here on XNXX.

                any of you followers/friends/visitors want to come visit me here, please do so. nothing more than i'd be happy to meet you all here again.
                just you gotta remember, the admin of that site is bitch, like really bitch-hating type and it is couple account. (boyfriend/girlfriend) they really are lame.. they have pissed off lot of users including me.

                if you are going to have account on XNXX. just expect that it will take about 3-5 days to be approved.. (manual approval by the admin, email verfication is broken) then come visit me if you need help with the site. i'd be happy to help you with it



                  Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs

                  from Xhamster:
                  what's new today...
                  believe it or not.. i just recently created a new email for ATLA/LoK Trainer accounts that will be made on porn sites like this one. why? because i want to share my likes and favorites of Specific female ladies of ATLA/LoK Hentai Trainer games. such as Korra, Katara and more. i will be listing side games that is related, even if they are not Trainer games i hope you will approve of this.. hehehe.

                  i had fun time fucking Azula.. hahaha.


                    Re: RealKorra's Journal Blogs

                    i'm asking anyone who has steam account to see if they could help me get Osiris: New Dawn game. i need it in case i'm offline without a internet service for long periods of time. including real life stuff. i'd like a game that can be playable offline. please help me get it?