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Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

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    Re: Dark General Quest: Corrupt the Word!

    Creep [X] Scare away. There's no point to waste energy on this loser. We have nothing to gain by attacking or kidnapping his ass.
    Girl [X] Attack and Capture. Might not be a magical girl per se, BUT she does HAVE MAGIC. Who knows, maybe we could make a dark magical girl out of her. (Please no Yu Gi Oh jokes or references.)
    [X]Mana Gathering - 3 Shadow Clones
    [X] Information Gathering "Interesting People" - Bambi
    [X] Lost Tapes - 3 Shadow Clones
    [X] [Cast Spell] [Shadow Gate 2] [Big Shadow Trap] Hunger for Battle - Ophelia. We have Shadow Gate 2 now! Let's use it. Besides Ophelia needs a way to blow off steam and we need a way to garner more mana.
    [X] Plan to capture a magical girl. We came DAMN close to snagging Kiwi! So if we send in 4 or 5 clones, Ophelia and Legion Prime, we should be able to handle her easily. Or on the off shoot we get another Pastry Chef or Dino Roar even; I propose we set up a Bog Shadow Trap in the general area in advance.
    [X] Learn Avatar or Hentai Clone Youma. But this is only in the event we capture magic rich girl or a magical girl.
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