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New horizons, A fairy's journey

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    Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

    I meant Ivy, yes. Guess I had a derp moment.

    Not sure if the exp is enough for spells.
    But I'll add concocting a defensive spell to the pot


      Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

      I thought some more about it, and here's what I came up with:
      Ivy is done helping Lily she remains in the village waiting for further instructions. While waiting she uses the chance to train her skills:
      - if possible she works on learning a protective spell of some sort (Ice Armor was the first that came to mind since Ivy is an Ice Fairy, but other protective spells are fine too)
      - if it's too soon for her to learn new spells then she trains her Archery skill (+1 Archery level) and tries to learn some sort of Evasion skill (gives bonus when trying to avoid getting hit by enemy attack (grapple attempts included), and also gives a small bonus when trying to escape from a grapple)

      Ivy is an archer/mage hybrid that would prefer to avoid melee combat if possible, so an Evasion skill seems like a good idea.


        Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

        I'm thinking with that.
        Defence: +1 on defence rolls
        Escape: +1 to escape grapples, binds etc.

        The second offsets her penalty for being small sized, sound good?


          Re: New horizons, A fairy's journey

          Yes, that sounds good.

          A few more ideas for skills that I think fit Ivy:
          - Channeling - increases max EN and the speed of EN regeneration
          - Spellcraft/Spell Mastery/Whatever-you-decide-to-name-it - increases the damage and casting speed of spells (and spell-like abilities) and decreases the fail chance of spells (making it less likely to miscast while under attack)
          - Concentration/Focus/Whatever - This could be one of two things:
          -- a passive skill that decreases the chance to miscast spells (this could be added to the bonus from the above skill, or have it completely removed from the above skill, leaving Spellcraft with just the increased damage and decreased casting time)
          -- an active skill that increases the chance to hit and slightly increases damage inflicted (bonus is higher for spells than for physical attacks), but every enemy attack has a chance to break Ivy's concentration. Successful attacks have 50% chance to break concentration, misses have 25%. Improving the skill decreases these percentages

          Of course, it's up to you to decide how to make them best fit the story/world.


            This took far to long, warning to anyone trying to make/write/draw anything. Don't shove something t othe bottom of the to do pile because it's already late, it will keep happening.
            That said this was harder to write than I expected, maybe a personal lack of interest in girl on girl, maybe the fact I'm not versed in writing erotica, ah well.

            The pair waste no time in returning to their tree-house but as soon as the pair are through the door Lily closes and latches the door quickly
            "Hmm you seem ru.. yeep?!" Ivy responds to this is Lily pushes her down onto a bed.
            "Finally got you to my self" Lily licks her lips as she slides her hand up Ivy's leg
            "w..what are you d..doing?" Ivy stammers
            "Don't worry, you'll love this, we both will. trust me."
            Ignoring Ivy's timid objections she traces her leg and up to her groin.
            "..that's place is dirty, you can't..."
            "There is nowhere dirty on you." Lily retorts as she kisses Ivy "I think it's high time we made out love physical."
            As is deaf to Ivy's nervous objections Lily rapidly disrobes her lover and sets to giving her the most passionate kissing session she can, all the while rubbing her delicate areas with her free hand. Ivy's resistance rapidly melts away and gives way to a new and unknown pleasure she has never felt before.
            Before this new and unknown sensation Ivy offers no resistance as Lily goes down on her and a few minute later moving to a scissoring position. Offering little heed to Ivy's protests of 'I'll feeling weird', 'my head is foggy' and 'I'll melt'.

            After the Ivy is brought to two orgasms, five for the sensative and aroused Lily, they cuddle up, Lily drifting off almost immediatly whereas Ivy lay awake for over an hour wondering what she just felt.

            Over the next few weeks their are no more sightings of corrupted animals, the black armoured humans seem to have stoped their attempts to encroach on the woods for now and the air returns to a more normal atmosphere, the fairies are less on edge and scared of what's going on.
            But that isn't the only change.

            During this time Lily explains to Ivy that 'sex' is a physical act of two people'e love and it's how other races make babies, and that faries can have babies this way too. As well as them growing on the bough of the great oak as buds, although that is reflective of natures bounty and how healthy the forest is.
            [Basicaly faries are born from nature as the children of dryads, but *are* capable of reproducing normally]
            Lily also seems to be putting on a little weight, possibly a side affect of the lounging in bed after intimacy the pair are doing, "perhaps I need to do more excersice too" Ivy muses to herself after one such session, and spends all of her free time for the next few days training.

            On the third week the great one calls a meeting, after people arrive and all the formalities and greating are out of the way the topic turns to Lily.
            "As everyone has noticed by now, we will soon have a new life among us, after all Lily is with child."
            Ivy blurts out in surprise. "Did I get her pregnant?! Is this bad, did I do bad?"
            The grove is overcome with a shocked silence as her naivity and outburst. The first to break the silence is Misha stating "I wondered when those two would take that step." Ember simply smiles and nods chuckling.
            Lily however hugs Ivy and says "No, it's a good thing." followed by murmurs of excitement.
            The dryad speaks to which everyone falls quiet again "It is a good thing, now many of you won't know that a fairy bears child in but a month. So Lily has but a week left."

            Alright, before I have her finish her statment. I'm very good at geting sidetracked and taking forever it seems.
            Are their enough people who care about the story that want me to continue it, or would it be prefered to wrap it up and make it a short tale?

            If it's the former now Ivy's had her mis-education do people want to purpetuate it or have her understand properly?