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    UbberRPG combat system

    UbberRPG combat system (WIP):
    Main Stats
    - STR (Grapple, Grapple break, HP)
    - AGI (Speed, Grapple escape, Sneak)
    - INT (Spell damage, Spell potency, Magic resistance)
    - WIS (Increase Perception, Willpower)

    Strength gives Grapple, Grapple break and HP. Damage stat for Slayers, Knights and Brawlers.

    Agility gives Speed, Grapple escape and Sneak. Damage stat

    Intelligence grants Spell damage, Spell potency and Magic Armor. Damage stat for spell-casters.

    Wisdom grants Willpower and Perception.

    Detailed stats:
    Armor: Physical damage reduction
    Magic armor: Magic damage reduction
    Speed: Characters turn priority
    Sneak: Ability to remain unseen
    Perception: Ability to see through stealth

    Grapple: Grapple maintainment
    Grapple break: STR-based grapple escape, deals damage upon escape
    Grapple escape: Dex-based grapple escape, grants +20 speed on next turn

    Parry: Class-based damage reduction

    Combat Systems:
    At the start of the turn PC rolls a 1d6.
    Characters able to Dodge, null the attack against them at rolls that score 3+
    Characters able to Parry, reduce attack damage received at rolls that score 3+ (2+ for Knights, Elementalist, Arcanist)

    Stealth system
    Sneak + (Environment mods) vs Perception + 1d6

    Environment mods:
    Environment mods are certain RP conditions during the sneaking attempt. Currently the system takes into account: Current Light and Availability of cover/cover type.

    Status ailments.
    Stun – Interrupts a characters turn and disables the character for 1 turn.
    Knockdown – Interrupts a characters turn and makes the character vulnerable to being put in a grapple.
    Sleep – Character is disabled and cannot act, any damage taken dispels the status. Counts as being knocked down. Can be awaken by allies.
    Charmed – The Character cannot attack the caster and is prone to protect them. No effect regarding other enemies.
    Poison - The Character is poisoned and takes damage at the start of each turn.
    Petrifiy - The Character is slowly turning into stone! At the start of each turn the character loses 3 speed. Once the character is at 0 speed, they encased in stone.

    Player Knockdown.
    Once a Player character reaches 10HP, they become vulnerable to be knocked down.
    When an enemy uses an ability that has the Knockdown modifier, the GM rolls 1d6 for the enemy attack. At a roll of 1 or 6 the PC is knocked down.

    Grapple and Submission combat loss.
    Grapple can be initiated on any hero that is Knocked down. Once in a grapple they must attempt to either break or escape the grapple:

    (Enemy Grapple score) vs [B]1d6 + (Hero Grapple break/escape)

    After the first failed attempt to escape the PC gets a 1d6 bonus, making it:

    (Enemy Grapple score) vs 2d6 + (Hero Grapple break/escape)

    If the Hero fails to escape the grapple on their turn the enemy can:
    - Strip armor
    - Deal 2d6 Willpower damage.
    Once a hero reaches 0 Willpower they're no longer able to resist the attacker and combat ends with Submission loss.
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    Re: UbberRPG combat system

    Fighter Classes and skills:





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      Re: UbberRPG combat system

      Magic classes:
      Each magic class has 3 tiers of available spells.
      Tier 1 spells are always available to the class no matter their Wis.
      Tier 2 spells are UNLOCKED upon reaching 6 Wisdom.
      Tier 3 spells are UNLOCKED upon reaching 8 Wisdom.

      Each of the tiers have different mana costs scaling as:
      • Tier 1 spells cost 4 mana.
      • Tier 2 spells cost 6 mana.
      • Tier 3 spells cost 8 mana.
      Some magical spells require 1 turn for preparation. During the spellcast turn, the mage is exposed thus any unparried attacks against the mage will interrupt and knock them down.

      However unlike the most Fighter classes mages have special scaling Parry, which succeed at rolls 2+. These special parries scale based upon the mages INT level.


      Arcane Trickster

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        Re: UbberRPG combat system

        Hum... looks like I can't attach Excel files (for char creation) or rar files.

        A wee bit late in the day to tackle this. Tho

        Anywho this is a little side-project I've been working on for a past few weeks. A RPG combat system around interesting and simple encounters. The base systems are simple, but their interactions are hella fun.

        I'll attach an enemy creation guide and current vannila enemy factions later... tho not sure if anyone will even notice this here

        [Bonus: subtle post reservation if ever need be]
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          Re: UbberRPG combat system

          You can attach rar files, you just need to rename them to zip files.

          Moar Pics for characters and stuff


            Re: UbberRPG combat system

            Alright! Added Char creation, Enemy creation and the current Enemies (Gobbos, Cultists, Demons, Some Wildlife and one epic monster).

            Now.... Character Creation should ALWAYS be made through the Excel file (Char creation simple easy mode). Just add your 20 stats into their slots and everything is calculated automatically.
            But not everyone has Excel thus added a messy/basic Word file with the values that need to be calculated.

            Though like the game system is very much WIP. Needs playtesting for damage tweaking, challenge adjustment etc, but so far it's been working out quite nicely
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              Re: UbberRPG combat system

              Do you believe in magic~?

              Cuz it's just been added. Looks like a few incomplete enemy types snuck into the enemy folder (Bandits! >.<)

              As well as the Word version of char creation appears to be very blegh. So I'll fix those two up.

              Otherwise, so far the balance of the system appears to be very good. Be it group on group or solo vs group. Quite happy indeed


                Re: UbberRPG combat system

                You've got this thing on the orgre...

                Momentous Grip (grapple): The ogre grabs one of its enemies and inspects them. Enemies caught in the grapple are deal 5 damage each turn. After 2 turns, the ogre will either slam the captured target for 45 damage or attempts to rape them.
                ...but have no explanation for rape attacks. Like if armor has to be stripped first or what's supposed to be rolled, if anything...and so on.


                  Re: UbberRPG combat system

                  Originally posted by xzerogx View Post
                  You've got this thing on the orgre...

                  ...but have no explanation for rape attacks. Like if armor has to be stripped first or what's supposed to be rolled, if anything...and so on.
                  Right you are!

                  Short answer: The Grapple-slam move for all intents and purposes is considered a "Interrupted or Insta-KO'ed' move. Thus no rolls are required. The ability will need an update to the current games state.

                  More detailed:
                  The Large Monster category REALLY needs work as I want them to be hard and creative encounters. And I really shoudn't have winrar'ed the whole bloody 'Enemies folder' with the WIP enemy groups >.<!!!

                  The Ogre isn't quite as well designed/explained cuz it's not quite yet designed/explained T^T Sorry about that. [also cue the scrawny grammar... mistakes and all T-T]

                  Though to elaborate on the move, I imagine in the middle of combat the ogre would usually use the offensive ending, though I'll make a variation that the character would suffer WILLPOWER damage if they do end up er... 'Impaled'

                  Armor removal could be part of the move during the 'Hold'/'Crushing' stage of the move. Say a character stuck in there for too many turns has their armor crumple/tear... allowing said VERY perverse ending.

                  Thanks for checking it out either way tho! Now I know where I should buckle down some attention


                    Re: UbberRPG combat system

                    Update time~!

                    Added 2 new enemy tribes: Undead and Large (yup finished a fair few)

                    Tweaked some balance issue with Duelist and added a few more status ailments!

                    Right now the newest problem I'm facing is.... min-maxing. STR-based characters can pump all their stats into STR and do immense damage, have crazy parry scores and crazy high HP. Making 90% of the normal encounters trivial...

                    Sure they are screwed vs willpower attacks, but there's very very few enemies that use those. Not sure if thats fine and I should allow the player to make a behemoth of a hero/heroine or PERHAPS add minimum scores for INT/WIS.

                    Ofcourse INT serves little purpose for Fighters right now as does mana... so they can see it as gaining +5 free stats to put into STR '~'

                    Edit: Also I might need to add more to the main section as I'm considering:

                    * If a character does not escape a grapple on their first turn they gain +1d6 to their break/escape next turn. To avoid impossible to escape grapple-locks

                    * Brace: A general ability that all PC's can use to prepare for a willpower/damaging attack. [forfeit attack action for more defense]


                      Re: UbberRPG combat system

                      New goodies!

                      General system changes:

                      - PCs now gain a bonus 1d6 upon a failed grapple escape.

                      - Parry buff across the board. Instead of parrying on 4,5,6 - parry occurs on 3,4,5,6. This is to give more survivability to the PCs.

                      Class changes:


                      - New slayer skill: Building rage - The Slayer takes 4 reduced damage until their turn, then strikes all enemies that attacked them for 1d6 + 2X damage

                      - Pierce and Hold - damage tick increased from 2x to 3x.


                      - Monk no longer has Fired up, instead they have: Inner vitality - The Brawler focuses themselves to regain 3x Wisdom hp.

                      New class!

                      - Gunslinger added to the Fighter classes.
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                        Re: UbberRPG combat system

                        Small update:

                        Improved (Experimental) Stealth system:

                        Previously stealth attempts are determined by:

                        Sneak vs Perception + 1d6.

                        But now, everything character attempting to sneak can gain penalties and bonuses based of their enviromental conditions: Lighting and Cover.

                        Lighting mods are:

                        [-2 Broad daylight]
                        [-1 Clear day]
                        [ 0 regular]
                        [+1 dim lighting]
                        [+2 dark]
                        [+3 pitch black]


                        [-3 no cover]
                        [ 0 light cover]
                        [ +2 medium cover]
                        [ +3 full body cover]

                        Other mods can be applied according to the GMs discretion.

                        Meaning final Stealth checks are now:

                        Sneak + (total mod score) vs Perception vs 1d6
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                          Re: UbberRPG combat system

                          News news news!

                          New and updated enemies are now up. Should be significantly less unbalanced BS and WIP sheets!

                          Also redid the crappy enemy creation guide and made it... hopefully MUCH more streamlined and easy. You can find it below or attached to the main file:

                          URPG Combat Enemy creation:
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