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    Demon Lord's Empire

    This game is a hybrid of Civilization Simulator and Hentai Simulated Dating. There an optional combat min-game, whether turn based or real time strategy is involved, I don't really care, since it's the running of the empire and interaction with the harem I am more concerned with.


    The game is run by having the player choose the Demon Lord's actions during each time segment. Days are divided into nine segments. Six day segments, three evening segments and one rest segment.

    For day segments, the Demon Lord allocates time running him little empire. This involves going to a location in the town he currently resides in and talking to the people at that place.

    For night segments, the Demon Lord stays in his sanctuary and manages his demonic servants. This involves talking to his minions, or performing rituals to create new minions.

    Sometimes, some form of fighting becomes an option during any segment.


    Preliminary minion list (old, ignore)

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    Re: Demon Lord's Empire

    Decided to revamp the minion list. This list can be used as a reference to what the Demon Lord Rehagamon can have as servants in The Dark Magnate. The list will be updated every time a new creature appears.


    The lowliest demon, Imps are the most common demon in a Demon Lord's empire, having a variety of innate skills that make them useful as clerks and administrators, and several magical abilities that greater demons make heavy use of. They have a humanoid shape, but are rather scraggly and gaunt. They have large pointy ears, sharp teeth, hooked noses and claw-like hands. They prefer to wear heavy robes, to hide their inhuman nature when walking among mortals, and to remain in darkness while about during the day. Imps always end up acquiring a dagger, which they use in performing dark rituals and for defending themselves.

    Imps can perform a Shadow Step, a form of short range teleportation where they sink into a puddle of darkness, then rise out of another puddle a short distance away after a few seconds. This makes them very stealthy, moving from one unobserved place to another without exposing themselves. While sneaky, shadow walking isn't very fast, and an observant person can run from where the Imp disappeared to where they are going to appear with time to spare.

    Imps are also capable of manifesting the Dark Bolt, which is a short range kinetic energy blast that causes an impact comparable to a sledge hammer. Using a dark bolt often leaves an imps out of breath; they can't use it in rapid succession, making imps less suitable for combat without training.

    Aside from being a pen pusher, or stealthy assassin, Imps also provide their master with a number of magical benefits. Imps can act as a power conduit, an integral part of some dark rituals, with more potent rituals requiring more imps assisting to pull off. Imps can also act as power sinks, absorbing excess energy in a dark ritual to prevent an error from becoming catastrophic.

    But by far the most useful thing an Imp provides is the means for which a Demon Lord can create other demons, or change one servant into another more useful type. This is done by sacrificing the imp in a ritual, and binding the magic to another creature.

    Imps are agamic, and reproduce by parthenogenesis. Every three months, an Imps regurgitates an Imp Egg, which grow for a week before hatching into a fully functional Imp. While imp eggs are edible, they taste terrible and are not considered food.

    Imp Sacrifice:

    Ritual of Fertility - The imp is sacrificed in a dark ritual and bound to a human woman, fortifying her constitution and giving her a few inhuman traits, such as large pointed ears and a pointed nose. She becomes what is known as a an Imp Broodmother, and will lay an Imp Egg every three weeks from then on. Imp Broodmothers can still become pregnant with another mate, suppressing the creation of an imp egg for duration of the pregnancy.

    Ritual of Power - The imp is sacrificed in a dark ritual and bound to the soul of a human, giving them a slight boost in strength and agility as well as manifesting some inhuman traits like large pointy ears and clawed hands. The human becomes what many call a Dark Magician. They gain the innate abilities of an imp, such as the Shadow Step and the Dark Bolt, and can assist in rituals just like an imp. With training, a dark magician is capable of learning more complex and powerful spells, and can even lead certain dark rituals in the place of a Demon Lord.

    Ritual of Eyes - An imp is sacrificed and bound to a creature and the Demon Lord. This ritual creates a links between them that allows the Demon Lord to see and hear everything the other creature is. A telepathic link is also established between the Demon Lord and the thrall, allowing the Demon Lord to speak to his servant from a great distance, and allow the servant to request the Demon Lords attention. The Ritual of Eyes cannot be performed on demons.
    I am a game designer. If you see me running, try to keep up.