• Howdy! At Tassadar's request I did an error check of Vivian's sheet and noticed a few minor mistakes. Her speed and stealth should both be 13. Her perception should be 16.

    It might be worthwhile to list Soul Eater and Warped under her mutations, as I believe she has both as a result of meeting the requirements.

    Finally, she appears to have 8 talents but only one flaw that isn't class or racial. That could just be as a result of character porting, however, and might not actually be a mistake but it seemed worth bringing attention to.
    Heh, maybe.
    You need to convert Vivian over to DG3 rules before I can post for her again.
    U still too busy for teaming up sometime in DG2?
    Hehehe, sorry for not clarifying, but Rosy's 'spell' over Leon was just to basically make him sexually loyal to her. He still has free will, so long as it involves Rosy sticking with him, and having sex with him every so often.
    If plmnko wouldn't mind doing us both or Tass will ok would you like to team up with Haienko sometime since were both in the hidden village?
    On your sheet, your resistance should be Spirit/2, not spirit. So, it should be 24/2 = 12, then +10, which totals to Resistance = 22. Only just now noticed it.
    You forgot location.
    Thanks! Oh, you might want to fix your broken image on your character sheet.
    Okie dokie.
    "Ohhhh god I'm so glad I came here alone....all the milking puns I'd have to live through otherwise...."

    Well, excuse me, Mr. Originality. It's kinda hard to come up with one-thousand-and-one new ways to explain a girl stimulating a man's phallus.

    Totally gonna have her sting you for that.
    hey arch, not to be a pain, but if you're done with cold blood it should be moved to the archives :p
    Okay. It's been 4 days, so I'm just going to put the thread up, and if someone else signs up before I start the adventure in full, we'll deal with it later.
    You're interested in running my dungeon in Both Sides? Just double checking.
    Have you gotten anywhere with your Cold blood ideas so far? I really want the game to start back up. Sorry for annoying you about it but I just love how the game was and was sad to see he get put on pause.
    it might be tomorrow... sorry i just dont really feel like racking my brain at the moment.
    hey arch. Ill try to get a post up for you in my rp tonight. I also have to update Pheionox and Kathy.
    Ill try to update tonight. Also I'm going to roll a d100 and d% for your loot from the treasure. So just add it onto your character sheet.
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