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  • Got internet after all, should be able to participate normally.
    Yo, I might be unable to participate in GSMG today. Net access issues. Gonna do what I can, but I don't have high hopes. You can control Joanna if you need her in action, just don't get her in too much trouble.
    *bombards your profile from the orbit*
    After a couple of more rounds with pichu and Aust, I'll do a post for you and 9K, with the TV talking about a disturbance in the event, so you two can get involved. Let 9K for me alright?
    New Maid Thread in works if you might be interested
    Just roll 2d6 and then modify the result based on the Ranking of the stat for that mamono. On rolls 10-12, they ace the training and gain double. 1-3, they fail it. Stat mods: S: +3 A: +2 B: +1 C: 0 D: -1 E: -2
    So do I just head back to yon ranch and do the training schedule and food orders and etc there?
    I was thinking of throwing a Dark Elf at you similar to Aura Shurifon from Tenchi Muyo War On Geminar.
    You're free to have Tek reply to Shri in some fashion and change his action if you want. If you don't, I'll just post from there.
    Problems with your starter for TUP:
    1) Too much control.over outside characters.
    2) Too much self-induced plot. Backstory is fine, but don't try to be the one telling the current story. That's my job.
    3) I'm not sure you understand how it is to enter the underplanes in game. You are in complete control. If the split personality is separate, specify that in your character sheet.
    4) Your character sheet is grammar hell. I'm not sure what is even happening there.
    You need to specify how much EP you're putting into a power when you use it. I can't make those sorts of decisions for you. I recommend putting such things in a spoiler at the bottom of your posts.
    Looks like Maid is going ahead, I've posed a quick question in the thread.
    Your pleasure damage is still off. Kama Sutra and Spunky stack, so he should deal 3d10+Spirit/2 penetration pleasure and 3d6+Spirit/3 foreplay pleasure.
    Mostly, had a small issue with ranger's about ye timelines.
    You can, as a spirit wielder, take Massive Energy Pool instead of Greater Energy Pool. Massive gives you 10 more EP.
    That's my job. Lemme know when you and Ranger9000 are done with your backstories.
    There's a section in the first post, just under the character creation guide, detailing what each class gets at character creation. It's 1 + Spirit/30, rounded down.
    Your talents are accurate, but I'm not seeing your wielder aptitudes. You get a number of them for free at character creation. Also, you really don't need the full descriptions of the powers on your sheet since I reference those from the character creation anyway.
    RE: Your DG character: You're short a Talent. Taking Kama Sutra via Natural Succubus doesn't cost an additional Talent, the Natural Talents are just supposed to represent a barrier preventing people from easily taking more than one Talent from a class other than their own. You also didn't calculate your pleasure damage accurately.
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