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  • Fair enough.
    Are you looking to start posting again? Your thread got archived cuz it hadn't been posted in for so long.
    Ahhh, carry on then.
    It might be best to not try and come up with a huge powers list for Justice Perverted, at least not all at once.
    A good attempt, especially, as you noted, since it's not a character you really had in your head before drawing her!

    There are some small differences between the pictures and my mental image of her, but I think any inconsistencies can probably be attributed more to my inability to describe her vividly than anything else.
    Her hair is very long and shaggy, a bit on the unkempt side. As has probably been ascertained, she has a large amount of it, enough for it to reach her waist. It pretty much has free reign to fall wherever, though she does put forth the effort to trim the front and keep the away from her eyes.

    As for shoes I've...never actually given it any thoughts. I'd say simple wooden sandals, though. Hope that helps!
    Derp. I didn't notice that I had a notification until twenty-two minutes later, apparently! Sure, it's okay!

    The wings are much smaller than necessary for flight, being vestigal. Think miniature classic succubus wings, really. But if you need exacts I'd say probably a around a foot in length each, and half as short.

    The manacles were both fitted and cast specifically for her, along with being fused to her skin. They're somewhere in-between a quarter-inch to half-inch thick and, obviously, a bit bulky as a result of being cast-iron, as far as width goes they're basically the type of manacle you might expect to find on a prisoner. One is attached to her left wrist and the other on her upper left arm, the latter just far enough below the shoulder to avoid impeding bringing her arm to her side. Both have an iron chain on the outside that connects between them, with a small amount of slack on it.

    Blah! Character limit! Continued next message.
    Your sheet looks correct and fine except for one thing: Elizabeth's EP should be 38, which sets her spirit ceiling at 8 (rounded normally). Beyond that, she should be good to go (I might modify the sniffler's changed sword resistance DC due to changed to that enchant but I'll have to look at that later).
    That's fine! There were a lot of changes in DG3 and as a result I imagine quite a bit will need to be changed. As long as she's still supposed to be an assassin, whatever you need to modify is good!
    Howdy. I was looking through DG3 character sheets and noticed a small mistake on Seh-Tralha's sheet. Her perception and stealth should be sqrt(body*10) and as such should be the same as her speed score (20) without any modifiers.
    The dropping the second Called Shot was a bit of GM meddling on my part, to be completely honest. It was literally impossible for Elizabeth to have hit that particular beasty pre-body buff while using Called Shot.

    Of course, now that she has a temporary 64 body total that's quite a bit different! I went ahead and posted that round since I thought you might want to change her basic tactics to 'viciously murder some alien chumps.' :p
    Yeah, sorry, I could have explained that better.

    The courtyard is secure and so is the main building. The servants are mostly just taking potshots at anything that gets near the outer wall (it's a pretty small courtyard) and usually missing, but occasionally they bring something down. It's mostly the garrisoned troops doing the real killing though.

    The juggernauts are still outside of the outer walls and the studded gate is still intact. It wouldn't hold up for long with that group attacking it though, which is why the knights and Elizabeth's cousin charged.
    That about covers it. There's a small spartan courtyard inside the walls, no greenery to speak of beyond the grass.

    The only thing to note is that it's not cliffs so much as it is a very steep grade barring the road. It's about right in between incredibly difficult and impossible to walk up.

    The aliens are pretty disorganized, what with the mansion not being full of rape-bait, so they're kind of spread out and trying to take all different paths towards the mansion to simply overwhelm it with numbers and are for the most part failing. The behemoth group is the only really organized attempt at breaking the defenses so far, at least that Elizabeth could spot, which is part of the reason that the group was able to make it up the road undetected in the clusterfuck.

    Edit: I should also note that the defenders sallied forth from the gate, I guess I wasn't clear on that.
    Whoops, overlooked that first cost. Yes, you spent twice what 2 body cost. You should have 2 exp left which you can dump into whatever you'd like (including retroactively, if you would like).

    Additionally, the rest thing isn't a big deal. It just would have been an extra post in this case, which given my recent slowness was an understandable thing to avoid. I was just noting it for future reference (not that I was expecting an attempt to rest and spend exp inside a monster fight, or anything).
    fair enough. I didnt bother to check the shoutbox when i let ya know, just figured this way would be faster.
    im an idiot, OSAC is tonight, sorry bout that
    It was a total replacement, but I'm not sure I have the stats for that game anymore, I made it a while ago and the interest level was very sub-par. I'll have to get back to you to see if I can find my notes on it if you wanted to play it.
    The "Strong of" Talents are for increasing stats at character creation. Yes, you can take Skilled more than once. And yes, that's how Scissor Defense and Sudden Strike work together.
    You are allowed to use as many skills as you like per round. So unless there's some specific clause that I'm not aware of, you could attempt to use Sudden Strike with Scissor Defense for 2x damage.

    You may take skilled as many times as you like.

    The "Strong of" line is more for character creation, for gaining additional stat points over your initial 25. Anytime past that and you gain the same benefit from just straight buying the stats.
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