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  • Dark Souls vid: armor and swords are from the dlc. Lore wise those are for Ring Knights, humans charged with guarding the Ringed City because humans have the Dark Soul and other reasons. For actual purposes those swords are the Paired Greatswords, considered to be the most OP weapons for a while and still pretty strong even after getting nerfed.

    As for the vid itself, that's just Pineapple being Pineapple.
    Oh. And in response to the video you tried to leave on my visitor messages: Hoap's Appropriate Response Video.
    Um, no thanks. I don't swing that way.
    Have been busy with work, and I need to go to bed early to wake up at 4 am eastern
    Don't be mean to me, I'm too salty.
    No worries, I figured as much. I have no idea what Oni's up to at this point.
    Apparently your decker is still missing his knowledge skills. You start with (logic+intuition)x3 ranks, plus any you purchase.
    Thinking you should post before me in our thread, kinda waiting on Michael's response to Lani.
    Hey i saw you were running a RP where the players play as dragons (or dragon riders or whatnot). I recently started a Players-as-dragons game in my house, using 5th edition as a base, if you want i can send you some notes about how I am running it. (I posted here cause i didnt want to clutter up your thread)
    Computer died on me, dunno what the problem is and I doubt I can fix it but I'm trying anyway. It only works in safe mode so I can't use the internet with it while trying to fix it. If what I'm doing doesn 't work then I'll probablt not be online until monday or tuesday.
    Sweet, thanks. And yeah, it won't harm anyone, it's just to allow people (me) to automate sieves with autonomous activators and to re-enable their auto sieve feature. It's much slower than doing it manually but they'll slowly sieve the blocks themselves.
    Was wondering, before you start up the server is there any chance you could re-enable automation of sieves? This is how to do it if you do;

    "Goto: ATLauncher\Instances\YogscastCompletePack\config\crowley.skyblock.cfg and find the line --- B:"sieve automation allowed"=false --- and change "false" to "true", save and startup the game and it will work again (:"
    I am on steam. I've changed my name though, to The Wanker of Braavos.
    I would if I could. For some reason, I don't have the option to do so.
    Hypothetically... not actually.
    we all know you're impotent so it's not something i have to worry about.
    oh silly caldur, no flames can hurt me.
    *shambles around like a zombie*
    just so you know, if you're actually wielding both those longswords at once on Cassius Black, your attack bonuses are +1 for each. The one in your main hand is +5 only if it's the only attack you make in a turn.
    Warframe, and sometimes nothing much. Bunch going on that's left me kinda run down and shit.
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