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Recent content by cavecricket48

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    RPG [ScaleGarden] New Game

    I mean, he's not exactly entitled to our money either. If the artist somehow got it in his head that this... thing... was going to get him more $$$, then I think he's in for a very nasty surprise.
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    ACT [waterspoon] ロールディアの翼 / Wings of Rolldia (RJ215684)

    Alright this may sound devastatingly stupid, but after the blue-haired knight joins up in your quest to save the kid, where exactly do you go? The overworld isn't being very helpful- I can't see anywhere but the village.
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    RPG Patreon Active RPG Maker NTR [sunntr] 碧池盗贼 / Bitch Raider (version 0.99)

    By the looks of it- trawling through all his Patreon posts and this thread- 0.7 is for Patreon backers only. The only version available to the public is 0.302.
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    RPG [Gaptax] 女騎士ラーシャ~淫靡なる肉棒の呪い~ / FEMALE KNIGHT RASIA ~The Lewd Curse of Penis~ (RJ224679)

    From what I've played of the demo, it's standard RPG material, but the art is very nice. No combat rape though, from the slimes or plants, and that's a shame when you have a futa protagonist.
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    ACT Patreon Active [VersusX] Bioasshard

    For general balance, can't Jill do more damage/have less lag between shots/knife thrusts? Taking three headshots for a zambie is eyebrow-raising, but taking ten or so knife stabs to kill something is infuriating, especially when it feels like there's a need for a second between them.
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    RPG RPG Maker [TeamJOKER] 水無月憚2 魔門開放篇 / Minazuki-tan 2 ~Demons' Gate~ (RJ219765)

    Someone did? Damn, I must've been living under a rock...
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    RPG RPG Maker [TeamJOKER] 水無月憚2 魔門開放篇 / Minazuki-tan 2 ~Demons' Gate~ (RJ219765)

    Sequel to RJ201200, which has its discussion thread here. While the art is quite nice, it appears that the author (bless his heart) has placed DRM on this, as he has for most of his works, now that I look at them properly. Demo can be grabbed on the Dlsite page, and it appears to involve heavy...
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    Third Crisis 0.1.0

    Wait a minute...
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    RPG RPG Maker [ Megrim ] Succubus Hunt! / サキュバスハント! RE200657 RJ200657

    Maybe it's just my inability to speak moonrunes, but how do you clear the boulders in the dungeon?
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    RPG Patreon Active RPG Maker NTR [sunntr] 碧池盗贼 / Bitch Raider (version 0.99)

    For a second I thought this was a Tomb Raider parody, but this works.
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    League of Corruption - LoL sexy parody RPG

    Alright, now that I've had some time to actually play the game: - Story is meh. There's no background connecting the champions to the League and the fact the MC doesn't quite react like he should in the presence of champions is kind of off. - The switching to first person is also really off. -...
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    League of Corruption - LoL sexy parody RPG

    ...Those pop culture references both hurt my soul and rejuvenated it at the same time
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    RPG [へいせん堂] 封魔剣風伝サクヤ/Anti-Demon Stormedge Sakuya (RJ213474)

    He draws some nice girls, but is he incapable of making a different game?
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    ADV [Technobrake] Nymphomania Paradox (RJ204320)

    As someone who's liked just about every Technobrake game (Mainly because of the unique way he draws his grills), I can't believe this one snuck past me for so long. Thanks for the link.
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    [WIP - Partial] Knight of Flame, Lily Akos: 2

    Also, those PMs are part of the site. In THEORY if he keeps up the douchebag act, you could probably nail him for those. But, again, it's up to you to pursue that route, and also up to him to be dumb enough to keep going with it. You could provoke him and see what happens (Popcorn flies off...