• One year later... happy birthday Chibicibi. ^^ -Rolls yet another muffin towards the small pile of gathering muffins, 29 candles stuck to this one.- Have a lovely day!
    Rawr! I wish you a happy birthday, Chibiiiii! -Gives to thee a muffin! As always, stuffed with 28 magic candles blazing away.- I hope you enjoy your day. <3
    You didn't know? Nunu made me one back at the beginning of June. XD
    Happy Birthday, Chibs! Hope you have a good one!
    o3o *Pouncehugs unhelpfully.*
    Hi hi Chibs! How be you? Have a friendly poke. I'm sitting in hospital with nothing better to do than stare at RP threads. ^_^;
    *Swipes at lightly.* Hello again? o3o
    *Random drive-by hugging*
    *huggles and never lets go again* So glad you're doing better!
    Happy Birthday
    Happy birthday!
    Yo Chibs, just FYI, if I recall correctly, the vibroknife requires proficiency with vibro weapons. I can't remember what the penalty for not having proficiency in a weapon is - I think it's like -2 or -4 to-hit when you try to shank someone with it - but yeah.

    I -think- a heavy blaster pistol is listed as a sorta restricted weapon - you know, gun-laws-in-space wise - though I don't know how hard the GM is going to enforce that. Perhaps check with he. Optionally, I think the "hide stuff on your person" skill is Sleight of Hand, though I'm not especially sure on that, either.

    When choosing languages that you get from your Int modifier, you have to pick whether or not you read and write it OR speak it, re: Binary and Huttese.

    IIRC, being a Scoundrel gives you +2 defense. Combined with your +2 Dex mod and the base 10 defense, you should put down 14 for yon Defense.
    Are you going to post again for Taka to choose what to do with Mina and Setsuna?
    Hey Chibi, just a heads up for Taka, drinking oni ale counts as using an item, which you can't do and move in the same turn unless you're giving up your attack action. You can drink the oni ale and attack, or move and attack, or move and drink the oni ale, but not all three.
    Hey Chibi, I kind of need to know what Taka is going to do in Punch Drunk Love, you didn't specify what he's going to be doing or trying to do or anything, so I can't post really until I know what Taka's going to be doing.
    CHIBICHIBICHIBICHIBI! My commission is done! You can find it in my profile, in the one album I have.
    I'm pretty sure I'll put it in an album in my profile, so you won't be the only one that sees it.
    Yeah, you could say that.
    D: D: D: D: D:
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