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  • Ok thanks for the info. Go ahead and post, I'll reply later, leaving things alone. Also, might want to check the sign-up forum, I've got another idea lol :P
    Not really sure, I've never actually played it and most of what I've read comes from people on the OP message board. Like most forums they run the gamut of usefulness. Plus there is that whole rule 0 thing of do what works best for your group.

    What you mean you don't enjoy Kristen Stewart staring off into space while biting her lip, I never would have thought.

    I think I'll stick with the books for now, though I did kind of mess up and read the wrong book first. So I've been taking a break and trying to forget what I've read so far. The only downside of getting books secondhand is when they're given to you in the wrong order.

    I just pretty much reworded whatever Sinful said while adding a snippet of my own insight once in a while. So pretty much I just posted like I normally do, just a different type of writing than normal. I probably would have stalled out if it had just been me though.
    I would be too afraid of whoever played my shadow taking an overly antagonistic route when it seems to be aimed at making a cooperative story. I guess that's why it 's usually described as the best game line you'll never play. still even if you don't play I do like the books even if I only use them for inspiration or ideas.

    Yeah, it is rather violent as well. Not exactly a happy ending either, though I doubt you expected a happy ending. Admit it you just like the Huntsman for Thor, I'm on to you.

    True. I'll probably watch the show eventually if it ever shows up in a way that's cheap since I don't have actual TV. I tend to prefer high fantasy in my shows but I can't help but feel that GoT would be great VtM inspiration.

    Also writing a simple kissing scene is apparently more difficult than one would think, but I aim to please. Plus it's my own fault for having a pretty naked fox girl holding Sinful's character to keep her warm in the middle of nowhere.
    I was referring to wraith more than geist, though it is similar to how the geist/sineater works. In wraith another pc plays your shadow, which is actively trying to make you fall to oblivion. Sort of like if your geist was played by someone else and they were actively trying to make you lose synergy.

    I liked it for some reason, couldn't really say why as it was rather confusing compared to normal snow white. Pan's Labyrinth is very good but it can be a bit difficult to watch with all the Spanish, hard to watch if you only understand most of what they're saying.

    I still think I would rather see the one with the sea monsters personally but I guess zombies is a bit easier to film. I also feel better knowing I'm not the only one who hasn't really watched GoT, everyone else looks at you weird when I say I don't really know much about it.
    Yep, reliable and cheap.

    You would certainly need the right group to play the game with, especially since you have someone playing your inner antagonist. Plus the whole depressing thing. Geist does touch on a lot of the stuff but they pretty much went the opposite direction of depressing for what amounts to a very similar game.

    Personally I think they should make more movies that show what the original fairy tales were like. I love the dark version of Snow White with Sigourney Weaver as the evil queen and Pan's Labyrinth was good though a bit more on the weird side. Fairy tales are also somewhat confusing since they didn't really have bad guys. You have the light fae and the dark fae, which does not equate to good and evil as some would think.

    I don't know about petticoats but I did see a corset. Also that should have been Tywin Lannister not Tyrion, though adding a dwarf might make it even better.
    My dad served in a MASH unit in the Korean War, I however am not that old since I was stationed there in 2001. The phone was probably ten years old by that time though.

    Yeah Wraith was a little depressing from the sound of the books, but the books make interesting reading. Think of a Great Maelstrom as the end goal of the Giovanni, basically a big storm in the underworld that can cause a breach into the normal world. Which is great if your an undead necromancer obsessed with world domination.

    True, changeling does pretty much fit wherever you need it. Kind of surprised it doesn't have a bigger following, but then most people think fairies are more like Disney stuff.

    That trailer was better than I thought: Doctor Who check, Cinderella check, Tyrion Lannister check, zombies check. It's fun to be a geek.
    Well it was pretty old. In Korea we tended to just pass the phones we had down to the new guys when we left, since they didn't really work outside of Korea.

    If I'm correct Wraith the Great War would be around the time of WWI, would be just before the 20's, so it would be at least somewhat useful. Of course I would need to make at least a few conspiracies, since it would be around the time that they last existed in Geist terms. Hmm, I could make HP Lovecraft into a sineater, since I think most of his writing was in that time period.

    I'm having trouble picturing Victorian changelings, but that's probably because Dracula automatically makes me think of vampires in the time period.

    Yeah I probably wouldn't pay to see it myself, but I would be willing to at least try and watch it when it gets cheaper.
    Meh, I did miss most of the month myself.

    The only cell phone I've ever really used was huge and had a giant antenna on it, I believe the hideousness of that phone has something to do with my dislike for them as well.

    Actually if I ever do a Geist game that's not set in modern times I think the roaring twenties would be the ideal time period. Right between the two world wars, prohibition, gangsters, jazz. You couldn't write a better setting for Geist if you tried.

    I'm not entirely sure if that's a good thing, I guess that would depend on how much of it was like 50 shades. Wait they're making a movie of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies...I'm strangely okay with this for some reason, though I would have preferred the sea monsters, myself.
    I would think you would want her to be inspired, but then again.

    That kind of thing is why I don't own a phone, my friends would be the type to change the ringtone on me.

    I'll just save the idea for myself in that case, after all it's always possible that I could run a game of sin-eater some day. That bait and switch is cruel but I'm all for it if it fooled at least one person. At least they didn't go the route of sense and sensibility with seamonsters.
    Yeah, there's plenty of room to make your own or mix and match between all the stuff in the books. Or she's read more of the second book than I which is also possible maybe even likely if you're not allowed to peruse.

    Well that would explain why I associated the name with either an angel or a mage. That certainly gives new meaning to the phrase being touched by an angel.

    Figures, but has it been done in a game actually set in the renaissance. I'll take your word for that, since I can't think of an earlier writer to refute your statement.
    I'm not sure what Plenty's is, other than one of the dead dominions I would guess. Doesn't mean she made it up though, I could have missed it in the core-book or it's in the Book of the Dead. Which is basically all about the Underworld in case you hadn't figured that out by now, I've only read a few bits and pieces of it so far. I can't remember is Davin the angel or one of the mages, either way I imagine it would be rather educational.

    Also random flash of inspiration, what if Dante was actually a sin-eater and his book was actually a real description of a portion of the Underworld. It even comes with a map.
    It doesn't say that it has to all be done in one trip, but it does say that it is an individual endeavor. As in you wouldn't be able to teach it to your krewe after you've learned it, they would have to learn it on their own. At the very least it's not a simple undertaking nor is it something most sane sin-eaters would try.

    Hmm, hallucinogenic/poisonous scorpions still beats drinking from the river of pus I suppose.
    Yeah it didn't really work on me either.

    Simply using the pit manifestation is a sin against synergy 7, it involves channeling the underworld into the world of the living via the sin-eaters geist. I wouldn't call it evil but I'm not sure I would want to hang out with the sin-eater who uses it often.

    Pretty much the same with the stygian key, which can only be learned by crossing 3 rivers in the underworld, taking a draught from each of them, and making a deal with 3 kerberoi after each crossing.
    Ah but if it were left up to someone else I wouldn't care because than I would be the irresponsible one.

    Well I'm back from the underworld and it's really not a nice place to visit. Apparently the Book of the Dead is entirely about the underworld and all it's hideous glory. Remember if you see another sineater using either the pit manifestation or the stygian key to kill them with fire, every single time they come back.
    There's also the matter of trying to explain it to my 5 year old nephew if something does happen. Since I know everyone is going to expect me to be the one to do it. Sometimes I wish I was the family loser instead of the responsible one.

    Oh, well it gives me an idea of what to look for then. I didn't even know they had more than book for Geist till I saw it. Though if you never hear from me again, it's because I clicked on the wrong link while looking for the book of the dead.
    Admittedly the first heart attack was kind of scary, but after you've dealt with so many different health problems not so much. If I have to take care of anything it's my little brother since he doesn't handle it well when she gets sick.

    Not sure if you would know but is there another book for Geist beside the core book. I was reading something about the pit manifestation the other day but it was only a brief summary and it isn't mentioned in the core book anywhere. It didn't sound like the type of manifestation a sane sin-eater would use but it would be nice to read up on it if I could.
    Ahh, won't be of much help there. On the plus side I didn't have to go out of my way for it.

    When you've already dealt with two heart attacks, hearing you've had a stroke isn't all that scary. Never would have even known about it except that she had an MRI after a fall. For all we know she had it before any of the heart attacks.
    Without the golden rule I wouldn't be into gaming, since in my opinion pretty much all of the actual game systems stink. Thankfully most of them at least have something I can use. I have HtV, I'll send the download link once I find it.

    I was being funny just not on purpose.

    Well that sounds mostly good, or maybe it's just better to say it's no worse than normal. Which is how I would describe myself for the most part, with the exception of my mom having had a stroke on top of her heart problems.
    It's kind of like watching a car wreck, you know you shouldn't stare but sometimes you just can't stop yourself. Apparently everyone always glosses over that whole golden rule thing or they're too lazy to bother with making up their own rules. Or they could just translate the old stuff over to the new rules, since there's already a book that does that.

    Also that's hilarious that I wrote nuts with a v on accident, since I was watching history of the world part ii when I wrote that.

    So other than your new car being almost murdered not long ago I trust everything is going fairly well.
    Yeah for some reason all I read was something about beating an already dead horse with it's severed limbs. The real entertaining part was reading about the changes people would like to see in the new edition, turns out VTM fans are nvts. It was sort of like watching a train crash into the titanic with Mt. Vesuvius in the background.
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