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  • Hey, I did send a PM, but someone pointed out that those may not work right now.
    Generally, I wanted to move my thread as I released demo for my game and going further with development. If that PM did go through and I should just wait, then it's fine. Just wanted some sort of confirmation :]
    Though, as I am assuming PMs don't work, I will just leave a link to a thread I am talking about.
    So much hate o_O

    Happy birthday anyway, hope you enjoyed it
    We're all one year closer to being rid of you forever. You scum.

    Happy Birthday.
    Happy Birthday
    One day, you shall stop looking at my internet history. :3
    I'm a visitor. :3
    I was wondering, if I may ask - what happened to Rrezz? Within the last day or so all of his posts disappeared. Just curious, as he was a frequent contributor to the translation threads, which I follow closely...
    I'm actually going to do something unexpected and say thanks for clearing up mine and others' posts in hrpgheaven's thread. Making it easier to navigate that thread and seeing if there are updates that can change my opinion of the game and its dev team is a godsend. So, um, thanks.
    you still have the game Tower of Change 3 or 4?
    Ahem, dirty thought.

    We good here?
    hi can you please upload (RJ107302) new imdria v2.06 i cant get it anywhere else i already have v2.03 really appreciate your help many thanks
    Hello Darkfire. I have a question: i cannot seem to post anymore on the forum? I can see the forum but i cannot find any posting options? have these been moved or am i being dumb and overlooking them?
    I didn't go against the rules Mr. Dictator i wrote something general about the art featured in THIS GAME supporting the artist in the process and explaining some basics facts to people who don't know about CG production.

    Honestly it's getting pathetic.... did you have a bad day at work or are on your period?
    It's rude to delete comments which took a lot of work without any good reason. I Know you are a mod but I don't think you have the right to do anything you want....
    I gave detailed feedback and analysis about CG's and the CG's of this game.
    I would like you to correct your mistake and restore my comment.
    Say, i wanted to change my username to Ietten (my current user name is my real name and it was a bad idea), is this at all possible?
    Can you please send me a DL link for Fairy Fighting?
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