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  • That makes sense. I've had the busy times too that just claw away at your creativity. Just wanted to make sure all was well.
    You've been quiet. Everythin doin okay?
    Sorry for the lateness in the Vezina reply. Not quite sure what she'll be able to squeeze out of Eric, but at least it's a chance to iron out her philosophy.
    I'm so glad you remembered my hirthday. Everyone always forgets!
    Haven't looked at Geist yet.

    I suppose I just have a soft spot for wanting to experience Wraith, because of its place within the classic WoD. I've played around with every other supernatural book in that setting - including hengeyokai and kuei-jin and Demon: the Fallen and Changeling: the Dreaming... but alas, the Wraith books remain a mystery.
    Just noticing your convo with Copper about Wraith. I too have always wanted to play it, but never found the right people. If you ever get the inclination to try a tester on here, let me know!
    Though isn't the shadow's job to sort of drive you down the path to not coming back? Been a while since I've looked into it. And yeah, the golden rule of White Wolf...feel free to change the rules.

    And Charlize Theron. It certainly wasn't for Kristen Stewart the first time around.

    Check Black Friday deals. I think we managed to get season 2 for 20 bucks (or less) at Walmart this year. And entirely possible. At least in the machinations, that's for sure.

    Yeah, that can be difficult. Guess it all depends on the level of experience of the parties involved. Me, I usually stall out on the sex whenever I'm writing stuff. Which I need to get back to. But yeah, you only have yourself to blame on that one. Especially with a fox girl.
    This is very very true.
    Alas, they dislike everybody.
    That doesn't surprise me in the least. We've had bears recently start stealin guys stuff up in Petawawa. Tac vest, small pack, Pl Cmdr had his ruck torn open and pissed on. We laughed.
    The things we manage overseas. I fucked the back in Afghanistan dodging a bull and falling into an 8 foot ditch. And luckily I got a chiropractor for when things get real bad. Alas, right now I work during his opening hours all the bloody time.
    Gullwing? I don't believe I've heard that term before. Though I assume it isn't the best of things. I know my backs been acting up again recently, makes it difficult to do almost anything... time for a new matress me thinks.
    I can imagine the shoulders suck. I do so much with my shoulders. That... gets right into almost every activity.
    Well at least you can pull off a decent Gandalf if you grow it all in then. Shoulders are fine on me... it's the back and knees that feel ancient despite bein a youngin. Good ol infantry joints.
    Ye ain't that much older than me. Possibly less gray hairs too.
    Happy belated well wishes of your anniversary of the emergence from the womb Ronny. Apologies for the lateness.
    Oh, I'm familiar with Wraith's mechanic. I think that was a part of why our group never got into it much. Though I do remember reading an essay in one of the books about the different ways you could play shadows. How one guy played it like the chortling devil on your shoulder and then there was the other guy who was very subtle and you didn't even realize he was doing it until you're using up your dice and the like.

    Might give it another shot later on, but for now, I'm going to stick with The Huntsman (The Snow White follow up that's a prequel that doesn't have Kristen Stewart in it.) Don't mind subtitles. It's the violence, heh. Although the whole "There's war in my fairy tale/there's fairy tale in my war movie" thing is something you need to be prepared for.

    And, well, making a sequel before you make the original is only something George Lucas does. I know a few things about it but not enough to hold a full on conversation. I like a little more high fantasy than their fantasy.
    Two great things that go great together, heh.

    I'd say. You can run the game however you want, really, since you're essentially playing a person with a voice in their head. And you can get along with your geist or you can not. Becca gets along great with hers whereas Julian (Sara's npc) doesn't, at least not anymore. Can make for an interesting dynamic in gaming.

    Snow White: Tale of Terror. I remember watching that one in college and not quite knowing how to feel about it, really. Didn't see Pan's Labyrinth all the way through. Got to the dinner scene (where she messes up her dress going after the frog) and that was about it. And very true on the differences in the fae. We tend to explore that a bit in our changeling games. Not quite to the extreme, but we do.

    The splash page had them getting dressed in undercorsets and not quite bloomers. Still don't know how to feel about that movie, either. And since I only know a few of the GoT characters, not like I can call you out on it.
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