• *commences barrage of fluffy hugs'n'cuddles*!!
    Missed you too. XD -Fluffs up one's summer, recently-sheared floof, and wiggles happily.- I hope you've been well Stufflemcfluffles?
    Must be wonderful to just swipe a button, flop over and be chill, all things considered. X3 -Blinks and tries to nibbles the straberreh... without tipping off off my nose, while somehow having my tongue nommed on apparently.-

    Heat around here right now is 'comfortable' to 'a tad much', having some lovely cool breeze, gotta get out into the garden and actually Adult around and put down plants, stuff, etc within the week, and work, yay. =D -Flops, nomming the straberreh lightly.- <3
    Part 2:

    And yush, I also "started" with a fan. I even used to (and still) sleep in my bed while the fan gently cools me. Because my mobile AC is powerful, but rather noisy, plus having the window open even for a little bit will have my apartment be invaded by countless insects (water and nature nearby).
    But two years ago, summer was merciless with 39°C outside, which led to 29-31°C inside my apartment. That's when I decided to go for an actual AC box. Luckily there was a sale of those at a nearby electronics shop, so I ordered a decently powerful one for what I believe was a fair price. And I never regretted it to this very day. It's just soooooo great to cool down your whole room. =3
    *surprised by sudden raspberry, opens mouth and noms!*
    *moves fingers behind left ear and pulls out a strawberry, balances it on Dragon's nose*

    Haha, I figured you're probably joking and already know what AC is. Sorry if I sounded like a smartass. ^^; But yeah, here in Austria, built-in AC is in no way usual. Except for business places, you'll probably find them in self-built houses/homes. Like, when my father renovated his apartment, he had AC built in. Sure is a sweet luxury in hot summers! =_=

    (too much text acc. to forum, part 2 follows in a moment)
    *combs through such fluffy furness for maximum beauty*

    AC is supposed to mean air-conditioner. That block with a pipe to hang out your windows, so it cools your room/home. I'm afraid my electricity bill will be a bit higher these months, but the comfortable degrees in my humble adobe are worth every cent I pay. ;)
    My apartment didn't come with AC though. I bought one of these "mobile units" for a rather low price, and it's powerful enough to cool pretty much all of my small apartment!

    *turns AC, blows cool winds into Dargon's face, so that the tongue goes nuts in the wind*

    Hehe I know, even all that free-time can leave you with a feeling of emptiness. The moment we are back in school/the office, we think back on those days telling ourselves: "Why the f*ck didn't I *do this/that/whatever* back then!?". :D

    *moves fingertip up and down at your tongue's tip, so you go BLLBLLBLLBLLBLBLL*
    I'm fine, thanks! Summer has finally fully reached Austria, and temperature is rising. Good thing "Stuffie the Fluffy" has an A/C to keep at least the living/bedroom cool. ^^

    How's the dragon-chimera doing?
    *wriggles with ears because nose recognized that paw*
    *double-boops your nose and shakes your head left and right lightly*

    Well, at least you have the decency to just boop them, unlike others. :p

    *boops Dargon's tongue*

    Lucky chimera. Here in Austria, the heatwave has just begun today. Over 30°C, and the temperature will rise over the next days. Thank God for my A/C, I shall survive the heat...hopefully. :o
    Should be fairly obvious I did nom your ear, silly Stufflefluffle. Alas, gonna scoot to sleep, up rather too late again. XD Goodnight and sleep well fluffy birthday girl! ^^ -Wriggles away into a box.-

    Stupid silly dragon~


    N-not the ear! I'm sensitive around the ears, y-you silly chimera! >.>;;
    *dugs right into the deeper levels of more thorougly fluffiness*
    *is happy right now*
    *adores the comic and just flops on top of the fluffy chimera*
    Top plushness up here! :)
    Heeeey now, that's not how it works. Stuffie is birthday fluff, so Stuffiefluff gets all the snuggles and joys! Get off that chair and give birthday fluff the proper flufflepaddles!
    Oooh thank you, o mighty chimera of constant, never-depleting fluffletuff! :3
    *rubs own nose, then boops yours with the nose power gained from rubbing mine!*

    Not as majestic as I'd like to be. :p But overall, I think I can't complain. The one thing that sucks is that I still don't have a new job until now. I sent out lots of applications, but still no luck. :(
    Anyway, hope the most majestic and fluffed-up dragon that has stretched on more than a thousand couches is doing well/better?
    *wriggles and licks own nose, just like the Dargon does* :O
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